Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Kate Middleton's Pregnancy

Kate Middelton and I have several things very similar to each other, from our wedding dates to the due dates of our children. Lon and I were married April 23, 2011 while Kate and William were married April 29, 2011. We will both be celebrating our second wedding anniversary this month. Kate is due with her first child in the middle of July 2013, while I was due mid July last year. Our pregnancies have also been similar. We both experienced severe morning sickness that wound us up in the hospital more than once, and we both had issues gaining weight during the pregnancy.

I feel very connected to her because of these reasons. I feel that I can relate better than most and most important of all, I choose to support her over judging her with her pregnancy complications.

I have seen it on the newstands and have read it more than a few times on the internet, that people are judging Kate for not only hiding her belly so much but also for her lack of weight gain. I cannot imagine how that must make her feel, I can remember all too well how much I disliked people talking about my belly or size with EITHER of my pregnancies. A lot of people felt that I was not gaining enough, and that it was my fault. The reality was that I was doing everything I could to gain weight and keep it on.

People has this pre-disposition about pregnant women, especially one at six months. That is MORE than halfway through a pregnancy, and so people expect women to plump and round. Otherwise, they often will think its healthy. The reality is though, every pregnancy (just like every woman) is different. To judge a pregnant woman on her size is plain stereotypical. I had two healthy babies that grew inside of me, yet I did not gain more than ten pounds each pregnancy. My body DIDN'T need to do that to support my children. My frame and body type carries children well.

The same goes for pregnant women who gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy. I believe that as long as they are healthy and baby is too, size of the belly should not matter. That goes for baby after he/she is born too, as long as they are healthy weight should be a non-issue.

Here are photos of me at six months pregnant with Anna and Kate at six months. I am a bit bigger than her but this is my second and our body types vary. But you get the idea, women's bellies can be small too! In the end, its the health that truly matters. :)

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