Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Hollie and Other Topics

I want to give a big "Happy Birthday" to fellow blogging mama Hollie. She is the amazing author of Mordern Colors Blog. This mama of one is celebrating her 28th birthday today. Stop by her page and wish her a happy birthday! Happy birthday Hollie! Stay amazing and we love you! <3

I love my hubby so so so much! A fun fact about me: I use Nat Geo magazines occasionally for inspiration while I am painting. Most of my magazines were stolen out of my art room in high school lol and needless to say, are falling apart. Lon knows this and bought me a new magazine the other night on the way home from work. Ooooooh its so pretty! I love the quality of National Geographic's photos and pages! *Gush* Thanks again baby!

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish safe travels to my mother, my sister and her dance studio while they are on their way to Ogden, Utah for a competition and workshop. Love you girls, rock the competition and take lots of pictures! I know you girls can do it! Go Diversity Dance!

I also took Anna to the doctor's office for her well baby check up today. She was wild and tried to climb on everything, jump out of my lap, tore the sanitary paper on the exam table to pieces and wanted to crawl all over the floor lol. Needless to say, her doctor thought she was very healthy! She weighs 19 pounds and 9 ounces. She is 28 1/2 inches long. My big, tall girl! I am very glad that she did not have to get any vaccinations today, those are never fun lol especially without Daddy.

Alan was such a good boy at the doctor, I took him to Sacajawea Park to play for a good hour. We had the whole park to ourselves almost the whole time, the only other people who came by were little girls who showed up with their parents. They became quick friends with Alan. Alan tried this hard part of the playground for the first time by himself and though he fell once, he tried again and did very well with it! I was so proud of him! He also swang for the first time since he was a baby and loved that too.

It was such a beautiful, clear sky day today. The wind was pretty wild, but we all still enjoyed the weather. I believe tomorrow its going to try and snow again, so I am very glad that we took advantage of the nice weather today. How is the weather where you live? Does it feel like Spring yet?

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