Friday, December 21, 2012

Visiting Santa

If you remember my post from last year about Santa, I was quite worried about Alan's reactions around Santa. Thankfully, he was not afraid and was willing to sit on Santa for pictures. I was so proud of him. This year, I was not too terribly worried about it because he was super excited. He would not stop talking about him.

We took the kids to see him last Monday, without Daddy. Originally, I wanted to go with Lon but he was too busy with work and everything. So I took the kids alone. Thankfully, it was pretty much dead. There were only three people in front of us, making our wait just long enough for us to enjoy the Christmas decorations and the Norman Rockwell statues. Then it was our turn to talk to Santa.

Santa telling Alan a secret
I did not get the picture package because I knew that Anna would not want to sit with Santa. I did not want to fight her without Lon or my mom lol. Maybe when we go with Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin. Alan did tell Santa that he wanted a car and some action figures though, and the Hulk. Santa told him that as long as he listened and behaved himself, he would get exactly what he wanted. After we visited him, Alan got to use up some energy at the Imaginarium. They moved it to the middle of the food court, not exactly where I would have put it lol, but its better than not having it up anymore. It does not work out in the winter lol. He had a great time there too. Found a little buddy to play superheroes with. :) Love my silly boy!

Anna was only interested in the Christmas tree. She did not want out of her stroller and thought that Santa was ho-hum lol. In the next few years, in the next few years...

How did your child deal with Santa?

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