Friday, December 16, 2011

Preparing for the Santa Claus Visit

Every parent loves that time of year when it gets cold outside, pretty lights and decorations go up, and they are once again faced with the challenge of taking their tots to the busy mall in town to go see that big man in red. NOT! :)

Well my son is not your average tot (No really lol?) and though he is afraid of Santa (and I mean deathly afraid, the only thing that scares him more is the Easter Bunny lol), he is actually SO scared of him that he will not cry in front of him. He never has, yet. But he's even told me before, "Mama, Santa scary. Boo!"

I've worked hard with him this year though. This is his third Christmas he will be experiencing, and the last two times we saw Santa, Alan was so uneasy it was ridiculous. We'll just say that even though he didn't cry, I had to be in BOTH Santa pictures with him and I had to sit on Santa's lap with Alan on mine. Just so he would feel secure. Not exactly fun for this mama lol. :) So this year, we have been reading Santa books and watching Santa movies and talking about what the stories say Santa does on each Christmas. Lon and I made the decision to tell him that Santa is not real, just a Christmas character, in hopes that he won't be so scared of him this time.

Alan and I went and visited Santa earlier in the month, just to try it out and he was surprisingly interested in Santa! He wouldn't get to close to him, or sit on his lap, but he showed Santa his Lightning McQueen car and told him all about the "pretties" around them. He even told Santa what he wanted for Christmas! Thankfully, I already knew what he wanted lol and have already gotten it all for him. Yes! :) We didn't do pictures with Santa though, cos Alan wouldn't get close enough to him for them to get a good one.

Here is my game plan for this next Santa visit:

We are taking Uncle Kalvin, Aunt April, and Aunt Natalie, who will be back in town from college, with us. We might all have to get in the picture for this too, but I refuse to sit on his lap again! I will stand in the picture, and Alan can sit on Aunt April's lap. We will probably start out just talking with Santa and then last minute set up for the picture, that way Alan isn't squirming and uncomfortable like he was last year. I will give the photographer a head's up, so she can snap a fast picture at the end.

Please cross your fingers for us! I will make a point to get that Santa picture up here too, sometime next week. So tune in for Part 2 of the Santa Claus Visit! :)

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