Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Came Back to Us!

At least for now lol. :) Not too much has been happening in our neck of the woods, Alan has been excelling again at potty training and Anna wants to stand by herself. We have been staying home and enjoying the nice weather outside. Yesterday we went out maybe three times! It was so beautiful out! Alan is convinced that the family of bunnies that we share our yard with is the Easter Bunnie's family so he has been harrassing the poor guys a lot more lately lol. I will have to make a point to pick them up some goodies at the store next time to make it up to them.

We went to a playdate at my friend Kelsie's house today. Chelsea came with her two girls also. We all played outside with the kids, even though it looked like it might rain. We got lucky and it didn't though, so we were able to sit with the babies and talk some. Kelsie's son Karter is already so big! :) He is only a month old and is already 10 pounds! What a cutie!

Great Grandma Joyce and Great Grandpa Floyd came to town for Easter, so we met up with them at the Village Inn. Anna has only met them once, when she was a newborn so we were quite excited. Alan was very shy and wouldn't talk to them or even say hi lol. He ran around the restaurant, which thankfully was slow. But Anna snuggled and cooed and loved on both of them. :) It was fantastic to see them again and I can't wait to get to see more of them this weekend! I love Easter the most because we get to see most of our beloved family.

We have even more fun coming up this weekend with the holiday! Tomorrow we have plans for egg hunts and pictures with the Easter Bunny. On Easter we will be visiting family and going to dinner with them. Its also Anna's first Easter! Very excited! I will leave you this week with some pictures of the fam from the past few days! I hope you all have a great Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday! March 27, 2013

Happy Spring Break Day! Today is the first day of spring break for our town's school district and my siblings are pretty darn excited! Alan also does not have gymnastics today so he will be going to daycare with me twice this week. The girls I work with will be happy lol! :) Grandpa Kevin, Aunt April and Uncle .Kalvin will be meeting Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake to visit some of our family over Easter, so it will just our family and my mom for Easter. Hopefully we can get the Great Grandparents to come over too!

Here is this week's What I'm Loving Wednesday! Enjoy!

I'm loving... that Easter is on Sunday! That means Easter Bunny visits and egg dying and egg hunts and treats and family and laughter and love! Plus its Anna's first Easter. Soooooooo excited!

I'm loving... how into Easter Alan is this year. Yesterday we saw one of the bunnies who we share our yard with, and Alan legitmetly thought it was the Easter Bunny. We followed that bunny around for maybe five minutes lol!

I'm loving... that I have started teaching my students their showcase pieces this week! We are REALLY getting into this and its safe to say that it will be amazing!

I'm loving... that the weather was nice enough for us to meet Chelsea and her sweet girls Teagan and Harper at Rose Park yesterday. The kids all had a great time, even though we were only there for maybe a half an hour due to the cold weather.

I'm loving... that its now less than a month until our two year wedding anniversary. It seems like just yesterday I was trying on that dress!

I'm loving... all the new apps I found this week for free! I found one for meditation (has daily mantras and a timer, which is oddly useful lol), one for Budhism, one for my breastfeeding (I absolutely LOVE this one) and one to help Alan with potty training. I love my smart phone! :)

I'm loving... the family who moved into our old apartment. Amazon somehow sent our digital camera to them last week and they saved it for me! I stopped by Saturday and they were so worried about finding its owner, they were going to contact the landlord! She was so glad I stopped by and I honestly was too lol! Yay love my new camera!

I'm loving... that Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake picked a theme for Baby B's shower. I am going to be mean and not share it with you quite yet, but it will be fun for all ages! I think I might do a game or two for the kids that will be there, I have some simple ideas that will make a few great games! Oh how I love Pinterest!

I'm loving... that I will get to see Kelsie with her boys Kelton and Karter on Friday. We have plans to go to the mall and I just realized that the Easter Bunny will also be there. How much fun would it be to go visit him?! I know that my silly mom wants to do all the kids together for the Easter picture like always, but we can all still visit him! :)

I'm loving...  that today is my Friday at work! I love my job but a nice break is always good for the soul. :) I get five days off this weekend! Happy Easter to me! :)

I'm loving... my family, my job and my life!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Y Staff Party 2013

This weekend was my staff dinner party, it was held at the local Elks Club. We originally wanted to go but due to craziness and general life stuff, I forgot to RSVP for the event. My boss told me that we could go anyways, so I found a last minute baby sitter (thanks Grandma Melanie) and we got ready for the party. I figured out my pumping schedule so that I could drink some too. I was pretty excited, needless to say. I posted this status on my Facebook:

"Getting ready for the Y staff dinner. I am very excited to go! In the 2+ years I have worked there, Lon and I have yet to actually go to one of the staff parties. It should be lots of fun! Who else is going?"

We arrived at the party a little late but that was due to Anna wanting to nurse right before we left lol. We still made it in time for dinner, we just missed the cocktail drinks beforehand. No biggie, I could not start drinking until after dinner and a nursing break anyways. :) Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!! It was chicken, covered in melted cheese with tomatoes and herbs. It probably has some fancy name but I did not know it. It was sooooo yummy though! They loaded us up with potatoes too and rolls and salad, Lon and I were unbelievably full afterward! The awards were held while we had cake, some of my favorite staff members won awards. Including my favorite director, Shannon, who's like five months pregnant with twins. She won the Staff of the Year Award and rightly so, she is a phenomenal staff member! She would do anything for her kids or fellow employees. I love Shannon so much and am so happy for her!

After that, it was time to dance! We all danced to the typical theme song for our work lol, YMCA. It was soooooooooooo much fun dancing with all of my coworkers, I seriously love them so much. The other dance teacher, Jenna, and I decided to use that song as our finale song for the showcase too. I think it will be perfect! Unfortunately, I was not able to dance for very long because we had to go check on the kids and I had to nurse Anna for the last time that night. But after that, I was able to have some fun and drink!

An instagram pic I posted of us dancing.

I drank for the first time since before I got pregnant lol and let me tell you, it did not take too much! I just had a Pepsi with a couple shots as well as some of Lon's drink. And I was having some fun!! I wanted to dance with everyone and talk with all my buddies lol. Lon had to pretty much drag me out of there practically when it was time to leave. I was having too much fun! I am so glad that we decided to go this year, I truly love all of my coworkers. They are my family's second family!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Last of its Kind

"There once was a onesie that always asked Hug Me..."

Lol Anna first wore said onesie when she was a wee four weeks old. She was still so tiny, the thing just hung off her body lol. I believe the first time she wore it was with her first skirt ever. That was even at our last apartment, wow that was so long ago! She was so small but she looked so cute!

Fast forward several months (seven and a half to be exact) and little petite miss STILL fits in this onesie! At almost nine months old! She weighs a wopping 17 and a half pounds but this is the LAST 3M ONESIE THAT FITS. All the others I have given away.

The last of its kind lol...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Human Milk for Gemma

You may remember earlier last week when I mentioned my friend's passing? Kristen was very involved in the breast feeding group and believed that breast milk was best for her daughter. Her daughter was exclusively breast fed up until her mother's passing. Well, the breast feeding group that we both belonged to rallied together shortly afterwards to get breastmilk shipped to Kristen's daughter Gemma. I kid you not, the morning after Kristen's death there was only talk of donations of milk and money on our group's page. By her funeral, the first stock of breast milk was delivered and the storage space was scouted.

And for good reason too. After suffering the death of her mother, sweet Miss Gemma tried formula and reacted so negatively to it. She devloped a rash even! Formula instantly was OUT OF THE QUESTION.

Thankfully, it was just miraculous how many mothers stepped forward. I so wanted to, but did not have any milk to donate. So I helped with the shipping fees. We slowly all realized how MUCH this would cost, and at a consistent rate too. Because I mean, Gemma would need milk several times a day.
Shipping with dried ice (to refridgerate the milk) and on UPS roughly costs around $100 for each 320 ounces sent. We brain stormed and brain stormed for better transportation ideas, but quickly realized this was a neccessary evil. So another mama in the group set up a donation fundraiser.

Almost everyone shared the fundraiser and before we knew it, they had raised over $1600! That was little to nothing close to the amount that they would need over the next four months but it was a brilliant start!

The fundraiser Breastmilk for Gemma slowly became more well known. Even an from Kristen's area was written about it! The more media and help, the better. This family deserves all the support they can get at this time! Especially Miss Gemma!

I could never imagine losing my husband at such a young age, let alone passing away myself from an anuerysm! Eight months old is much to young to lose a parent, babies definitely still need their mothers! I will continue to support this family and pray for them.

If you can help with the shipping costs, click here. If not, it does not mean that you still cannot help this family. Share their story to people you know! Spread the word so this family and send them well thoughts! They need as much love as they can get!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend with their loved ones. Remember to cherish every moment with them, you never know when they will no longer be with you. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mostly a Photo Dump and Some Thoughts too

Not too much has gone on here the past few days. We were going to go to a park today but the weather was not the best (where did Wednesday's spring weather go?) and Alan wasn't feeling his best. But we did get him a new pair of shoes, the first pair EVER with shoelaces. :) Alan insisted on learning how to tie them right away lol but after many attempts, our gungho guy gave in and let me help. In due time, young one! :)

Started the plans for Aunt Nat's baby shower. She wants it the day after her birthday and to be dinosaur themed. I bet I can think of some cute stuff to go with that! :)

My darn camera has yet to show up, ugggggh I may be the most impatient person I know lol. But I want it here nowwwwwww! Lol how juvenille can I be?

Other than that, its been pretty quiet around here this week. Just catching up on EVERYTHING from last week when everyone was sick, work and housework and the like. We got my car finally fixed and are still under investigation with Lon's car currently. Hope we can get that figured out soon!

I will leave you with some instagram photos. I am officially addicted. There I said it!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday! March 20, 2013

There are a few things that I am loving today and though I have yet to figure out how to link up on this app, I will still do a WILW post. Because especially right now, I need to be focusing on all the POSITIVE instead of all the crazy negative stuff that keeps happening to us. Here you go, wonderful readers! Enjoy!

I'm loving... that I will be getting our family's new camera today! Its a Nikon Cool Pix (I just LOOOOOOVE Nikon) with waterproof capabilities! Very cool! I can't wait to try it out!

I'm loving... all the new apps I got on my phone this week: Angry Birds, Blogger, Skype, and Instagram. I love my smart phone!

I'm loving... the inspiration that has come flooding into my body after this weekend at Spotlight Dance Competition. I love watching other choreographers' work! It really gets my creative juices flowing having that connection with fellow teachers! Gah, I could go on and on about it lol!

I'm loving... this new book I bought off of Kindle. Its called Childhood's End and its a sci-fi novel written around the time of the big Space Race (1950s). I am about a fourth of the way in and I'm addicted!

I'm loving... how much fun we had last night at Baby K's birthday party! He is such a sweetie and his family is just as awesome. We love you guys so much! Thanks for having us!

I'm loving... that I get to start planning for Aunt Natalie's Billings baby shower! She will also be having one for her college lol but I am in charge of this one! It will most likely be on or around her birthday lol, so perfect! We have yet to decide a theme yet but I can't wait! I love party planning!

I'm loving... that Saint Patty's Day this year marked Lon and I's third year anniversary of being married by common law lol. We didn't do anything but it will always be a special day for me. It was the day we also REALLY started thinking about marriage. Love you Lon!

I'm loving... that its starting to look like spring out! And with less than two weeks until Easter, it had better be lol! I like winter as much as the next Montanan but when its springtime, I want it to be spring!

I'm loving... these adorable quilts Great Grandma Marcia got for the kids! They are a late Christmas present but we love them! I love how soft and snuggly they are, and each one fits my kids perfectly! I will try to post a pic of them soon. They are in the wash currently lol.

I'm loving... that the Hobbit came out on DVD yesterday! Since we heard about a movie in the makings, Lon and I have been saving up. Lon picked it up on the way home from work MONDAY night and we watched it right away! We are huge LOTR fans and let me tell you, the Hobbit rocked! I can't pick a favorite yet, the LOTR series or the Hobbit but its definitely close! We cannot wait for the next one now lol! :D

I'm loving... as always, my amazingly wonderful family and my great life!

What are you loving today?

Gymnastics, Birthday Parties and More Car Troubles

Life has really been trying hard to be rough on us lately and we just keep fighting it, tooth and nail! No matter what karma tries to throw at us, we stay strong together! :) My car tried to break down on us yesterday, just hours after we got it back from the mechanics. Grrr, it was the darn antifreeze cap but it scared the bajesus out of me and was successful in making us late to Alan's make up gymnastics class. Le sigh, I bet the gymnastics secretary thinks I am nut-so, I schedule make up classes for when he is sick and can't even make them on time! Like I said, life is determined to bring us down. :) But I am just as determined!
We made it to class just after warm up, so Alan got a good half hour in. He is doing so good now too! That boy can do forward and backward rolls, donkey kicks and can walk his feet up the wall! I love watching him interact with his little friends too! I wish I could watch him more! :)
Last night was also one of Alan and Anna's friend's first birthday party. They had it at a pizzeria, one we had never been to before. Due to the make up gymnastics class, we were a little late. But it was so nice seeing Colton and all the boys, especially the birthday boy. He and Anna sat together in high chairs and played with balloons FOREVER lol! Alan had fun running around with Colton, I was afraid that we were going to get kicked out they were so loud lol! But they had fun.
My blogging app will only allow me to post pictures at the end, so here ya go: The first photo is of us stranded with the car yesterday and the last two are from the birthday party. :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In Regards to Lon

Today is a busy one for us. I have a ton of errands to do before Alan's make up gymnastics class. Then we have a birthday party for one of Alan and Anna's friends. We are so excited he is one!!!! :D
Last week was quite scary for my family. March 8th, Lon was involved in a car accident and then had a tooth pulled later that afternoon. The rest of that weekend, he was quite ill. Feverish, not able to eat anything, delirious and in a decent amount of pain. He was on some pain killers but they only seemed to make his stomach hurt. By Monday, I was worried about him. He had lost a decent amount of weight, and the fevers had not subsided without lots of medication. Tuesday passed and Wednesday, I decided that he needed to go in somewhere.

My car was not working, so Lon's brother and his fiance took him to the Walk In Clinic for me. Lon was immeadiately sent to the Emergency Room. His fever was in the 100s and he could barely walk at that point. Sam told me she couldn't believe how fast he had deteriorated. :(

At first, the doctors thought it was a blood infection. They tested him and started treatment right away. He was IVed and almost kept overnight. Needless to say, I was terribly distraught at dance class. It was our Thriller performance, and my students performed it beautifully but my mind was elsewhere.
The doctors sent Lon home for the night, and he went back in early that next morning. He had been puking up blood and had other symptoms of a stomach bleed. Once again, I stayed home with the children while Lon's mother took him in. I have been ever so grateful for Lon's family and all their help this past week! Thank you all so much!

It was discovered that Lon in fact had an ulcer in his stomach, and not a blood infection or stomach bleed. He was tested and IVed again, then sent home with a new set of medication. I am glad to say that we have not been back in since! The medications are working and Lon slowly is getting better! Yesterday was his first day back at work.

I do not have all good news, unfortunately. Last week, the online breastfeeding community that I belong to lost a dear mama to an anyrism. Her baby girl is the same age as Anna too. :( Our community has been absolutely devastated by this loss, we mourn along with her family and friends. There has been a big positive movement for her daughter though. A lot of the mamas who can spare breast milk are donating it to her daughter, in hopes that she can meet her year goal of breastmilk.

This has really opened my eyes to some things. My hsuband was in the hospital around the same time she was. And I know this is totally silly sounding, but HE came home and she did not. I feel very connected to this family and compelled to do something special for them. Because I could never imagine losing Lon. And there was a time last week were we truly thought that we might. My friend and her family were not so lucky. Rest in piece, my friend. You were a fantastic mother and will be missed by many.

To Lon, I love you so much. I would be so lost without you in my life. You are my rock and our everything. The kids and I love you endlessly. We are so glad you are feeling better!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy birthday Uncle Jake!!

Today is Uncle Jake's birthday.

I first met Jake sometime last year, I believe. He is dating my sister Natalie, they are due with a little boy in July. Back when I first met him, I was admittedly judgemental. My sister had never really dated someone that serious, so I wanted to make sure he was good enough for her. And he definitely is!

Jake is a kind- hearted, down-to-earth sorta guy. He is good with kids and is about as wild at heart as Natalie is. They are just perfect for each other! He loves dirt biking as much as my family does, which is sorta a requirement to join our family lol. :P

I hope you have a great birthday Jake! I wish that we could celebrate with you guys, we will have to make up for it when you are in town! Happy birthday Uncle Jake!

Here is a pic of Jake and Natalie's baby. He's so cute already lol! Love him so much!

First Post from New Phone

I just found an app on my phone for blogger, of course I had to get it lol! I also have a new instagram account (yes, I joined the craze lol) you can follow me at jillianjandersen. Go find it now!!!

This weekend was quite eventful. I don't even feel like going over last week with you yet, there was a lot of crazy medical stuff with Lon and we are still mentally proccessing that. Just know that Lon is okay now. But back to this weekend...

Saturday night, I took the kids to Geyser Park. Alan was quite antzy all day and he deserved to go somewhere special. So we went and had pizza, played some games and played in the tubes. Alan has really shocked me how much he truly has grown up lately. We played Pac Man together and he even beat me a few times! I was proud of him lol.

Sunday was Spotlight Dance Competition. Aunt April and several of my old dance students performed, so the kids and I went to support them. Diversity was performing a lot of their older performances from the last year I danced as a student. It was very interesting to see all the dances I knew and loved. My favorites were By My Side, Allegro Agitato and Addicted. April also competed in the Dance Down and performed her solo.

Of all of her dances, she received six diamonds and one ruby, not including the diamond she received for her solo. Her solo received sixth overall for teen solos and the group dances won several additional awards as well. Diversity did fantastic at Spotlight this year!

This is going to take some getting used to lol, so I will call this post good for now. Bear with me readers! :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

I am Terrible with Titles Lately...

I cannot seem to think of one for the life of me lol! Oh well, lots of things have been going on at the Andersen household, some great so-called "life upgrades" and other cool stuff lol. Alan is still sick, he is getting over a bad cold and a double ear infection, but he is starting to eat again and beginning to act more like his old wild self. This makes me very happy! Earlier this week, Uncle Chase was over to hang out with the kids and it started to hail really hard outside. There was thunder and lightning too, and the hail eventually turned into snow. It was so crazy! It was sunny and nice outside one moment, and a snowy whiteout the next! You could not even see more than twenty feet in front of you at a certain point!

Here is crazy Uncle Chase out in it lol! He and Lon insisted on going outside to collect snow for snowcones, but they were not very successful! It was too wild out there lol! You cannot see, but I am taking this picture with one hand. The other one is restraining Alan, who also really wanted to go outside lol. Boys...

Speaking of that handsome little boy,

Today I took him to the eye doctor. If you remember, he recently went to his preschool screening and was refered to an eye doctor because he failed his vision test several times. Well after many tests that were honestly very difficult for a little guy to do and an hour or so, the doctor determined that Alan was infact very farsighted and would need glasses. He is to wear them as much as we can get him to, the doctor said. This would explain a lot of things for me, I am so glad that I took him!

After that, we went and picked out his glasses. I think that Alan thought we were picking sunglasses for him because he was a little discouraged when he saw his selection. We had picked out six adorable pairs that were in our insurance range. After sometime, he decided on a nice black rectangular shaped pair. He was way too shy to let me take a picture of him wearing them, but I can personally say that he looks soooooooooooooooooooo handsome with his glasses! Like my little smart boy, professor! Oh I love him so much!

Remember how above I mentioned all the upgrades we are doing? Well,  we recently have bought both children new bigger beds for them. We bought Anna a crib (which we have yet to set up) and we bought Alan a twin storage bed. We set that up Wednesday night and let me tell you, Alan just loves it! It is so much bigger than his toddler bed and so much taller. He loves how much it makes him feel like a big boy, Lon and I love that we can snuggle with him in his bed now. Plus it looks just so darn cute!

We will hopefully set up Anna's crib today or tomorrow, so I will post pictures of it when we do. But for now, here is Alan showing you readers his bed. He is soooooooooo very excited lol!

Aunt Natalie says that Baby B (I am mean and am going to keep his name from you guys until I do a real post on it lol. Sorry!) is doing very well! She has a doctor appointment next week but everything is going smoothly. She finally is over the morning sickness for the most part, which I am personally very happy about. I was a little worried that she would have it all nine months like I did with both children. I was texting her today about maternity pictures, we might do them on the Rims like I did with Anna!

Tonight we are going out to dinner with my good friend Chelsey and her three boys. We will be going to Chuck E Cheese. I am not entirely thrilled about the whole concept at the moment, only because I used to work there and I remember how Fridays go there. Ugh. But Alan has been talking about it since he woke up, I know that he cannot wait. It should be fun, I will be sure to post some pictures next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Five Question Friday!! March 8, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Do you like the new look of the blog???? I figured that I would change the background to be more... srpingy lol, since it is March now. Personally, I think the flowers are sooooooo pretty! I love the new look! :) Its been a few weeks since I have been able to join in with the FQF blog hop. Oh how I have missed it! Without further ado, here is this week's Five Question Friday!

Does your family coordinate clothing for church on holidays like Easter?
I coordinate my family on holidays and for pictures, but only to a point. I usually give the boys a color group (red, green, white or yellow, blue, green, purple) and they can wear anything in those colors. I usually will have them coordinate jeans though. I like us to either all wear jeans or all wear something different. And I like to wear a dress or skirt if Anna does.

Now that I have typed it all out, it sounds a little OCD lol. :P But I like for us to look nice as a family all together, yet have our own personalities still show though.

How do you get out of a funk?
I meditate or do yoga. Sometimes working on some dance choreography will help clear my mind. And if nothing else fails, snuggling with my children and giving them lots of hugs and kisses. That always works! :)

Online friends - real friendships or not?
Personally, I believe it depends on the individual relationship. You cannot just catagorize all online relationships as either one or the other, because each individual relationship is different.

I do have some online friends that I have a close, real relationship with. I speak with them on a daily basis, know their children's names and birthdates, and am there for them during the good and the bad times. They might as well live in the same city I do. Yet some live even as far away as Hong Kong.

It all depends on how much you and the other person want to put into the relationship. You can have real good online friends, you just have to work a little for it. :)

What is the one food you must eat in a restaurant (not make yourself)?
Salmon. I am addicted to salmon.

I think its because in high school I was on this weird diet for my dance company. I did not really eat much meat (got my iron and protein many other ways) but I was "allowed" to eat salmon.

And did I ever lol! I think I had salmon every time we went out to eat! Would never be able to do that now lol. Salmon is sooooooooooooooooooo expensive. Yet it is just so amazing and yummy. Great now you have me wanting salmon real bad lol! Oh well, maybe for our wedding anniversary coming up...

What would happen in your home if you ran out of ketchup?
My son might not eat anything. I swear that kid would eat ketchup on his ice cream if I let him! Weird child lol!

I hope that everyone has I good day! I am up to early lol, thanks to that stinky husband of mine for being too loud on his way out the door. Oh well, I am going to try to go back to sleep before these kids wake up. Wish me luck! I'll need it lol!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Anna Ariel: Eight Months Old

She is getting so big, it just amazes me. I think I am getting used to the idea of her growing up and looking less and less like that newborn baby we brought home eight months ago. She has officially nursed for as long as Alan did and we have no plans of stopping yet. She wants to crawl, wants to move, but has figured out her own unique way of transportation. My love and amazement for her grows each and every day, I cannot believe that Lon and I are just so lucky to have her and her brother in our lives. I feel like I won the lottery, but even that would not feel as wonderful as this. I love my children so much!

At eight months, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximately 17 pounds and 8 ounces and is approximately 29 inches long.

*is officially wearing size 6M clothes. She still has some 3M onesies that she can still fit in and I cannot seem to part with, but everything else is 6M or bigger. My girl is LONG!!!!

*has light blue ish hazel eyes that are so similar to her father and her brother's eyes. Her hair is a dark red ish brown and is soooooooooooooooooooo long! It goes almost to the middle of her back in some spots now! I cannot believe how long that girl's hair is lol!

*sits up unsupported to play all the time now. She sits up like its nobody's business lol.

*is getting a little closer to crawling, now that we have a big carpet in our living room. She definitely is mobile now, its just her own special form of movement. Its a cross between rolling and army crawling lol. The other day she tried to pull herself up, she just kinda expected it to happen. So she will probably have to figure out that she actually has to use her muscles first lol. Oh well, she's doing awesome anyways!

*eats all of her cereals, vegetables, fruits, and dairy foods. This month she gets to start trying meats! We are very excited, she is almost at that point of just pureeing what we have for dinner each night, instead of making baby food. Hello more freezer space!!!!!

*really likes to yell a lot now. She is a talker too!

*has no teeth yet, but is definitely teething! She is a drool monster all the time and chews on just about anything you put in front of her now lol.

*has officially breast fed for as long as Alan did. I am so proud of myself! And even prouder to say that we will continue breastfeeding for at least another month or two. I will write a more in depth post on this later! Ah so excited and proud of myself!

*loves to have blankets tickle her face (seriously, let me try to upload this video lol), enjoys reading books, playing with her toys on the floor, jumping in her Jumperoo, loves to go for walks in her Moby Wrap still and loves kisses and snuggles from her family. She is such a happy baby girl, it is so amazing!

We love you so much Anna Ariel. You truly are a gift from the gods. You and your brother are just so wonderful, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aunt Ariel's Care Package

About a month ago, Lon's parent's house went under quarentine from our family, so to speak. Uncle Chase had somehow gotten shingles and was suffering considerably. Poor guy! Since neither of the kids have had chicken pox nor have they finished their vaccinations for it (well maybe Alan at this point, but definitely not Anna), we did not want to risk it anyways. Well sure enough, Aunt Ariel eventually caught chicken pox from her older brother, only a few days after Uncle Chase had started to feel better too! How unfortunate! :/  Needless to say, we really miss everyone over there and feel really bad that they all are uncomfortable and bored lol.

Aunt Ariel obviously cannot go to school and she is a very active and social girl, this has hit her the hardest. She misses school, misses her friends, and is so bored! Poor girl, I can totally relate. We all decided to make her a little care package to help bring her spirits up and give her some stuff to do until she feels better.

Some of the things included:

Two movies (technically four with the triple Ernest feature lol)
Some yummy candy to enjoy because hey, its not like she's throwing up or nothing :P
Two different bracelet makers
A bunch of stuff to make the COOLEST personalized visor eva!!!!!!!
Some lotion and nail polish, because she is a teenage girl ya know! :)
We spent maybe around thirty to forty dollars but we had a lot of fun with it lol. You could potentially do this for anything and spend as little as $10. Just shop at the Dollar Tree! I love that place! :) What kind of things would you put in your care package?

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finishing the Collection

I have to admit that I am quite the collector. Both Lon and I have our own collections and a few shared collections. One of our favorites is our Sock Monkey Family Collection that the kids both enjoy playing with. They usually "live" on the bookcase in our living room. Up until recently though, we only had a Mom Monkey, Dad Monkey and little Boy Monkey. I loved the collection, but wanted a little Girl Monkey to complete the family.

The other morning, I found her.


I was at the grocery store, buying breakfast for the family (we had decided to have fresh fruit with our yogurt) and I saw her in the toy aisle. I just had to buy her! Everyone loves her, especially Miss Anna herself! She played with her the entire morning and even fell asleep with her that afternoon! I think the little Girl Monkey is the perfect addition to the Sock Monkey family!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Cameron!!

Today is Uncle Cameron's 29th birthday.
Alan is sitting right at Uncle Cameron's feet in this pic, looking up at him
Uncle Cameron lives in Washington right now, so unfortunately we will not be able to do anything with him for his birthday. But we are working on getting his present together and will be mailing it along with Alan's famous cards hopefully tomorrow or the next day. We love you Uncle Cameron! Happy birthday!
Uncle Cameron is next to Aunt Natalie in this picture, just off to my right

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Month in Review: February 2013

We had a pretty decent February this year, not too much snow and just enough things to keep us busy on the weekends. Not to mention that we found out some very exciting news about Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake's baby! Check out what happened to us this month!

We celebrated Valentine's Day this month at a little party for Alan and his friends at the local coffee shop. It went really well, even better than last time, especially because Alan was feeling much better! February also meant CHD Awareness Week just before Valentine's Day, I did not write my own posts for the week but I did link up with CHD parents. Here are the four posts I wrote: #1, #2, #3, and #4. Anna also turned seven months old, and discovered her voice. Needless to say, our house is NEVER quiet anymore lol. :) But I would not have it any other way!

I took Alan on a Mama and Son Date to the Family Life Expo. Then we celebrated Super Bowl with both of our families, and I suceeded in not watching any of the game once again lol. The big old slide at Pioneer Park was removed, which made this Mama very sad face. Alan too, I guess lol! :P Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake came to town for the weekend, we went out to dinner and to the Reef Waterpark. It was a ton of fun! The kids got sick again, ugh! Both of them caught brochilitis and got ear infections at the same time. No fun at all! My sister April and my mom surprised me and took me to the Ballet! How wonderful! I loved it so much! Alan almost broke his finger being a wild man with his father. What else is new, these boys! :/ Alan had his first gymnastics showcase ever! He did so well! We are so proud of the little man! And we found out that Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake are going to be having a baby boy!

I wrote about a lot of different things this month, several that all had the same theme. I pondered feeling beautiful in a world full of beauty. I shared some of the ways that I use blogging for therapy as well. I shared eleven things about me, a blog hop I found from another blogging mama. Similar to my earlier post about being beautiful, I discussed what it feels like trying to be perfect in this day and age. On a lighter note, I wrote about living in the third best place in the US to raise a family. Yes lol! I knew there was a reason we never moved!

So many things I wrote about this last month, and so many more things up ahead of me. Some things I hope to see for my family for March 2013: moving to a new house, Anna starting to crawl, celebrating Easter with our families, seeing Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake again, helping out my friend Kelsie with her new baby Karter, the Thriller performance for my hip hop students and much more fun things!

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