Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Boredom Box

Today was another rainy day for us. It seems to be that way a lot lately, but you will not hear me complaining ONCE. I love the rain, it cleanses and nourishes and brings about life. I love watching the rain fall and seeing the beautiful, bright GREEN vegetation outside. Its almost like they are singing so happily about the rain, oh I love it! Don't hate lol, its just the hippie in me! I can't help it!

Lately, Alan has been acting wilder and wilder while we are at home during the day and I am trying to clean. I do my best to take him outside everyday and to keep his interest sparked as much as possible throughout the day, but its hard. I found a great idea that should help me do this and encourage him to keep himself entertained too. Its called the Boredom Box and I suggest every "stay at home kid" has one! Alan loves his so much and he has only had it a few hours now!

The Boredom Box is simply a box full of ideas for your kid to do to keep them from being bored. On each piece of paper I wrote two activity ideas, one for a nice day and one for a rainy day. I used a shoebox and let Alan decorate it with markers and stickers. Together Alan and I wrote "Boredom Box" on the top. I think it looks pretty nice.

When Alan is bored from now on, I told him to come get me. I will go get the box and he can draw a piece of paper out of it. Whatever is on there and depending on the weather, we will do that activity. Afterwards, the paper goes back in and is shaken up. This will always give him something interesting to do.

Some activity ideas we put in Alan's box:

Outdoor Activities: 
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Bike Ride
Water Balloon Fight
Water Gun Fight

Indoor Activities:
Dance Party
Pillow Fight
Hide and Seek
Read a Book
Movie Theatre
Puppet Show
Make Believe

So far Alan has asked to use it (by himself, mind you) four times today! We did a scavenger hunt, pillow fight, played make believe and did a craft. We made a cool pop-up card for Uncle Kalvin! Alan cannot wait to see Uncle Kalvin again and give him his card. I know that Uncle Kalvin will love it so much, Alan customized it (including but not limited to: psychedelic colored cars, a drawing of Alan and Uncle Kalvin, a talking snake and tall TALL buildings) just for him! :) Alan has been really ebjoying the whole new concept so far. He loves the thing and thinks its so cool! He wanted to do all the activities today lol! Silly sweet guy! I love him so much!

What kind of things would you put in your Boredom Box? We are always up for adding in more ideas. :D

Monday, May 27, 2013

Moments in Life...

Once again I apologize for neglecting the blog. Honestly, life has just been so... exhausting lately, I have been neglecting quite a bit. The blog... the dishes... the laundry... Nothing too terribly important though lol!

Anna is soooooooooo close to cutting teeth, I hope lol because I cannot take much more. Some nights we are up until five, while others we wake up bright and early around six in the morning. Its every day too lol, I have yet to have a decent nights sleep in some time. Oh well, enough complaining from me! I will instead update you all on some special moments our family has shared this past week. :)

Last Wednesday was Alan's last gymnastics class for this school year. He made his teacher a sweet card with dinosaur practicing in their own gymnastics class and said, "To an awesome gymnastics teacher" on the front. I loved it and she clearly did too! Just yesterday we received a thank you card from her. So sweet! Unfortunately, Alan's gymnastics teacher was sick so Alan had a substitute teacher. Even though he did not get to see his teacher, he still enjoyed his last class with his friends. I took some photos of my gymnastics star. He can do so much now! He was taught how to do a front and backwards somersault, a beginner's cartwheel, the bridge, beginner's bar work and a few other beginning things. We are quite proud of the progress he has learned in six months!

I received my class roster for hip hop this summer and I am pleased to say that my older class is almost full! I start teaching again in June and I cannot wait! I have been missing dance this month!

Sunday, we spent some time with my grandparents. We went out to brunch with them and then went summer clothes shopping with them. It is nice to spend time with them, they are getting up in age and I cherish every moment we spend with them. The kids brighten their days too, it makes them so happy to get to see Alan and Anna. I wouldn't take all the money in the world for that happiness. It is so beautiful! Love you Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!

Today we took Aunt Ariel out to lunch for Memorial Day and well, just because we love her and miss her lol! Alan picked the Village Inn (where else lol?) and Baskin Robbins for dessert. We had a great time with her! Alan and Ariel played PacMan and other video games, while Anna and I watched. Then we had pizza with Daddy while he was on break. That was nice. :) I even saw my BFF Jenelle at the ice cream shop! She works there and was so happy to see us all. We love our Miss J so much!

After spending time with Ariel, we went to the mall for a playdate with Kelsie, Jessica and their four kids. Alan chased Kelton and Carly around the play area pretty much the whole time! Anna explored the whole area, played under the toy bridge with Carly and even tried to steal Baby Trent's toys. Both kids had a fantastic time! And I was able to have some quality Mom time with my friends. It was a great day for all!

I would just like to take the time to thank everyone serving in the military for all the sacrifices they do on a daily basis. Military people sacrifice so much for us, we could never repay them. I have family in the military: my grandparents, an uncle, an aunt, my cousins and Lon's brothers. One of Lon's brothers was just deployed to Afghanistan, leaving his beautiful wife and furry children behind in New York. Thank you to all these people. You have no idea how strong you really are! You all truly are real life super heroes. <3

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preparing for School and First Birthday Plans

Today we have Alan's make up gymnastics class from when he had fillings last week. I got a chance to go alone with him, which meant that I was able to watch his class, rather than chase Miss Anna around the lobby lol. Thanks Lon! :) This week, he has two gymnastics classes. And tomorrow is his last class before summer break. He will start up again next September.

This summer I have plans of teaching him to swim and preparing him for preschool. I plan on taking both kids swimming at least once a week and he is going to do swim lessons at the gymnastics school in July. He has swam before, but has never taken swim lessons. I remember as a child HATING them lol! Hopefully he will have a better time than me and learn lots. I also will be graduating him to wearing underwear ALL the time that he is awake this summer. Currently, he does not wear underwear at school or in public places but this will change, to prepare him for preschool. I am thinking about having him do a preschool camp possibly this August too. Just to fully get him ready for fall.

This fall, he will be in preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays hopefully. I am planning on enrolling him at the YMCA preschool like I originally planned. On Tuesdays or Wednesdays, I will have him in gymnastics again. I was also thinking of letting him try my hiphop class on the days that he is with me at work, but we will see. :) I can't wait for next fall!

With Anna's birthday less than two months away, I think now is the time to start planning for her party. July is a crazy month for us. Not only is it Anna's birth month but I have my birthday, my mom has her birthday, and my dad, and Aunt Ariel, and both of my cousin's kids, and its Baby B's due date. It is also my parent's wedding  anniversary and my uncle is also getting married this July, only a few days before Anna's birthday. Holy July lol!

I am not sure when we will do Anna's party. Her birthday is July seventh, so I am pretty sure we will be doing her party after her birthday rather then before just to make it easy on everyone. I am also not fully sure where we will have the party at. I would love to have it at my house but I know we do not have the room to. Possibly a park, or maybe the local coffee shop due to the heat.

The thing that I do ACTUALLY have planned lol is the theme. We are doing a "Sweeter Than Sugar" party for her. I am doing candy and cupcake themed decorations, she is having her one year photo shoot at the local candy shop, and instead of a cake we will be having a sweet bar. I am so excited! She is sweeter than sugar, and I have so many cute ideas to make this such a fun party! We will have lots of balloons and bubbles and treats! I love it!

I want to hand make the invitations, I think. We will see if I have the time lol, but that would be so awesome! I have been finding lots of great ideas on Pinterest. I still hope that I find a few more ideas and maybe plan some games. Most of the guests will be Alan's age and older, so I am thinking two or three games. Maybe a life size Candy Lane game? That would be AWESOME!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The End of the School Year for Many

This weekend, my family and I celebrated the end of the school year for several of our friends and family. I had four friends who graduated, and Aunt April and our cousin Peyton finished out the year with the School of Classical Ballet with their BEAUTIFUL ballet recital. We also finished up the school year and prepared for the summer rush at work with our big all staff meeting. It was a wonderful weekend for everyone! I am so proud of all of you guys!

Aunt April and Peyton were so awesome on Saturday! I am so proud of both of them! Both girls have grown to be such great dancers and it just amazes me. Aunt April performed in five dances, two of them on pointe, and Peyton performed in two dances. I went alone with my mother while the kids had a Daddy Date with Lon. My father and Uncle Kalvin stopped by to watch the girls first few dances too.
Aunt April performed in two pointe dances this year! I am so proud of her! She moved gracefully and she stayed strong throughout both dances. Good job! Her first pointe dance was called Rhapsody on a Theme and the second one was Czardas from Raymonda. She also performed a dance called 72 Degrees and Sunny, the music is on the DVD menu of WAL-E lol! I love that music, so mysterious and beautiful. It builds up in such a wonderful way, and the choreographer Betty did an amazing job at portraying it with the movement. I think this was my favorite piece Aunt April did! She also performed in a dance choreographed by one of my first dance teachers Teal Darkenwald. It was a dance called Pass Forward. I very much enjoyed this dance as well, their movements reminded me of running water. I think that's what Teal was going for. :) Aunt April closed out the show with the jazz group dance called Roxie's Suite. It was a variation on Roxie's (from Chicago) music and the girls dressed like 1920s flapper girls. It was adorable! Loved the creativity!

Peyton has grown into such a beautiful ballet dancer, I cannot believe how good she is! Bravo Peyton, keep it up girl! She performed in two dances. The first was a jazz dance called Steam Heat. She rocked it! Wow that girl has some sass! She is just like Aunt April lol. She did great. She then performed in a creepy piece called Macabre. The girls were dressed in black and danced around, terrorizing the little school girl. It was a creepily cool dance! I loved it! Great job Peyton, keeping shining bright! You are a super star!

The ballet was beautiful and I am very proud of the girls who performed. Bravo SCB students, bravo! The next day was unofficially graduation day, as we celebrated four amazing women who graduated! Two of my beautiful former dance students graduated from high school. My good friend Chelsey graduated from nursing school and my bestie Jenelle graduated from college with a teaching degree. Congratulations ladies! We are so proud of you! We went to the two high school grad parties with Aunt April. We had a great time at both of them. One party had a cool tampoline chair and a dance room (very sweet). The other party had a chocolate fountain and space heaters, which came in handy because it was POURING outside. Alan played in the rain and had a blast though. And he followed Miss Brooke, my old dance teacher's daughter who was born the day before him, around everywhere lol. He was her little shadow! :) Can you say puppy love?

We had a wonderful weekend with our loved ones. Congratulations to Aunt April, Peyton, Chelsey, Jenelle and my two former dance students on their accomplishments! We are so proud of you, keep it up!

Friday, May 17, 2013

This May Blow Your Mind

Or it may not lol? :) I can never tell with you kids!

This weekend will be fun for the family and I. Saturday is our all staff meeting and dinner at work, then Aunt April's ballet recital. Sunday is graduation party day lol! I have two former dance students' high school graduations and my friend Chelsey's graduation from nursing school! Should be a busy but fun weekend! The kids and I will just be exhausted by Sunday night lol but it will sure be worth it! I live for weekends like this! :)

Most people don't say this about their job, I may be one of the few people to say this but I love our all staff meetings!  We have 200+ employees at the Y and its so nice to get everyone together for dinner! Everyone brings their kids and its one BIG family get together. Plus its always so positive  Love that I feel this way about my job, we are so blessed! I am also so very proud of Aunt April. She has really been working pointe this year and has developed into QUITE the little dancer! Good luck Aunt April! And though I currently have NO idea how we will make my three parties and Aunt April's two parties all in one day on Sunday. That is our plan though so we are going to try our best!

Now before I start with the "main" of my post, I would like to write a little disclaimer. Today I am sharing my family's religious choices and beliefs more in depth with you readers. I have not chosen to do this before on this blog because of two main reasons: this is a blog about my family, like one big online Baby Book for us all? There is no real reason for me to share something that we already know about and practice. The other reason is because I do not believe in pushing my beliefs and religion on others. However, I do feel like it may be time to now. Our life is so vastly different then most because of our morals and many don't know this. Last weekend I saw Cloud Atlas for the first time and fell in love with it.  This is really what made me want to write this post, it is so SPOT on with my beliefs.

As some of you may know, I am a practicing Buddhist and have been for almost six years now. I believe in something slightly different then most people that live here do, something that can be hard for me to explain to people sometimes. I am talking about reincarnation. When most people think about reincarnation, it typically goes one of two ways: the stereotypical eastern thought that basically says your brother may have once been a dung beetle, or the more modern situations where children reported recalling memories and events that they CLEARLY never experienced (like from the Civil War or from World War 2 pilots). These are both examples of reincarnation but they are very vague in explaining what I truly believe.

I believe that the body is just a form of the soul, a shell if you will. Our soul is us, who we are, and transcends time. The soul itself is immortal, our bodies are the ones with the ticking clock. I believe that my soul has inhabited many bodies throughout time, anywhere from an animal to a man to another woman. I also believe in karma, in two forms. Karma will affect you throughout your life, depending on whether you are a good, wholesome person or a genuinely bad person. Basic good karma and bad karma right? Pretty simple. But I also believe that things you have done in your past lives will affect you in this life. For example, if you were a serial killer in a past life, you may have a very unlucky present life that you can't explain.

This movie, Cloud Atlas is perfect! It is almost an exact portrayl of what we as a family believe. The movie takes place in five different settings, all throughout time. There is a general theme of overcoming all odds angainst them and they are all connected in some way. I do not want to give ANY of this movie away though, I want you all to go out and see it. Yes! I love it so much!
If you have any questions about Buddhism or our beliefs, feel free to comment below. I will gladly answer any questions. I hope I explained it well enough, I am running on little sleep lately with Anna teething. No teeth to pop up so far. :( Come on teeth! I ask obly one thing, if you choose to comment please be respectful. I respect your religion and beliefs, and hope you will do the same. However, if you choose not to, I am an adult and can very easily erase the comment. I just hope that I will not have to do that.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

At the Dentist

I apologize for not posting yesterday, as you can imagine I was pretty busy with the whole dentist ordeal. Alan was sedated (for the first time) and had several cavities filled. Due to his age, he had to be put under almost completely with a shot and an IV. I was quite a nervous wreck but he did pretty good.
I stayed in the waiting room with Anna and Lon went back with Alan. Alan sat in Lon's lap and played his Wreck it Ralph app and was given a quick shot in the right shoulder. Alan immeadiately freaked out about the pain and then started freaking out about the way his body felt. It sounded quite bad from the waiting room but Lon said it was not as bad as it sounded. He was able to calm him down enough and Alan snuggled up into Lon right before falling asleep fully. They then had Lon come out with us so they could start the IV and begin surgery.

The surgery took around an hour and a half. Lon and I played with Anna to keep her entertained. She wanted to walk sooooooooooo bad and wanted to get into everything! She is such a fireball just like her brother! Oh boy! :) Alan did wonderful in the surgery, he started fighting them in his sleep some but Lon went in there and spoke to him, calming him down enough so that the dentist could finish. Everyone was very impressed and proud of Alan for how well he did, Lon and I most of all. :)
Afterwards, he was very out of it and weak. His memory however, was crystal clear lol. "Mommy, we are all done at the dentist. Can we go get my treat now?" Amazing little man lol! Lon carried him out to the car and we ran quick to the toystore. Alan insisted on going inside so we all went in. He picked out a Phineas and Ferb LeapPad game that is for Kindergarteners! I tried to convince him otherwise but he refused to listen lol. He has only needed SO much help though.

He was loopy for about two hours then wobbly for about five hours, he was pretty weak for the remainder of the day. But he recovered nicely! Lon and I are so proud of him! He did fantastic! Good job Alan! We love you!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013, Gymnastics and the Dentist

I apologize for not posting recently, this may sound weird but its been too hot for me to be motivated to post. Its too hot for me to do much of anything right now lol, its been in the high 90s for the past two weeks! I am so overheated by the time I am done with the day, I have no desire to do anything. Especially not a blog post. Sorry, I feel like I have been neglecting my readers! I have not indulged you on my Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My children came and raided our bed nice and early, they were at least nice enough to snuggle and fall asleep quickly. Oh how I just LOOOOOOVE mornings like that! Lon made us eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and I had a pedicure from the kids in the afternoon. Alan also made me an ADORABLE card with monsters on it. Love it! He said it was from Anna too, even though she did not help. So sweet! :)

After my pedicure, we went over to the in law's house for a Mother's Day lunch. We gave Grandma Amber a card made by Alan, a picture of Anna, some flowers and chocolates. She loved it! I was not able to celebrate with my mother because she was busy with Aunt April's dance competitions all weekend. But we did get her a card, a picture of the kids and some flowers for Mother's Day that she enjoyed. And we will be stopping over there tonight to see her too.

I am currently at Alan's make up gymnastics class. That's part of the reason why I have the attention span and motivation to write lol! :) Tomorrow he has his big dentist appointment. They are knocking him out and filling a few cavities. :/ I am a nervous wreck about this, I have no real experience because I have never had a cavity. The dentist assitant has gone through the process with me, but I am apprehensive about him being knocked out. It scares me to think about it, I feel like my stomach is dropping just thinking about it.

I know I need to breathe, it is only a cavity filling. He will be okay. There are much worse things that children have gone through and survived. He will be fine. I have prepared ourselves and him with all the precautions and things we need to do. We got gymnastics, school and work all cleared up that day. I have some comfy clothes and his favorite blankie and teddy all ready for tomorrow. Lon is also off work and will be there to help me with Anna, or be there for Alan, whichever Alan wants. I downloaded some new game apps on the tablet as our waiting room distraction. We also got Alan a new LeapPad game and Lego set as kinda a "gift" for afterwards. And for something to do, because I imagine that he will not want to be moving around too much. He will be okay.

I am only so anxious about the whole ordeal because of my experiences with anesthesia. Both my mom and I have history of waking out of our anesthesia or suddenly being able to feel everything. I had issues with anesthesia as a child and I would hate for either of my children to experience that too. I just need to keep reminding myself he WILL BE OKAY.

Well, that's all on my mind for now! I will update everyone tomorrow with how Alan's surgery goes! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Gymnastics Showcase and Other Thoughts

We have a nice weekend planned. We will be at Alberta Bair again to support Aunt April and Diversity Dance at the KR National Dance Competition tomorrow. I am excited and so is Miss Anna! She loves watching her aunt and all of her aunt's friends perform.  She can't wait to get up there herself! And as everyone knows, it's Mother's Day on Sunday. Lon and the kids surprised me early with a pedicure at the spa! I don't know what else is planned but as long as my day is spent with my husband and my kids,  I will have the best Mother's Day ever!

Alan had his gymnastics showcase on Wednesday and he did so awesome! I was the only one in family who was able to go, Lon and Grandma Melanie both had work.  But I did film the whole thing for them.  I will share one of his videos with you readers.  Enjoy! Watch out for Alan at the 2024 Summer Olympics lol! I am only joking. :P

Today we walked to Terry Park to meet up with my friends DesiRae, Kelsie and her two boys for a picnic. It was HOT OUT! I think it had to be low 80s at least. I felt like a sweaty mess after we got home lol. But we had fun and the boys had a blast, chasing each other around and fighting like brothers lol. Love them both so much!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful,  fantastic,  amazing Mother's Day! Despite how we all feel sometimes,  you are all super moms!  I MEAN IT! You all rock! If you are a mama and have no one to celebrate Mother's Day with, please email me at freerangefamily@gmail. com and I will do my best to make your day just A LITTLE more special.  No mother should feel alone,  unappreciated or unloved on Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Aunt Natalie's Baby Shower

Today was a typical Thursday. The kids and I walked down to Terry Park to meet up with DesiRae, Kelsie and her boys. We had a little picnic and then let the boys play. Afterwards, I had work and Anna had her second time at daycare too. She did very well and is a great baby they said! Everyone loves her there, and for obvious reasons. :)

We had Aunt Natalie's baby shower on her birthday, last Sunday afternoon. What a different 21st birthday to be having lol! :) She sure enjoyed it though and that's what is important.
We had a big barbeque in my parent's backyard. Thankfully, it was a gorgeously nice day out and it stayed that way the whole party. It was actually hot, like hot hot lol, which was weird for us since we have been so used to the winter cold. I liked it. :) Her party was dinosaur themed and we decorated the yards and living room that way. The driveway had big dino footprints walking up, courtesy of Aunt April. I could not get a photo of them where you could see the chalk but there we're very cool! The living was our "jungle". There were several trees made out of tablecloths, streamers and balloons. They did not look exactly how I thought they would but they did look good.

We played four games there: the traditional Guess my Belly Size Game and Don't Say Baby Game. Plus we played two new games, the Water Breaking Game and the Labor Game. The Water Breaking Game is fun, little baby toys are frozen in ice and each guest gets an ice cube. They put it in their drink and keep an eye on it throughout the party.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! May 8, 2013

Happy Wednesday my wonderful readers! I have quite a bit to love today! Here is this week's WILW! Enjoy and have a great day!

I'm loving... that today is Alan's last gymnastics showcase before summer break. Lon has work and will not be able to make it but Grandma Melanie, Anna and I will be there! He will do awesome, I know it! Stay tuned for photos!

I'm loving... the goregous summer weather we have been having this past week! We have busted out the tanktops, shorts, dresses and flipflops Mother Nature, don't you dare make it snow again!

I'm loving...that Anna is having two MAJOR milestones happen this week: she turned 10 months old yesterday and is going to daycare for the first time today. My big girl!

I'm loving... how well Aunt Natalie's baby shower went. Everyone had a great time, including the Guest of Honor herself. The games were a lot of fun too! Oh it was perfect!

I'm loving... that we had a wonderful time with Aunt Natalie and Uncle Kalvin's birthday weekend too! We are so glad that Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake were able to come to town for Nat's birthday, we will miss them! We can't wait to see them again!

I'm loving... (This is a weird Mom one lol) that Alan will be wearing underwear like a big boy to daycare next week. He has been doing very well with his potty training and Lon even taught him to pee standing up. He is ready for underwear everywhere and for preschool! :D

I'm loving... that this weekend is Mother's Day. I am arranging for flowers to be sent to my sister shhhhhhhh lol for her first Mother's Day. Lon and I will also be getting both of our parents flowers and visiting them. Ooooohhhh I love Mother's and Father's Day! :D

I'm loving... that my ankle feels much better now. The swelling is gone now and their is only light bruising in the trauma area. Yay!

I'm loving... that Aunt April has another dance competition this weekend! I love going and watching her studio perform, not to mention that the inspiration is invaluable. I love hearing new songs and seeing new hiphop moves and freezes. It simply another tool I use as a dance teacher. :)

I'm loving... my family, my friends, my job and my life!

The YMCA Spring Dance Showcase 2013

Today is a BIG day for both of my children! Alan has his last gymnastics showcase before summer break tonight and Anna will also be going to daycare for the FIRST TIME EVER! We are excited for both of them. I know that Alan will rock his showcase, like he always does lol. And Miss Anna will be fine with Alan and I at daycare with her. I do not have dance class this month and can be with her the whole time if she wants me to. Lucky girl lol! We will just see if she will nurse there lol, I do not think it will happen personally. :P I will let you know how it all goes!

The showcase this past Saturday was phenomenal. Our students did just amazing and performed their absolute best. Ooh, the show was sooooooo good!

I could go on and on about it, but I would rather just photo bomb ya!

I am just so proud of all of the students that participated! You guys are all so awesome! Good job! I hope to see you this summer for class. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anna Ariel: Ten Months Old

Having been so busy from this month's craziness, I did not even realize that Miss Anna is ten months old today! A whole month have passed and looking at our sweet girl, you can totally tell. She has developed so much in this past month, started crawling and pulling herself up and even eating the same meals as us! Big girl!

At ten months old, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximately 20 pounds and is approximately 27 1/2 inches tall

*wears size 6M and 9M in onesies, 9M and 12M in pants, and size 3 in diapers

*still has no teeth, although you would not be able to tell by how much she is teething lol

*has auburn blonde colored hair with red tones. Some days it can be very orange or red like Aunt April's while others it will be more brown or blonde. It is very curly and goes all the way down to shoulder blades in the back. Its so pretty!

*has blue-ish hazel eyes that light up the room!

*eats pretty much what we do now. She has tried tacos, spaghetti, cereal, a hamburger and several other things this past month. Big girl!

*has been breastfeeding for the past ten months now. She nurses three times a day still and takes the remainder in a bottle. This marks two months longer than Alan nursed. I am feeling especially good about this because she is a premie. Yay go Anna and I! <3

*can now pull herself up to standing! She started doing that earlier last month and has only perfected it! She is now trying to stand on her own! Wild girl!

*started crawling (like for real crawling) this past week! She only does it right before pulling herself up and still prefers to army crawl most places.

*enjoys playing Peek-A-Boo with people. She can cover up her own face and will squeal when she exposes her face. She sometimes will be so silly that she will peek her eyes out while she is hiding lol. Love her so much!

*claps at everything lol. She is so silly! She will applaud you for getting her out of the carseat, for giving her a bite of your food, for getting her dressed. What a goof!

*says "Mama" all the time now. While she eats, when she is playing, during her bathtime, while I change her bottom lol. She loves saying my name over and over. I love it so much, its like music to my ears. We are really trying to get her to say "Dada" now.

*can also say, "Baba (Bottle) and Hi"

*is back to sleeping through the night again thankfully! That month of little to no sleep was almost too much for this Mama lol. She now sleeps from 9 PM to 7 AM. She will take an hour or two nap around 11 or noon and sometimes again in the evening if she is REALLY tired.

*loves clothes, the colors pink and purple, FOOD lol, any animal, people especially boys lol and her big brother. She is already such a character!

*is going to daycare for the first time ever tomorrow! We are somewhat nervous but very excited for her!

Happy ten month birth abbiversary Anna! Daddy, Alan and I love you to the moon and back!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Making a STRIKE at Uncle Kalvin's Party

We are taking a much needed break today, I do not have work and our house could use some cleaning lol. We are beat still from the weekend. :P Tomorrow Anna will be ten months old though, we are so excited! I totally did not realize it was already coming up, I have been so busy with the recital and baby shower. That makes ten months of breast feeding too! Go Anna and I! I am so proud of us! <3

Friday night we had Uncle Kalvin's birthday party at the local bowling alley. Four of Kalvin's school friends came and Alan bowled with the group. At first, he REALLY not into it and he only wanted to check out the pinball machine. But after we had gotten him a bowling ramp and he started watching Kalvin's school friends, he was way more into it. He began picking the balls up himself and carrying them over to the ramps. I was afraid he was going to drop it, but every time he did fantastic!

I was able to bowl with my siblings and father too. I did not think I would get to bowl but I did! I love bowling, always have. When Natalie and I were little kids, we were taught how to bowl by a professional bowler. We are both pretty good bowlers and I just love doing it too lol! I was pretty happy that I got to bowl. I didn't win lol, but I did score several strikes and spares!

Miss Anna hung out with Grandma Melanie and Great Grandma Carol while we bowled. She enjoyed showing them all her new tricks lol, she pulled herself up on anything she could get her little hands on and even tried to stand by herself a few times. She is my wild girl! She has started this new thing were she will just let go and try to stand by herself. Sometimes she is succesful at this, other times not so much lol. She is determined to stand and walk though!

Uncle Kalvin even had a camo cake! Uncle Jake and Grandma Melanie picked it out and I think it is perfect! It was yummy chocloate too. Kalvin really enjoyed the gift we got him. Lon was pleased, he had put a lot of thought into it. We got him a kid sized camping chair, some cool camping untensils and a Star Wars Lego set. He loved it so much, he was so excited! The party was a great successful overall! I think Kalvin and his friends had a great time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Natalie!

Today is Natalie's 21st birthday.

I am so very proud of the grown woman my sister has developed into. I remember when we used to perform mini dance and circus inspired performances for our parents and when we used to share a bunk bed. I slept on top, only ever falling out once on accident. Its so odd to think that we are adults now! I am married with children and you have a little one on the way yourself. You have a great job at the hospital in your town and are still going to school. I know that my nephew will be very proud of his parents.

We celebrated Aunt Natalie's birthday last night at Dos Machos. It is tradition in our family to have dinner there for Nat's birthday every year because its also Cinco de Mayo. Lon was not able to make it but the kids and I went. I had a chicken enchilada and chicken taco, it was so yum! I tried to get Alan to eat a taco but he decided he wanted chicken strips. Not very festive but at least he ate lol. Anna would not eat anything I gave her until I busted out the baby food. Then she ate two jars lol!

Happy birthday Aunt Natalie! We love you!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Kalvin!

Today is Uncle Kalvin's ninth birthday.

It is honestly a little sad to think that my BABY brother is now almost ten. I remeber the day he was born, bringing him home for the first time, his first words and steps, all of those things. And now he's nine years old, a master gymnast and an aspiring karate kid. He will soon be a third grader! He is getting so big too fast lol! I feel like my mom saying that, but its true. If my Kalvin is growing up, it means my ALAN is growing up lol! :(

He is a wonderful uncle to Alan and Anna. They both love him so much. He can act more like Alan's big brother at times, but still knows when to be his uncle. I have fond memories myself of having a similar sibling relationship with one of my uncles as a child. I greatly have valued this all my life and am very happy Kalvin will be there for Alan throughout his life in a similar way. As for Anna, he is a very protective uncle and very helpful. Anna just ADORES him and lights up when he walks in the room. They both love their Kalvin!

We celebrated Uncle Kalvin's party last night at the local bowling alley. It was Disco Bowling Night there, we had so much fun! Alan and I bowled with everyone while Anna hung out with Grandma Melanie and Great Grandma Carol. Then we all enjoyed Kalvin's awesome CAMO cake and ice cream. It was a great party!

Happy birthday bud. We love you so very much. I hope your day is as awesome as you are! And you're pretty awesome so... :D