Thursday, May 2, 2013

I am Not Very Happy With Myself

I did not write a post yesterday. I tried to write this out, but I am too unhappy with myself right now. Grrrr...

Tuesday night, I hurt myself BAD while running and being a dork. It was dark outside and we live off a dirt road, consequently while running I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle. At first, it did not hurt too terribly bad but as I slept it must have gotten much worse. I have only memories of pain from that night lol. I must have rolled it a bunch or been rough on it, the next morning I could barely walk on it and my ankle was the size of a golfball.

My doctor confirmed that its sprained and told me that I should be on crutches for the next few days. Uh, I am a mom of a baby and a potty training kid, crutches are OUT OF THE QUESTION lol. He said I could get a boot to wear around, but I opted for a less bulky brace. He also instructed me to R.I.C.E. it for the next few days to a week. For those of you that don't know what R.I.C.E. is, its Rest Ice Compression and Elevation.

The reason why I am so upset with myself is simply because I should have been more careful while running outside in the dusk. I could have hurt myself a lot worse. I am thankful that I did not. Plus being a dancer, you have certain responsibilities to your body. Keep yourself constantly hydrated and eating healthy, sleep enough, stretch daily and avoid risky situations that could lead to injury.
I am not happy with myself. I injured my ankle right before a dance showcase for my children because I was being reckless. Ugh, I know I need to stop beating myself up about it but its hard lol!

In other news, the kids are doing good. Alan has been asking about Uncle Kalvin's birthday every morning for the past few weeks lol. He cannot wait. Miss Anna is a natural at pulling herself up and chilling on the coffee table now. She also looooooooves to babble. Such a sweetie, I love hearing "Mama" over and over again from her. I could hear it all day! :) We are coming up on that crazy busy weekend! We officially sold the Caddy to State Farm Insurance today. Tomorrow, I have to drop off the rental and get the remaining supplies for the baby shower. Tomorrow night is Uncle Kalvin's bowling birthday party. I also still need to get Aunt Natalie's birthday present and her shower gift made. So much to do before the weekend! Gah!


  1. woah! Your ankle looks... terrible! Sorry, but it's the truth!!! My gosh I hope it gets better SOON!!! Don't feel bad about hurting yourself- that happens! Don't be so hard on yourself!!! Just chill and get better.

    1. Its getting better slowly. Today, I didn't have to wear the brace the whole time and I can start to put some weight on it without pain shooting up my leg. Progress! :) And thanks about that, I always tend to be waaaay too hard on myself.

      Have a good weekend!