Friday, August 31, 2012


With Alan's birthday this month and Anna still in her precious first twelve weeks of life, I am feeling the nostalgia and love to the extreme lately! As some of you may have noticed from my posts, I am feeling so lucky to be living the life that I currently am living. And to think five years ago when I was just a freshman in college, I would be were I am now, its just crazy! I feel like I can never say it enough, I am so very blessed!

I have friends on Facebook who are in all different places in their lives. Some are in college, some are just graduating college, some are starting out their first year as teachers, some are engaged, some just got married, some are expecting, some have been mothers for years and a few have just had their children like me. We are all living different lives, yet somehow are all still connected. I feel like I can still be a part of each of their lives and not just because of Facebook. I feel like if I ran into any one of these people, my friends or old classmates or former coworkers or even my WTE mamas, I would be able to have a normal conversation with them. I would actually be excited to see them and would just catch up on their lives. I am pretty well connected with each one of them already.

I love my children so much and am feeling this to the maximum this month. Both of my children are so beautiful, so healthy, so smart and simply amazing! Alan has been wowing us with his inteligence and curiousity lately. He is interested in money, numbers, letters, addition, subtraction, the human body, animals, jobs, dinosaurs, emotions, shapes, seasons, music, art, science the list goes on and on. I feel confident in homescooling him right now, he will keep himself busy with his curiousity and imagination! Anna is just wonderful as well! She is so smart and advanced for her age! She can alredy lift her head so high, part of her chest comes off the ground too! The doctor joked that she would be crawling in two months! Oh my word! Alan didn't start crawling until he was five months! Super baby girl! She is so attentive and loves to stare at people's faces and mouths. She will move her mouth like she is trying to form her own words, beautiful words that I can't wait to hear! My children are so breathtaking! My husband and I are so lucky to be their parents!

Speaking of my husband, he is the most wonderful man I have ever met. Lon works everday from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon at one job, then six at night until midnight at his other job. He only has Sundays partially off, otherwise that is his schedule. Even with that schedule, he still tries his best to spend quality time with us. Alan loves to play cars or Legos with him so Lon makes a point to do that at least every other day. He sings and holds Anna whenever he can, she just adores him and loves it when he interacts with her. Lon truly is my superman. He gets very little sleep, has chronic pain from his eye, works thirteen hours a day and still helps out around the house and with the children. Lon, I love you so very much! You are simply amazing!

I am such a lucky woman! I haven't felt this happy about my life since well... Alan's last birthday lol! :) Do you feel extremely nostalgic around your children's births/birthdays?

Five Question Friday! August 31,2012

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Three years ago around this time I was laboring myself lol, about to have my beautiful Alan Mikael. :) He will be three on Wednesday, I just cannot believe it yet! We aren't doing anything special for Labor Day weekend, we usually try to go camping with my family but don't have any desire too right now with a newborn lol. But I hope that my dad and siblings have a fantastic time camping at Reedpoint this weekend! Be safe and have a blast guys! :) Sunday, we are taking pictures for some upcoming (and EXCITING) changes to this blog. We are doing family pictures at Phipp's Park most likely. I can't wait to see them turn out! Speaking of pictures, if you haven't already be sure to check out Anna's Newborn Photos that I posted on here yesterday. She did such a good job during them! I was so proud!
Here is this week's Five Question Friday! Enjoy and have a fantastic Labor Day weekend everyone! Please be safe! Don't drink and drive! It isn't worth ruining someone else's holiday (and yours)! Happy Labor Day weekend!

What do you enjoy doing the most with your spouse?
Parenting. Really lol.

I love to watch my husband parent our children, he is so good with them! When Alan was born, I assumed that I would know more about newborns but was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lon knew a little more than I did about them. He still continues to be an awesome dad to Alan now that he is older. I am confident that I will have a great parenting partner all throughout my children's chidlhood!

We also enjoy talking lol, like Mama M said. Lon and I could talk and talk for hours on end if we were allowed to. We talk about anything and everything, from politics to family stuff to philosophies to scientific things to stories to inventions. Anything and everything is fair game for discussion lol. I love that we have that great ability to communicate. :)

How do you eat your taco? From the top or from the side?
From the side of course, its soooooo much cleaner.

People actually eat them from the top? Wouldn't that be just ridiculously messy lol?

Speaking of messy, does anyone else find the new Taco Bell tacos disgusting? The Locos del Tacos or whatever they are called?

Okay, now I have never had one of these before but to me they seem just disgusting because of how messy your hand could possibly get. Have you ever eaten Doritos? Then you know about the cheese powder that so easily sticks to your fingers and hand... pretty much everywhere. So why, WHY would anyone want to put that stuff on a taco shell???? Because covering our face in that cheese powder and looking like babies is cool lol!!! :P No thanks, sick...

Have you ever shut off the basement light and ran like a fool because you knew someone was down there and would get you?
This coming from the girl who used to live in basement apartments- Only if the basement qualifies for that creepy, Sam Raimi style basement where scary things live lol. :P Thankfully we don't have the basement as a part of our apartment here (it is its own technical apartment) because this basement is exactly that.

If you could change one thing about you what would it be and why?
Although I am all about being happy with yourself and against wanting to change your person, I wish that I could not have my anxiety. Because even though I have a good handle on it now, I remember the struggles I had with it most of my life and especially my son's life. My anxiety was crippling back then. I seriously had days where I was not able to function with it. I am so grateful I have a good grasp on it now, but I am aware that it is still there. Life would be a lot easier with generalized anxiety disorder.

But it is a part of me and it helps to make me who I am, so I would never desire to get rid of it. Without my struggles and flaws, I am only part of myself. :)

What age do you think is appropriate to have the "bird and the bees" talk with your children?
This is a hard one because my children are no where near this point lol. I have kinda took the "don't think aobut it until your children prompt you with it" approach to this but I still have 10+  years until I have to encounter this.

I think that anytime after puberty is okay. After purberty, it really depends on the individual child and their curiousity about it. But purberty is when all those hormones are introduced so why not introduce the birds and the bees. I don't think you need to tell a child EVERYTHING but telling them something to put out that curious flame before they go ask somewhere else and find out the information you DON'T want them to know at that age. That's what I fear.
So really, with our children, whenever they ask about the birds and the bees is the right time for us to give them the talk. They will know when is right for them, so why shouldn't we just trust them? :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anna's Newborn Photos

We finally got Anna's newborn pictures back! They are so beautiful! We had my friend Kelsie (Kelton's mom lol) take them for us with her super nice camera. We took them in my living room, with Alan and Kelton running around and screaming while we took the pictures but they still turned out awesome! Thanks again Kelsie for taking them!

I love this one that I took! :)

In her green dress Great Grandma Audrey got her 

She just HAD to have her paci at this point lol, it was mandatory :)

Look at those eyes!

Lookng out the window

And back at us :)
She is so gorgeous!

Little wiggle worm

And we got a smile!

"I'm done with pictures, Mama!"
Oh my word, Lon and I are so very blessed to have this beautiful girl in our lives! Looking at these pictures now, I am reminded that. :) I love you so very much Anna Ariel!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Money, Math, Midwives and Making Cupcakes

Like this really random title lol? I know that I'm really trying with the last one lol. :P Besides just the birthday parties this weekend, we have been pretty busy with other things. Friday I had my postpartum check up with the midwives and I brought both children with me. And Saturday, Alan and I had an impromptu money and math lesson when we went to Walmart to buy Kelton his birthday present. So now it all makes sense, right? :) Lol gotta love it!

So Friday, we went to my check up in the afternoon. Thankfully I was thinking when I had scheduled it lol, and I set the time up for a Anna's naptime (right after her afternoon feeding). That afternoon I prepared Alan, nursed Anna and then the two of us got ready to go. Even though I had started two hours before the appointment, we were still five minutes late lol. But the secretary told me that they totally didn't mind, it was a slow day and everyone had been waiting all day to see me lol, hoping that I was going to bring Anna in. Apparently they had talked to Karina lol. :) Alan sat right down at the kids table in the waiting room and quietly started playing with the toys they had. I was so surprised, I figured he would be everywhere-in the magazines, in the donation clothing, in the pamphelts... I need to give my big boy more credit and have more faith in him. He has grown up so much these past few months and is only continuing to mature now that he is a big brother.

The nurses of course just fawned over my children lol. They oogled and cooed at Anna, while talking with Alan and remarking at his personality and intelligence. One nurse offered several times to help watch them during my appointment, as I would be getting an exam, blood drawn and a shot. I kindly declined but I seriously think she was determined because she came in to "check" on the midwife and I several times lol. Why would a midwife need checking on??? :)

Now onto the statistics of the appointment. I have lost ten pounds since having her (YES) and am back to my prepregnancy weight. So happy about that!!!! My blood pressure was low (like usual) but good. I met with Midwife Joanne, who thought my kids were beautiful and so well behaved (Alan sat on the ground and played in front of Anna the whole time). We talked about postpartum life and she applauded me for still taking my iron vitamins while breast feeding. Then she checked me out (SOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE LOL) and said everything was healed perfectly. She congratulated me again and then sent in the nurse for the blood draw and shot.

I was somewhat apprehensive about having Alan in the room with me while I had needles in my arm, with my frequent fainting habits. But we placed him on the opposite side of the room and had her do them on the arm that he couldn't see very well. And surprisingly because he was in the room with me and I was talking to him to distract him, I distracted myself enough that even thought they were both uncomfortable, I didn't get too lightheaded or faint. Yes! Maybe my kids should come with me when I do that more often lol! :P I got my blood drawn to test if I am still anemic. And the secretary called me back later that night to tell me I still am. :( I guess more iron vitamins until I stop breast feeding! However, the shot I got was the second dose of the Gardasil vaccine. It helps protect against HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. I got the first shot in the hospital with Anna and will get the last one at six months postpartum I believe. Now, I hate shots but I got this vaccine because I think its important. All women should at least look into this. Here is their website for more information.

Now onto the first two M's in this post. Alan has been really into numbers, math, and money lately all on his own. I love this because this proves my unschooling thoeries and reassures me that we chose the right learning path for our son. He has been asking about counting past the number twenty (which is the highest he can count by himself currently) and has been curious about adding and subtracting thanks to a Seasame Street episode he recently saw. He newest curiousity? Money.

Saturday, we went on a Mama/Son date to Walmart to shop for his friend Kelton. Just before we left while I was nursing Anna, he asked Lon about money and what we were going to use to buy Kelton's present. Lon showed him the two fives and five one dollar bills he had for the present. They counted them out together and Alan asked about each written number on the bill. He then asked for his own money for a toy. Well, we have a change jar that we keep for whenever he asks for toys. We pull out change and if we have enough, we get him a HotWheels car or something to that nature. He gets change when he behaves and helps out, only on the condition that he counts it into the jar as he puts it in.

Together, Lon and Alan counted out ten dimes (by tens, mind you) and put them into a wallet Lon had given him. Alan excitedly came in and told us about his dimes and how many he had, just enough for a HotWheels! I promised him that as long if he counted them out to the cashier, he could get his own car. He was so excited the whole time lol! He even felt the need to change into "shopping clothes" aka his monkey pjamas. :) Love him so much!

At Walmart, we picked out Kelton's present-a Lego playset-and then picked out Alan's cool HotWheels car. He picked an awesome racecar red one! He had to show it to at least three employees on the way to the cashier stand lol and have me stop so he could tell them all about his money and his counting. He is such a smart like guy! Once we arrived at the stand, he couldn't wait to pay for his toy so he went before me lol. He gave the cashier, a nice older lady, his car and jabbered at her while she scanned it. Then he dumped out his coins and counted them to her very fast lol, five at a time. She gave him his reciept and you could just see the pride on his face. He then told the cashier "Thank you very much! Have a good day!" lol. Who's kid is this???

Moral of that story: Unschooling works!! We just allow Alan to prompt us with stuff and look at how smart he is getting. Children naturally are curious, we as parents need to just feed their curiousity and they will flourish. :)

Alan and I made his birthday cupcakes together Sunday morning. He helped me pour in each ingredient and counted how many eggs we needed. Then he stired each batch of cupcake batter we made and put all the cupcake papers in each tin. He "helped" me pour batter into each one by telling me to be careful alot. :) Then he helped count the time with me while we waited for them to bake. When they came out, he wanted to be the first to check them. He looked them over and was so proud of his work! He pretty much told everyone at the party that he made them. :) My big guy!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday!! August 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we don't really have any plans, just our daily stuff. Lon works all day while Alan and Anna rule this house lol. Thankfully, I have Anna napping so that Alan and I can eat some lunch and do some learning through play together. I am multitasking right now, writing this post, eating lunch and pumping lol. This is the norm for me now though. People wonder how Iget so much done in a day with two kids... This is how. Can you say Supermom? :P

Anyways, here is this week's Toddler Talk Tuesday!

Toddler Talk Tuesday

At his party on Sunday, Alan saw a couple pretty girls sitting and wanted to go sit with them. He started pulling a lawnchair over to them. One of my friends saw him and asked him what he was doing. He told her, "I'm moving my chair elsewhere" all matter-of-factly. Ummm, when did my kid learn to say elsewhere and who taught him that? That's like a five or ten dollar word that he used correctly!

Everything kept going wrong for Lon the other day. It was your average no good, very bad day. He came home andAlan noticd he was stressed and upset, so he walked up to Lon and asked, "Daddy are you mad?" Lon told him that he wasn't mad, just stressed. That wasn't enough reassurance apparently though because Alan again asked, "But dad, you aren't MAD right???" I love his concern!

Alan is really good about knowing about what Anna wants. If she fusses he will come up to me and say, "Mama, Anna needs to eat/needs her diaper changed/is tired!" He always is right too! There have even been times when she is awake and he will sit and have a full conversation with her! I asked him how he knew what she was saying and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Anna talks with her mouth and her hands and her feet and her face." Wow how does he know that's how she communicates?! :)

This morning, Alan came running into my room, yelling, "Maaaaaamaaaaa! Mama! My weinie is up! My weinie is up! Make it go down, down!" Lol, apparently he discovered morning chub lmao! Oh boy did it scare him! Poor guy!

Alan and I were hanging out while Anna napped and I blogged. I admittedly wasn't paying alot of attention to Alan while he jabbered and played, that is until he came up to me and said, "Mama, don't be shy! Its just an elephant, it can't hurt you. Its okay, don't be scared." Laughing, I looked and saw he was holding a stuffed elephant and smiling at me. What a silly boy!

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Alan's Birthday Bubble Bonanza

Sunday was Alan's birthday party. We had it at Pioneer Park in the late afternoon. The weather was perfect for a party, not too hot and only a little breezy. There was a lot of smoke in the sky, from the fires in Roundup but it didn't bother anyone except my ashmatic mother. :) I actually thought it was pretty! We were late to our own party, thanks to Anna cluster feeding lol. But we are lucky that my friend Jessica and her daughter were there because they found us a spot. She was my superhero, she's thirty weeks pregnant and had her one year old but was still willing to wait for my crazy butt. :D Thanks Jess, you're a true friend. Once we arrived, I sent my workers off to decorate and set up the party while I set up the bubble area and took photos. The one thing about having a big family is you can have lots of helpers. I had Aunt April and cousin Morgan on decorating, my mom was in charge of food and drinks, while Lon and my dad grabbed chairs and tables.

I was so excited that so many people showed up! Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd were there, Great Aunt Carolyn and Great Uncle Rick brought Alan's cousin Sophie, Kelsie brought Kelton, Chelsea showed up with her daughters Teagan and Harper, Jessica was there with Carly, Heather came with her daughters Tatum and Cordelia, Great Aunt Marnie and cousin Morgan were there, then of course my family was there. Aunt Natalie wasn't able to make it to town because her car broke down and Lon's family wasn't able to come either. But we were so glad that everyone who came was there! We had missed you all and had a blast with you all.

As the kids arrived, they started playing bubbles with Uncle Kalvin and Alan. We had a bunch of bubble things- bubble wands, bubble guns, a bubble machine, a bubble lawnmower and personal bubbles you can carry around. The kids went crazy, trying out each bubble thing and running around trying to pop each other's bubbles. This was so much fun to watch! There were a few disagreements (which can be expected when children are so much alike and have grown up together lol) but they were quickly resovled. :) I love all the pictures I got of them playing! Soooo cute!


After we played for a bit, it was time for cupcakes!

If you remember, I did the cupcake bar with the kids. They were given the option of a chocolate or vanilla funfetti cupcake, icecream or frosting to go on top, and then sprinkles or M&Ms for the topping. The cupcake bar was a hit with everyone! So many people enjoyed the cupcakes Alan and I made, many so much that they went back for seconds and even thirds! I was so glad I saw this idea in a magazine, we might have to do this every year! :) Well, maybe not lol. Gotta up my game next year with two birthdays!

Then it was time for presents. Alan surprisingly got quite a few big presents this year. He was pretty happy about that. :) Of course, this means that we will be going through his old toys and donating all the ones he doesn't play with as much. Because now he has so many more big boy toys! I loved that Lon got to open presents with him this year, I love taking Father and Son pictures of them! And it made Lon so happy to get to have that bonding time with his son, since he works so much and doesn't get that time as much as I do. Oh it makes my so happy to see them together! :D While we were doing presents, Great Aunt Carolyn held Anna. Great Grandma Carol also got a chance to hold her and it made her day to see her again! She hadn't seen her since we were in the hospital and had missed her so! Anna was so wide awake and attentive the whole party, it was awesome! I was hoping she would be that way, I had made sure she had napped and was fed by the time of the party and I got lucky! I was able to get so many awesome awake pictures of my beautiful girl!


The wading pool had closed but Aunt April and cousin Morgan went with the other parents to the playground for a bit. I stayed behind and helped clean up then nursed Anna. By the time I was done, everyone was back and the party had started to wind down but the babies were still being passed around. :) Aunt April snuggled with Cordelia while my mom and Lon tag teamed Anna for fun. Sophie and Tatum were buddying up, as were Teagan and Kelton. Alan was wrestled with Uncle Kalvin while all the adults chatted it up. It was a good time for all.

I had such a wonderful time at his party and its all thanks to everyone who came and helped us out. We love you all so much and I hope that each one of you had just as good of a time! I miss everyone so much, we all need to make sure and get together again soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kelton's Third Birthday Party

Saturday was Alan's good friend Kelton's third birthday. We actually ended up not going to the Member Appreciation Day at the Y because we had too much to prepare for Alan's birthday. We spent most of the day running errands to prepare. But Kelton had his birthday party that night and we went with Aunt April. Almost all of our good friends were there. There are five of us girls from childhood who now have at least one child each. I love these girls so much because I feel like we are all sisters! Our kids listen to each of us and we all pass around the babies to give each other a break. Girls, I love you!!!! :D

Chelsea and her two daughters were there, as were Chelsey and her three boys lol. We were only missing our friend Jessica and her daughter but I'm sure that she had a good reason to not come. She's thirty weeks pregnant lol. :) We had such a good time and I took tons of pictures! So reader beware, this post will be a photo dump! :P By the way, I am having horrible hiccups right now. Ugh this is like the seventh time since Friday! Grrrr...

The party was Spiderman themed. I loved how Kelsie decorated the backyard and the cupcakes for the kids! So cute! The four of us got there about a half an hour late but that's to be expected when you have two kids lol. Everyone was eating pizza and the kids were playing when we arrived. Having run errands with us all afternoon with only one bottle, Anna was pretty sure that she was starving and wanted to nurse right away. So we retreated from the loud party to their house to nurse. I was grateful for Aunt April because Alan was able to stay out there and play with the kids. They chased each other around the backyard, played ball and just caused all around chaos lol. We were lucky to be inside or it might have taken Anna forever to nurse. She can have almost ZERO distractions when she nurses.

We finished just in time for cake. Everyone gathered around the table to sing Kelton happy birthday. Alan chose to stand next to Miss Teagan. :) I think he may have a little crush on her lol. We all sang and when it was time to blow out the candle, Kelton refused. I think he didn't like having all the attention on him, Alan is the same way. Finally, they convinced him to blow out the candle and then Kelsie showed the kids where the cupcakes were. Then it was a cupcake frenzy lol! I think Alan got two cupcakes and several other kids did too. But it was okay, there were only so many kids and Kelsie didn't want leftovers anyways. The kids were on a sugar high though, and it was even crazier when Kelsie introduced the water balloons.

The kids grabbed balloon after balloon, pelting each other and the ground with lightning speed. Even some of the bigger kids and the adults got involved. They went through the hundred water balloons in a matter of minutes! It was wild to watch! Everyone was in the shooting range lol, you had no idea if you were going to get hit! With a bunch of toddlers and water balloons NO ONE IS SAFE!!!!!!! :P All the kids wanted more balloons once they were gone, but Kelsie distracted them by having Kelton open his presents. And wouldn't you know, these kids are all so close EVERYONE helped Kelton open his presents lol. How nice of them right? ;) Kelton didn't mind one bit. He loves his buddies!

At this point, it was getting late and all the kids were getting tired and cranky. So Kelsie had them do the last activity, the Spiderman pinata. Kelton went first and Alan got to go after them. Those two boys are so tenacious! They weilded the baseball bat like a sword and swung it around to smack Spiderman. No one was really strong enough to break him open (though one kid knocked him off of the rope he was tied to) so after everyone got to go twice, Kelsie opened it for them. Then it was another little frenzy, only this time with candy. They all grabbed handfuls and filled their goodie bags. Then the big kids started a game of catch with the football while the little kids winded down and played with Kelton's new toys. Aunt April joined in the football game, but only because Kelton's uncles were cute lol. :P Ah, to be a teenager again. She was so dorky and girly, I knew she was flirting. I can only hear her now, "OH MY GOD JILLIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T YOU DARE WRITE THAT ABOUT ME!! I did NOT like those boys!"

Yeah right Aunt April... :)

Kelton's party was a total blast, we all had such a wonderul time and it was so nice to be able to see everyone and all their kids! I haven't seen most of them since having Anna, its been too long!! The kids are growing so fast, I can't believe how big some of them have gotten! I love you girls and your families! We must start up these playdates again!