Sunday, July 10, 2011

Month in Review: June 2011

Here is my ever so late Month in Review post lol. I know I said I would post it yesterday, but I worked all day and then we went up to Lon's new job site (will post more later!) and hung out. We didn't get home until late. But here's my month in review! Enjoy! :D

This month we celebrated Alan's second cousin Sophie's first birthday. Alan had a great time with Grandma Melanie and Aunt April at her birthday party at Pioneer Park. A few days later, we celebrated our two month anniversary. I can't believe how quickly its going, before we know it our one year anniversary will be here! :P

Speaking of weddings, I went to two weddings of my friends this month. First, Alan and I went with my family to my good friend Zach and his wife Mara's beautiful wedding. I loved Mara's pink converse, the crayons at all the reception tables, the pinwheels for Alan to play with, and the cute polka dotted cake. Lon and I also attended my good friend Chelsey and her husband Dan's beautiful wedding reception (I had work and we were only able to make it to the reception). I loved that it was technically a date for Lon and I, the cute western look of the whole thing, the fact that it was a BARN, the food: pulled pork sandwiches YUM!, and how adorable the couple was. I love both couples so much (and little Colton too!) and am so happy I was able to celebrate your love on your wedding days! This month we also celebrated Father's Day with Lon. Unfortunately, my dad was out of town, but Alan and I celebrated with him later that week.

Aunt April had her Diversity Dance Studio Recital in the begginning of June. She was beautiful and I loved all 12 of her dances! We went up to the Rims with Alan, Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April for the first time of the summer. It was nice and warm, and Lon took us to some cool spots! Plus we got to watch airplanes land! Alan went swimming in the pool for the first time of the summer as well with my family. On Father's Day, Lon surprised us with a day trip to Great Grandpa's Ranch.

Alan surprised everyone later that week lol, when he played with Uncle Kalvin in the sprinkler! Normally he has a fear of running water or water parks but he loved it and had a blast! Then we had a fun filled Sunday where we went to Rose Park, saw Cars 2 in theaters, and went to the Symphony in the Park with Uncle Kalvin and Korbin! What a great day that was with Alan! Sadly, this month was also Korbin and his family's last month in Montana. They left at the end of the month for Seattle. :( We love them and miss them!

I wrote about A TON of different things this month. I wrote about the best way to travel with a toddler, its pretty fool proof too. :P I wrote about us needing to downsize our apartment. I expressed my concern about parents keeping their children sunscreened in all this wonderful summer weather. I took the Mommy Pledge proudly this month. :) I wrote about ways to keep a toddler busy in the summer. I also wrote about the wonderful joys a teacher will experience sometime. Then there was the post about vacationing with a toddler and my excitement of our upcoming fourth of July trip. And finally, I wrote about having an emergency kit for your toddler and how we only have ONE babysitter for Alan.

What a busy month! Summer has definitely came! Can't wait for this month! :D

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