Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Superstar Students!!

I just have to take a moment to say that I have THE BEST group of hip hop students ever! They rocked last night's dress rehearsal like it was no body's business! I am such a proud teacher right now! This recital will be so awesome!

Shopping with Aunt Sam was quite a feat with Alan and Anna but we still managed to have a good time. And I spent my own money on my first piece of clothing since BEFORE I had my children lol. I felt really guilty about it at the time lol, but I had to get a nice dress or something to wear for the recital Saturday. I didn't have anything nice to wear except for skirts I have owned since highschool and I am honestly tired of matching them with one of my boring tops. I was excited to go shopping at Ross because I love their reduced prices and their clothing too! I found a very cute strapless top thats black with blues, reds and yellows. It fits my students' first dance costume soooooooooo perfectly! They are supposed to wear primary colors too, I'm sure they will be so happy that we are all matching lol. I looooooove this dress too. It looks so elegant and regal, yet hippie and very Me at the same time. I bet you are reading this thinking, "What the HECK kind of dress did you get?"

I tried to get a good picture of it on the hanger, it didn't do it justice lol, but I will try it on later when Lon is home from work and have him take a picture of me. I am borrowing my friend's heels that are black, white and red. Cannot wait to try the whole outfit on together!!!!

Lon's Caddy has officially been totaled for the second time in its life, and there is no saving it this time. I am a little sad about it, I loved that car and I know that it was Lon's baby. But I keep reminding myself that this only means we will be able to get us a new car, and maybe actually a NEW CAR this time, not just new-to-us lol. That would be very nice, we have been loving driving the Explorer around. I am not sure if we want to look into getting an Explorer, but definitely something from that car category lol. I am tired of driving tiny cars and want something that I can feel safe driving my family around in! Our Caddy was our safe car and it got totaled, that really says something to me. I think about what would have happened if it was my car and the kids were with me, its just terrible!

Today, I have to get Lon's Caddy all cleaned out and ready to be scrapped. Then I am going to take the kids somewhere fun, I have yet to actually decide lol. I think we might go to a park, either that or the play area at the mall. Just somewhere fun for him to run around and be wild at lol.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Recital and Baby Shower Week!

Today is the big day for me! Well kinda lol, today is my dress rehearsal for the dance showcase this Saturday. My kids will be in full costume for their dances and I am excited to see how it all looks. I am very anxious but excited too! We will see how it goes! :) The kids and I are going shopping today with Aunt Sam. The kids are excited, we should have a lot of fun with her! I don't have any extra cash lol, but I might try to get Aunt Natalie her birthday present at some point. With her birthday coming up this weekend, I am running out of time to get her something lol. I also have to get Alan's glasses fixed. Crazy man has officially broken his glasses for the first time lol! :) Oh well, at least it was just one of the ear pieces.

This morning, Anna surprised us all by pulling herself up on the ottomon! We had just had her standing up with us holding her for a bit, and Lon set her down on the floor to play while he got ready for work. Miss Anna army crawled over to the ottomon and slowly pulled herself up onto her knees. She saw me watching and squealed at me lol. I hollered for Lon and Alan to come watch her. She waited for them to arrive, then continued pulling herself up to standing! She was so proud of herself, she almost fell onto her bum again lol! We were all so excited for her! Good job big girl!

Yesterday, we got Alan's hair cut for the first time by a professional. I had a coupon to a Sports Clips from work that Lon did not want to use and Alan's hair was IN NEED of a hair cut lol, so we decided to go there. I usually just cut the boys hair myself, so it was a new experience for both of us! He did pretty good, just got wiggly towards the end. The hair really started to get to him. :) But he did great and was one of the best little kids the stylist had ever dealt with. Made Mama proud!

I like his little hair cut too. Its waaaaay better than I could have ever done lol and is perfect for the upcoming summer weather. I think it makes him look sooooo much older! And with his glasses, he might as well already be in school lol. Such a cutie! I do not think we will be going there too much, but it was fun for the first time!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Know, I Never Write Sunday Posts!

But I felt like it today lol! Just for fun and because I am a little bored lol. Both kids are napping at the same time! I am so awesome, although I'm not sure if its such a feat anymore. Its the little accomplishments...

Aunt Natalie is officially in her third trimester! Yay Aunt Nat! We all cannot wait to meet Baby B! Her baby shower is a week away from today, I am almost ready for it. I am not sure if my family is though lol, this will be a totally different baby shower than all mine have been. But its for Aunt Natalie, so of couse its going to be different from mine! :) I think that all my little ideas for the dino stuff will be super cutsy!

Friday we met up with Heather and the girls at Veteran's Park. It has been sooooooo very nice out the past few days, very horribly windy but nice. I cannot complain. Alan chased Tatum around the playground, then he swung on the swingset with the girls. He is getting more and more into swinging, which I think is cool. I used to just loooooooooove swinging. I could swing for hours and hours as a kid. It is the coolest feeling. Then the kids ran around some more, while Anna watched them and squealed with joy. She wants to be big so bad lol! She loves watching her brother and his friends run around and cannot wait until she is big enough to do that! I love her so much!

Yesterday, I took Alan and Anna to a Healthy Kids event at the Shrine Audiotorium. I did not think there would be too much going on there, but Alan had a fantastic time! There was an obstacle course, clowns, police officers with their dogs, firefighters with their trucks, lots of Disney characters, and even a big moose to pose on lol! Alan went on the obstacle course so many times, he was exhausted afterwards. He picked an Iron Man balloon guy for the clown to make him. Miss Anna just got a pink balloon, but it was all she needed for entertainment lol! Alan also got to talk with the firemen and wear one of their helmets. My big firefighter! :) He liked the dogs and the Disney characters too, but would not let me get a picture of him with them. He told me that the police dogs take their own cell phone pictures with their own police dog cell phones. The imagination he has!

I made tacos for dinner too. Miss Anna tried them for the first time ever and she loved it! She ate a bunch of the meat and cheese but thought the tortilla was very weird. I am not sure exactly how much of it she actually ate lol. She also tried canned peas and carrots for the first time too. My big girl can now pretty much eat whatever we eat for dinner now! Its so cool! I love when they get to this stage! Alan was so much fun, I bet Anna will also be a blast!

Today, we are going to cut Alan's hair and hopefully go for a walk on the Rims with Kelsie and her boys. We will also be stopping by to see both my parents and Lon's parents with the kiddos. You know, same ol' same ol' Sunday lol!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Funday Friday Musings

We have not had TOO much going on lately, except for all the exciting car stuff and my dance showcase preperation. Other than though, we are just living life and loving it. Life has started working in our favor again, one may say lol, things are getting figured out.

After almost two months of waiting, we have figured out Lon's poor Caddy. The other insurance company claimed full liability for the accident and earlier this week the car was picked up and taken to a local body shop. They later got back a hold of us and told us it was declared totaled, so we will have go through whatever process that entails but at least its been handled. We also got a rental for a week, which has been soooooooooooooo helpful for us! Its a newer Ford Explorer. I have to say that its one of the nicest vehicles I have ever driven with the back up cameras, phone sync, and the super comfy heated seats.

Only 136 days until Alan starts hip hop. I was going to just put him in gymnastics again in the fall, but he is really into dance lately himself. He copies my moves while I practice and choreograph for my class sometimes. He will be awesome, I know it! :)

Speaking of dance classes, its 250 days until Anna starts her first dance class! Its a creative movment class with Mommy! She will love it!

I know have about 8 days until my dance showcase. Our last class we made the robot costumes for our Around the World song. It was a lot more work than I was prepared for, I am so grateful that the parents helped us too. These costumes will look so rad! I cannot wait to see them altogether! We have our dress rehearsal next week and then next Saturday is the performance! Its so close now! I am no longer stressing and worried about it, we have got it together and will rock it! Its now just a matter of waiting lol. I am like a kid before Christmas, I can't wait!

Anna is still working on some teeth, she has not been a happy camper lately. I think she is in a lot of pain. :( We don't use medicine unless we have to, so we have been giving her lots of gum massages and letting her chew on cold things. She likes her carrots and apples frozen to chew and we have some frozen teethers we use as well. Its mostly been a "Comfort Her to our Best Ability and Wait it Out" thing for us. Mom and Anna has lost a lot of sleep from it, at this point I am so tired I don't feel it anymore lol.  You ever been so exhausted that you almost feel rejuvinated? Yeah I have been feeling like that for weeks lol.

As for Alan, he has been doing fantastic at potty training. It has been a few weeks since he has had an accident and I also am no longer reminding him all the time. He just remembers he is in underwear and has even told me that he needs to go potty entirely on his own several times! I think he will be set for preschool in the fall and even maybe a preschool summer camp this year too! Oh my big guy is growing up! How I love him so! Good job Alan, Mama and Daddy are so proud of you!

I don't have too much planned for this weekend, since next weekend is crazy busy. The Y is having their Family Prom on Saturday night, I have yet to decide if we are going to it this year. We didn't last year but only because I was pregnant and exhausted all the time. But I think Alan will really enjoy it this year. So maybe the kids and I will go...

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be doing our best to enjoy ours outside in the sun. Spring is finally truly here!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Grand Second Anniversary at Asian Sea Grill

For our anniversary, I wanted to go somewhere new, exoctic and fun for dinner. We could not think of anywhere to go but after a bit, I decided to take Lon to one of my old favorites Bruno's Italian. Unfortunately, we got there way too late. They close around like 7 or 8, I totally forgot! Luckily, there was an Asian Sea Grill right next door! The perfect idea!

We ordered salmon sushi for appetizers and a different udon noodle meal for each of us. Lon also ordered himself a Topeko sushi and four different types of sake. We definitely were adventurous with our dinner lol!

The four types of sake Lon had were: Tozai Typhoon, Snow Maiden, Star Filled Sky, Tears of Dawn. The Snow Maiden was the coolest, it was very white while the rest were mostly clear. Lon drank all four in a very short time, yet says he did not feel much of anything lol. I got BOMBED the one time I tried sake and learned my lesson lol, so I could not believe that! :P But he enjoyed them very much!

Our food was delicious! The sushi was amazing, I have not had sushi in sooooooo long! I had at least four, and let me take a moment to rave about their sushi: it was sooo good! And very inexpensive too! We paid $9.99 for 8 sushi rolls! And they are worth so much more then that! Yum! I have found our new sushi place! And the udon noodle dish was just as good. I got mine with chicken. Mmmm, we'll just say I was very happy there would be leftovers lol. ;)

Now about this Topeko sushi... Lon really wanted to be adventurous and try something really exotic. Originally, he was looking at octopus sushi, even that is too much for me lol. But he settled on the Topeko, which he assumed was a fish. And he was right, in a certain way...

It was bright red fish eggs! Oh my word, they were so sick and nasty tasting too lol! So sorry, I tried it and it was sooooooo not my cup of tea. And I only tried a few eggs. Lon took a big bite from it and could barely contain himself lol! He kept laughing and turning really red, he finally went to the bathroom. It was a BRAND new experience for him, to say the least!

I am so glad that we were able to go out and get time to spend together without having to worry about the kids or anything. I love that we had a great time together, experienced some new things together and even had some laughs there too. What a great anniversary dinner, the best so far if I do say so myself! I love you Lon, thank you for making last night (and every night) so much fun.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary Lon!

Two years ago, on a beautiful new spring day, Lon and I stood in front of our loved ones and joined hands in marriage. I promised to love him and always be there for him, plus we had some laughs in there too. It would not have been our wedding without it lol. :) 4.5 years of dating, 2 years of marriage, 6 different houses, 4 different vehicles, 3 different jobs, 2 kids and countless days of happiness and laughter behind us. And I only look forward to more in the future!

Lon is such a wonderful father and husband. He loves his family so much, he would do absolutely anything for them. I admire his dedication to us and to his parents and siblings, as well as his dedication to his job.

Lon does not know yet but tonight I am surprising him by taking him out to dinner! I got a sitter and I want to try a new restaurant, but cannot decide where to go yet. Any ideas are welcome!

I had a lot of other gushy, lovey dovey things to say, but I have lost too much sleep for that right now. All I can really remember to say is that I love you and that we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Happy anniversary babe! Here's to many more happy years!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Soooooooo Much for Earth Day Celebrations...

We woke up this morning to find a nice blanket of snow covering everything, for like the third time this month lol! So much for my holiday plans, darn! We were going to go to Norm's Island today and go on a nature hike. I also had plans to finish the yardwork and plant the last of our flowers. This will probably not happen in the snow with a potty training preschooler and a babe. We are watching Disney movies all day to make up for it. Le sigh... whatevs Mother Nature, if you want to be a drama queen today, then that's fine! You had just better behave on Arbor Day, I won't take no gruff from you then! :)

This weekend wasn't too crazy. My family was out of state for Aunt April's dance competition and workshop, but I did have my bosses' baby shower I helped decorate for. She is having twins, a boy and a girl, around the same time Aunt Natalie is. The party was rubber ducky themed, which I thought was adorable! I loved the color palette: blue, pink, purple and yellow. Too cute!

We played a bunch of crazy games, from a cotton ball game to a silly relay race. I had a lot of fun and Alan even was able to participate in some of the games! He loved running around with the older kids and playing balloon volleyball. Anna enjoyed rolling around on the play mat, trying to catch a balloon. I did not win any game but I had a great time playing them!

We went over to my parent's house the next day to meet up with my mom and sister who had just gotten back into town. They had spahetti and Miss Anna got to try real big kid spaghetti for the first time! Oh she loved it and slimed herself up considerably lol. But as long as she enjoyed it, Mama is happy. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Hollie and Other Topics

I want to give a big "Happy Birthday" to fellow blogging mama Hollie. She is the amazing author of Mordern Colors Blog. This mama of one is celebrating her 28th birthday today. Stop by her page and wish her a happy birthday! Happy birthday Hollie! Stay amazing and we love you! <3

I love my hubby so so so much! A fun fact about me: I use Nat Geo magazines occasionally for inspiration while I am painting. Most of my magazines were stolen out of my art room in high school lol and needless to say, are falling apart. Lon knows this and bought me a new magazine the other night on the way home from work. Ooooooh its so pretty! I love the quality of National Geographic's photos and pages! *Gush* Thanks again baby!

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish safe travels to my mother, my sister and her dance studio while they are on their way to Ogden, Utah for a competition and workshop. Love you girls, rock the competition and take lots of pictures! I know you girls can do it! Go Diversity Dance!

I also took Anna to the doctor's office for her well baby check up today. She was wild and tried to climb on everything, jump out of my lap, tore the sanitary paper on the exam table to pieces and wanted to crawl all over the floor lol. Needless to say, her doctor thought she was very healthy! She weighs 19 pounds and 9 ounces. She is 28 1/2 inches long. My big, tall girl! I am very glad that she did not have to get any vaccinations today, those are never fun lol especially without Daddy.

Alan was such a good boy at the doctor, I took him to Sacajawea Park to play for a good hour. We had the whole park to ourselves almost the whole time, the only other people who came by were little girls who showed up with their parents. They became quick friends with Alan. Alan tried this hard part of the playground for the first time by himself and though he fell once, he tried again and did very well with it! I was so proud of him! He also swang for the first time since he was a baby and loved that too.

It was such a beautiful, clear sky day today. The wind was pretty wild, but we all still enjoyed the weather. I believe tomorrow its going to try and snow again, so I am very glad that we took advantage of the nice weather today. How is the weather where you live? Does it feel like Spring yet?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday! April 17, 2013

The weather has just been WILD and bipolar lately. One day its low 60s out and the next its trying to snow! How crazy! Make up your mind please, we would like to have a consistent wardrobe lol. :P Anyways, I have a lot of things to love today, so let's go ahead and get this thing started lol!

I'm loving... that my wedding anniversary is in 6 days. I love you Lon! Happy anniversary!

I'm loving...how well hiphop class has gone today! We are soooooo ready for this performance, I cannot even wait! They will rock it!

I'm loving... that Alan is doing so well potty training again! I think that we will start wearing underwear at school and in public now. So proud of him!

I'm loving... that Anna will also be going to daycare starting next month. She will be going two months earlier than planned, but this is due to my dance class schedules. I know that she will be fine, everyone loves her.

I'm loving... all the acts of kindness invovled with the Boston bombing. From the runners who donated blood to the restaurants who feed people for free to the immense amount of emergency response staff, you are all amazing! <3

I'm loving... that Aunt April is going to Ogden, Utah to participate in a dance competition and workshop over the weekend. I would love to go, she gets to take class from TRAVIS WALL!!!! Those of you who do not know who he is, google him. He is an amazing dancer and was on So You Think You Can Dance. Love his work!

I'm loving... that I am getting stuff prepared for Natalie's baby shower in May. I mailed all the invitations earlier this week and will be buying supplies for the games over the weekend hopefully.

I'm loving... that today is National Hemophilia Awareness Day. Anna has a buddy from my breastfeeding group who has Type A Severe Hemophilia and it affects every aspect of his life. These people need lots of love and support!

I'm loving... that tomorrow is Anna's well baby check up at the doctor's office. I love getting to see how big she is getting!

What are you loving tonight?

On Kate Middleton's Pregnancy

Kate Middelton and I have several things very similar to each other, from our wedding dates to the due dates of our children. Lon and I were married April 23, 2011 while Kate and William were married April 29, 2011. We will both be celebrating our second wedding anniversary this month. Kate is due with her first child in the middle of July 2013, while I was due mid July last year. Our pregnancies have also been similar. We both experienced severe morning sickness that wound us up in the hospital more than once, and we both had issues gaining weight during the pregnancy.

I feel very connected to her because of these reasons. I feel that I can relate better than most and most important of all, I choose to support her over judging her with her pregnancy complications.

I have seen it on the newstands and have read it more than a few times on the internet, that people are judging Kate for not only hiding her belly so much but also for her lack of weight gain. I cannot imagine how that must make her feel, I can remember all too well how much I disliked people talking about my belly or size with EITHER of my pregnancies. A lot of people felt that I was not gaining enough, and that it was my fault. The reality was that I was doing everything I could to gain weight and keep it on.

People has this pre-disposition about pregnant women, especially one at six months. That is MORE than halfway through a pregnancy, and so people expect women to plump and round. Otherwise, they often will think its healthy. The reality is though, every pregnancy (just like every woman) is different. To judge a pregnant woman on her size is plain stereotypical. I had two healthy babies that grew inside of me, yet I did not gain more than ten pounds each pregnancy. My body DIDN'T need to do that to support my children. My frame and body type carries children well.

The same goes for pregnant women who gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy. I believe that as long as they are healthy and baby is too, size of the belly should not matter. That goes for baby after he/she is born too, as long as they are healthy weight should be a non-issue.

Here are photos of me at six months pregnant with Anna and Kate at six months. I am a bit bigger than her but this is my second and our body types vary. But you get the idea, women's bellies can be small too! In the end, its the health that truly matters. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Color me Hopeful for Boston!

With yesterday's bombing of the Boston Marathon, many people are left scared and asking why. I do not know all of the information on the incident myself, but I do know that this was an act of anger and hatred. Whoever did this was angry at something and felt that they could no longer keep it in. We do not need more anger and hatred in this world, there is enough waiting for you right outside that door. When people are scared or hurt, they turn to anger sometimes to cope. We cannot make this bombing into a scapegoat for something polictical, nor can we use this to fuel our own anger at the world. I have already seen both of these happening and it saddens me. Instead, I choose the route of support and love. Boston needs us now more than ever. Let's not give them anger at the bombing but support and hope towards overcoming this.

With that being said, there is a movement going on today to show support to Boston and the marathon runners. You are supposed to wear a Boston Marathon or marathon/run equivalent to show your support. I have personally participated in 3 runs throughout my life lol: Helena's Turkey Trot, Billings' Heart and Sole Run and Color me Rad. I only have one race shirt though, my color bombed Color me Rad shirt. I decided to wear this shirt to show my support today.

I figured, Color me Hopeful right? :)

My Color me Rad is one of my favorite shirts! Its soooooooooooo pretty and colorful. Makes just about anyone who sees it smile. And I smile, everytime I look at it lol! It reminds me of such an amazing day! Sounds like the perfect running shirt to wear to support Boston!

My family and I wish everyone involved in the Boston Marathon finds peace and closure. I could never imagine what it would have been like, how scary it could have been. Being a mother, I think it would have been very traumatizing. I pray for the families of those lost and injured, plus all of Boston and those affected. And I applaud all the emergeny response workers and volunteers in their immeadiate assistance. You are all saints, bless every one of you.

Are you wearing a marathon/running shirt today? <3

Monday, April 15, 2013

Randomness About the Weekend

I am feeling very scatterbrained today. Like I am really REALLY missing something very important, but I cannot seem to put my finger on it! Maybe its my brain I am missing lol...

Be prepared for one WILD post because I cannot even remember what I was going to write about for this weekend. Wow. I. need. some. sleep. Teething sucks, for mama and baby lol! Anna, can we go to bed for more than three hours tonight lol? You can nap during the day but I can't! :)

This weekend was fun for us. Saturday was Aunt April's birthday shopping spree. I had to take the kids with me so it was more like an "Aunt April Shopped While I Chased Kids Around Spree" if there is such a thing lol! She did get a cute shirt and a top for dance though. And we had yummy tea. We had a great time!

I am getting so close to my dance showcase, its nerve wracking! I have been losing sleep on it, work choreography wherever I am at, have been loading dance picture after picture for last minute inspiration and think about it all the time lol. I am just obsessed with it, do say the least. I hope its good, we have a much bigger venue and audience then we did last time. I know that my kids will rock it, I just can't seem to shake this anxiety over the whole ordeal. Oh well lol, it will be all worth it in the end. :)

Aunt Natalie's shower is also less than 3 weeks away now. I am very excited for this, it will be after the dance showcase and will be a lot of fun! It is dinosaur themed and I don't want to give too much away but let's just say that Aunt Natalie will have plently of wall decoration for Benton's nursery! :D I cannot wait to see family too! We missed out on seeing a handful of my beloved family over Easter, it will be wonderful to see them again this soon!

Yesterday, we went over to see Lon's family. Aunt Ariel, Aunt Sam, Uncle Chase and Grandma Amber invited us over for dinner. We played with the puppies and Aunt Ariel's Lego collection, then dined one some yummy stir fry. It was nice getting out of the house on a Sunday, and seeing the kids love on Lon's brother and sisters. I did not take any pictures of the event, even though I probably should have. Right now, Anna is growing sooooooooo much each day, I need to constantly be taking pictures of her with her loved ones.

I felt like I needed some major "Me Loving" from well, of course, me lately. So I scheduled myself a pedicure next weekend. I loooooooove pedicures and having pretty feet for like, a day lol. Its nice to feel like I have normal feet.

Another random thought: I want to start painting my nails again. I have been toying this idea around in my head and I think I will be okay at this point, especially since Anna doesn't really ever put my fingers in her mouth.

Well, I started this post WAY earlier today and am just now finishing it. Did it make any sense? I will never know lol. Like I told my mom today when I dropped Anna off (about her diaper bag lol), "Well I hope I remembered everything I was supposed too!" Lol, happy Monday everyone!

Friday, April 12, 2013

All Worth it in the End

That's the mantra I kept repeating to myself ALL day yesterday lol. "It'll be all worth it in the end, it'll be all worth it in the end, it'll be all worth it in the end." Needless to say, yesterday was a hectic day for the kids and I. Since I had the day off, I got the family car to run a bunch of much needed errands, take Anna to her check up appointment and to take the kids to a park playdate with some friends. We dropped Lon off at work, then headed downtown to the courthouse.

Some of you may remember the car accident Lon was in last month? Well we are still under investigation with this because of the other driver. I have been at the police station way too many times this past month, and my claims rep wanted me to go there again. Let me explain why I don't like making this trip, although I am sure most of you mothers already know why. Our police station is downtown and well, its a police station. With criminals and scary people. My kids had to come down there with me almost every time and that makes me nervous. I mean, there can't be a SEPERATE waiting rooms for convicts AND normal people? Because sitting there between a bunch of convicts with two children who would rather be outside playing, is not fun.

But that's not even the begginning of it lol...

Before I even made it in there, I had to drive around and around the block, trying to find a spot. I finally decided to park down a block and walk with the kids. Well I spaced the stroller, so I had to carry Anna. But it was real windy out and while we were crossing the street, one of Anna's blankets blew off of her and flew down the street! Thankfully a lady walking with us ran after it, risking getting hit herself, to retrieve it. I would have just let it go, but I whole heartedly thanked her for doing that for us. There are still some good people in this world!

We were at the police station for over two hours. It was definitely a endurance test of sorts for me lol. We had 3 men, clearly handcuffed, sitting next to us. Alan and Anna were wild and hyper, not noticing how irritated these men were getting. Alan jumped from chair to chair, despite my many pleas for him to just pick one. Silly guy was bored, I couldn't blame him lol. Anna was really testing her voice on the echoey ceilings and it was LOUD let me tell you. I noticed one of the men started popping his gum loudly, that made me nervous lol.

Now in reality, we were in no danger and I was just being overly mama paranoid. We all know how that goes. I mean, there was a cop right there with us and there was no way anyone could have done anything. But we've all seen the shows, I am guilty of being anxious and paranoid in these types of environments.

We get things figured out and its past lunchtime. We are also already late to a playdate I had planned. Ugh. I decide to nurse Anna in the car but quickly trash that idea as we are crossing the street. Not far away from us and headed in our direction was a man yelling at no one. And he was angry. Every once and a while, a person would cross his path and he would shout and them, chasing after them. I stay with a group of people and we pass the man and I decide AGAINST nursing her in the car, before calling the emergency line. Whether that man had mental problems or was drunk, he clearly needed some help. I hope they were able to give him the assistence he needed.

We make it to the play date an hour later than planned. Its windy and rainy outside too. One of my friends has to leave early but we go for a short little walk with my other friend and her boys. We are only able to walk into the trails so far, due to Parks and Rec cutting trees nearby and time constraints. But the boys found "swords" and had a wonderful time running around and being wild.

The weather had some really pretty moments and the sky was just breathtaking! There were so many fluffy plump clouds everywhere! I love my Big Sky so much, it is always so clear and beautiful. One of the many reasons I love Montana!

We had to leave early to get to Anna's well baby check up. I miscalculated the distance from the park to her doctor's office and we were running late. I felt terrible that we arrived there almost ten minutes late. Later, it changed to relief when I found out that I had to reschedule her appointment. Her doctor was ill and out today. I rescheduled it for next week, went home and we all took a nap lol. What a day!
I always remind myself on hard days like these that it is always worth it. All this hard work and waiting does pay off, its just hard to remember when you are in the thick of the storm. But its all for my family and I would do anything for them. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Little Something for my Sweet Siblings

In honor of it being National Sibling Day, I wanted to dedicate today's post to my siblings. And I have been sooooooooooooo horribly swamped with preparing for the Spring Dance Showcase, that I have time to post only one post today. So I will be doing a What I Love About My Siblings Wednesday instead!

I love... that Natalie will be a mother soon. She is an amazing aunt and will be a wonderful mother as well.

I love... how beautiful of a dancer April has developed into. She makes me so proud!

I love... that Kalvin is such a great gymnastics role model and mentor for Alan. He is the whole reason Alan started gymnastics!

I love... how Natalie is working in a hospital now and going to school. All while pregnant, what a hard worker! Keep it up girl!

I love... that April is planning on taking honors classes in high school. Good for you! Honors classes are hard but definitely worth it!

I love... that Kalvin is doing so well in school! He is getting really good at reading and math.

I love... how funny Natalie can be! We are the goofiest people sometimes and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love... April's lovely voice. That girl is quite the singer, she sure has a set of strong lungs on her!

I love... that Kalvin is still so young and innocent! He loves to play with my kids because of this! I hope he never loses his innocence!

I love... how I can tell Natalie anything. We have been close for so long and she is one of the only people I trust. The only person I am closer to is my husband!

I love... that April is also a skilled violinist, like her big sister Natalie. She is so good, I love listening to her play! I hope she keeps it up through high school and college!

I love... that Kalvin is your average boy. With all of us girls in the family, we are glad to have a boy!

I love... how much my siblings enjoy dirt biking. Its a major part of our life and we love it!

I love... that my siblings are such good aunts and uncles to my children. Alan and Anna love them so much and they love them right back!

To my siblings, I love you so much! Happy Siblings Day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Belated Birthdays, Dance Competition and the Circus

I usually always love the weekend. Lon is off most weekends, as are my family and friends. I only have to host parties at my work, which is really fun. And I always try to take the kids to do something fun. This weekend though was exceptionally awesome and fantastic! My family and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Friday night, I went out with some of my friends for two of their birthdays. My friend Kelsie and I had missed both DesiRae and Chelsey's birthdays last month so we took them out for dinner and drinks. Chelsey's best friend Nichole and her fiance came too. She was Chelsey's maid of honor and I knew her from all of the wedding events. It was great to see her again.

We were originally meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings but the wait was too long so we met up at a sportsbar instead. I was driving so I only treated myself to a caffienated drink this time. I never need alcohol to have fun anyways. :) I had a blast just being myself. Plus when I start to bore myself, even just a little, my friends will ALWAYS be there to keep me entertained lol. I have some silly girlfriends. They are great but man can we be ridiculous and loud lol!

Let me talk to you about my friends here: unfortunately, two of our group didn't make it out tonight but that doesn't mean we love them any less. In fact, it means we miss them and our hearts are calling out to them lol! :) Anyways, I love these gals, most of us have known each other, in one way or another, since we were itty bitty. Chelsey and I used to dance together. Kelsie and I used to do dirt biking with our dads in the same area. Jessica and I went to school together. Chelsea and used to take tap together. We are close, like real close, like text you at 3 AM and not get mad close. I love these girls like my sisters. And we are all so lucky that we have each other too, because our children are all the same age! We can all relate so well! I am so blessed to have so many friends!

Another amazing note about Friday night: Aunt April blew everyone away with her solo at the dance competition! She received a lightning gold (highest mark) and fourth overall for teen solos. She also received a scholarship to Las Vegas! I am so very proud of her! Good job April! You are a star! <3
We went to the circus Saturday night. I was exhausted from a long, stressful day at work and couldn't wait to have some fun with my kids. We were late getting there, so we had to sit apart from Aunt April, Uncle Kalvin and cousin Morgan. The circus was pretty good this year, the first half was full of color and excitement. They had tigers and puppies, acrobats and clowns. Even the big spinning wheel and the tight rope walkers! Those are my favorite! I'm not sure who was more fascinated by the whole performance, Alan or Anna lol.

During intermission, Alan and I went to have dinner and get a toy. Alan picked one of the big light sabers with a disco ball on the end. He won't put it down now lol! The second half was awesome. With a BMX biker, jugglers, elephants, more acrobats and clowns it was very entertaining! I don't know what I enjoyed more, watching the childrens' expressions or the actual show.

Sunday was Anna's nine month birth anniversary and the last day of Aunt April's dance competition. I took Anna's photos that morning, then the kids and I went to support Aunt April and Diversity Dance Studio. I forgot to bring Alan's LeapPad this time, so he was a wild man lol. Running up and down the aisles and only stopping to watch Aunt April dance. My mom and ended up sitting way far away from each other so we could pin Alan in a smaller area. He enjoyed it for a bit. After a bit, he crawled into my lap and fell asleep lol. Poor guy must've been tired! :)

Aunt April and her friends did fantastic at competition. They won top studio! I was able to watch four of her dances, including By My Side again and Mama Knows Best. I believe they received mostly high golds and lightning golds for their dances but cannot remember exactly. I was also able to watch a few of my former students perform. I love to watch them dance and she how much they have grown! They have blossomed into beautiful young dancers!

I had a fantastic weekend with my family. Yesterday wasn't too bad either lol. It snowed though! What a crazy gift for Mother Nature to give Aunt April for her birthday! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt April!

Today is Aunt April's 14th birthday.

Aunt April has sure grown into an amazingly talented young lady. She can dance with the best and even occassionally move them to tears (I have seen it happen). She is a wonderful singer, that girl has got some lungs on her! She is very smart, I believe she plans on taking honors courses in science and english in high school. She excells at playing the violin, following in Aunt Natalie's footsteps. :) And if that isn't enough for you, this girl has a heart of gold.

Both of my children love their aunt oodles and oodles. Anna just adores her! Aunt April always plays with Anna's hair and styles it in pretty hairdos. She loves it already lol. Plus they have the same red hair too! Alan loves how Aunt April is still young and will be wild and crazy with him. She is very good at that lol! :P My children are very lucky to have her in their lives.

I just have to put this in here too, just how rocking she is: Aunt April won a lightning gold award for her solo at the Thunderstruck competition and received fourth overall in the teen catagory. She even received a schloarship to Las Vegas for some workshops! Congratulations again April! You are an amazing dancer!

We love you Aunt April! You did awesome at this weekend's performance and are so amazing! Happy birthday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Anna Ariel: Nine Months Old

I am doing this a few days early this month because of the busy weekend and Aunt April's birthday on Monday. But this Sunday, Anna will be nine months old! I will be taking her pictures then too, I will be sure to post them. Otherwise, we have Thunderstruck Dance Competition and the Shrine circus this weekend. The kids are excited and I can't wait to take some cool photos! There is so much variety and color at BOTH of those places! :)

At nine months, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximetly 19 pounds 19 pound and 9 ounces and is approximetly 26 and 1/2 inches 28 and 1/2 inches long.

*is in size 6M for onesies and shirts, size 9M for pants (this girl has some LEGS lol) and is in size 3 for diapers.

*is growing out of all of her baby toys! The swing went first, with the Bumbo seat shortly after it and now the Jumperoo is too small for her too. We just have the bouncy chair left lol! This girl is LONG!!!

*has blue eyes with specks of hazel in them like her father and brother. Her hair though, is determined to stay red. It has some lighter areas but is mostly a red brown color. The combination is simply gorgeous!

*has no teeth still, although the drooling and night time fevers would like to say otherwise. She sure IS teething, we are just waiting for any teeth to show up lol. I'm not complaining too much lol, nursing only is complicated with teeth. :P

*has eaten all of her solids and is at the point of trying thicker substances and more exoctic foods and flavors. She has tried all of the grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meats. I think we will start introducing her to our dinner food this month. She is an eating champ!

*is still breastfeeding, about three times a day now. Once when she wakes up, once at naptime, and once before bedtime. She takes breastmilk in bottles the rest of the time. I am proud that she has now been nursing for a month longer than I did with Alan.

*has perfected her wounded soldier, belly crawl to the point where she may never crawl. She can move FAST this way and she knows it lol! Lon is still convinced that she will crawl though. She has been rising onto her knees lately but I think she is trying to pull herself up.

*is more interested in pulling herself up and trying to stand than anything right now. She gets so excited when she stands up while being held. We only think its a matter of time before she starts doing it on her  own!

*started clapping for the first time on Easter. She knew how to slap her belly before but ever since she has been clapping non-stop! Its awesome!

*is also talking up a storm! She can say Mama, Dada, Yeah, and Bobba. I love her little voice so much!

Happy nine month anniversary Anna! Lon, Alan and I love you so very much!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Letter to My Children

Dear sweet children of mine,

I am in no way perfect. I am only human.

I sleep through alarms and make us late. I forget appointments because I forgot to put them in my calendar. I overdo it majorly by attempting a fancy meal and messing it up, then have you still eat the burned dinner. I have no idea how to match colors, which is crazy because I am an artist. Still your wardrobes rival mine most days with how much better coordinated they are than mine. I do not remember for the life of me where I put things sometimes, even though they are right under my nose. I am loud, like annoying LOUD, like all the time lol. I have been told before that I don't understand the concept of indoor voices. I can get frustrated easily and blame stuff on inanimate objects. When it comes to pictures, I borderline papparazzi.  I drop things easily, trip and fall, I'm an all around klutz. And don't get me started on being cool, this gal here is the polar OPPOSITE of cool yo. I am one weird cookie.

But I am your mother. I will love you endlessly and unconditionally.

And I will always be there for you. No matter what. I will never ever leave your side. I will do everything I can to make you happy. And I will be strong for you when you are sad. I will teach you everything I know and never not answer your many, many questions. I will teach you what is right and what is wrong. And I will show you how to love your fellow man. But I will also let you be your own person and learn your own mistakes. I will always be there to catch you when you fall. :)

I promise to be that goofy, crazy mom you will love as a baby, tolerate as a child, hate as a teenager and love again as an adult. I will make sure you are doing well in school and being safe with your friends. I will be your loudest cheerleader, your biggest fan and your number one supporter. I will make sure you eat healthy and go to bed at a decent time.

I am all these things but first I am your mother. And I will always be your mother because I love you.

I love you Alan and Anna, to the ends of the world and back.

Love, your beloved mother <3