Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Twelve Posts of 2012

I did this last year and really enjoyed it, so I figured that I would do this again this year in place of December's Month in Review post. Its like a Year in Review post lol. Sound good? Here we go!!!

Nature v.s. Nuture: Which One Do You Believe?

I enjoyed writting this post. It is a very interesting topic I had a great time researching and exploring each different philosophy. And then forming my own opinion. I hope others also enjoyed it!

Our Baby Girl's Name

This post is also very dear to my heart. We thought long and hard about a boy name but when we found out she was going to be a girl, I was at a lost. How sweet of Lon to think up her PERFECT name all by himself! Melts my heart so. Just another way he's shown us how much he loves her.

One Year Ago...

We celebrated our one year anniversary this year. That was very special to me, because I was also expecting Anna at the time. We did not do too much for it but we spent it togther and that is the point. I love you Lon Andersen!

The Last Five Years of My Life

In this post, I look back upon the last five years of my life up until that point (May 20th) and reflect. Alot has happened to me in five years, I feel like more than most people. I would not change it for anything though!

Its a...

Of course I picked this one for the countdown! It was when we first found out we were having a girl! Oh, I remember that day so fondly...

Our Christmas Through Photos

I loved this so much. Anna's FIRST Christmas and Alan's first Christmas that he was excited about and knew what was going on. It was so much fun! I cannot wait for next Christmas now! It will be even better!

Happy Third Birthday Alan Mikael! And 400th Post!!

I cannot believe that my big boy is already three years old! He is so mature! Oh I love him so much! Of course this would be on here lol!

Alan's Birthday Bubble Bonanza

Alan's birthday was so perfect this year! He had so many of his loved ones attend and he spent the perfectly warm afternoon playing bubbles and making cupcakes. We had an awesome time! I can only hope that Anna's first birthday is as good lol!

Anna's Birth Story

Anna's birth story was slightly similar to Alan's, yet it was completely her own. I love this post and do come back and read it often, as I do with Alan's birth story. I love my children so much, it is so awesome to be able to come on here and remember the two best days of my life!

Anna Has Arrived!

Of course I chose Anna's birth as my favorite post of this year lol! Last year was her birth announcement. Plus this countdown was FULL of posts about her, she definitely was one of the best things the happened to us this year!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year! Please make wise decisions and drive safely! No drunk drivers ANYWHERE please! :D Lon and I do not have any plans for tonight, we will be having taco soup for dinner with my parents as is tradition but then we will be retiring early for the night. Alan has Influenza A, we went to the emergency room yesterday for it. He is okay, just very sick. Our poor guy is at least no longer contagious, so tomorrow he will be able to enjoy his New Year party tomorrow at Off the Leaf.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Look at How Much She Has Grown!

I took this picture last weekend and after looking at it, I am amazed at just HOW MUCH Anna has grown since she came home from the hospital! I mean, look at this...

I mean, her head has passed that little colored line and her feet hang WAAAAAAAAAAAY past the bottom part of the bouncer now! I think in total she has grown maybe... five six inches since birth??? Wow! Big girl!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas Through Photos

I do not have a lot of time to write a long post, but we had a wonderful Christmas. It was Anna's first Christmas and Alan's first Christmas that he was really into it. We saw sooooooooo many loved ones, and found out some AWESOME family news that I have to wait to share on here lol. Awwww man! Here is our Christmas through photos this year:

Christmas Eve....

Christmas Day...


What a wonderful Christmas with beloved family and friends! My kids were spoiled and so was my heart, I am still feeling extreme love for everyone! Hope everyone else had as good of a Christmas as we did! It was the best one so far! Even better than last year's, when we told everyone about Anna! Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Andersen's!

Today is Christmas Eve. We have so much planned for today. We have hors d'oeuvres with my family at my parent's house and dinner with Lon's family at the Village Inn. It is a tradition with Lon's family to have Christmas Eve dinner at the Village Inn, we have been doing it for five years now. I love Christmas Eve dinner with his family, love watching the kids run around the empty Village Inn, LOVE  everything about it!

Tomorrow we will be going to Lon's parent's house for Christmas breakfast and present opening. Then Great Aunt Carolyn is having Christmas dinner at Great Grandma Carol's house. Hopefully Alan will get to play with his cousins Sophie and Fayth. I hope to see Baby Joshua and Baby James too! Oh it should be so much fun!

I just love Christmas and everything about it! I am so very happy that it is finally here! I cannot wait to spend it with my loved ones! I do not have much more to say. I am just so full of love today!

Merry Christmas from the Andersen family!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Catfish: Keeping You Agile in Life

At the turn of the century, cod fish was really popular in China. The only problem was, cod fish primarily came from Alaska and when shipped to China, the cod fish would become lazy and "mushy" from the long trip. Merchants finally discovered that if the cod fish's natural enemy, the catfish, was put in the vats with the fish, the cod fish would stay agile over the long trip. This is the reason why Nev believes that some people are put on this earth. To keep us agile, like the cod fish. They are known as catfish.

Have you seen this movie or television series?

Oh my goodness, I may be obsessed with it! I finally decided to watch the television series one night only because I was able to find anything else to watch after Teen Mom 2. Then I watched the movie because I was darn interested in the host's experience with online dating. But yes, go ahead and laugh at me for that last one, I watch Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. I am into that whole fad lol. :) But this is not about Teen Mom, this is about the awesome movement that Catfish has started without even realizing it. Here is the trailer:

Basically, this guy named Nev falls in love with Megan on Facebook. They exchange many personal messages, emails and texts. Megan has this little sister named Abby, who is a child prodigy painter. Megan is also talented and sends Nev many MP3s of her music. After some research, Nev discovers that all of Megan's music is from other people. He feels betrayed but continues to research further. Nev has his brother and his friend eventually travel with him to meet Megan. They film the whole thing for a documentary. Upon arriving at Megan's house, everything seems off to Nev when Megan is not living where she says she did and instead her mother, Angela, acts as host. She tells Nev that she has uterine cancer and will be starting chemotherapy next week. She then takes Nev to meet Abby, who is at a friend's house.

Nev asks Abby about her art several times during the visit, yet she seems confused and distant about it. Not the way an artist would act. By this point, all three men are suspicious that Angela is making everything up but they still meet the girls for dinner. The whole time, Megan is texting Nev and telling him that she will meet him soon. Nev goes home for the night, shortly afterwards receiving slightly tragic slightly interesting news from Megan. She texts him, telling him that she is an alcoholic and is checking into rehab. They will not get to meet. Nev then receives a message from one of their mutual friends saying a similar thing about rehab. At this point, Nev is ready for Angela to come clean.

The next morning, he confronts her and she breaks down, telling him everything. He has never met Megan, she has always been in rehab. Abby is not a child prodigy artist, Angela paints those paintings.  Megan's pictures are stolen from a family friend. Angela has made up FIFTEEN people on Facebook, all of which are friends with Nev. You can see the relief on Nev's face, as well as the pain. I believe he was very much in love with the idea of Megan. It hurt him to find out the truth, even though he knew it had to be done. They spend more time together, Angela commissions a drawing of Nev while she explains more. She claims the personas were all lost fragments of her, never given a chance to flourish because of specific choices that she made. Personally, I think she is selfish. After that, Nev heads home to pick up the pieces of his life. Little did he know that his documentary would become so famous.

Nev has now met so many people in a similar situation to him, so he created Catfish: the Television Series. He helps other people meet their significant others, for better or worse. I'm not sure which I like more, the tv show or the movie. But this man is doing great things. He is helping people find their loved ones, or at least helping them find the strength to admit who they are. He does not judge the ones who lie, he still helps them. What a wonderful guy.

I encourage you to check out this show. Its Monday nights on MTV.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Visiting Santa

If you remember my post from last year about Santa, I was quite worried about Alan's reactions around Santa. Thankfully, he was not afraid and was willing to sit on Santa for pictures. I was so proud of him. This year, I was not too terribly worried about it because he was super excited. He would not stop talking about him.

We took the kids to see him last Monday, without Daddy. Originally, I wanted to go with Lon but he was too busy with work and everything. So I took the kids alone. Thankfully, it was pretty much dead. There were only three people in front of us, making our wait just long enough for us to enjoy the Christmas decorations and the Norman Rockwell statues. Then it was our turn to talk to Santa.

Santa telling Alan a secret
I did not get the picture package because I knew that Anna would not want to sit with Santa. I did not want to fight her without Lon or my mom lol. Maybe when we go with Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin. Alan did tell Santa that he wanted a car and some action figures though, and the Hulk. Santa told him that as long as he listened and behaved himself, he would get exactly what he wanted. After we visited him, Alan got to use up some energy at the Imaginarium. They moved it to the middle of the food court, not exactly where I would have put it lol, but its better than not having it up anymore. It does not work out in the winter lol. He had a great time there too. Found a little buddy to play superheroes with. :) Love my silly boy!

Anna was only interested in the Christmas tree. She did not want out of her stroller and thought that Santa was ho-hum lol. In the next few years, in the next few years...

How did your child deal with Santa?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Christmas Pictures 2012

We had our family pictures taken this weekend. My good friend Kelsie, pregnant with her second child, was so kind to take them, even come to our house to do them! I think that they turned out just wonderful! Not alot of talking in this post, but here's a photo dump!

I love them so much! What a great turn out for the pictures! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Anna Ariel: Five Months Old

Once again, I am late on this post. We cannot currently afford internet at our house, so it has been considerably hard trying to update this blog. I am doing my best to though. :) Anna is growing up so much, it amazes me all the new things she learns each day. She is so smart already! And so determined. Oh, we are so lucky to have her in our life!

At five months, Anna Ariel:

*Weighs 12 pounds and 7 ounces and is 26 inches long.

*Has light grayish blue eyes and red hair. Her long hair goes past her shoulder in the back and on the top right now. But she has an Elle Goulding type hair style with her hair off the sides. Can you see the similarity? I can!

*Eats solid foods now. She has tried rice, oatmeal and mixed grain cereal. Daddy also slipped her a gingerbread man the other day.

*Can almost army crawl by herself. She wants to crawl for real SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly, I bet she will be by next month. She is so determined.

*Can almost sit up by herself. She loves being propped up so that she can feel like a big girl.

*Is a growler. She only communicates by growling now. Lon and I joke that she thinks she is a monster because she is always growling at me to talk.

*Loves to watch her brother, her dad, even her mother. She loves to just sit and watch us do our daily things, I like to think that she is learning to do her daily things.

*Wants to do everything her brother does. I thought the "Monkey See, Monkey Do" stage did not start for at least another year! What a crazy girl!

*Hates to be in her car seat or her swing still. She does love her bouncer and her Moby Wrap though. Completely different from her brother, who loved the swing and hated the Moby Wrap too.

*Loves to communicate with other babies! She will sit and talk with them for forever! I took her over to Alan's friend Teagan's the other week and she sat with Baby Harper and talked the whole time! They are such good buddies.

*Is amused by everything. She is such a happy baby. I just love it.

Happy late birth anniversary Anna. I cannot believe you are already five months old! Only seven more months until you are a year old.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 8 of the 25 Days of Christmas Love

I have yet to write a post about this, but this year for Lon's Christmas present I made him a 25 Days of Christmas Love thing. I found it on Pinterest, of course. :) Basically there is a card for every day with  either with a coupon, 10 Things I Love About You card, family Christmas activity or a date night. This last Saturday was our first date night.

The night before Lon had been in an extreme amount of pain from his eye. Some of you may know about his blood pressure issues in his eye, they can sometimes cause him extreme pain. Well, it was so bad Friday night that he had to go into the emergency room. Thankfully, he was released after a few hours feeling much better. However, I was not sure if he would be up to our date the next night.

But the day came and he was feeling much better. He watched the kids for me while I was at work and even took Alan outside to play some. So I took the kids over to Grandma's house to watch Christmas movies and have hot chocolate. Then I took Lon out to eat dinner at Red Robin and treated him to a movie in. We watched the Avengers, a new movie I had bought for him. :) It was a good night!

We had a delicious dinner at Red Robin. I had the cod fish with chips and a salad on the side. Lon had the Hawaiian burger. It had pineapple and fresh jalapeƱos on it! We also both had milkshakes. Mine was plain chocolate but Lon had this weird salted caramel milkshake. The darn thing had red salt on it! RED SALT!!! On a milkshake! How weird! It grossed me out quite a bit but I tried it, and it did not taste too bad. Lon loved it. Weirdo...

We also tried their pub pretzels and they were AMAZING! I usually do not like pretzels but they were so crunchy and yummy! The beer batter cheese and mustard was to die for too! I ate more of them than I thought I would! All of our food was so yummy, I loved eating out with him. It was so nice for it to be just the two of us too, its been so long since I was able to enjoy my food lol.

The Avengers was a really good movie too. I fell asleep on the couch halfway through it, but I watched the end of it the following morning. It does seem like kind of a dark movie though, too dark to show Alan. There are definitely some adult parts in that movie. We let Alan watch a few of the fight scenes though. And let me just say, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk???? Very interesting.... Good play, Mr. Ruffalo!

What a great Day 8! Here's to many more days of Christmas love!!