Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays!! July 14, 2011

Yay! The weekend is almost here! I can't wait for Saturday to come so I can sit back and relax! Plus my mother and Aunt April return from Las Vegas tomorrow, we really miss them! Aunt April went up there for Thunderstruck Nationals, a dance competition and workshop. She gets to dance with memebers of SYTYCD! Lucky ducky! :D

Nothing too exciting is happening today, I work at three and Alan will be going with me. Boring lol! :P But today is my friend Jessica's due date and tomorrow is my cousin in law's due date, so be prepared for some new baby posts lol! They work perfectly with today's topic as well. :P

So for now, here's Toddler Talk Thursdays!! Enjoy!

Sippy Cup Mom

This Week's Topic:
How to handle bringing a new baby home with a toddler in the house?

This is something Lon and I have discussed over and over again. We are both from a family of six kids and understand how hard it is sometimes to get another sibling. I want almost as many kids as our parents had as well. :) So we will be treading very carefully with this one.

Our first plan is to wait. I wanted Alan to enjoy his first two years of life as an only child, so we are planning on waiting until after his first birthday to get pregnant. That way Alan and baby will be at least two and a half years apart. Plus this makes its easier on us to get him to understand that he will be getting a new sibling.

If you remember way back, I mentioned the WTE Kids books? Which I just loooooooooooooooooooooove by the way lol. Well they have a couple books about a second pregnancy or bringing the new baby home. Here's the pregnancy one:


Well we would read those and talk about the new baby, as well as watch some videos. I know Seasame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba both have DVDs on new babies and such. We would also participate in this class that our town's hospital has called I Was Here First. Uncle Kalvin went with me to it when I was pregnant with Alan (he was only five at the time). The class talks with the kids about babies, plus teaches them basic safety lessons like not to feed baby anything but what mommy says, and how to help hold baby. Its a great class, Uncle Kalvin was nervous about not being "my baby" (he's my baby brother and I admittedly spoiled him back then lol) before the class, but was excited for Alan to come afterwards.

Then when baby did come, I'd have him have a special BIg Brother sleepover at Grandma Melanie's house while I delivered. Grandma would bring Alan up to the hospital after the delivery and Alan would get to meet his baby brother/sister for the first time there. I've heard its sometimes harder for toddlers to meet their new siblings for the first time at home, because of how personal the place is. So I will probably do their first meet up at the hospital.

Above all, what I want to do for Alan is let him know that he is not being replaced, and that I can have room in my heart to love him and all of his future siblings equally. It is hard, being a mom of multiple children, but I belive that I can do it! :)

How would you handle bringing a new baby home to your toddler???

Idea for Next Week's Topic:
How do you potty train your toddler?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy birthday Aunt Ariel!!

Today is Aunt Ariel's 11th birthday.


I met Ariel almost three years ago when I first was dating Lon. She was a sweet eight year old then, who reminded me a ton of my own sister. I made a mental note to get them together sometime lol. Now, they have hung out a few times and are pretty good friends. :) Haha!

I love my sister in law so much!

For her birthday, Ariel got her ears pierced! Which doesn't please Lon to much lol, Mr. Anti Piercing or Tattoo Hippie Man. :P But she's pretty excited about it. We called her and got Alan to attempt to sing her happy birthday lol. It was basically Lon singing in the background and Alan singing "Irthday. Ieo. Irthday. Happy." Too cute! :) This weekend, we are planning on taking her to the Kidz Fest at Zoo Montana with Alan for some summer fun! I can't wait, we haven't been there in a while!

Happy birthday Aunt Ariel! We love you so much! <3

Who Am I???

I've been seeing this on several other blogs, so I thought I'd play along. Enjoy!

I am... A Daughter, A Sister, A Dancer, An Artist, A Storyteller, A Teacher, A Mother, An Aunt, A Wife.

I want... The weekend to come.

I have... A lot to be grateful for, sometimes I just need reminding.

I wish... We had air conditioning in this sauna of a house.

I hate... People who just don't care.

I care about and love everyone, can't you return the favor???? Is it really that hard?

I fear... For a lot of things, as a mother, but you can never tell.

I hear... The sound of our fan running with Lon's light snoring, and Alan's voice ringing down the hall. <3

I search... For life, love, and friendship everyday.

I wonder... If there is life on other planets and if they are capable of love like we are.

I regret... Nothing. Its my motto.

I love... My son and husband, as well as all my family and friends.

I even love you... Bet you didn't know that, huh??? :)

I ache... Inside for Caylee Anthony's and October Perez's lost life. Or for the loss of any child, anywhere.

Children should not die! :(

I always... Am strong for my husband and family.

I usually... Meditate daily for clarity and strength. Could you imagine how crazy I'd be if I didn't????? :P

I am not... A teen mom! People should start realizing that!

I dance... Every chance I get. No matter the setting.

I sing... As I work, sometimes.

I never... Will hurt a living creature, unless its for food. I am a predator nonetheless, I need meat to survive.

I sometimes... Get bored and do weird things to entertain myself lol. Like make weird noises, etc.

I cry... More than I should probably. I'm over emotional sometimes.

I am not always... Perfect. And I need to remind my OCD that daily.

I am confused... by Algebra. Letters should only belong in Language, NOT mathematics.

I need... To finish this and get ready for work lol. I have an art class to teach!

I should... Go to the store today, because our cabinets are bare. But Lon won't get paid til Thursday and I don't want to go twice in a week!

I AM....
just me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday!! July 12, 2011

Man it is hot! I woke up three minutes ago and I already am covered in sweat! Thank goodness I'll be stuck inside the YMCA all day today, at least they hace A/C! :P

Here's Top Ten Tuesday!!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Since my birthday is only twelve days away, I thought I would do a fun top ten post today and do a birthday wish list. I am not normally materialistic and I, in no way, expect to get anything on this list. But this is still fun to do. :) Enjoy!

Top Ten Birthday Gifts I Want!
aka Birthday Wish list

#10 Anything from Bath and Bodyworks

I LOVE their stuff!!! It all smells so good! :D

#9 Another Wooden Buddha Statue

You can never have too many of these if you're a Buddhist lol! :P


#8 Giftcard to Walmart


#7 Daft Punk's Interstalla 5555


#6 A stereo system for my car

I've had my car for over six months now, and I still haven't gotten a stereo system. I miss the radio! Its annoying having to sing or talk to yourself to keep yourself entertained lol. And it makes me look like a crazy person.

#5 Clothes from Old Navy


#4 Giftcard to Eternal Ink for my tattoo

I want to get my tattoo for Alan! Still haven't yet, boo.

#3 Nikon Coolpix s220


#2 Another good book to read...

I've had a hard time getting into American on Purpose by Craig Ferugson, but would just loooooooove a new good book to curl up with. Reading is so relaxing for me.

#1 The Best of the Flaming Lips CD


Monday, July 11, 2011

Alan's Second Birthday Party Plans

Alan's birthday is in less than two months, ahhhh that's too soon!

This time last year was when I started thinking about birthday parties for him, so I guess its time to do that now. Even though I don't want to.

I'm still in denial that Alan will be two. As much as I love that he is a big boy and is growing up so quickly, the mom in me wants my sweet little newborn back. I loved Alan as a baby, he was so sweet and happy and easy. My mom always teased me that I was silly for getting stressed out, because I had the easiest baby ever. :P Not to say that I don't love him now, I love how smart and happy he is. I just am having some issues with my beautiful baby boy growing up. :)

But I will take you along with me on my thought process for what I want to do for his birthday. I promise I haven't even thought of it before this, everything is fresh and new lol! :P So enjoy this fun brainstorm!!!

We don't have a lot of money right now, so I don't think we will be renting a birthday space like we did last year. Last year, we rented a room at the zoo and had an Elmo Safari themed party. Alan loved it, and we all had fun, it was just pretty expensive for us. This year, I am thinking about doing a party at a park.

Possibly Pioneer Park, where I had his baby shower. Oooooh I love that little gathering of trees by the pool! But cousin Sophie had her party there... Maybe another park, just to be different. Maybe Rose Park, Alan really liked that park when I took him there the other week. And hopefully the pool thing won't be opened so it won't be a temptation! Hmmmm... Or even Sacajawea Park would be fun. I like that park and there's some nice shaded areas to set up a party at.

Okay so Sacajawea Park probably. But what should be his theme????

Alan's favorite characters are Seasame Street characters, Cars characters and Yo Gabba Gabba characters. I don't want to do Elmo again, so maybe Cars? Oh definitely Cars, look at these party supplies! So cute!


And it wouldn't be too hard to make a cute racetrack cake like this.


We were thinking of doing Alan's party either the weekend before or the weekend after his birthday. His birthday is on Labor Day this year, so we know that a lot of people will be out of town that weekend, including possibly my family. So either Sunday August 27 or Sunday September 11... September 11 is our cousin Blake's birthday and my friend's due date, so I'm thinking the week before.

So Sunday August 27 at Sacajawea Park. Now all I need to think of is what to get Alan from us. I wanted to get him several things:

-We've been talking about starting Alan's college fund when he is two, so that might be one gift. Going along with this, I might just ask his guests to get him small gifts or make donations to that fund. We haven't looked to much in it, but we are thinking of going with the Gerber Life College Plan. This is still in the works though.


-Also, I have an old tricycle I used to ride when I was little, that's a little old and needs some love. So starting this month, Lon and I are going to fix it up and repaint it for Alan. I already got him a cool helmet, and that will be his big gift from us. Here's kinda what it will look like.


-Finally, going with the Cars party theme we will probably get him some Cars 2 toys. Right now, Alan only has a Doc and a Mater toy so he would love to have more of the characters! I think I might also give away one to each guest for a party favor. Like these ones, right from the movie!


Now that sounds like an awesome party for my little man! Yes! :D All I have to do now is... Make the invitations, buy the supplies, refurbish the trike, buy the presents, annnd make the cake lol. Phew! Easy peasy! :P

There will be no Meet Me on Monday or Motivational Monday today. Be sure to check them out next week though!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We beat the heat!!

Yesterday, Lon took us up to Sean's folf course to announce some good news. He got a job there working as a handyman/maintenance worker of the field. I am so pleased to hear this! He will be working part time, during the day except for Fridays and Saturdays he will work nights to help with the block parties. Awesome! :D I made him steak with macaroni and cheese for dinner to celebrate, then we cracked open the beers still sitting in our fridge from our wedding lol. Yay!

Lol today was a scorcher though. I didn't work at all, so I was really hoping to sleep in this morning, but we all woke up with the sun. It was so hot!!!! Lon had to work today so it was just going to be Alan and I all day. We hung out and played cars most of the morning, then after lunch I sunscreened him up and we went to Pioneer Park.

It was weird when we got to Pioneer Park, because the park was packed but there was no one at the playground. We quickly realized it was simply because of the heat. Alan stepped into the sand in his sandals and screamed bloody murder. :( So I decided to take him on a walk. We walked to the bridge and looked out over the creek, then followed the creek down to the football stadium and high school, looping back up to the wading pool. We saw a few dogs, which excited Alan, and a double bicycle, which Alan tried to chase down lol! :D Once we got to the wading pool, it was only getting hotter outside but Alan wasn't ready to go. I was brave and decided to take him to the wading pool.

I was about to take off his sandals and shorts, but he immediately walked into the water lol. I gave up and followed him in. :) The wading pool was pretty busy and a bunch of kids came up to play with Alan. He gladly followed this little girl around the pool, then showed another baby boy how his jeep floats. What a friendly little boy I have! :) We probably walked the entire length of the pool several times, with Alan jabbering away lol. But he wouldn't sit down in the water.

A kid ran past him and he got scared and fell over into the water. That freaked him out a bit. So I had to hold him and walk him around in the water for a bit. What a crazy mom I must've looked like! I realize now that we were the only people in our clothes, and I was the only mom in the pool with her kid, IN HER CLOTHES! :P Lol I probably looked like a crazy lady!

Alan got back in the water after a while, but we could only play for a little bit longer. He started stumbling more and falling into the water again, so I took that as a sign that it was time to go. He was tired, thirsty and probably hungry. So I picked him up and carried him to the car. That started World War III tantrum with him. Oh boy! He did not want to go lol!

On the drive home, Alan fell asleep lol! I knew he was tired! While he took his nap, I was able to get some cleaning done. I cleaned the living room, hallway, our bedroom, and Alan's bedroom. I also vacuumed the living room, hallway, our bedroom and kitchen. I even was able to sneak in a shower for me. Whoo! It was nice to get some cleaning done, now we have a few more things to do. I think for dinner we will be having leftover steak, along with Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada. Yum! Perfect dinner for a Sunday!

I have officially had over 4,000 page views! Thank you all so much! I love all of my readers and followers, you keep this blog alive! Thanks again everyone! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Motivational Monday, Meet Me on Monday and Alan's Second Birthday Party Plans post. It will be a busy day for the Andersen family! :D

Month in Review: June 2011

Here is my ever so late Month in Review post lol. I know I said I would post it yesterday, but I worked all day and then we went up to Lon's new job site (will post more later!) and hung out. We didn't get home until late. But here's my month in review! Enjoy! :D

This month we celebrated Alan's second cousin Sophie's first birthday. Alan had a great time with Grandma Melanie and Aunt April at her birthday party at Pioneer Park. A few days later, we celebrated our two month anniversary. I can't believe how quickly its going, before we know it our one year anniversary will be here! :P

Speaking of weddings, I went to two weddings of my friends this month. First, Alan and I went with my family to my good friend Zach and his wife Mara's beautiful wedding. I loved Mara's pink converse, the crayons at all the reception tables, the pinwheels for Alan to play with, and the cute polka dotted cake. Lon and I also attended my good friend Chelsey and her husband Dan's beautiful wedding reception (I had work and we were only able to make it to the reception). I loved that it was technically a date for Lon and I, the cute western look of the whole thing, the fact that it was a BARN, the food: pulled pork sandwiches YUM!, and how adorable the couple was. I love both couples so much (and little Colton too!) and am so happy I was able to celebrate your love on your wedding days! This month we also celebrated Father's Day with Lon. Unfortunately, my dad was out of town, but Alan and I celebrated with him later that week.

Aunt April had her Diversity Dance Studio Recital in the begginning of June. She was beautiful and I loved all 12 of her dances! We went up to the Rims with Alan, Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April for the first time of the summer. It was nice and warm, and Lon took us to some cool spots! Plus we got to watch airplanes land! Alan went swimming in the pool for the first time of the summer as well with my family. On Father's Day, Lon surprised us with a day trip to Great Grandpa's Ranch.

Alan surprised everyone later that week lol, when he played with Uncle Kalvin in the sprinkler! Normally he has a fear of running water or water parks but he loved it and had a blast! Then we had a fun filled Sunday where we went to Rose Park, saw Cars 2 in theaters, and went to the Symphony in the Park with Uncle Kalvin and Korbin! What a great day that was with Alan! Sadly, this month was also Korbin and his family's last month in Montana. They left at the end of the month for Seattle. :( We love them and miss them!

I wrote about A TON of different things this month. I wrote about the best way to travel with a toddler, its pretty fool proof too. :P I wrote about us needing to downsize our apartment. I expressed my concern about parents keeping their children sunscreened in all this wonderful summer weather. I took the Mommy Pledge proudly this month. :) I wrote about ways to keep a toddler busy in the summer. I also wrote about the wonderful joys a teacher will experience sometime. Then there was the post about vacationing with a toddler and my excitement of our upcoming fourth of July trip. And finally, I wrote about having an emergency kit for your toddler and how we only have ONE babysitter for Alan.

What a busy month! Summer has definitely came! Can't wait for this month! :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Three, the Final Day at Canyon Ferry Lake: July 4, 2011

Here's the last installment of American Camping Week. To see the other two, click here and here. Also, be sure to tune in tomorrow for my Month in Review post! Have a great night! :)


Today started out even earlier with the heat! I swear it was even hotter than yesterday! Happy fourth everyone! We woke up at eight and once again were the first ones up. Aunt Natalie and cousin Lex woke up shortly after us but while we waited for the rest of the family to wake up, we went for a walk down the beach. A lot of the campers and tents were loading up and leaving, so the beach had cleared up quite a bit. It was a nice walk, and it was awesome to step in the water every once and a while when it got hot! :) Then once everyone had woken up, we had breakfast of watermelon, grapes and cantelope.

Hanging out with Grandpa Kevin

Alan wanted to play with the rocks and sand some more after breakfast, so we put him in his suit and set him out by the shore. I took tons of pictures of him scooping and dumping his rocks, and he was an awesome thrower and splasher in the water. I will try to get some of these photos up! Lon wanted to go check out our house one last time, so we left Alan with Grandma and Grandpa and set off.

Lon really wanted to figure out what happened to the house, so we started looking for clues. We found a ton of burning glass and a shattered pot, plus some melted china and sorched wood. Lon concluded that the house had burnt down. :( It was still interesting to discover what happened, even though I was somewhat saddened by the result. So we decided to go and look at the surrounding foundations. There we found some sort of a metal shop (blacksmith?) and a horse shed. All the buildings were built near a river, and a trench had been man made close to the buildings. It was so cool to see it all!

Alan was just about to try swimming with Aunt April again when we arrived at camp. This time he wasn't as into it and he screamed bloody murder at her until she took him back to shore lol. So he went back to shoveling and playing with his boat in the shallow trench Lon had made him. :) Silly April! While Alan played on the shore with Aunt April, we sat and caught up with my aunts and uncles. I miss these guys so much, it was great to just hang out with them. I love every minute of it. We talked about logging, and riding, and about the loved ones who couldn't come up. Oh I miss them all. :) I also found out that my family from Colorado will be coming up to Montana in August! Exciting! I haven't seen these people since BEFORE I started dating Lon! They have never met Lon or Alan! I can't wait for them to meet my boys, they will love them!

Great Grandma Mary, Alan and Aunt April in the lake

We had a lunch of leftover hamburgers and hot dogs, plus the remaining fruit. Alan ate two whole hot dogs! He was a hungry little man! It was getting into the hundreds outside, or so it felt like, so we decided to quickly tear down camp. And I am proud to say it only took us twenty minutes to tear down! Just me and Lon! :D Go us! It was getting close to leaving time for us, so we decided to take Alan on one nice four wheeler drive. We took him up the hill and around the cliff, down to the beach and all the way to the road. I went nice and slow, but Alan squealed the whole way lol! He loved it!

In my fourth of July gear, but soaked from swimming in the lake!

Then we had to say our goodbyes to the lake family and head into town. We stopped in at Townsend for gas and snacks, and to say goodbye to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Welch. They were sad to see us leave, but excited to hear that we might be coming back up in a month.

The drive home was uneventful again, even though we took the back route home. Loved seeing all the gorgeous landscape while we drived and Alan just kind of hung out the whole time, looking around quietly with his mouth open. :) There was no place to stop for dinner, we somehow missed Wades, the only diner on the way lol! But we got home at 8 and stopped by at Dairy Queen for dinner and treats.

What a great camping trip it was! I can't wait until August! We might go up again! :D

Five Question Friday!! July 8, 2011

Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)
Yes I do and I have always felt this way, even when I was a child learning cursive. I believe that a child should be taught ONE WAY to write words and when they are a little older they can develop their handwriting more. But cursive? Do you know how many adults use cursive for things OTHER than their signature? Like five lol.


I guess what I am saying is, if you want to teach cursive then you'd better either replace it with printing (which they would never do) or teach several handwriting styles (like calligraphy). That's all I'm trying to say. :P

Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?
Um, I currently use the old, old fashioned way of keeping everything on a calendar on the wall or in my head. Because I don't have a smart phone lol, or even a stupid phone. :P

As of right now, Lon and I don't have cell phones. They are too expensive and we would rather use that money on food or rent.

So definitely the old fashioned way lol.

What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)
All our legal documents.

Alan's Baby book.

The lilies pressed in books from my wedding and my wedding photo book.

I know that's technically four things, but I would save all of those. Everything else can be replaced. :)

Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?
Country Mouse all the way! We live in a city (Ick) right now, but I love the country. When we went to Canyon Ferry Lake this last weekend, I was reminded of how country I was. I was actually not afraid of the outhouse, like Lon was! :P And I really don't get along with people, maybe personally but not in a big group. I would waaaaaaaay rather live outside of town than in town. People are just too gossipy lol.

If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
So You Think You Can Dance!!!!! I love this show! And I do think I can! :P


I totally would go! I would have to do a lot of training to get myself back to where I was in high school, dance wise, but I would do it. Wanna know something cool? I've taken classes from a lot of the choreographers and was almost in SYTYCD in high school, but was not of age so they wouldn't take me. Pretty cool huh? I was almost on there!!!!! :D

Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! Tune in later today for my last installment of American Camping Week posts!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Two at Canyon Ferry Lake: July 3, 2011

Here's the second installment of my American Camping Week posts! Enjoy!


The morning started out nice and early with the heat.We woke up around nine (sleeping in a tent will do that to you lol) and as soon as Alan and I got outside, he ran to the lake and started throwing rocks again. Only Great Grandma Mary was awake, so we talked and watched Alan play. One by one everyone else woke up, until only Grandma Melanie and Uncle Kalvin were sleeping. Everyone was hungry so we sent Alan in the camper to wake them up. He proceeded to run back and forth, screaming their names lol. Woke them right up! :)

We had a quick breakfast of cantelope and grapes (Yum!) and then we set off hiking, this time into the hills. While walking through the hills, we found the coolest (kinda) house! Its really just the foundation, but when you get close you can see that there's a basement with cellar steps! We explored and figured out which way the front door was, etc. We had a blast!

Lon and I got back to camp just in time to Grandpa Kevin showing Alan his dirt bike! Grandpa Kevin and my siblings are avid riders, so I knew it was a matter of time before Alan got put on a dirt bike lol. :P But he was quite excited and interested by the whole thing, and we snapped picture after picture of him on it! Then he got down and checked out the wheels. He thought it was pretty cool how different they were from car wheels. Alan's so smart! :) By this time, it was lunch. We made sandwichs and had more fruit. Yum! Loving all this summer fruit!

Grandpa Kevin and Alan on Grandpa's dirtbike

I haven't mentioned the lake too much, for some reason lol. The lake is reeeeaaaally full right now, and the shore is up twice as high as it was last year. We have almost no shore! When we went swimming, Alan was not into the water at all. The three of us went out together, with Lon holding Alan, but all Alan did was fuss. We tried just setting him in the water to walk and he wouldn't let his feet touch the water lol! So we decided to just set him on the shore where the water could run on him, and he played for a half an hour there! We couldn't find his shovel and bucket, so we improvised with a plastic cup and camping spoon. He loved filling his cup up and dumping it out into the water, or filling it up half with water and half with rocks. It was a lot of fun for him!

Aunt April, Aunt Natalie, Mary, Lexi and Me at the Canyon Ferry Dam

The family was making a day trip to the Canyon Ferry Dam, and the surrounding marinas, so we changed and left. The drive was a nice 25 minute or so drive, and Alan passed right out. We passed by the house were my mom used to live in, and the church she went to, as well as the trailer they once stayed in near a ranch. It was awesome to see and hear her past, and hear how strong of a woman she is. I love her so much. :) Once we got to the bottom of the Dam, we got out to take pictures and explore some. There was A TON of water coming out the other side! It was like a huge waterfall! We tried to wake the napping Alan so he could see the coolness, but he wouldn't even stir. :) So we decided to drive over the Dam and head to the Yacht Basin Marina.

Aunt April, Alan and Daddy on the boat dock

By the time we got to the Yacht Basin Marina, Alan had awoken from his nap. He was excited to go out onto the dock and see all the sailboats and the fish under the docks. The wobbliness of the dock scared him at first, but he knew that he was safe with both Mom and Dad holding his hands. :) We even got the chance to watch a sail boat dock! He thought that was the coolest! Then we headed up in to the store so Grandma could buy some supplies. Alan and us hung out on the patio and looked out on the lake, he loved it. Then we got back in the car.

Family ice cream pic!

Next we stopped at Kim's Marina for ice cream and other treats. Grandma Melanie really wanted to buy Alan a real bucket and shovel for this trip so we set out to find one. Alan picked out a cute blue bucket with a yellow shovel but wouldn't give up a matching blue and yellow toy speed boat, so Grandma Melanie also got that for him. Plus Alan had an ice cream sandwich for the second time ever! And he loved it! :) We then left for camp, and Alan fell back asleep on the ride home. He was exhausted!

When we arrived at home, we took a break in our tent and waited for Alan to finish napping and wake up. We were planning on attempting to swim with him again once he awoke. While he rested, we watched some of Tron: Legacy on the portable DVD player and tried to keep cool in the heat. It must have been 120 degrees in that tent (that is an exaggeration lol, but that's how it felt)! Blaaaaaah! It was nice that Alan woke up pretty shortly after we went in there, so we could get in that cool water!

We attempted to take Alan out into the water again, and he fussed like before. So Lon dug out a little shallow water trench and set him in it to play with his bucket, shovel and boat. He loved that! His legs and butt were wet, so he was cool, but he wasn't freaked out because he was still close to shore. So he played and played while Lon and I cooled off in the water. It felt sooooooooooo nice!! Then Aunt April came out with us, and she tried taking Alan out into the water. At first I protested, but she got him out there with Lon and was dunking his hair into the water! And he was loving it! :D What?!?! She got him into it lol? Then Lon was being a dork and running around them, and Alan was laughing the whole time. It was fun.

After swimming, we had dinner and sat out by the campfire. Alan went to bed once the sun had gone down fully, and we all sat out by the campfire and looked at stars. I loved finding constellations! We found the Milky Way, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and Orian's Belt. Sooooo cool!

Mama and Alan by the campfire

Aunt Natalie, Aunt April and Alan by the campfire

I love camping! I don't want to go home tomorrow! :( Waaaaah, I wanna stay here FOREVER!!!

Toddler Talk Thursday!! July 7, 2011

Today is payday for me, hooray! The day were money moves in and out of my account so quick you wouldn't believe it! :P Nah lol, it is still a good day. Make sure to tune in later for my second installment of American Camping Week, it is very exciting and eventful! It is also going to be another hot one today. We were all woken up with the sun this morning, because the heat came along with it. Can you say water park???? :) We might take Alan to Terry before I go to work.

Here's Toddler Talk Thursdays!

Sippy Cup Mom

This week's topic:
What is your toddler's favorite summertime toys?

Alan is really into balls right now lol. Any type really, he's just been really into throwing and kicking lately. Basketballs, footballs, baseballs, even kickballs. He just gets so excited when he sees a kid playing with a ball.


He also loves to play with hopper balls now. He discovered how to use them last Thursday and has played with them everyday at daycare since. He looks so adorable on them too! He will set himself on top of one, and bounce until he launches himself off of the ball! And then start over again. Too cute!! :D


There is one thing that ties with balls for Alan, he is also obsessed with cars. Matchbox, Hot wheels, or Cars brand, he has over 50 little cars that he plays with all the time. Some mornings he will wake up and the first word out of his mouth is "Cars" lol!


So between cars and balls, my kid would be entertained FOREVER!

Idea for next week's topic:
How does your toddler's mealtimes normally go?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day One at Canyon Ferry Lake: July 2, 2011

Its American Camping Week! Welcome everyone! :D Lol please enjoy this journal entry I wrote about our first night camping!


The trip to Canyon Ferry was pretty uneventful, thankfully for us. I'll admit that I was a little nervous about taking Alan on a three and a half hour car ride, but he did great! We left at noon, a little later than originally planned but alright nonetheless. Alan fell asleep before we even hit Laurel lol! Silly boy! He slept all the way to Bozeman. Once we got to Bozeman though, we woke Alan up for lunch at DQ.

While waiting for our lunch, I got to watch a grown man (most likely mentally ill) throw a fit at the poor cashier because he didn't have enough money for 3 medium blizzards. Wow. I was actually a little scared at the time too, because the man was really creepy. That teenage girl handled it so well but I still have to say, I'm glad I left Alan in the car with Lon! I was quite unnerved.

The last half of the drive was also uneventful, though we did have to go through ridiculous bridge construction work by Toston. Oh and we marveled at all the flooding! Almost everywhere was flooded and all the rivers looked swollen. We even passed by a house in Livingston that was completely surrounded by water! It was its own little island! Weird lol.

Grandpa, I missed you so!!!!

Alan was so happy to get outside once we arrived, he immeadiately ran to the lake shore and started throwing rocks into the lake with Aunt April. About half of my family was there this year, Grandma and Grandpa Kimmel, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Welch, Aunt April, Aunt Natalie, Uncle Kalvin, Great Uncle Shane, and second cousin Lex. Aunt April and Alan threw rocks while we unloaded the car and found a spot to set up camp. We are camping on Confederate Bay, and man is it packed! The entire beach is full with campers and tents! It craziness here!

After we had set up, we all went for a walk around the trails. We took a specific trail that took you up a cliff and at the top you could see the whole bay. Alan loved walking up to the top and looking over the cliff onto camp. He kept trying to get everyone's attention though lol. Silly boy. :P Then we went back for dinner.

Having some dinner, camping style!

Grandpa Kevin was fishing off the shore after dinner, which made Alan really interested in him lol. He walked over and they started talking. Then Grandpa Kevin showed Alan how to cast and reel a fishing pole! He was so interested! What a proud parents we are! And Grandpa even caught a baby fish that he let Alan touch! :D Then Alan helped him release the fish back into the lake. Alan said, "Bye bye fishie!" to it! :D

Eating a marshmallow while Dad makes smores behind him

What a great first day we had!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

22 months old!

Instead of starting my American Camping Week out with a camping post, I will post today about Alan 22 month milestones. He now only has two more months until he's two! Wow!

Last Friday night, we went up to the new folf course in the heights (the one that Lon built the baskets for) for their Grand Opening and fourth of July celebration. Lon's friend Sean owns it, if you remember. :) Well the party was awesome! Our cousin Garrett was there and his band performed, it was great to hear them again! Sean also roasted a pig and was serving pig tacos lol! Then we folfed through the new course, and those baskets look great! They look professionally made! Wow, good job hubby! :D There was also professional drifters in the parking lot, which Alan thought was the coolest. I was nervous for the drivers the whole time lol, but I'm just a worry wort. :) Overall though, the party was good. I'm glad we took the time to go out there.

At 22 months, Alan can:

-Run, jump, kick, throw, climb stairs, and dance.

-Follow directions really well. If I tell him to do something, he will most of the time. And he does good with two step and three step directions. I think it really helped us taking him to art class because now he understands multiple step directions.

-Say or mimic just about any word you say. Before we left Canyon Ferry Lake, I had Alan saying all of his Great Aunts' and Uncles' and second cousins' names. They were so proud! And I am choosing to not try and remember ALL the billions of words Alan can say now, because its like 120+ words!

-Go pee on the potty all the time, when were at home. He wears big boy undies now! :D He still is struggling with pooping on the potty however, and will hold that in until he's in a diaper. Ugggh, gotta cut out those diapers soon! :P

-Identify all of his body parts. He even learned where his butt is, thanks to Aunt Natalie and Aunt April. Not sure how I feel about this lol.

-Count to ten, name all the colors of the rainbow, sing Happy Birthday, ABC, Itzy Bitzy Spider, and Little Bunny Foo Foo. He's pretty good at doing the hand signals for the last two as well. Its so cute to hear him sing them, but he gets shy around people and won't do it lol.

-Help pick up and put away toys. He loves to do it too lol! He will pick up randomly at work or at home, and its so funny!

-Climb into his car seat with supervision. And he's pretty good at putting his arms through and then snapping it, with help. Makes me proud!

-Turn the pages of a book, and will recognize if the book is being held upside down lol! This is cool, I just figured this one out!

-Loves to give his mom and dad and other loved ones hugs and kisses! And he also will hug girls in daycare if they are sad. So sweet!

Happy 22 months Alan! We love you so much!

Tune in tomorrow for Day One of Camping!! Good night everyone!

Top Ten Tuesday!! July 5, 2011

Oh boy, today will be a hard one for me lol. I dread having to go back to my regular schedule of working, after having the weekend off to do whatever I pleased. Oh well, I can do it! Its a short week! :D

Here's Top Ten Tuesday!! Stay tuned for my American Camping Week post later today, it will be awesome!!!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Books I Must Reread
(when I have the chance to breathe lol!)

#10 Harry Potter Series


#9 Ender's Game


#8 The Lord of the Rings Series


#7 The Stand


#6 A Wrinkle in Time


#5 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


#4 Catcher in the Rye


#3 Water for Elephants


#2 Plato's Republic


#1 1984


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy fourth of July!!

We just got back into town from our camping trip- it was great, we didn't want to leave lol! Will start my week of camping posts tomorrow, I'm exhausted from the drive. :P

I really wanted to stop by to wish everyone a happy fourth of July though!


Happy birthday America! You may be an old 235 year old, but I think you look gorgeous for your age! :P I hope everyone had a great time with their loved ones, I know we did! You will hear more about that later though of course. :) And last but certainly not least, I want to thank all the men and women who serve our country! Thank you for our freedom!

To celebrate, we are watching A Capitol Fourth 2011 on PBS. We got back into to town too late for either fireworks show in town and Alan is still afraid of the loud noises that the fireworks make, so we will just be celebrating this way. :) Alan likes these fireworks better anyways, not as loud. Its cute because he won't stay away from the tv and let us watch it too lol! He loves the singers and the fireworks too! He just keeps saying "Oooooohhh!"


Happy fourth everyone. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday and the first installment of my Week of Camping posts.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canyon Ferry Lake or Bust!!

I just wanted to get on here real fast to say goodbye to the blogging world before we left for Canyon Ferry Lake. We will be back at home on Monday night, and so I will get a fourth of July post in here. But there will be no Meet Me on Monday or Motivational Monday however. But I will also come back tanned (or sunburned more likely lol) and with lots of stories to tell as well! Bonus! :P But until then, have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone! I love you all!

Wish us luck now on our four hour trip in the car with Alan! :) I'll admit that I'm quite stressed about it, but I know like always he will do just fine. Its just four hours! Ahhhhhh!

Happy fourth of July weekend. I love you all!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Question Friday!! July 1, 2011

So if you remember from my post yesterday, we all went to get Lon's Cadillac checked out before I went in to work. I was a little anxious about having to wait in their lobby with Alan, for however long it took them to change the oil and such. Plus, I forgot to mention this but I was also worried about Lon's car. During our trip to Great Grandpa Andersen's Ranch, the Cadillac started reporting 0% battery voltage or something to that effect. Can you tell I know nothing about cars???? :P Thank goodness for Lon.

But... Luckily there is nothing wrong with his car... kinda! Only his sensors and the computer are malfunctioning, but everything else is in perfect running condition! The mechanic even gave us the approval to take it up to Helena for the fourth. Yes! :) And we got lucky with Alan as well! We had brought him his Mater and Doc car toys but the Master Lube had complimentary ice cream sandwiches. Alan chowed down on a whole sandwich! And it took him the WHOLE FIFTEEN MINUTES that it took for the mechanic to check Lon's car. Can you say AWESOME???? :D

It rained last night while I was at work. It was weird lol. We were outside with the kids and it started cooling way down, and I said, "Its gonna rain." No one believed me so we stayed out for another hour. I kept nagging them to go inside, and when we finally did, down poured the rain. Immediately after wards! It was crazy lol! I felt pretty cool though, predicting the rain and all! :P

Here's Five Question Friday!!

If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you?
Uh YES!!!!! Bungee jumping is definitely on my bucket list, and I would take just about any opportunity (as long as its safe lol). I think it would be an awesome thrill!

Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in?
I would way rather go to the drive in theater than the movie theater. There's something about going to drive in theater that makes it really feel like summer. I love sitting outside of your car to watch the movies too.

But I haven't even been out to the drive in yet this summer. And that stinks. Gonna have to plan a night out with my boys to the drive in!

Do you have your groceries delivered?
No way lol, I'm pretty sure that Billings doesn't even HAVE grocery delivery companies. Plus that would make me feel ridiculous. No thank you, I'll just stick to buying my own groceries at the wee hours of the morning lol. :)

Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au naturel?
I'm a plucker. I only pluck every once and a while, when I start to look Groucho Marx lmao.


And I do lol. Believe it or not, I let my eyebrows grow that long before plucking. I am a hippie and I think plucking hurts lol!

And what's threading???? That sounds even more painful!

Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today?
Not really. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a teacher, a mom and a wife. And today, I'm exactly that. :)

I will say that some of my friends are surprised that I have Alan, but that's only because before he was born we weren't you average pregnant couple, telling everyone that we're pregnant. Lol we were really private about it. :)

I hope that everyone has a great and safe holiday weekend! I will try to post tonight or tomorrow before we leave town. But if I don't, I hope everyone has a great fourth and I will post again Monday night!! Love you all! Peace