Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Darling Dozen:Week by Week! Twelfth Week

It is pretty late. Anna is up again cluster feeding before she falls asleep. I feel like she may sleep for longer than seven hours because she has eaten so much this past hour. So I figured I might as well do my Darling Dozen post for today. This is the twelfth and last week of the Darling Dozen. I simply cannot believe that Anna is already twelve weeks old and that in a little over a week she will be a three month old. Wow! She is just so big and so ready to be bigger, I joke that she is twelve weeks going on twelve months! She is so determined to sit up and crawl and move around like her big brother! Its amazing!

So I have total mommy brain. Went to sub that art class yesterday and I expressed my excitement about finally having a birthday party tomorrow. My boss was instantly confused and after looking through our records, I realized that I was just crazy and had made up a fictional party in my head lol. No, my first birthday party is October sixth! Okay, so today we just have the Color me Rad meeting and then we will probably go to a park later with Kelsie and Kelton. We will see! By the way, art class was amazing! We made butterflies with coffee filters and pipe cleaners. Then we watercolored them and used salt to add a cool affect. I had alot of fun making my "Fall Butterflies" with the kids! It was great because Alan got to play at school too! Win for both of us!

Here is the last Darling Dozen!

Week: Twelfth Week

Weight: 9 pounds and 9 ounces
Height: 24 3/4 inches
Diaper Size: Only at Size One, and I believe that she will be there for some time still. They are very big on her little hips still!
Clothing Size: She is on her last week of Size N. I know that I said that last week but we were able to squeeze another week in there. Good too because I still want a picture of Alan and Anna in their baby shower shirts!

Eye Color: They are starting to look alot like Alan's light blue eyes. Very icy light blue yet still very welcoming and warm. I love how much alike my children are! And how much they are like me! :) Both of them have my eyes!
Hair Color: A dark redish auburn. I think it look nothing like my hair and is the shade of my mother's hair but I have heard several people say that it is the exact shade that mine is! I will have to check again lol!
This Week's Developments: Anna will begin to develop her vocal patterns, based on voices she hears around her. We are reccommended to read and talk alot around her so that she will develop an ear for the spoken laungage.
New Achievements This Week: Anna now will not let you hold her laying on her side, unless she is asleep or nursing. She needs to be upright and looking around. If you sit her on your lap, she will do what we call "baby crunches," where she pulls her head forward and contracts her abs, pulling herself to a curved sitting position where she supports herself. It is a little obnoxious, mostly because it is so hard to hold her that way but I allow her to practice. Next week for the Bumbo chair! She also moves all over the play mat now, on her belly or back! She is such a mover, it reminds me of Alan.

Breastfeeding: I am so very thankful that I found this blog post on my breastfeeding support group on Facebook this week! I no longer will stress about only pumping an ounce or so. I will no longer have such high expectations for pumping! Oh how liberating this is! :D Currently, my freezer stash is very good. I have about twelve ounces in there right now, which is not alot but is just the right amount for how much I work. I am so glad! As for Anna, she nurses every two to three hours for about ten to fifteen minutes (she picked up the extra five minutes this week, think she might be growth spurting) in the daytime. As for at night, she lets me sleep for about five to seven hours before needing to eat, and then will eat for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Not too shabby and she is definitely growing! I was thinking how awesome it is that I am the only thing feeding her, helping her grow. What a special bond that gives her and I. I love it so! How amazing breastfeeding is!
Colic: No colic here! Just very particular and insistent babies who only cry when they need something or are bored with the view. Yes, she is already getting bored with her views lol. What?!?!
Differences This Time Around: I thought Alan was a fast developer but Anna seems to be hitting each milestone a week earlier than he did! I credit alot of that to the fact that Alan is around, he is her big brother so she admires him and wants to do what he does. But she just seems to want to do everything earlier than he did, and I thought he did things early! It is just crazy to me!
Sleep: Sleep has been horrible for everyone this week, but this is not at all Anna's fault. I am pretty sure that the three of us (Lon, Alan and I) have caught some sort of cold. Alan is up all night coughing, so we have had everyone in our bedroom this week. Lon cannot breathe either and he needs to get up often at night to blow his nose, waking me up everytime. I do not blame him, I am a light sleeper. I just hope this cold is kicked soon! As a family, we do not take medicine but we are all trying several natural remedies and of course our best bud, the humidifier.

This is what happens when you are up all night!
Anna's Personality: Anna is one of the most loving little girls ever! I can just see it in her eyes when she looks at Alan, Lon or I. There is so much love for us in her heart, I cannot believe it! I know that before I said I was not fully sure but now I am. When she looks at me, her eyes say, "I love you Mama. I trust you to take care of me fully." Ooooh I just love her so much!
Places Anna has Been: Children's Clinic, Walmart, Albertson's, Grandma Melanie's house, Grandma Amber's house, Village Inn, 5Star MMA, Pioneer Park, Applebee's, Rimrock Mall, Scheel's, Victoria's Secret, Oasis Waterpark, Geyser Park, North Park, YMCA, Metra Park, Texas Roadhouse, Norm's Island, Pioneer Park, Chuck E. Cheeses, Salad Creations, U-Do Yogurt, Vanity, Rue 21, Maurice's, JCPenney's, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Denny's, Zoo Montana, Altana Federal Credit Union, Stuart Park and Legacy Dental
Bathing: We have added another actual bathtime to her routine, with only five washcloth baths scattered throughout the week. We also got a bath sponge, similar to the Blooming Bath Flower I mentioned last week but not as expensive. Haha! :) It makes her alot happier during bathtime because she is not in water, she is on a sponge. So much easier for us! We might start just doing that daily!
Best Moment This Week: Anna talking with the dental hygienist and the doctor on Tuesday and also Anna watching Alan play in the leaves last night at my parent's house (post to come next week).
Alan showing me how Anna plays!
How's Mama: Feeling sick but otherwise okay. I am defintiely looking forward to today and tomorrow, where I can get some help from my mother and family and hopefully Lon, if he does not have to work, and getting a little bit of a break. Last night was awesome. I will tell more next week but I enjoyed getting to spend quality time with just Alan and he showed me something really awesome! I am so proud!
How's Big Brother: Alan is doing good. He is sick as well, which has made this week a little hard for him in the big brother department. His biggest challenge? Not kissing Anna on the face or sucking her paci off like Mama and Daddy do. We have to keep reminding him to keep his distance because he is sick, and he is doing good with it, he just gets sad when we tell him. But he understands that it is only temporary. I am also super proud of him for being so brave at the dentist this week! He did so great that he deserves another park date! Like today lol!
How's Daddy: I think Lon had been hit the hardest, only because he gets very little sleep. He is still working just as hard and thankfully yesterday he was able to come home and relax for an hour without children because I went to teach. I hope he has most of today off and all of tomorrow off so he gets more of a break! He needs to recover from this cold! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Question Friday! September 28, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! I just cannot believe that tomorrow I will have a twelve week old. She is getting so big so fast, it is just crazy to me. Today I am subbing as an art teacher at the YMCA. Its only one class but it will be nice because I miss teaching art! :) There's not much else going on here, except for I was finally able to complete a load of dishes this morning! It has been a rough week for Anna for some reason (I think we might all be kinda sick with a common cold) so I have gotten NOTHING done around the house. Including the dishes lol. Fail! I also realized that this is the week that everyone in the house forgot to rinse their plates off because dishes took me around an hour to do. And Anna was not at fault. Another fail! :/ Yay, glad they are at least done!

Scratch that, I am sure that at least Lon and I have a cold. And probably Alan too... So maybe everyone but Anna? Because I have not seen any symptoms from her, except for all around colicky and anger lol. But that could be other things too. I know that I have a cold though, I have been so achy and grumpy lately. And every morning I wake up with a sore throat and a cough. I have noticed that both Alan and Lon have had coughs in their sleep as well. I have been giving Alan honey at night to help with his cough but it has not done too much. We do not take medicine either. Oh well, just gotta wait it out I suppose! This is probably just the family's annual one virus we catch lol. At least its early in the year this time! Yay positive thinking!

This weekend will also be mostly uneventful. I get to do my first birthday party since having Anna on Saturday and afterwards I have a team meeting for Color me Rad. Sunday will hopefully be spent with the family whole and at home. Lon so far does not have to work either job but you never know, things usually come up and he gets called in last minute. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Also keep your fingers crossed for us that this house goes through! We still have a few more days before we hear back on it, so make sure you keep my family in your prayers. We need all the positive energy we can get!

Here is this week's Five Question Friday!

Do you prefer to drive to your vacation spot or fly?
Drive. I am a little paranoid of planes, even though I used to fly all the time with my dance company when I was still in school. I only dealt with it then, never really enjoyed it. As an adult though, they scare me. The idea of something so big and heavy in the sky seems so unnatural to me. And all the recent plane crashes? Okay well not recent but still... no planes for this family.

With that being said, the furtherest vacation spot we would drive to with these kids right now is maybe... Townsend. Red Lodge would be more preferable lol. Because let me tell you, Anna does not like her carseat. She will scream the whole time she is in there, unless she is asleep which is hard to do and is thus usually a rare thing. So car rides to vacation spots are kinda out of the question right now. Which is just fine because currently we do not have a vehicle that could take us on the highway. Our jeep is a beater lol, and I would not trust it with my family on the highway.

If you could live any where in the world, where would you go and why?
Right where we do now, except for in a different house. I love the town we live in for several reasons. These reasons are important enough to Lon and I that we will probably never move. The main reason is because our family is mostly located in this town. My mother and father live here as well as most of my siblings. The same goes for Lon. I also have a handful of aunts, uncles and cousins who live here as well. It is nive to be close to all of them.

But let me give you an idea of my dream house for my family right now:

A two bedroom one bathroom house, on the smaller side so I do not have alot of space to clean. I want it to be a color of some sort, like blue or green, but definitely not a white house. A decent front yard but a HUGE fenced-in backyard. Several trees in each yard with one big tree in the front, and preferably some bushes and a gardening area. An attached garage with a long driveway for riding bikes. Inside there is a big living room with a dining room area attached. The kitchen has a double sink set up and a dishwasher. Downstairs is unfinished but has laundry room with washer and dryer. We would turn other unfinished room into winter time "outdoor" play area. Back upstairs, the two bedrooms are in short walking distance of each other (like under ten steps). The bathroom is by the bedrooms NOT the kitchen, like its set up at this apartment.

Aah, I hope this new place is at least close to my dream house! Lon is going to see it for the first time tonight! It sounds very close to it! :D Keep those fingers crossed!

Should grown women wear leggings?
I don't see why not. I do not personally own a pair of leggings myself but I know that both of my sisters are pretty big legging wearers and they are 20 and 13 years old. So as long as you (and this is the KEY here) wear them the appropriate way for your body type, then there should be no issue. But yes, the women who wear them as bottoms (leggings are like tights people, do not wear them ALONE) or who wear leggings three sizes too small, are inappropriate and thus disgusting. Come one people, have some common sense please. If your mother is going to be embarrassed to go out with you, do not wear it in public! Children are EVERYWHERE!!!

Okay, okay, rant done...

If you could change your name to any other name, would you? And what would it be?
I would not. I used to have problems with my name when I was younger, you know typical teenage angst, but as an adult I really like my name. I feel like my parents put alot of thought and love into choosing my name as well as each of my siblings' names. I almost feel that it would offend insult my parents and their gift of love. I would be sad if one of my children changed their names. You know, your name is the first gift your parents give you. And mine was pretty well thought out. Jillian means youthful. I like the idea of them naming me after this quality, I feel that I will be youthful even at an old age. June is after my Great Grandmother June on my mother's side of the family. I also like this because my daughter is also named after her great grandmother. June is also a summer month. Summer is the season I was born and by far my favorite season.

So no, even I could change my name to any other name, I would not. I like my name and love my parents for giving it to me.

What magazines to you have subscriptions to?
Parents magazine and our local Simply Family magazine. Yeah, only boring family magazines lol. :P  Its quite a change from the Alternative Press and Dance Spirit magazines I subscribed to when I was younger lol. But every now and then, I pick up a copy of either one of those just for old times sake. Ah, nostalgia. :)


I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend! Please keep my little family in your positive daily thoughts! We thank you endlessly! Peace and love!

Our Recent Scare with Anna

I postponed posting anything about this until we knew what actually was going on with her. We are still not fully sure but it was diagnosed as a "false menstruation". But Anna is completely healthy and that is what is important.

Friday morning, I changed Anna's diaper from the night before and there was blood in it. A decent amount, not enough for me to take her to the ER but any blood is enough to call her doctor. We set up an appointment for later that afternoon. I proceeded to worry my butt off. My mother-in-law called me and assured me it was only leukorrhea and she had went through the same thing with her daughter.

We had her appointment scheduled at the west end clinic, about twenty minutes away from our house. I took both children with me, which was probably why I was about thirty minutes late lol. Thank goodness everybody knows me and my family so there was no offense taken. They were even helpful getting us inside when Alan had fallen asleep on the ride up there. I love my children's doctor office! Anna's doctor was off for the day so we saw the doctor on call. She was a younger looking gal, like she looked really young like I remember wanting to ask her if she had graduated from highschool when she was fourteen or something to that effect. She looked around my age or even younger than me! This did not affect her experience or knowledge at all, she discussed Anna's symptoms with me and then told me her thoeries of what it could be.

To her, it did not look like blood when I showed it to her. Yes, I am that parent who saves her diapers if needed to show the doctor. I did and I am glad I did. She thought it looked more like a copper or calcium deposit of some sort which would be of some concern. She honestly did not seem to know what it was and after dilberating with the other doctor there, she decided to issue a urine test. We were sent down to the hospital labs and after the bag was placed on her, we sat in our room for two hours waiting for her to pee. Let me tell you, it was very boring exciting to say the least.

Alan was bored after maybe ten minutes of being in that room and started his adventure of trying to turn on the sink faucet way out of his reach. I eventually had to hide the stool in the room right outside of the door in the hallway so that he would stop trying to climb it. I had to check Anna's diaper every ten minutes to make sure that her urine did not make the bag fall off, thus ruining the test. She was not very happy that the darn thing was on her in the first place either. She screamed pretty much the whole time, refused the breast and was just an all around unhappy little camper. Needless to say, I did NOT have fun. But it gets better...

After the test had been finished, we were asking to wait in their stuffy waiting room until the results were done. I'm not trying to be mean, even though I am upset they made us wait for four hours, it was actually very stuffy in there. The room was small and it was so obviously stuffy and uncomfortable that halfway through our time there, the secretary opened the door the the hallway. The other uncool thing was that there were absolutely no toys, books or magazines. Not even a darn television was in there. That waiting room had absolutely no stimuli in there whatsoever, so Alan was bored within maybe five minutes of being in there. And we waited for around four hours. At one point, I had to nurse Anna and I was so irritated about having to wait for a result instead of just recieving a phone call that I pulled out my boob and nursed her in front of everyone. I did not care lol.

I was a little too busy taking care of Alan and Anna to be worrying about the results. But a part of me still worried. What if the test came back positive for copper deposits? What would that mean? Was I giving her copper somehow though my breastmilk? Where was it coming from? We had never gone through anything like this with Alan. We waited for the four hours and then the receptionist came and apologeticaly told us the test was not done yet and we would get a call from them in the morning. I was furious and left right away. The next morning I had to call them for the results after waiting until after the kids' nap at two. Her doctor told me that the test came back stating it was blood in her urine, about three red blood cells per ounce of urine. So just barely not enough to see it except for in the morning. She said she did not know what was causing the bleeding but she wanted to do another test on Monday to see if it was still present. If it was gone by Monday it was most likely false menstruation and if not, it was something that would need further testing. This made me worry like crazy!

We had a pretty busy weekend, with the circus and birthday party and the baby shower. I felt like I was not able to fully enjoy it because I was worried about Anna. I did not allow anyone besides me hold her, except for my mother and sister. I was ridiculously paranoid. Well, Monday came along and I took her to her appointment. It was supposed to be this quick in and out thing, since it was scheduled last minute on Friday and conflicted with my dance classes. We arrived maybe ten minutes early and proceed to sit in the waiting room for another forty minutes! I am sorry for all the complaining but it was just crazy ridiculously how long we waited when we were only in there for maybe a minute. Then the receptionist tried to keep me there while Anna filled the bag again, and when I explained my situation to her and that I had all the correct instructions, she told me that she did not feel I was capable of handling it myself. Ugh! Regardless of all the silliness, I was able to get the test to the lab that night and Tuesday afternoon we got the confirmation that it was just false menstruation because there was no more red blood cells in her urine! Yes!

Now I ask you parents, have you ever dealt with a similar situation with your daughter when she was an infant? How silly am I for worrying so much? I feel like a drama queen now lol!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alan's First Trip to the Dentist

Before I start with this story, I have a small favor to ask you readers. As most of you know, we are trying to move and will be moving by November at the latest. This morning Lon told me of another option for us to live in, one that seems like a very good idea. The whole thing is of course still up in the air, so I am asking you to send positive thoughts and energies our way so that we get this house! We will be looking at it either today or tomorrow, I cannot wait! If you pray, please say a prayer for our little family today. We desperately need to find a place now because we should pretty much be moving already! Aah, its getting to close for my liking. Hopefully we get it! Send us good energy!

Looking back on my childhood, I remember being very afraid of the dentist which grew to a general distaste to dentists and the like. I have oddly never had a cavity, so really I should have no reason to dislike the dentist. But I did, and I still do. I always thought that maybe it was just me but now I feel like maybe it was the dentist. Tuesday we had Alan's first dentist appointment with Doctor Stuart. Now, we also know Doctor Stuart on a personal level. I am friends with his daughter Alexis and Alan is friends with his granddaughter Melody-Ann. We chose him for this reason, I was hoping it would make Alan less cautious while we were there. I apparently chose the right dentist doctor and the right place because Alan did just wonderful and was not afraid at all. We had a great time!

I planned on treating him to a park playdate beforehand, so we went to the park behind the mall and met up with Teagan, her mama Chelsea, her baby sister Harper and some other moms with their kids. Later I found out that the park I chose was named Stuart park  (what a coincedence lol!) too! How weird and lucky, right? Anyways, we went there for about an hour, Alan played with Teagan while Anna slept in the comfortable shade with me. There were a few times when he needed my help, like for this big rock wall part of the playground. He was scared once he got to the top, yet so proud of himself for being able to do that with minimal help! Good job big boy! I only snapped one picture of him, being victorious at the top of that little rock wall. The rest of the playdate I was busy rocking Anna or helping Alan climb. But we had a great time with Miss Teagan! I love that he gets to do playdates with all his little friends at least once a week! It makes him so happy!

We had the dentist appointment almost right afterwards. It was across town, in this cute little building complex only a few blocks away from the house I lived in when I started dating Lon. I think I was more nervous then Alan, while we waited in the waiting room, Alan was jabbering at other patients and dancing around the place lol. Then we were taken back by his hygienist, a girl, GASP!! He let her brush his teeth though. The hygienist started out by showing Alan all the equipment she was going to use, giving him a disposible brush head and sucker piece. Then she showed him the chair he would be sitting in and showed him how the electric brush and sucker worked in his mouth. He surprisingly enjoyed it, I thought that he would have been terrified of those two or even the water dispenser. But he liked water being squirted into his mouth and then sucked out by the electric sucker.

The hygienist then gave him a pair of super, cool shades to wear so the light would not bother his eyes. My little stud let her check all of his twenty teeth, even letting her brush and floss them too! The hygienist told me that his teeth looked good and also that he was currently cutting his last two teeth in his mouth. I thought he was done cutting teeth, no wonder he's been a little resistant about having his teeth brushed! Poor guy! The hygienist also found a sore on the inside of his lip from him biting it all the time. It was big and had hardened so much that she had at first thought it was a tooth growing from there! We discussed options with her, either let it fix itself or have minor surgery to remove it. The latter would invovle anesthesia, which is something that scares me with my child. After talking with Lon, we decided to wait a few years to see if it fixes itself and if it has not by the time he's seven or eight, we would discuss our options again. It made me feel sad though because I brush his teeth twice a day and never noticed it! He never complained about it or anything! My poor strong guy!

We met Doctor Stuart, a great guy, and seriously talked about everything from Anna's teeth to trick or treating lol! He is really good with kids too! I mean, I'd hope so, he has Melody-Ann and Hunter as grandchildren and they are total cuties! :) Doctor Stuart thought Alan was a wonderful patient and was so proud of how brave he was! Alan did not even fuss when Doctor Stuart messed with his little sore! Good job Alan! :) The hygienist took Alan to go pick a prize and we discussed Alan's dental plan. We would come back in March and check on the sore with our usual check up and cleaning, and as long as it had not grown a ton then we would be able to go through with our plan of letting it fix itself. Then it was time to go. I think we had a fantastic first time at the dentist! Way better than how my first time went I'm sure! Good job Alan!

Here are some pictures from the visit:


Has your child gone to the dentist yet? How did they do?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! September 26, 2012

Today was a uneventful day, I only had to teach hiphop in the late afternoon. I also did not get too much done around the house either because Anna wanted to eat almost all day and I have not felt too good. I do not want to jinx myself by saying it but I think I am getting sick. I'm pretty sure that Alan is sick, he has been coughing alot at night. Ugh I just hope that Anna does not get it.

I'm linking up again with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. This is my second time linking up with her, be sure to check out her post! Enjoy!

I'm loving that when I went to the grocery store today, there was a HUGE pumpkin display out front! Yay for fall!

I'm loving that on the Katie Couric Show today two moms who breastfed in public came on a spoke about their experiences! Breastfeeding is being realized by more and more people as a normal and okay thing! This makes me happy!

I'm loving that a nurse in is being scheduled at Applebee's for this Saturday at one to honor one of the moms from the show. She was asked by a manager to nurse elsewhere there earlier this month. I am not sure if any moms will be nursing at our Applebee's, I will look into it! I would participate but I have to work then. :/

I'm loving that I did a hiphop dance to a Bob Marley song today in class and the kids loved it. Score!

I'm loving now that we have switched Anna to the Nuk pacifier instead of the Avent one we got at the hospital because Anna seems so much happier now! I think her mouth grew honestly lol.

I'm loving this new weird song, Gangnam Style. Lon originally was obsessed with it and now has gotten me hooked on it too. The dance is fun too!

I'm loving that Lon's birthday is coming up soon! Its only eight days away. I think I will take him out to dinner that weekend, oh that will be nice to get out just the two of us!

I'm loving that I got a shower in this morning! It was going on a few days (I won't say exactly how many lol) since I had last had one and I really enjoyed taking it. I like to feel clean lol.

I'm loving these cute clothes that remind me of fall:

I'm loving that I have my first birthday party to host this Saturday. Its been since before Anna was born that I did a birthday party! I am so excited!

I'm loving that I have started drawing again. Was drawing Miss Anna in her sleep last night. :) So nice now that I have children to draw lol! I had forgotten how much I love drawing them while they sleep.

I'm loving that I have a playdate scheduled with Kelton and Kelsie later this week. We love those guys and can't wait to see them!

I'm loving my friends, family and my life. :)

What are you loving today????

Jenelle's Senior Art Show

Grandma Melanie, Alan, Anna, and I went to Jenelle's senior art show Monday night after I was finished with dance class. I cannot believe that Jenelle is already at her senior year of college, I remember when we were just starting college together and sharing a table at our art class. We used to make fun of our crazy old teacher Jussila and talked about my family alot  (she was dating my cousin Garrett at the time). Now we are all grown up, she about to graduate and start teaching art class and me married with two children. I miss those days, looking back. It was nice to go back to the art building and see the classrooms I used to frequent.

Jenelle is serioulsy one of my favorite artists. Her artwork is so different and unique, I love all the colors she uses. The theme of her show was manifest destiny, so there were various native american styled pieces as well as some western artwork too. Oh, I loved it all! I really enjoyed the native american side the best, I loved all the animals that were incorporated into each piece. She did several self portraits that I found simply breathtaking, my favorite of those was the one with a sparrow flying over her eye. And I just loved the acrylic painting of the native american dancer. Those colors fed my soul and made it so happy!

I was able to see Jenelle's parents and her cousin. I just love Jenelle's mother Steph, she helped me out so much last year for our wedding. She even lent me her corset for my wedding dress! She was so excited to finally meet Anna and to see how big Alan had gotten. Alan is her little buddy, because he shares his name with Steph's husband. :) Unfortunately, Anna was sleeping the whole time so neither Jenelle or Steph was able to see her beautiful little eyes. That just means we will have to meet up again soon. No biggie! It was cool to talk with her cousin Kayla too. I have not seen her since before Lon and I started dating and we talk on Facebook all the time, so I really enjoyed seeing her and Stefan.

It was a great little art show and reception. Alan ended up eating two peanut butter cookies, a peanut butter bar and two brownies lol. And only had a couple bites of his actual sandwich. Needless to say, he was a little wired. Ugh lol, at least he behaved himself around Jenelle's artwork. I was very grateful for that. He just decided he wanted to run around the reception hall and dump lemonade down himself. Oh the joys of a preschooler. He thought he was so funny too lol! The show was still very enjoyable, we saw some great artwork and spent time with our loved ones we have not seen in a while. I hope we can do something like that again soon!

If you are in town and have a chance to go check out her gallery, go to MSU Billing's Liberal Arts Building and visit the Senior Art Gallery next to the Northcutt Steele Gallery. I have long dreamt of having my artwork in this gallery and Jenelle has too. I am so proud of her for this accomplishment! Good job Jenelle and beautiful artwork! We love you so much!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Circus, Birthdays and Baby Showers

Our weekend was fantastic! We did not get to see Lon too much on Saturday as he worked all day and night but we did go to the Ringling Brothers circus and then to Colton's third birthday party. He had a Mickey party and his mama even tried to make a pinata for it! Homemade pinata with three children of her own? She rocks lol, even if she was not successful! I would not try that with my two lol! Then Sunday was my childhood friend Ali's baby shower. She is having a little boy and the party was themed "Baby Boy Toys". It was too cute!  We had so much fun this weekend! We saw a bunch of good friends and family, it was so nice to see everyone again. I love it when we can all get together and have our children play together. So cool!

Now let me share a little information with you. One of my weird quirks is I am kinda obsessed with circuses and side shows and the such. Especially old time circuses! Oh I love everything about them! I'm not really sure why but something about the circus has always fascinated and intrigued me. When I was little, I always wanted to join the circus. Its probably the preformer in me. I was so excited to go to the circus this time around. The circus was at the MetraPark instead of the Al Bedoo Shrine Audioturium, obviously because it was not a Shrine circus. We usually enjoy the Shrine circus every spring but in all honestly, it is sort of a small town circus. Not that I do not enjoy it, I love the Shrine circus but the Ringling Brothers are honestly at a whole different level of circus act. They have a HUGE show and they have pyrotechnics and all the other awesome bells and whistles a circus has. I enjoy going to the Shrine circus but I actually look forward to when the Ringling Brothers come to town.

Let me tell you, the show was just fantastic...

They had elephants, trained dogs, camels and horses. The acrobatics were breathtaking, they would have several girls up in the air doing death defying tricks all at once. The music was live, the only way music should ever be at a circus. Anna sat in my lap and soaked it all up, her little eyes bright as she moved her mouth in amazement. I do not know what I enjoyed more, her beautiful expressions on her face or the acutal show. Alan's favorite was the strong man, Ivan was his name I believe. He came out and pregormed three stunts: laying on glass with several women standing on a plank on his chest, lifting five women and spinning slowly with them and the worst one in my opinion, laying down and having a car full of people drive over his chest. Ick! Alan loved it though. Personally, I enjoyed the sideshows and the clown the best. Like I mentioned above, I like the classic circus stuff but these both had a modern twist to them that I just loved!

Instead of before and after the actual show, the sideshows were during the performance but in between acts. The ringleader girls (another interesting modern twist) would come out and introduce several side show acts and then let them preform for a few minutes. There was a fire eater, a woman light as air (my favorite lol), and a controtionist. I thought those were pretty cool. The clown was also a modern Cirque du Soleil twist that I enjoyed thoroughly. Instead of being a colorful clown with an afro and a red nose, he was a nerdy smaller guy with glasses and a suit and tie. But his acting was amazing! He mimed so well and did simply breathtaking slow motion movement. Being a dancer, I appreciated this alot more than a silly clown with all the colors. He was just sooooo cool! Now I want to be a clown for the Ringling Brothers lol! I did not take any pictures because I respect their wishes of no photography or videography but we had a wonderful time! I suggest you go to a show when they come to your town! Especially if you have children! They will not be disappointed!

After the circus, we had Colton's birthday party. It was at his grandparents house, out by the gorgeous Rims. The party was Mickey Mouse themed and everyone got cute Mickey Mouse hats. Alan would not put his on hardly but Anna and I wore ours almost the whole time lol. Kelsie, Keith and Kelton were there and the boys played ball together for a while. Then it was time to open presents. Alan had some issues with just letting Colton open his presents but thankfully each kid got a gift bag. That distracted him pretty well. :) Then it was time for cupcakes. Chelsey made a delicious funfetti cake with crushed oreo topping and mini oreos on top for the mouse ears! They were just precious! Alan tried to have two but I convinced him that one was enough lol.

The kids then got to play with bubbles and bouncy balls and yoyos. I went inside to nurse Anna out of the wind and Aunt April watched Alan for me. While I was inside, I got to talk with Chelsey and her parents a bit. It was so nice to sit down and talk with them, I have known them for almost all of my life (Chelsey and I used to dance together as children) and yet, have not talked with them in quite a while. It was great to catch up while I fed Anna. I was so glad that we got to see Chelsey and her family. It had been since Kelton's birthday party when we last saw them. That's too long! I wish we all lived closer to each other so that we could see each other more. Oh well, such if life. All we can do is make up for it with our many visits like this. :)

Sunday was my childhood friend Ali's baby shower. It was at her parent's house, a place I used to spend a ton of time at. I know Ali's whole family, from her step mother and dad to her baby brother Gabe (Uncle Kalvin's friend) and her baby sister Josie (Alan's friend). It was nice because Uncle Kalvin and Alan had someone to play with while we did the whole baby shower thing. Alan had alot of fun following Josie and the puppies around, they even bugged Gabe and Uncle Kalvin some. Ah little kids lol. The party was "Baby Boy Toy" themed so there were baby ducks and rocking horses all over. My favorite was the little elephant on top of her cake. Ali's step mom also made the cute bathtub punch from Pinterest too. You know, the blue punch with foam (bath bubbles?) and the rubber duckies swimming in it? Yeah I thought it was adorable!

We played four different games- The Baby Name Game, the Diaper Game, the Baby Supply Game and the Jelly Bean Game. The Baby Name Game is the same one we played at Alan's baby shower, you get a necklace and are not allowed to say or spell the word "Baby". Thankfully, I kept my necklace the whole shower but was not talented enough to get anyone else's lol. The Diaper Game is where you check diapers with melted candy in them and try to guess what each candy is. I have to see if I can get some pictures of this, I bet they looked just hilarious! I was only able to get five candies right and I even forgot to put down my favorite candy! Wow! The Baby Supply Game was a fun one, I was really good at that one. You got to look at the diaper cake for a minute and then have to remember all the supplies that were on it. Surprisingly, I won this game! I guess I have a good memory lol. I won some delicious smeling pouperri. The Jelly Bean Game is also the same one we played at Alan and Anna's shower, only we used M&M's instead of Jelly Beans. You are supposed to guess how many are in the bottle. I guessed 776 and there were actually around 1200 in there! Wow!

Even though we did not get to see Lon that much this weekend, we still had a good weekend with family and friends. I just hope that my hubby gets a day off sometime soon, he is getting worn out! My poor guy! :/ Love you Lon!

Toddler Talk Tuesday!! September 25, 2012

Today is Alan's friend Colton's real third birthday. If you remember, we went to his birthday party this weekend with Aunt April. We had a wonderful time with them and I hope you tune in later tonight to see our post about it! Happy third birthday Colton! We love you so much! Have a great day buddy! Alan also has his first dentist appointment later this afternoon with my friend Alexis' dad so let's hope that goes well. I have been talking with Alan about the dentist and what will happen there, he seems confident enough. Plus I promised to take him to Pioneer Park afterwards as a treat. Wish us luck!

Here is this week's Toddler Talk Tuesday!

Toddler Talk Tuesday
This one is a little embarrassing. Well we all know how kids repeat just about EVERYTHING they hear... Lon is obsessed with this new song "Gangnam Style" by this really weird guy named Psy. Seriously, he watches it all the time! They do this little horse riding dance and at one point in the song yell, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sexy lady!" right? Well I thought it was cute when Alan started doing the little dance, especially since in the music video there is this adorable boy who does a little hiphop routine. But the other day we were at the hospital, walking through there halls. Alan was dancing around and we had just heard that song in the jeep. All randomly, he stops and jumps out, singing at the top of his lungs, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sexy lady!!!!" Oh my word. I was horrified. The worst part probably was that there were a few women walking a ways in front of us who turned around all embarrassed when he yelled it. Oh my. *Shaking my head* I was so embarrassed! No more of that song for him lol!
For those of you who have not seen it, here is the video: 

Later today, Alan has a dentist appointment, his first one ever. I was talkng to him about what happens at a usual appointment (cleaning, tooth counting, etc) and he stopped me, asking, "Mama, is the dentist going to be a guy? Cos girls can't look in my mouth, its too stinky." Laughing, I told him that it could be a guy or a girl and we would brush his teeth to make sure that they were not stinky. Silly little boy!

What funny things does your toddler say??? Link up with Brittan today @ A Babbling Brunette! :D Have a great day everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Photos

While working on my upcoming blog change (October 11) recently, I have discovered that it is not in need of as many photos as I had previously thought. My family had a photoshoot at Norm's Island over Labor Day weekend for my blog. We also took the time to take Alan's three year old photos and to update our family picture. Originally, I was going to wait to post these photos until after October 11 but since they are no longer really apart of the blog makeup, I will share them with you. Enjoy! These seriously are some of my favorite pictures of my family!

Daddy and Alan
Being silly together

Another tongue picture lol!

Messing around in the tree hut

Our first nice family picture together!

Trying to grab the camera

My big three year old

Alan's Hulk face lmao

Another family photo

Mama's sweet princess

Had to do a couple picture for the parents lol

Love him so much

I am so pleased with the results! These pictures are just beautiful! I cannot wait until I get actual prints of them to put up in my house! Next paycheck hopefully!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Darling Dozen: Week by Week! Eleventh Week

Today is a busy day for my little family. We had the circus in the morning and then Alan's buddy Colton's birthday party in the afternoon. Alan was pretty excited, he woke up with the sun and has yet to stop talking about the circus or the party lol. He could not wait. :) Be sure to check back with us next week to see how it went!

Here is the second to last Darling Dozen post we will do for Anna. *Sniffle* I cannot believe that she is a week away from being twelve weeks old and only a couple weeks from being three months old. How is that these past eleven weeks have gone by so fast? We are so blesses to have her in our life, what a wonderful little girl we have.

Week: Eleventh Week

Weight: 9 pounds and 6 ounces

Height: 24 1/2 inches

Diaper Size: She is still only size one. And they are just HUGE on her still!

Clothing Size: She is still in between size Newborn and size 0-3M. This is probably her last week wearing them too so I went crazy and started putting her in as many of them as I could.on her. I just wanted her to where them all, they are all so cute and tiny!

Eye Color: They are pretty light grayish blue right now. They still have a dark ring around the edge but the inside part of her iris is a very pretty blue. I love them, I think they will lighten up and look alot like mine! Yes!

Hair Color: It is a mixture of red, auburn and blonde right now. Her hair is so long now too, some strands are even longer than my finger! I wanna put it up all the time and put bows in her hair, but Lon wants me to wait until she is a little older. I still sneak a few on her every once and a while lol, but I respect his request. :)

This Week's Developments: Anna's movements are starting to be refined this week. Jerky movements are being given way to more circular movements. She should also start to push with her legs when on her back or belly, a way for her to start crawling. She is already doing this and it amazes me how much she moves around the floor now!

New Achievements this Week: Anna rolled from her back to her belly this week! And she has been moving like crazy, this girl just wants to be able to sit up on her own and walk already! She has also starting this thing where when I sit with her in my lap, sitting up, she will contract her little abs and sit herself up away from me! I think she is almost ready for that Bumbo chair! Exciting! Her movements are more refined and she likes to "help" me prepare to nurse her. Her little hands will find and grab my shirt and pull me to her mouth. She is so smart!

Breastfeeding: Is still going good. And now, pumping is alot better too! I have been able to pump 3-5 ounces on each side now, each time I pump. I no longer am worried about my pumping stash while I'm at work. As for breastfeeding, Anna can now nurse really well, she only needs to eat for about ten minutes on each side. I was worried about her shortened eating at first but researched it and found out that this is common for babies as they get older. They get alot better at getting the milk out of the breast and so it takes way less time for them to eat. Yay! It has made my day open up SO MUCH MORE!! I can now get several things done around the house in a day, rather than just one thing each day. On average, Anna nurses every 2 to 4 hours in the daytime and every 7 to 8 hours at night.

Colic: No colic here! Just babies who fuss when they get put down because they love the energy contact! :)

Differences this Time Around: Her weight is still the biggest difference, other than her being a girl. But she is almost three months, only nine pounds and still in newborn clothes. Alan was three months old, almost fourteen pounds and about to be in 6-9M clothes! Wow that is a five pound difference! That's almost a whole baby!

Sleep: Sleep has been okay this week. Definitely a million times better than last week lol! I have only been sleeping for about five hours a night but I cannot complain. Last week I was only getting an hour or so, if I was lucky, in the hard wooden rocking chair. Now, do not get me wrong, I love my rocking chair. Its my mother-in-law's and she lent it to us when Alan was born. Its entirely wooden and engraved with beautiful decorations. I love to run my fingers along them. It seriously is my favorite piece of furniture in our house! But I hated it last week because even though it is just beautiful, it is very hard and uncomfortable to sleep in. But Anna wanted to sleep on me while being rocked ONLY so I did what I had to. I will say that I am very grateful that she is willing to sleep next to me in her bassinet this week though.

Anna's Personality: This amazing little lady is already so full of life and personality, she reminds me so much of her brother and even me! She is so smart for her age and we always joke that she is two months going on four years old. We swear that she wants to do everything Alan does, she is just so fascinated with him! She is also very particular and picky. I know I say this alot but she likes things to go her way always. I have adjusted myself slightly to make myself more comfortable and completely ticked her off. She is a little princess but we allow her to be right now because really, you cannot spoil a baby.

Places Anna has Been: Children's Clinic, Walmart, Albertson's, Grandma Melanie's house, Grandma Amber's house, Village Inn, 5Star MMA, Pioneer Park, Applebee's, Rimrock Mall, Scheel's, Victoria's Secret, Oasis Waterpark, Geyser Park, North Park, YMCA, Metra Park, Texas Roadhouse, Norm's Island, Pioneer Park, Chuck E. Cheeses, Salad Creations, U-Do Yogurt, Vanity, Rue 21, Maurice's, JCPenney's, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Denny's, Zoo Montana and Altana Federal Credit Union

Bathing: We are still doing the washcloth baths but I have added a regular bath once a week on Sundays. Recently I have been looking online for things to help us with bathing her and her emmense dislike of water. I found this wonderful new thing called Blooming Bath Flowers. They are huge, plush flowers that you stick in you sink to bath your children. And they look amazing! Lots of babies who hate baths in regular baby baths love baths in the Blooming Bath Flower! I am going to look and see what stores these are at and I will do a little post on them sometime next month or so. Here is a pic of one for now though:

Look at how much this little one is enjoying bath time!

Best Moment this Week: Taking Anna to her first circus this morning! She loved all the new things to look at, especially the animals! She did not like the clown though, although he was my favorite! That story to come next week!

How's Mama: I am doing amazing this week! I have been able to get alot done around the house, got my first paycheck since starting work again, got a decent amount of sleep, was able to get out of the house a few times and Lon even bought me a book to read with his paycheck this week! Yeah he bought me Hunger Games. Yes! Pretty good week for me indeed!

How's Big Brother: Alan has done really good this week at school and at home with us. However, he had some issues today at Colton's birthday party. He does not get to see Colton alot anymore and I think it made it hard for him to understand that they were Colton's presents and that he needed to let him open them and then share. But he did good for the most part. He is still my big boy helper, always doing anything I ask him to do. Last week he helped me bake cinnamon rolls and make Kool Aid. I was so proud of him!

How's Daddy: Lon is my trooper. He got sick yesterday and had to stay home from one of his jobs but he was not able to find someone to work for his other job, so he still went in and helped out. He also went into work today even though he still was not feeling well. My amazing husband! Goodness, I love him!