Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alan's Third Birthday Party Plans (Sorta)

Happy one month birth anniversary Anna! I can't believe a month ago I had just given birth to you. How does time go by so fast??? :) Ahhhh, its also already that time of year! In less than a month, it will be Alan's third birthday party. We usually do it the weekend before his birthday because it always usually lands on Labor Day weekend. This means most people are camping out of town. But I cannot believe it is only a month away!! I have nothing planned for it lol!

I have been asking Alan what kind of party he wants to do. Everyday, he tells me something different lol. Boys... :) One day its dogs, the next day its aliens, the next its dinosaurs, then monsters, then cars, then animals, then robots lol. I was joking that I should just combine them all and do a dogs, dinosaurs, aliens, and monsters in cars driving through the jungle full of animals lol. Just buy one type of decoration (monster, alien, etc) for each item I need (plates, tablecloths, etc)? Lol brilliant! :P After searching on Pinterest and other places, I think I have it narrowed down to either dinosaurs, robots or monsters. Then I talked to Lon about it and together we came up with the best birthday plan EVER! :)

We want to do a birthday bubble bonanza. We will get a bunch of fun bubble wands and bubble guns, anything cool that has bubbles I think. Let the kids play with the bubbles and they can also swim in the wading pool. I don't think we will be doing a barbecue this year but we will have some snacks. :) I think we will have his party at a park again this year, but I'm not sure which one. Sacajawea Park we did last year, cousin Sophie had her party at Pioneer Park again this year, so maybe Rose Park or Terry Park? Terry Park's playground isn't too toddler/preschooler friendly so probably Rose Park.

The other thing that I want to do for sure is my cupcake bar. I am going to make three different types of cupcakes, unfrosted, and have the kids pick what they want for their frosting and toppings. Instead of regular frosting, we will use ice cream with three different flavors again. The toppings will be easy things like sprinklers, M&Ms and other candies. The kids will go down the row and make their own cupcakes. I think they will just love it! :D

So now all I need to do now is get the invitations out. Lol last year I hand made his invitations, but this year I might buy some... Or Facebook invites might suffice lol! Its hard enough caring for two kids and keeping a clean house, I don't have time anymore for card making! Too bad too because I have already come up with several ideas for what to do for invites. Darn lol!

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