Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy birthday Ry'ana!!

Today is Alan and Anna's cousin Ry'ana's third birthday!

Ry'ana is my cousin Andrew's daughter. His girlfriend and I found out we were pregnant within weeks of each other and were pregnant together. She even labored down the hall from me! Ry'ana was born the night before Alan, just after midnight. I remember that we were still laboring when we found out that she was born. Then I had Alan the next night. Alan and Ry'ana met that following morning. It was really cool! They have the same birthday!

We have only seen her a handful of times since then but I swear Alan and her could be siblings! Andrew and I joke that they practically are twins and we love their closeness. We will be going to her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow night. Let's hope Alan understands that this is her party and that he had his a few weeks ago! Wish me luck that he does not have a mini meltdown! :D

Happy third birthday Ry'ana! We love you so very much!

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