Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ry'ana's Birthday Party

Last Wednesday night, we went to my old workplace, Chuck E. Cheese, for Alan and Anna's cousin Ry'ana's third birthday party. Alan and her share a birthday and were even born down the hallway from each other! How close is that for cousins? Alan had been talking about this party all day while we hung out and made his birthday mini cakes. It was pleasantly surprising because I thought he would be upset about sharing his birthday with his cousin's party. However, he was really excited to see her and kept reminding me everytime I mentioned his birthday that it was Ry'ana's too. What a smart boy! But Ry'ana and Alan hadn't seen each other in forever so upon first seeing each other, they were extremely wary. It was cute and they of course warmed up real fast once they found out that they had gifts for each other!

It was different being at Chuck E. Cheese then, on that day specifically. I worked there for five whole years, right up until the day I gave birth to my son. Since then, I had barely set a foot in there. Doing it that time, was a very interesting thing. It brought so many memories flooding back instantly. I remembered the countless morning conversations I had with Jeff by the games. The jokes I made with Jesse Childers back by the birthday table. Flirting with the kitchen guys by the pizza pick up window. Every kid who I made their birthdays special. Every spot in that restaurant had a memory. I spent five years of my life there. Five whole years... I did so much growing up there. Its crazy to think about. For how silly this sounds, Chuck E. Cheese helped make me the person I am today. Isn't that weird? Ah, the nostalgia really does come in full...


 Ry'ana looked so adorable in her little leopard dress and with her hair done all pretty. I can't wait until I can put Anna's hair up! Some people say hers is already long enough but we still want to wait. Have only done headbands for that beauty! :) We all had some pizza and let the kids play a few games (they were so antzy and could not wait until after cake and presents). Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and Alan sang his name instead of Ry'ana's (Nice one son!). Then Alan had his cake, even though he had barely touched his pizza. Oh well, I repeat "It was his birthday." Ry'ana's mom, Trista, made homemade icecream cake using the same frosting we used for Alan's mini cakes! Alan was pretty impressed with that. I loved how she made her icecream cake too! She baked and decorated the cake, removed it from the pan, put melted icecream in the pan, placed the cake on top and refroze the whole thing! Made for a perfect icecream cake! And sounds pretty simple to me!

Ry'ana loved the gift we got her. Alan picked her out a Moon Dough breakfast playset and a cool cotton candy sucker. Why he picked a breakfast one we will never know. But Ry'ana enjoyed it and Andrew thought it was pretty sweet that it never dried out. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Alan really like the gift they got him as well. Andrew told me he got him the "Ultimate Little Man Toy" and he was right on with that! They got Alan a tool bench playset for his playarea! Sooooo cool! I will definitely have to take some pictures of it when we set it up, but Alan was seriously so happy with his cousin. Wow! Thanks guys, you way outdid us this year! :)

After presents, the kids were set loose upon the restaurant while sweet Anna hung out with Grandma Melanie. It looked something like this:


Okay so they weren't really all that bad, not compared to some children I have seen at that place. But that is for another post, another time (or is it?). We all had a great time together though and I even got to see some old coworkers plus a few of my students from the YMCA! Everyone was so excited to see how big Alan was and to wish him a happy birthday. They also enjoyed meeting Anna and cooing at her sweetness too. It was a great time for all. Oh love love love love love love love love love love! What a wonderful birthday it was for Alan and Ry'ana! How special it is for them to share that day and that bond, even if they don't realize it now.

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