Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Book Review: Autumn

I have never done a book review on my blog before, but I love to read and read quite a few books so I thought it'd be a great way to share with others. I recently finished the book Autumn by David Moody, and because this book intrigued me so, I thought it'd be the perfect book for my first review!

Autumn by David Moody

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This book is definitely not for the closed minded or light hearted. Its about an apocalyptic situation that affects 99% of the world, and follows three specific people (Emma, Michael and Carl) in their desperate attempt to survive in the aftermath. When a deadly virus wipes out the majority of the population, the survivors are lost in grief and confusion. (Spoiler alert for mamas) There is discussion of the deceased baby of Carl. :( Our three protagonists meet up in an abandoned church with twenty or so other people the day after the breakout. There is more discussion of young babies and children affected by the virus (This author really knows how to show devastation and pull on your heart strings! You've been warned!). This is when things get much worse for the survivors. The corpses of the fallen are slowly reanimated, starting with a few scattered bodies and ending with all of the dead population. An eerie thought. *Shudders* Thankfully, the corpses are not even aware of any movement or existence. So far. :P Emma, Carl and Michael quickly realize that they must become mobile in order to survive, so they abandon the other survivors and head west. As they travel, the corpses gradually become more and more aware, making them more dangerous. By the time the three find a safe shelter to "hide out" from the corpses, Carl's mental state has deteriorated to the point of insanity over the death of his family. Emma and Michael struggle with just abandoning him or continuing to support him, while outside the corpses have one sole goal- to destroy every last living human.

At different points in the book, I could relate or at least empathize with all three of the protagonists. Emma because she is just a young college student trying to survive in the apocalypse with two men. This would be hard and I feel would be similar to squatting a one bedroom apartment with two men (something I did in 2008). Only we didn't have to deal with walking corpses lol. Well actually... :P Carl because I could only imagine what it would be like to lose an infant child and your spouse and then have to navigate in the apocalypse alone emotionally. I would have a hard time keeping my sanity in his situation, although I feel strongly that I would have handled it a lot better than he did in the end. Michael because I empathize with being distant from family and to think what would happen if an apocalyptic situation happened then??? Its no wonder he bonds with Emma so much.

I would recommend this book to people who are interested in apocalyptic and/or zombie situations. This book was very good, but once again I stress to those mamas of mine, DO NOT read this if you cry easily about children being injured or likewise. You will get heart broken. I cried several times reading this, but was able to make it to the end. It was worth it too. :)

"The farmhouse felt empty. For hours Michael and Emma sat together in total darkness and almost complete silence, both of them thinking constantly about Carl... Michael's home felt a million miles away and he knew there was nothing worth going back for. All that he had left behind him was familiarity, property and possessions and none of that counted for anything today. Sure there were things which had a sentimental value attached that he wished he had with him now, but those few precious belongings weren't worth risking his life for. He knew Carl had left behind far more than either he or Emma had." (page 238)

This quote best sums up the devastation of this virus and apocalypse. When I read this, my heart mourned for all three characters' personal losses. Each one is so affected by this, as would any survivor. I wish that Carl would have stayed stronger, though I completely understand he weakness for his family. I know that I would just go insane without Alan and Lon in my life, so I can't harp too much on him.

I've always liked the idea of putting music to books, and almost always will subconsciously pick a song to go with each book. Well for this book, all I could hear in my head was Tool music. This song perfectly goes with this book. <3

"Schism" by Tool

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