Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alan's First Trip to the Dentist

Before I start with this story, I have a small favor to ask you readers. As most of you know, we are trying to move and will be moving by November at the latest. This morning Lon told me of another option for us to live in, one that seems like a very good idea. The whole thing is of course still up in the air, so I am asking you to send positive thoughts and energies our way so that we get this house! We will be looking at it either today or tomorrow, I cannot wait! If you pray, please say a prayer for our little family today. We desperately need to find a place now because we should pretty much be moving already! Aah, its getting to close for my liking. Hopefully we get it! Send us good energy!

Looking back on my childhood, I remember being very afraid of the dentist which grew to a general distaste to dentists and the like. I have oddly never had a cavity, so really I should have no reason to dislike the dentist. But I did, and I still do. I always thought that maybe it was just me but now I feel like maybe it was the dentist. Tuesday we had Alan's first dentist appointment with Doctor Stuart. Now, we also know Doctor Stuart on a personal level. I am friends with his daughter Alexis and Alan is friends with his granddaughter Melody-Ann. We chose him for this reason, I was hoping it would make Alan less cautious while we were there. I apparently chose the right dentist doctor and the right place because Alan did just wonderful and was not afraid at all. We had a great time!

I planned on treating him to a park playdate beforehand, so we went to the park behind the mall and met up with Teagan, her mama Chelsea, her baby sister Harper and some other moms with their kids. Later I found out that the park I chose was named Stuart park  (what a coincedence lol!) too! How weird and lucky, right? Anyways, we went there for about an hour, Alan played with Teagan while Anna slept in the comfortable shade with me. There were a few times when he needed my help, like for this big rock wall part of the playground. He was scared once he got to the top, yet so proud of himself for being able to do that with minimal help! Good job big boy! I only snapped one picture of him, being victorious at the top of that little rock wall. The rest of the playdate I was busy rocking Anna or helping Alan climb. But we had a great time with Miss Teagan! I love that he gets to do playdates with all his little friends at least once a week! It makes him so happy!

We had the dentist appointment almost right afterwards. It was across town, in this cute little building complex only a few blocks away from the house I lived in when I started dating Lon. I think I was more nervous then Alan, while we waited in the waiting room, Alan was jabbering at other patients and dancing around the place lol. Then we were taken back by his hygienist, a girl, GASP!! He let her brush his teeth though. The hygienist started out by showing Alan all the equipment she was going to use, giving him a disposible brush head and sucker piece. Then she showed him the chair he would be sitting in and showed him how the electric brush and sucker worked in his mouth. He surprisingly enjoyed it, I thought that he would have been terrified of those two or even the water dispenser. But he liked water being squirted into his mouth and then sucked out by the electric sucker.

The hygienist then gave him a pair of super, cool shades to wear so the light would not bother his eyes. My little stud let her check all of his twenty teeth, even letting her brush and floss them too! The hygienist told me that his teeth looked good and also that he was currently cutting his last two teeth in his mouth. I thought he was done cutting teeth, no wonder he's been a little resistant about having his teeth brushed! Poor guy! The hygienist also found a sore on the inside of his lip from him biting it all the time. It was big and had hardened so much that she had at first thought it was a tooth growing from there! We discussed options with her, either let it fix itself or have minor surgery to remove it. The latter would invovle anesthesia, which is something that scares me with my child. After talking with Lon, we decided to wait a few years to see if it fixes itself and if it has not by the time he's seven or eight, we would discuss our options again. It made me feel sad though because I brush his teeth twice a day and never noticed it! He never complained about it or anything! My poor strong guy!

We met Doctor Stuart, a great guy, and seriously talked about everything from Anna's teeth to trick or treating lol! He is really good with kids too! I mean, I'd hope so, he has Melody-Ann and Hunter as grandchildren and they are total cuties! :) Doctor Stuart thought Alan was a wonderful patient and was so proud of how brave he was! Alan did not even fuss when Doctor Stuart messed with his little sore! Good job Alan! :) The hygienist took Alan to go pick a prize and we discussed Alan's dental plan. We would come back in March and check on the sore with our usual check up and cleaning, and as long as it had not grown a ton then we would be able to go through with our plan of letting it fix itself. Then it was time to go. I think we had a fantastic first time at the dentist! Way better than how my first time went I'm sure! Good job Alan!

Here are some pictures from the visit:


Has your child gone to the dentist yet? How did they do?

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