Sunday, July 10, 2011

We beat the heat!!

Yesterday, Lon took us up to Sean's folf course to announce some good news. He got a job there working as a handyman/maintenance worker of the field. I am so pleased to hear this! He will be working part time, during the day except for Fridays and Saturdays he will work nights to help with the block parties. Awesome! :D I made him steak with macaroni and cheese for dinner to celebrate, then we cracked open the beers still sitting in our fridge from our wedding lol. Yay!

Lol today was a scorcher though. I didn't work at all, so I was really hoping to sleep in this morning, but we all woke up with the sun. It was so hot!!!! Lon had to work today so it was just going to be Alan and I all day. We hung out and played cars most of the morning, then after lunch I sunscreened him up and we went to Pioneer Park.

It was weird when we got to Pioneer Park, because the park was packed but there was no one at the playground. We quickly realized it was simply because of the heat. Alan stepped into the sand in his sandals and screamed bloody murder. :( So I decided to take him on a walk. We walked to the bridge and looked out over the creek, then followed the creek down to the football stadium and high school, looping back up to the wading pool. We saw a few dogs, which excited Alan, and a double bicycle, which Alan tried to chase down lol! :D Once we got to the wading pool, it was only getting hotter outside but Alan wasn't ready to go. I was brave and decided to take him to the wading pool.

I was about to take off his sandals and shorts, but he immediately walked into the water lol. I gave up and followed him in. :) The wading pool was pretty busy and a bunch of kids came up to play with Alan. He gladly followed this little girl around the pool, then showed another baby boy how his jeep floats. What a friendly little boy I have! :) We probably walked the entire length of the pool several times, with Alan jabbering away lol. But he wouldn't sit down in the water.

A kid ran past him and he got scared and fell over into the water. That freaked him out a bit. So I had to hold him and walk him around in the water for a bit. What a crazy mom I must've looked like! I realize now that we were the only people in our clothes, and I was the only mom in the pool with her kid, IN HER CLOTHES! :P Lol I probably looked like a crazy lady!

Alan got back in the water after a while, but we could only play for a little bit longer. He started stumbling more and falling into the water again, so I took that as a sign that it was time to go. He was tired, thirsty and probably hungry. So I picked him up and carried him to the car. That started World War III tantrum with him. Oh boy! He did not want to go lol!

On the drive home, Alan fell asleep lol! I knew he was tired! While he took his nap, I was able to get some cleaning done. I cleaned the living room, hallway, our bedroom, and Alan's bedroom. I also vacuumed the living room, hallway, our bedroom and kitchen. I even was able to sneak in a shower for me. Whoo! It was nice to get some cleaning done, now we have a few more things to do. I think for dinner we will be having leftover steak, along with Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada. Yum! Perfect dinner for a Sunday!

I have officially had over 4,000 page views! Thank you all so much! I love all of my readers and followers, you keep this blog alive! Thanks again everyone! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Motivational Monday, Meet Me on Monday and Alan's Second Birthday Party Plans post. It will be a busy day for the Andersen family! :D

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