Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Money, Math, Midwives and Making Cupcakes

Like this really random title lol? I know that I'm really trying with the last one lol. :P Besides just the birthday parties this weekend, we have been pretty busy with other things. Friday I had my postpartum check up with the midwives and I brought both children with me. And Saturday, Alan and I had an impromptu money and math lesson when we went to Walmart to buy Kelton his birthday present. So now it all makes sense, right? :) Lol gotta love it!

So Friday, we went to my check up in the afternoon. Thankfully I was thinking when I had scheduled it lol, and I set the time up for a Anna's naptime (right after her afternoon feeding). That afternoon I prepared Alan, nursed Anna and then the two of us got ready to go. Even though I had started two hours before the appointment, we were still five minutes late lol. But the secretary told me that they totally didn't mind, it was a slow day and everyone had been waiting all day to see me lol, hoping that I was going to bring Anna in. Apparently they had talked to Karina lol. :) Alan sat right down at the kids table in the waiting room and quietly started playing with the toys they had. I was so surprised, I figured he would be everywhere-in the magazines, in the donation clothing, in the pamphelts... I need to give my big boy more credit and have more faith in him. He has grown up so much these past few months and is only continuing to mature now that he is a big brother.

The nurses of course just fawned over my children lol. They oogled and cooed at Anna, while talking with Alan and remarking at his personality and intelligence. One nurse offered several times to help watch them during my appointment, as I would be getting an exam, blood drawn and a shot. I kindly declined but I seriously think she was determined because she came in to "check" on the midwife and I several times lol. Why would a midwife need checking on??? :)

Now onto the statistics of the appointment. I have lost ten pounds since having her (YES) and am back to my prepregnancy weight. So happy about that!!!! My blood pressure was low (like usual) but good. I met with Midwife Joanne, who thought my kids were beautiful and so well behaved (Alan sat on the ground and played in front of Anna the whole time). We talked about postpartum life and she applauded me for still taking my iron vitamins while breast feeding. Then she checked me out (SOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE LOL) and said everything was healed perfectly. She congratulated me again and then sent in the nurse for the blood draw and shot.

I was somewhat apprehensive about having Alan in the room with me while I had needles in my arm, with my frequent fainting habits. But we placed him on the opposite side of the room and had her do them on the arm that he couldn't see very well. And surprisingly because he was in the room with me and I was talking to him to distract him, I distracted myself enough that even thought they were both uncomfortable, I didn't get too lightheaded or faint. Yes! Maybe my kids should come with me when I do that more often lol! :P I got my blood drawn to test if I am still anemic. And the secretary called me back later that night to tell me I still am. :( I guess more iron vitamins until I stop breast feeding! However, the shot I got was the second dose of the Gardasil vaccine. It helps protect against HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. I got the first shot in the hospital with Anna and will get the last one at six months postpartum I believe. Now, I hate shots but I got this vaccine because I think its important. All women should at least look into this. Here is their website for more information.

Now onto the first two M's in this post. Alan has been really into numbers, math, and money lately all on his own. I love this because this proves my unschooling thoeries and reassures me that we chose the right learning path for our son. He has been asking about counting past the number twenty (which is the highest he can count by himself currently) and has been curious about adding and subtracting thanks to a Seasame Street episode he recently saw. He newest curiousity? Money.

Saturday, we went on a Mama/Son date to Walmart to shop for his friend Kelton. Just before we left while I was nursing Anna, he asked Lon about money and what we were going to use to buy Kelton's present. Lon showed him the two fives and five one dollar bills he had for the present. They counted them out together and Alan asked about each written number on the bill. He then asked for his own money for a toy. Well, we have a change jar that we keep for whenever he asks for toys. We pull out change and if we have enough, we get him a HotWheels car or something to that nature. He gets change when he behaves and helps out, only on the condition that he counts it into the jar as he puts it in.

Together, Lon and Alan counted out ten dimes (by tens, mind you) and put them into a wallet Lon had given him. Alan excitedly came in and told us about his dimes and how many he had, just enough for a HotWheels! I promised him that as long if he counted them out to the cashier, he could get his own car. He was so excited the whole time lol! He even felt the need to change into "shopping clothes" aka his monkey pjamas. :) Love him so much!

At Walmart, we picked out Kelton's present-a Lego playset-and then picked out Alan's cool HotWheels car. He picked an awesome racecar red one! He had to show it to at least three employees on the way to the cashier stand lol and have me stop so he could tell them all about his money and his counting. He is such a smart like guy! Once we arrived at the stand, he couldn't wait to pay for his toy so he went before me lol. He gave the cashier, a nice older lady, his car and jabbered at her while she scanned it. Then he dumped out his coins and counted them to her very fast lol, five at a time. She gave him his reciept and you could just see the pride on his face. He then told the cashier "Thank you very much! Have a good day!" lol. Who's kid is this???

Moral of that story: Unschooling works!! We just allow Alan to prompt us with stuff and look at how smart he is getting. Children naturally are curious, we as parents need to just feed their curiousity and they will flourish. :)

Alan and I made his birthday cupcakes together Sunday morning. He helped me pour in each ingredient and counted how many eggs we needed. Then he stired each batch of cupcake batter we made and put all the cupcake papers in each tin. He "helped" me pour batter into each one by telling me to be careful alot. :) Then he helped count the time with me while we waited for them to bake. When they came out, he wanted to be the first to check them. He looked them over and was so proud of his work! He pretty much told everyone at the party that he made them. :) My big guy!

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