Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Fun Weekend!

This weekend was quite the crazy one for us. We had two sets of family members surprise us by coming into town, one from Lon's family and one from mine! Uncle Cameron came into town from Seattle and the Glover family came into town from Missoula! It was pretty awesome! We also had Colton's birthday party (but that's for another post)… And we went to the NEW Scheel's! The kids had a blast their and I didn't spend a dime! Yes! :D

I failed to get one good picture of Uncle Cameron and the kids, but they had a blast with him over the weekend. We are kinda poor right now lol, so we just stayed at home and watched the new Spiderman and Captain America with Uncle Cameron. And Alan showed him all of his Legos. Anna started saying his name while he was here too! That must've been very cool for Uncle Cameron! :) Ah they loved every minute that he was there! Thanks for coming to visit Uncle Cam! We love you bunches! Have a safe trip back to Washington!

Posing with a bear at Scheel's
We were also surprised by my sister and her family! Lucky us! Friday evening, we took them out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I had the always delicious Portobello Mushroom Chicken with seasoned rice. Yum! I love Texas Roadhouse's rice, it is just amazing! The kids were all quite wild though, Texas Roadhouse is always such a crazy place lol! It never fails to wind them up! Saturday after work, we all went to the new Scheel's store. Its supposedly the second biggest in America, the first being the one in Fargo, North Dakota. I have been to that one too and honestly, they all look the same to me lol. If you see one Scheel's then you've seen a thousand! :P The kids sure did enjoy it though. We looked at all the presidents and all the stuffed animals. There is a HUGE ferris wheel, which neither of my children would ride. Of course! They have shopping carts with toy cars for the kids to ride in. And they even have a play area by the shoe section. We let Alan and Anna play in there for a good hour! They had a blast!

We were in need of new tennis shoes for Miss Anna and surprisingly, Scheel's had a good sale for toddler shoes. Anna got to choose between Barbie shoes or Batman shoes and guess which ones she chose? BATMAN!!!!!!!!!! :D I am so proud of my awesome big girl, she picked the cool shoes even though they weren't "girly" or anything like that! You rock Anna!

This morning we had a big breakfast with my sister and her family before they left town. Then we went on a nice long bike ride with Uncle Kalvin while we waited for Lon to get off of work. It was a bit chilly outside but we all still had fun anyways. Alan is getting really good at riding his big boy bike. He only tipped it over three times the whole trip! And each time, he jumped right back on the bike! What a big guy he is growing up to be!

We had a wonderful weekend with both of our families! Lon and I are so blessed to have so many siblings who love our children! Alan and Anna have six uncles and four aunts who love them so much! Thanks guys, we love you all too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Andersen Family Pictures 2014

Oh my word! These are the BEST pictures I have ever had taken! I swear that I say this every year, but I loved the pictures so much! Miss Kelsie Peterson is such a wonderful photographer! She knew just the places for good lighting and just the pose to have us all in. She is also an amazing editor! I love how all our photos turn out, from our several photo sessions at Norm's Island to our Christmas sessions at home. Thanks Kelsie, you are the best!

Thank you so much Kelsie! These pictures are just beautiful! 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Alan is quite excited to be going on his field trip to the zoo with his preschool class today. Anna and I hope that we will be able to get off in time to join him, if not though I hope he has a wonderful time with all of his friends! We had a pretty low key weekend, I taught my hip hop class and then we went to Uncle Kalvin's football game on Saturday. I also went through all of Miss Anna and Mister Alan's summer clothes and put out their fall/winter clothes. Anna was pretty short on clothes (she wore 18M clothes last winter and now is in 3T) so we went to the second hand store to buy her some new clothes. We got her seven pairs of pants, five shirts, two pairs of pajamas and a pack of big girl underwear! For only twenty bucks! What a great deal! Sunday we hung out with Lon and took family pictures on the Rims. Nice and easy weekend, just the way I like them lol!

We really enjoyed going to Uncle Kalvin's football game. It was the second one of the season, he was playing a team named the Cowboys. The football program he belongs to uses NFL football team names, I think its pretty cute. But let me tell you, these boys are quite serious about football. It was pretty wild there! Everyone is very into it!

The games took place at Pirtz Field, just by Stewart Park and the mall. We went with Grandma Melanie, Grandpa Kevin was helping out with the game. We showed up for the last half of the game, I don't think my kids could have handled the whole game lol, they were pretty rowdy. They loved the whole thing though. Anna sat in her stroller and cheered when everyone else cheered, munching on some snacks we had brought. Alan watched some of the game and spent the rest of the time running laps between two trees close by. He had so much energy! He found some friends and played with them for a bit too. It was so nice out, all sunny and perfect weather. It was supposed to snow all week long, but we all got lucky in Billings! The snow only hit Eastern Montana!

Alan and Anna outside the concession stand

My father and brother lol, they were just in total football heaven! My dad held one of the flags for the game (I know that he has always dreamed of doing that lol) and Kalvin worked so hard during the game. He was on defense and let me tell you, that kid may be small but he can sure tackle! You rock it Kal, don't let your size determine what you can do! Your (small) big sister is very proud of you! I am also proud to say that Uncle Kalvin's team won the game! Yeah! Good job Steelers! Good hustle!

Alan, Anna and Uncle Kalvin after the game

The other cool thing about Pirtz Field is the playground they have. Its right in the center of all the baseball fields, tucked away safely from any outside traffic. In theory, kids can play there while their parents watch the game. We went after our game, however, as a treat for the kids behaving during the game. Alan and Anna loved it, even though it was just a small playground. It had real sand in a real sandbox. Alan was so happy, he loves to get dirty in the sandbox! I swear he was never going to leave lol! Anna loved all the slides they had there, she went on each one probably a million times. They were so happy to get to burn off that last bit of energy. Miss Anna totally passed out on the way home lol.

Our family pictures look just amazing from what I have seen! I am still waiting to get the finished edits from our photographer, but she showed me a few yesterday before we left and I must say, "Wow!" They won't need much editing, these are probably the best family photos we have ever taken! Alan and Anna look so adorable and the few with Lon and I in them look good as well lol. We also took individuals of Alan and Anna for their five year and two year photos. Kelsie even got some of Alan as a cowboy! She had him chewing a piece of grass! Priceless! I will post them asap tomorrow!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Potty Train Continues

We have a pretty easy going weekend, thankfully!! I have been waiting for one of those for some time now! Saturday I teach my second hip hop class and then we plan on going to Uncle Kalvin's football game at Stewart Park fields. Sunday we have family pictures with my good buddy and our family photographer Miss Kels. I am very excited to get family pictures taken, but I am a little nervous about what we will all wear lol! It may get chilly again this weekend, I hope it doesn't snow! She said that she would love to take photos in the snow lol!

Disclaimer: Mom and Dad potty training talk coming up ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you, go to the next blog post if you don't want to read! You've been officially warned!

Miss Anna has officially been potty training for about four months now. She has been doing pretty good lately, so we have finally reached the underwear milestone! I am so excited for her! We bought her first pair of undies this week. She couldn't wait to try them on! My big girl is growing up so quickly, its unbelievable!

As of right now, she goes potty on the potty (and wears pull-ups) at school and at home. We have tried a few potty trips while at the library and at a few other public places, but she has yet to actually go potty there. However, she is going potty almost every time I put her on the potty now. She also has been asking to go potty when she needs to. She also went poop in the potty for the first time at school this past week. So I think that she is ready to try underwear!

While big brother is at school, we play at the library!

The plan is that she will start wearing her underwear at school and around the house. I will have to be diligent and make sure she has no accidents. We will still have her wear pull-ups in public and at night. But I hope that she will catch on to the underwear thing quickly! Here's hoping! If she is potty trained by September 2015, she could go into preschool that year. But that is only if it works that way, I will also be totally okay if she waited until she was four years old before being ready for preschool. That's what Alan did too, and I feel like it will work in his best interest. :)

Speaking of preschool, Monday Alan's class is going to the zoo! Oh he is so excited to go! I hope to get off of work in time to help chaperone, like I did last year. But we will see. I am not able to get off, I hope that one of his preschool teachers will snap a photo of my handsome guy for me! He will have such a great time!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Book Review: Parentology by Dalton Conley

I know I have already posted several book reviews this month, but I just keep checking out more and more books at the library, devouring them and then needing to post about them lol. Up until this post, I had about four different books I was either reading or had finished reading that I had yet to post a review for them. Lon suggested that I stop reading the other two books until I have caught up on the reviews on my blog, so I started posting like mad. And here we are! I still have one book to finish and post, and another to start! But I will post this review and then I can continue reading lol!

Without further ado, here's Parentology by Dalton Conley!

Parentology by Dalton Conley

This book was amazing! Finally the book gods have blessed me with a wonderful book! I had read so many terrible ones! Oh I am so excited that I finally got a "good one" I was starting to lose faith in my process! Along with the title of this book it says "Everything you wanted to know about the science of raising children but were too exhausted to ask." Hilarious! This book is a memoir of how scientific sociologist raised his children. It covers everything from naming your kid, to what not to do while pregnant (a lot of things don't really affect an unborn fetus, in his opinion), to schooling them, to giving medication for ADHD, to divorce and how it will affect your child. His first child, E, is a spunky and loving little girl. She is in the Guiness Book of World Records (or was at the time perhaps) as the girl with the shortest name ever. They decided to name her E so that she could pick what she wanted her name to be later in life. Guess what guys? She stuck with E as an adult too. Go figure! :P Their second child, a wild boy with the world's longest name was not only eccentric in his name but in personality too. Yo out smarted even his own scientist mother and father several times! This book is a riot and I loved reading every page of it! Dalton's sense of humor with parenting is refreshing and oddly similar to my own. It was wonderful to read all the studies he did just to discover that he is (as we are too) doing everything absolutely correct! After all, isn't the goal of parenting to have a successful, independent adult? I think so!

I feel like I can relate to almost all of the characters in this book, because they were all real people. I relate mostly with Dalton though, because he was the one writing the book. I can also relate with his ex-wife Natalie at certain points. I do agree with her need to make sure everything is healthy for the kids. Sometimes I drive Lon crazy with all my organic and all natural talk. He says often that I would be so much happier in the olden days lol. But I feel like everything that is manufactured anymore has the possibility to be unsafe. Manufacturing conditions aren't always the best or safest, this worries me. I can definitely relate with their children, E and Yo, the same way I can relate with my own children. I have always said there is some benefit to being a young mother and that's being able to remember how you felt as a child of that age. :)

I would recommend this book to all of my parent friends. Even if you don't like to read, but have a kiddo of your own, you should check this book out! It will have you laughing, have you crying, have you asking "What????" and have you thinking and reflecting on your own parenting skills. I had me reflecting on everything from the birth of both kids to how our current living situation affects our children. It has really opened my eyes to what it is to be a parent. And I am glad to say that we are doing this parenting thing right, according to this book at least.

"The goal is not to have a baby who quiets herself down. Its to have a well-adjusted adult in 20 years. We were going to keep cuddling E on our air mattress, lowering her cortisol levels, no matter what anyone else said."

E, Dalton and Yo Conley
Well done, Dalton and Natalie. Well done!

My Next Book Review: My Notorious Life by Katie Manning

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anna's First Dance Class!

Its here, its finally here! Miss Anna started her first day of dance class today. She is in the Parent/Child Creative Movement class at my old dance studio, Diversity Dance. Her teacher's name is Miss Rachel, she is so very nice. I have seriously been waiting for this day since we found out that we were having a girl, you know like two and a half years ago????? Lol, I am definitely NOT a dance mom… Wait isn't that exactly what I a dance mom is? I am just so excited for her to be starting dance!

Anna in her leotard before class

We started out class playing with some stuffed animals and going over the alphabet. We did "A" for Anna and for airplane, "J" for Jadelynn and Jack-in-the-box, and "I" for Isabelle and Inchworm. Each letter we did a different action, Anna loved it! Then we pulled out the musical instruments and danced to the Mouse-rcise song, a Mickey Mouse song that I have childhood memories stretching to! It was pretty cool dancing to that song with Anna. She loved all the instruments too, she ran around with the green maracas for a bit before trading them out for a tambourine and some jingle bells. She even came up with the idea of using the jingle bells on the tambourine to make drum sounds! Even Miss Rachel was proud of her!

Then we went into another dance room for the tumbling obstacle course. I only got one photo of this, of Anna rolling out of her tumble, but its so blurry I don't want to post it here. But there was a slide, a "balance beam" made out of dance boxes, a hoppy horsie, a tumble wedge, other foam pieces for them to balance on and mats for them to practice galloping on. My silly girl kept skipping obstacles and going straight for the tumble mat, horsie or the slide. I had to work with her to get her to do the other things. But for her first time, I still think she did wonderful. :) Miss Rachel was quite impressed with her tumbling skills too. I told her that's what having a gymnastics teacher for a mother will do to you lol.

After the obstacle course, we took a quick milk break and then headed back into the original room for some princess dancing. This is where Miss Rachel pulls out old dance costumes, "princess dresses," and has the students dance around to Frozen music. This was probably Anna's favorite part of the whole class! She picked out a pretty pink dress and two necklaces and her magic wand. She was set!

All set with her necklace, dress and wand!
The danced all around the room with Miss Rachel. I was actually surprised that Anna no longer needing me to follow her around. She chased Miss Rachel, singing along and laughing. I was able to stand back and watch, taking pictures of her. I was so proud of Anna! Afterwards, each kiddo got a sticker and a "gem." The gems are to save up and get a prize from Diversity! Thought that was a pretty cool idea! Miss Rachel said that Anna is a great listener and did wonderful for her first class ever! Good job little miss! Mommy loves you!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Alan's Lego Tumbling Birthday Extravaganza!!!!

So my wild child son could not come up with just ONE thing for his birthday. He has a love for gymnastics and all things tumbling (just like his mama) but he also is quite obsessed with fond of Legos, just like his crazy creative father. :P So he was torn between the two themes. We decided to have his "school friends" party at the YMCA Kids Gym. Then we would invite anyone who wanted to join in to the local Lego store, Bricks and MiniFigs. They could play and look at the Legos with Alan. He loved the idea!

It ended up just being the kids, Lon and I at the Lego store, but Alan didn't care. He was instantly in hog heaven! :) Anna went over and played with the big bricks while Alan and Lon explored the Lego creations throughout the store. We currently have a Lego exhibit at our local art museum, entitled The Art of the Brick. One of the artist's creations was at Bricks and MiniFigs, a sculpture of the inside of an eye! It was so cool and entirely made out of bricks! We took a picture with it, we will have to get down to the museum soon to see the exhibit!

Alan and Anna each made several mini-figures to buy and then it was time to go. When we told the store owner about Alan's birthday wish to come here and he discounted our price hardcore! I think he gave us two figures for free, so like $8 off the total! That is pretty decent considering that we only spent $20 total. But it was a great birthday trip! Alan wants a party there next year lol! We will see…

We had so many people show up to Alan's tumble party! I think there was eleven kids there total! We all had an absolute blast! Several kids, including Mister Alan, said that this was the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!" I love it lol! Even though we told everyone no presents, Alan got so many Legos! He will be set until next year at this rate! Thanks everyone! Special shout out to my mom for transportation, my Aunt Marnie for helping set up, Lon for playing with the kids and wearing them out lol, Aunt Ariel for helping babysit and Miss Heather for all the awesome photos! You guys are all awesome!

Going over the rules of the gym room

Mom and Dad setting up the cake :D
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…"

Mmmmmm! Yummy chocolate cake!

The progression of the obstacle course

Going across the rockwall
Anna's turn with Daddy's help

Thanks to everyone who helped make his day special! Happy birthday Alan!