Thursday, September 13, 2012

Retail Therapy at its Best

Saturday didn't go as planned for us, which made me sad face. Lon was supposed to only work at the gym in the morning and spend the day with us but he got called in to work the restaurant too. Grrr, sometimes it really stinks it being the family restaurant. I was mopy about it all morning, even though I knew I had my lunch date with Tanya still. But I wanted my husband, to make me laugh and play with Alan and sing to Anna and tell me interesting stories and help Alan go potty like a big boy (the way only HE can) and yes, just help me with these kids in general. I really missed him. Plus Alan was excited for the day and wired from it so somehow while I was nursing Anna I guess, he magically aquired a pen and drew all over his little hands. Then he deposited the pen back where it belongs. All without my knowledge, I swear. I did not see the culprit pen and still have not! Ugh! After texting my mom and sharing all these feelings and my morning with her, she decided that her and Aunt April would take us shopping after I went out to lunch with Tanya.

Being a Buddhist, I am naturally not a materialistic person so shopping did not appeal to me. But we went anyways and you know what?

We. Had. Fun. Quite alot too.

But I am getting a head of myself, our date with Tanya! We went to Salad Creations because I had never been there and boy am I glad we did! It was so deliciously yummy, it made my tummy so happy! I had the Original, I know sooooooooooooooo original of me. It had chicken, letuce, black beans, cheese and rice. Alan would not touch it (thankful I was prepared and fed him his lunch at home) but I ate all of it! Soooooooo amazingly delicious!

I had really missed Tanya. It had been probably over a year since we had seen each other, the last time being our adventure at Phipp's past last summer. It was nice talking with her and catching up. I found out that she stopped dating Uncle Darren and started dating another old schoolmate of Aunt Natalie's. Thought that was pretty crazy, what a small world! I seriously love Tanya and am so glad that she is going to school her this fall! I hope for more fun adventures with my children and her!

After we had fille our bellies, we walked down to U-Do Yogurt, the new yogurt and sorbet place in town. Well actually, let me correct myself because I don't really think its all that new anymore since we have had a recent burst of yogurt businesses in town (what a random business to have a boom right? I sure think so.) and there are maybe three newer ones that I just googled. I guess its just that we have never been there before either. But it was a pretty cool place.

Thank goodness we were the only ones in the building because Mister Alan kind of took over the place. He ran around and around the tables for several minutes while we parked a sleeping Anna in her stroller, then checked out both games located at opposites ends of the room. I thought he was going to run into a table or a chair and just wipe out but he didn't. And thankfully the cashier was a younger girl who was totally amused by my wild man. Thank you, young girl! I'm glad I tipped you good!

 The yogurt was a DIY sort of thing. You dispensed your own yogurt, picked your own toppings or sryup and then it was weighed and paid per ounce. They had this fun deal going that if you got exactly 10 ounces, your yogurt was free. So of course we totally tried for that! Unfortunately, Alan didn't get the memo because he loaded our cup up with two different types of yogurt and several different types of candies. I thought that we would be WAAAAAY off but our yogurt surprisingly weighed only 13.6 ounces! Wow! Only 3.6 ounces off, that's not too bad for first timers! We had alot of fun doing that and even though it took some convincing to get Alan to actually eat the yogurt (he didn't like how the candy got cold in the ice cream), I think we all enjoyed eating it too. I know that I sure did!

Anna slept the whole time, which I think dissappointed Tanya somewhat because she wanted to hold her and see her beautiful eyes that I brag about so much. Anna was still very much loved on by her. And as for Alan and Tanya? He flirted with her like there was no tomorrow! I did not know that he liked blondes so much! Wow! She even tried to take a picture of him on her phone and he played games with her, wiggling too much so that she couldn't get a good photo. Little flirt! She finally was able to snap a good one of him but after many silly, blurry ones were taken. That's my boy!

After we left U-Do, we headed to Hastings to meet Grandma Melanie and Aunt April for shopping. While we waited for them to arrive, I planned on having Alan play at the little Thomas the Train playset they have in their Kids Area. Or so I thought... Upon arrival, we discovered that it was no longer there! Super sad face! I entertained Alan by looking at different books and thankfully Grandma Melanie and Aunt April were there real fast! Feeling bad, I ended up buying Alan a book for his bedtime stories. Its this awesome googly eyed dinosaur book. I tried to take several pictures of him holding it but of course, he wouldn't let me. Even when I told him that I would send it to Daddy (my only way of ever getting him to allow me to photograph him)! I also picked up the Kidz Bop: Ultimate Hits CD for my HipHop and Acro Dance class that starts this Monday. Getting more excited and more nervous to start teaching again! Only one more day left!

We headed to the mall and by that point it was mid-afternoon. My mother and sister had not eaten lunch at that point so we stopped to grab a bite for them. It was perfect timing too because Anna woke up and was hungry as well. Everyone ate, including Alan who had a slice of pizza, except for me only because I was still ridiculously full from lunch. Once everyone had gotten their fill and Anna was burped, we headed to give me some retail therapy. We went to several stores and my mother bought me several cute shirts. I will have to post pictures of them once I wear them! Anna slept in her stroller most of the time but became antzy towards the end. Alan was becoming bored and impatient as well. He started hiding in the clothing racks and running through the stores. I chased him down and convinced him to go into the cool changing rooms with Aunt April, who was trying on jeggings. I wasn't able to grab a pic because I was holding Anna and several shirts, but it was a cute litte changing room with blue doors and little white boards where you got to write your names. So fun!


For Alan's last birthday present, we took him to Build-A-Bear. We love this place. Alan has several Buil-A-Bears that he has recieved since birth (but now that I think about it, Anna has none... Weird!) and he enjoys going here for special occasions to make his own bear. This time he chose a small bunny. He "bathed" it and dressed it in a cute plaid shirt with jeans. Then Aunt April and he got on their computers and named him Perry Spy Bunny in reference to the spy platypus from Phineas and Ferb, one of Alan's favorite shows. I thought it was pretty creative!

The best part about the whole day? By the time we were done with shopping, Lon sent me a text saying he was heading home for his dinner break! Yes, yes, YES! We sped home and spent a wonderful two hours together as family before he headed to close the gym up. It was a good day, all in all. I am thankful for family and friends to get the kids and I out of the house when we are a little lonely and blue (or at least I was).
Thanks guys! You make my heart go boom! Do you believe in retail therapy??? Does it work for you??? I certainly do, or maybe its more the power of love and family.

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