Saturday, December 31, 2011

Date Night with a Bestie and New Year's Eve!

Last night, Alan and I went out to dinner with my best friend Jenelle. I haven't seen her since my wedding reception (how did we go EIGHT months without seeing each other????) and had missed her so. We went to dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza, our local eatery, and it was a ton of fun! It was great to catch up and for Jenelle to see how big Alan has gotten. They sat and played cars together while we waited for our food. :) Jenelle is just estatic that I am pregnant again! She hopes that I have a girl this time around though lol, as does like half of my family. Oh well, we will be happy as long as Baby Andersen is healthy. :)

I also just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful New Year's! We aren't doing anything but possibly stopping over my parent's house for dinner. But I am not even sure if this pregnant mama can stay up until midnight lol! Especially since last night was spent tossing and turning, as usual lol. But we are still pretty excited for the New Year.

Ahhhh, this is my official last post of the year! See you all on Monday, please stay safe tonight! Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Pregnancy Post: Week by Week! Week 11

I know I said I would post this yesterday, but Wednesday night I was up all night sick. I didn't get a wink of sleep, and so my boss sent me home early yesterday morning. I was relieved, it gave me the chance to catch up on my sleep, tidy up my house some more (a hard thing for me to do, even this early along in the pregnancy. I hate feeling so weak!), and spend some time with Alan.

I can't believe I am already eleven weeks along! It seems like just yesterday we found out, though in reality its been over a month! I haven't been in to see my doctor yet, have to get my insurance figured out first, which we have been trying to for about five weeks now. Ugh! We are hoping for next week to be the big doctor week! :)


How far along: 11 weeks 5 days
Size of Baby: a third of an ounce, size of walnut
Total Weight Gain: Haha, I think I am still ten pounds lighter than I was because of the morning sickness. :P
Maternity Clothes: Not yet lol. I am finding myself needing to wear older, smaller clothes from like highschool now. Still really tiny, people say I don't even look pregnant!
Gender: We are hoping for a boy, but won't know for a few more weeks.
Movement: None yet, I have a few more weeks for that too.
Sleep: Sleep is a joke right now. If I am not tossing and turning all night, then I am waking up every hour, on the hour, to throw up. Yes 24 hour morning sickness is the best, not!
What I miss: Sleep and not throwing up like all the time lol.
Cravings: Ice cream, burgers, pizza, pickles, sometimes even salmon! :D
Symptoms: Morning sickness, feeling weak or light-headed, slight round ligament pain, all around exhaustion, out of breath easily, food aversions and nausea
What I’m looking forward to: Actually going to see the doctor, hearing baby's heartbeat and seeing the first ultrasound!

This week was our big week of telling everyone else, except for our families (who already knew from Christmas). It was a week of excitement for us and everyone. We told my coworkers and Lon's coworkers, Lon's best friend Uncle Chris, and all of my good friends. We still haven't told Uncle Darren or my lovely Jenelle yet. But I can't wait to do that! :D

No belly pics this week lol. Lon and I took some last night and although I can see a definite bump, Lon says I still have a flat belly lol. He thinks no one will notice. :P So look forward to next week's Pregnancy Post for a belly pic! And I'll be in my second trimester! Whoo!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

I am not at all feeling good today. Last night was spent with me tossing and turning all night, nauseous and all that fun stuff. Ugggggh I want it to already be night time, so I can crawl back into bed... Okay stop thinking about it lol, you're only gonna make yourself more miserable at work. :P Let's distract myself by writing about Christmas Day (Oh I think I have lost it officially, cos its not like I wasn't already planning on doing that today. Oh well).

Christmas Day was magical for us and especially Alan. :) Lon and I woke up around eight and set up the Christmas tree with all of the presents and his stocking. Then we made a little bed on the floor for him to sleep on. I found a cute Christmas kids music channel on the tv, so we played that quietly in the background. We brought him out, still asleep, and hid in our bedroom until we heard his little voice. We waited for almost an hour before he woke up! :D But close to nine, we heard his little voice squeak, "Wha???" and we snuck out there quickly.

Our sweet boy was sitting up, looking around in amazement. He noticed us and stood up, and immeadiately told us Happy Christmas. Then he sat back down and rubbed his still sleepy eyes, almost expecting it all to be a dream. Sooooo sweet! It melted my heart a little bit, I was so touched. :) Alan wouldn't go to the tree without us for some reason lol, so we walked him over and helped him start opening presents. He woke up right after that, and opened all of his presents really fast lol. He was so excited!

He got several loud, noise making trucks including a Tonka Chuck the Truck. Yay for us lol. :P


Have you seen these things? They are crazy and can move on their own lol! Alan's favorite toy by far!

Then we had a big breakfast Lon cooked for us. We had waffles, eggs, bacon and some fruit. Yummy! We are settled ourselves in front of the tv to watch Disney's Christmas parade. Alan enjoyed most of it, except all the singers lol, and his favorite was of course the life-size Mater and McQueen! Did you see those guys? They were so cool looking and they drove on their own! Alan freaked out about them and had to show every one of his new toys them lol. What a silly boy!

We had a house visit from Lon's family during the parade. Grandpa Steve was sick so they decided to come to us instead us going to their house. Alan was excited to see his aunt and uncles again, and he showed them all his new toys. They could only stay for so long though, so afterwards we took Alan for a little walk around the block to pass the time. We then took a family nap together, which was FANTASTIC! :) At that point, it was time to get ready to go to Great Aunt Carolyn's for dinner.

Up at Great Aunt Carolyn's was fun. About half of Alan's great aunts and uncles and cousins made it there and even Alan's favorite second cousin, eighteen month old Sophie. Last year Alan was hesitant to share any of his toys with her, but this year he gave her his favorite toy to play with. We were so proud of him! Sadly, Alan's other cousin, five month old Fayth, wasn't able to make it. :( We will have to meet up with them later before the year ends! :) We had a delicious dinner of turkey and ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, blackberry jello (Alan's favorite), green bean casserole, rolls, and fruits and vegetables. Alan really only ate the jello and a half a roll lol, he wouldn't touch his turkey or mashed potatoes. And green beans? Out of the question. :) But he had some pumpkin pie too, which makes up for it... Lol right?

Then it was time for presents. Unfortunately, Sophie had a lot more gifts than Alan did (Great Aunt Carolyn is her grandmother so) and that caused some issues in the beginning. But Sophie was a great sharer as well, so she let Alan help her open all of her gifts. Then it came to his gift, from Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd, which he flew through. It was several cute outfits, but Alan didn't care lol. He threw them in the Christmas tree! We had to make a quick dash to the car to grab one of Alan's already opened presents from earlier to play with. After that, he was great. Him and Sophie played together for about an hour on the coffee table! We got tons of pictures of them together too. So cute they are together!

Our Christmas was so fantastic this year! Everyone was so pleased with my pregnancy, and I was able to spend time with the people that matter most to me. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and I hope your New Year is just as bright! :) Tune in tomorrow for my first ever Pregnancy Post: Week by Week.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

No comments on yesterday's post???? You silly people! :P Well for those of you who didn't get it (and there were surprisingly a few of you who texted me about it lol), Lon and I are pregnant again! :) We just told our family this weekend, and what a happy surprise it was for them! Let me tell you about it.

Christmas Eve morning started out like usual, only I was able to sleep in some! Yes! We had a small breakfast of waffles and eggs, before finishing up our last few Christmas cards. Then we had some running around to do, and some more Christmas preparations to do. We went to several friend's houses, Lon's parent's house and the post office. Alan fell asleep on the ride around town, so we took him home to nap. Gave us the time to wrap all of our Christmas presents lol. We are such procrastinators!

Once Alan woke up, we tried to make plans to go to Grandma Melanie's house to make sugar cookies but her kitchen was starting to get occupied. Grandma Melanie needed to start Christmas Eve dinner lol. So we braved baking them in our tiny kitchen, and to be honest, it wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. We put Alan in his booster chair at the table and just passed cookies by him to decorate. He did end up eating like half of the decorations though lol. Ooops! :) In the end, the cookies turned out great.

Then it was time to head over to my parent's house for dinner. We had the perfect plan on how to tell everyone, we bought Alan a "Best Brother Ever" shirt and had him where it to the Christmas Eve party. Lon and I hid in the back while Aunt Natalie took off Alan's coat. We were so nervous lol! Then we heard them calling my name, so we went out. And this is how it went down lol-

My mom- Why is Alan wearing a brother shirt, Jillian?
Me (playing coy)- I dunno mom, why don't you ask him?
My mom- Is there something you want to tell us?
My Grandma Marcia- She's pregnant! Oh I just knew it!
My mom- Jillian? Lon? Is this true?
Me- Ask Alan!
Alan- Big brudder, big brudder!
Everyone else in the room- Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, my Grandma Carol started crying and kissed my belly. And my Grandma Marcia kept saying how she's known for so long (I love her, but she's crazy. We have done a great job of hiding it from everyone) and how she knows these things. My cousins were so happy, and couldn't wait to hear when my due date was. I have two cousin-in-laws that also just announced their pregnancies this week as well. There will be three pregnant women in our family, watch out lol! Baby Andersen #2 will be great grandchild number four on my father's side and great grandchild number three on my mom's side. We are so excited! Here is the only pic where you can see Alan's shirt, and you can only barely read it lol.

Dinner was pretty calm after that. We had ham with stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, a noodle salad my mom made, rolls, and endless veggies. Delicious dinner I'd have to say! Then we had pumpkin or apple pie for dessert, with monster cookies and ice cream. Yum! Then we opened a few of our Christmas presents. Alan got some cute clothes, and Christmas pajamas, along with a couple toys from his aunts and uncle. Lon and I got giftcards lol, just what we wanted and needed. :) Then after more talking and enjoying of each other's time together, we headed home for the night. Alan was so beat from his big day, that he passed out before we could get his Christmas pajamas on! What a big day for him.

Tune in tomorrow for my Christmas Day post, and Thursday for the start of my Pregnancy Week by Week Post. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with their loved ones! I know we did!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Count with me, 1, 2, 3...

Now that it is after Christmas, I can share my exciting news with you, my beloved readers. I am so excited! :) I was really trying to think of a cool way to tell you our big announcement. Since I am at a complete loss, I will steal this idea from my good friend Jill at The Real Life of a Red Head. :P Let's see who is the first to get it right!

1. June 10, 2007

2. September 5, 2009

3. July 18, 2012

Aha, does anyone know???? :D

...Guess not lol. :P I will post the answer tomorrow for those of you who aren't so clever. Comment on here if you have an idea!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Plans

Only three more days until Christmas! I am so excited to get together with my family and spend some quality time together, since we haven't had the chance to do that in so long! :)

Our Christmas Eve plans are pretty simple this year. Lon and I both have all day off, so we will get the chance to sleep in! Yes! After a much needed rest, Alan and I will be heading over to my parent's house to help my siblings make Christmas cookies.


Oh we go all out for Christmas cookies lol. It is a full on production for my family lol. Aunt Natalie and I do the cookie cutting (with help from Alan lol) and the baking. Aunt April is in charge of frosting the cookies. Uncle Kalvin and Alan get the important job of adding sprinkles and candy and decorating the the rest of the way. We normally make about 6 dozen cookies each year, and this year might be more around 8 dozen lol. I know I have 5 dozen just for myself and my family. :) I will have to post about how it goes, hopefully with pictures too!

After cookies, we will stop by a few close friends' houses to spread some cheer and deliver our Christmas cookies and cards. Then home to have lunch with Lon and finish wrapping up our gifts (I admit, I have given up this year and am waiting until Saturday to wrap lol). Around three, we will head back over to my parent's house for Christmas orderves and appetizers. My parents and siblings will all be there, as well as my grandparents and some of my cousins. We always open our presents from my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve so we will be doing that. Then around seven, we will head over to the Village Inn Pizza to celebrate with Lon's family.

We have been having pizza on Christmas Eve with Lon's family for four years now. The place is closed on Christmas Eve, so we get full run of the restaurant. Its an odd tradition lol, but we love it. Lon's parents will be there, along with Great Grandma Audrey and Great Grandpa Stan (from Utah!), Uncle Cameron, Uncle Tyler and Aunt Sam, Uncle Chase and Aunt Ariel. Alan loves to go there and play tag through the restaurant with Aunt Ariel while the pizza is cooking. He loves the freedom of the empty restaurant. Then we have pizza and open Christmas presents. We only exchange gifts between the siblings on Christmas, but Alan always gets spoiled by his uncles and aunt! Then we head home for the night.

Christmas Day will be special for us. We have a family announcement for everyone that we are so excited to share. :D And it will be Alan's first Christmas where he will actually understand what is going on. We can't wait! Christmas morning, we are going to sneak Alan out into the living room while he is still asleep, then hide in our own room, with video camera and camera in hand, until he wakes up to all his presents. We might even put on the Disney Christmas parade on the tv to help wake him up lol. I just can't wait to hear his excited voice and see his happy little face, when he first sees and opens his gifts. I might cry of happiness. :)

We always watch the Disney parade together and Lon always make breakfast for us on Christmas Day, so we will watch that. I love Disney and especially the parades they do! One of these days when Alan is older, we will plan a trip to Disneyworld for Christmas, just so my son can experience that magic. Because there is nothing else like a child in Disneyworld, especially around Christmas time. Its just magical. :)


After the parade is finished, we will head over to Lon's parent's house for Christmas breakfast and more present opening. Alan loves going to his grandma's house, because she has three dogs and several cats. He loves to chase them around, and I'm sure this Christmas he will be terrorizing them with his toys lol. :) What a rowdy boy we have. Then, its off to Great Aunt Carolyn's house for a late Christmas lunch.

Everyone will be up there! Alan's great grandparents, his great aunts and uncles, his cousins and second cousins, and my family too. :) We are excited to share our news with everyone, and now that there will be quite the hubbub lol. But I can't wait to just see everyone and spend time with everyone. I miss my family so much lately! :)

How will you be celebrating your holiday?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Alan's Santa Claus Visit

My wonderful sister Natalie came back into town this last Friday for Christmas! Oh we have missed her so much, and are so happy to have her back with us, especially with the holidays coming up in six days!! We took the whole crazy family out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse that night. And boy, did we have fun and were we loud lmao! :) Made sure to tip the waitress alot afterwards.

Yesterday, my sister convinced us to all dress up real nice and go see Santa for pictures. Lol I had originally planned on taking Alan, Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin myself but didn't plan on dressing up at all. But I love my sister and will do anything for her, so dressing up and making a fool of myself with Santa is nothing. :)

We arrived at the busy mall expecting Santa's workshop to be somewhat busy, but what we saw was unbelievable. The line went all the way through the workshop and out to the coffee stand. Thankfully Alan's second cousin was there also, so we chatted with her and her mother to pass the time. Alan was super shy the whole time, until Santa came into sight. Once he saw a glimpse of the big man in red, he was jumping and shouting, "Santa!!! Its Santa!!! Mama!! Its Santa!!" even though we had about ten other children in front of us in line. Not gonna lie, I was a little embarassed. :)

The excited yelling continued until we got up to Santa, then Alan was once again silent and shy. However he didn't cry at all, even when I set him on Santa's lap. He smiled for the picture (with his tongue, of course lol, my son is never normal) and then reminded Santa what he wanted for Christmas. I was so proud of him and was so relieved that I didn't have to sit on Santa's lap again (I got to sit right next to him on the cushion). And the pictures turned out just precious! I mean look at it! :D

Only six more days til Christmas and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not ready! Intitiate hair pulling now lol. :) Wish me luck!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Preparing for the Santa Claus Visit

Every parent loves that time of year when it gets cold outside, pretty lights and decorations go up, and they are once again faced with the challenge of taking their tots to the busy mall in town to go see that big man in red. NOT! :)

Well my son is not your average tot (No really lol?) and though he is afraid of Santa (and I mean deathly afraid, the only thing that scares him more is the Easter Bunny lol), he is actually SO scared of him that he will not cry in front of him. He never has, yet. But he's even told me before, "Mama, Santa scary. Boo!"

I've worked hard with him this year though. This is his third Christmas he will be experiencing, and the last two times we saw Santa, Alan was so uneasy it was ridiculous. We'll just say that even though he didn't cry, I had to be in BOTH Santa pictures with him and I had to sit on Santa's lap with Alan on mine. Just so he would feel secure. Not exactly fun for this mama lol. :) So this year, we have been reading Santa books and watching Santa movies and talking about what the stories say Santa does on each Christmas. Lon and I made the decision to tell him that Santa is not real, just a Christmas character, in hopes that he won't be so scared of him this time.

Alan and I went and visited Santa earlier in the month, just to try it out and he was surprisingly interested in Santa! He wouldn't get to close to him, or sit on his lap, but he showed Santa his Lightning McQueen car and told him all about the "pretties" around them. He even told Santa what he wanted for Christmas! Thankfully, I already knew what he wanted lol and have already gotten it all for him. Yes! :) We didn't do pictures with Santa though, cos Alan wouldn't get close enough to him for them to get a good one.

Here is my game plan for this next Santa visit:

We are taking Uncle Kalvin, Aunt April, and Aunt Natalie, who will be back in town from college, with us. We might all have to get in the picture for this too, but I refuse to sit on his lap again! I will stand in the picture, and Alan can sit on Aunt April's lap. We will probably start out just talking with Santa and then last minute set up for the picture, that way Alan isn't squirming and uncomfortable like he was last year. I will give the photographer a head's up, so she can snap a fast picture at the end.

Please cross your fingers for us! I will make a point to get that Santa picture up here too, sometime next week. So tune in for Part 2 of the Santa Claus Visit! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Setting up the Christmas Tree with the Andersen Family: An Adventure in its own!

About a week ago, I was able to convince Lon to let us set up the Christmas tree. I say this, because normally our tree is up and our house is decorated by Black Friday lol. But this year, in all of our business, we were late on our decorating... And Christmas card making... And Christmas present shopping... And Christmas cookie making... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :D

We had talked to Alan a lot about the tree, and how there would be "pretties" (Alan's name for anything pretty at Christmas lol) but he couldn't touch them after we put them up, but I was still anxious. You see, I bought all my ornaments the year I got pregnant with Alan, before I even knew I was. So the majority of my ornaments are glass, shatter-proof mind you, but glass none the less. They hold a lot of sentimental value for me, as that was Lon and I's first Christmas together. We decided to put the baby gate up around the tree and hoped that would be enough. And of course, it was but situations still find ways to make themselves happen lol. Such is life. :)

So we successfully set up the Christmas tree, and Alan even helps me with the glass ornaments. He was so gentle with them, I was pleasantly surprised. Afterwards, I took a quick bathroom break and Lon went into the back closet to get the rest of our house decorations, and he thought Alan had followed him.

But no, my rowdy son had instead went to his toy box and found his toy hammer and proceeded to smash EVERY. SINGLE. GLASS. ORNAMENT. that he could reach. I come into the living room to find it looking more like a CSI Christmas crime scene than the decorated room I had previously left. And there, in the middle of it all, was a smiling and laughing Alan. Now I love my son to death, and have already forgiven him for this (it was our bad parenting anyways lol) but I have to admit, I was so heartbroken at the time that I burst into tears and ran out of the room, sobbing. My poor son felt awful about it, so we comforted him and put him down to bed early.

I went to bed, still upset, and woke up the next morning to go to work without seeing my husband or son before I left. Well while I was at work, those sweethearts went around the house and found cute crafty things to make into make shift ornaments, and they redecorated the tree for me. :) Here is our Christmas family photo we took, see all the cool "ornaments"? Love my boys!

Our lesson has been learned this month lol, DO NOT LEAVE TODDLERS ALONE WITH TREES! We will never commit this awful mistake again!

Hope everyone else's holidays are running smoother than ours! :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy holidays from the Andersen family!

I have been neglecting this blog for the past few months, but my family and I have gone through a lot in such a short time. Lon lost his job, I got a second job and Lon got another job. We have been very busy with life.

I hope to start posting more on here, which is hard to do without an at home computer. But I will make do, so readers bear with me.

I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone happy holidays and warm wishes. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year (which is odd since I am Buddhist lol) because of the love and happiness everyone shares with each other.

I'm gonna leave you with a picture of Alan and I. We just cut his hair the other day lol so I had to get a picture of it. Of course, this picture is a little awkward. But that's what happens with toddlers lol!

 Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!