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The Darling Dozen: Week by Week! Tenth Week

It has been a rough past few days for Anna and I. Well and probably Alan too, since he stays home all day with us as well. I have a feeling that maybe Anna has an ear infection because in my family if a baby cries more than usual and won't sleep all randomly, they have an ear infection. We all have the same waxy, ear infection prone ears. I know, too much information lol but its true. Unfortunately, I did not remember this until yesterday so when I called to get her a doctor appointment, they were booked until next week. And not even with her doctor. She is booked until November! So I might as well just wait until their well child appointment in October. Ugh, I am glad she is so fantastic but I hate the popularity that comes with it. Rats. Let's just hope that it is just constipation or minor colic and we do not have to go through the waiting to get it treated.

Up early agian with Lon and Anna. This is crazy that I am able to do it this morning without much issue. I mean, I'm awake and my eyes are only bugging me a little bit. Yes! Not sure what our plans are for today. Lon has to work all day today again so we will probably spend time with with Grandma Melanie, Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April. Other than that, I will most likely take Alan to a park and we have to go visit Grandma Amber's house. Lon told me the other night that Aunt Ariel was really missing her niece and nephew. They miss her probably just as much! :)

Here is this week's Darling Dozen! Only 2 posts left! *SOBS*

Week: Tenth Week
She is getting so big! Smiling for the camera!
Weight: Now this is just my guess because I do not want to move her and wake her up. She is almost fully asleep again and finishing up at the breast. But I think she officially weighs nine pounds now! I am so excited! She has definitely grown, I can really tell with her in my lap or on my chest. Its the first places I saw her in comparison to, so I feel like I can tell the minute details really well. She has grown so much since birth! 

Height: Once again, this is my guess. But I am thinking that she is around 24 inches long now too. What a big girl she is! I am so proud!

Diaper Size: We are at size 1 officially. We just broke into the Pampers Swaddlers from the diaper cake Korrine made for Anna's baby shower. I just love Swaddlers! But they are way too expensive for this cheap mama! Sorry Anna, enjoy all of these ones you have lol! She no longer fits in the newborns though, thankfully we used our last one a week ago. Winning!

By the way, what fun it is to take apart a diaper cake or in my case, two diaper cakes. And I am not being sarcastic. I had a blast! I found so much cute stuff on their. Seriously Anna probably got 20 extra outfits, 4 recieving blankets, 4 bottles, a bottle of lotion, a fruit teether (LOVE), 2 pacifiers, 8 baby food spoons, 4 adorable headbands, 2 burp clothes, and maybe 200 diapers total sizes 1 and 3. Can I say WOWZA! Thanks Korrine and Mary for diapering my kid for half a year! Or more like 3 months lmao.  

Clothing Size: She can surprisingly still fit in some Size N but is mostly wearing Size 0-3M. They still look huge on her though. She's really in that speial "middle size" between the two but what clothing company really makes that??? None I am sure. :)

Eye Color: They are getting lighter and lighter each day! They are still a grayish blue but much lighter than last week. I love her eyes so much, they remind me of a thunderstorm. They started out so dark they were almost black and lighten up slowly, like the end of a beautiful storm. I keep saying to people, "I can't wait for her blue sky eyes. The storm will be fully gone soon and she'll have her blue sky eyes." Its beautiful and its crazy and its perfect for her! I love that her eyes are lightening up from sunlight much like the storm would. Her dark thunderstorm eyes showed me her strength from the beginning. How I love them so!

Hair Color: Much like her eyes, now that her beautiful hair has seen the sun it is lightening up from that dark black brown it was at birth. In my womb, it had seen no sun and thus known no color. But now that it is out in the world, her hair celebrates by changing on a daily basis from brown to auburn to red to blonde. What color it will become in the end only Mother Nature knows. Lon thinks she will be a fiery red head like her Aunt April and I think she could go auburn like her Grandma Melanie. She could just be blonde like her Aunt April and her brother or maybe even light brown like her mother. Regardless of her hair color, it will be beautiful. I just know it.

This Week's Developments: If I said a few weeks ago was the week of drool (and I am pretty sure I did at some point but am too tired to check), I was soooooo wrong. This week Anna is so crazy drooly, I cannot beleive it! She covers everything with drool lol! Anna is also supposed to start to get really good at rolling from her back to her belly right now. And I have aleady noticed this! Have to start watching her real good! My little rollie pollie! 

New Achievements This Week: Anna is so stinking strong right now! Her little thighs have started pushing on the ground when she is on her back and boy can she move that way! Uh, I thought that TWO MONTH OLDS were not mobile yet. Why is she using this to move?! And she does! She has kicked her way to me several times before while she is playing under her play gym. Her neck is so strong now too! When we hold her upright now, we are really more balancing her head with our hand then actually holding it. She is pretty much holding her little head up herself! 

Milk drunk and sound asleep

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is still going great, however not everything is perfect in that little world of mine. Since I started work last week, I have been required to provide Anna with at least six ounces of pumped milk twice a week. The first day was a disaster. Anna was very needy and wanted to nurse all day so I only managed to pump an ounce for her. I was so stressed but she ended up sleeping the whole time I was at work (by the way, I am only gone from her for two and a half hours and she is with Lon and then my mother the whole time). Wednesday, I was successful and pumped four ounces for her and she ate all of them and wanted much more. Ugh. So I started preparing for the following week Thursday and have so far only pumped an ounce. Sooooo frustrating! I just keep reminding myself, this too shall pass. I sure hope it does so soon!

Colic: Like I mentioned above, I am not sure if it is an ear infection or colic but this week Anna has not been a happy little girl at all. I will find out for sure though next week and keep you updated! Let's hope its neither and just constipation! Wishful thinking!

Differences This Time Around: I will talk about Anna's size versus Alan's this time around. Right now, Anna is so skinny yet so long! She keeps gaining weight but she is also growing longer so it looks as if she has yet to put any actual meat on her bones! Silly little girl! She looks so tiny in comparison to other babies that are YOUNGER than her! As for Alan when he was ten weeks old, he was starting to get chunky and was pretty short. He looked like a normal formula fed baby, which at the time depressed me as he was only supplemented on formula. But they are so different in size! I feel like Anna is finally Alan's newborn size! She is just so little!

Sleep: Don't even want to go into sleep this week. Remember when I was pregnant and said I was getting all that practice for no sleep at night???? Yeah, well that's now. Grrrr.

Looking out the window during playtime

Anna's Personality: She really is such a sweetheart. She will look at me and watch me so intently for hours while I hold her and if she catches my eye, her amazing smile lights up along with those beautiful eyes. If you talk to her, she will move her mouth so much, trying so very hard to mimic and talk back to you. My little girl is so very determined to be big right now, its just amazing to me. She wants to sit up like we do and walk how we do and talk the way we do. I remember Alan being this way but not until he was about four months old. Anna is already acting this way now. She is so smart and so determined. I originally wanted to wait until she was three months old to use her Bumbo chair but now with how she is acting, we might be using it next week or the week after just to satisfy her! My big little girl!

Places Anna has Been: Walmart, Albertson's, Grandma Melanie's house, Grandma Amber's house, Village Inn, 5Star MMA, Pioneer Park, Applebee's, Rimrock Mall, Scheel's, Victoria's Secret, Oasis Waterpark, Geyser Park, North Park, YMCA, Metra Park, Texas Roadhouse, Norm's Island, Pioneer Park, Chuck E. Cheeses, Salad Creations, U-Do Yogurt, Vanity, Rue 21, Maurice's, JCPenney's, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Denny's and Zoo Montana

Bathing: Still only doing the washcloth baths this week. Anna was not a happy camper this week and Lon worked alot more than usual. I did not want to make my life even more stressful by bathing her in the baby tub by myself. So no she sat in the bathroom with me in her bouncy chair just in her diaper, and wasdown individual parts of her body at a time while the rest is covered with a towel and recieving blanket. Maybe tomorrow I will give her another real bath. I have been thinking about it and she needs to become used to water slowly but cinsistently.

Best Moment This Week: Zoo Montana on Grandparent's Day with Tatum, Heather, Cordelia, Uncle Kalvin and Grandma Melanie.

Happy baby girl

How's Mama: Mama is tired, and stressed and worrying and things (will post about later) and exhausted, and anything else I can think of. But I am always grateful for life and good health for my family. I remember these things humbly at my hardest moments which there have been alot this week.

How's Big Brother: Doing good, just antzy because we haven't gotten out much this week. We went to Grandma's house Wednesday night after work and Alan was a little too wild for everyone's liking. My poor guy just needs more attention. :/ He is doing very good as a big brother though. I love you big boy!

How's Daddy: Like always, Daddy is my super hero, my trooper. He now works from 6 to 9 am at the gym, then 9 to 4 at the Village Inn, and then back to the gym from 6 to 9 pm at night. Some nights he will even go back to the Village Inn to help them close, coming home finally around midnight. He will stil help with the kids when he can, take out the trash twice a week for me, and help vacuum when he can. Last Sunday, he came home from work at the Vilage Inn at 1 am, and did not go to sleep until 3 in the morning. I left him at home for the day so he could sleep and instead he cleaned the whole house for me! Thank you baby, you above all of us, are keeping up with everything!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I will see you all on Monday!

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