Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Three, the Final Day at Canyon Ferry Lake: July 4, 2011

Here's the last installment of American Camping Week. To see the other two, click here and here. Also, be sure to tune in tomorrow for my Month in Review post! Have a great night! :)


Today started out even earlier with the heat! I swear it was even hotter than yesterday! Happy fourth everyone! We woke up at eight and once again were the first ones up. Aunt Natalie and cousin Lex woke up shortly after us but while we waited for the rest of the family to wake up, we went for a walk down the beach. A lot of the campers and tents were loading up and leaving, so the beach had cleared up quite a bit. It was a nice walk, and it was awesome to step in the water every once and a while when it got hot! :) Then once everyone had woken up, we had breakfast of watermelon, grapes and cantelope.

Hanging out with Grandpa Kevin

Alan wanted to play with the rocks and sand some more after breakfast, so we put him in his suit and set him out by the shore. I took tons of pictures of him scooping and dumping his rocks, and he was an awesome thrower and splasher in the water. I will try to get some of these photos up! Lon wanted to go check out our house one last time, so we left Alan with Grandma and Grandpa and set off.

Lon really wanted to figure out what happened to the house, so we started looking for clues. We found a ton of burning glass and a shattered pot, plus some melted china and sorched wood. Lon concluded that the house had burnt down. :( It was still interesting to discover what happened, even though I was somewhat saddened by the result. So we decided to go and look at the surrounding foundations. There we found some sort of a metal shop (blacksmith?) and a horse shed. All the buildings were built near a river, and a trench had been man made close to the buildings. It was so cool to see it all!

Alan was just about to try swimming with Aunt April again when we arrived at camp. This time he wasn't as into it and he screamed bloody murder at her until she took him back to shore lol. So he went back to shoveling and playing with his boat in the shallow trench Lon had made him. :) Silly April! While Alan played on the shore with Aunt April, we sat and caught up with my aunts and uncles. I miss these guys so much, it was great to just hang out with them. I love every minute of it. We talked about logging, and riding, and about the loved ones who couldn't come up. Oh I miss them all. :) I also found out that my family from Colorado will be coming up to Montana in August! Exciting! I haven't seen these people since BEFORE I started dating Lon! They have never met Lon or Alan! I can't wait for them to meet my boys, they will love them!

Great Grandma Mary, Alan and Aunt April in the lake

We had a lunch of leftover hamburgers and hot dogs, plus the remaining fruit. Alan ate two whole hot dogs! He was a hungry little man! It was getting into the hundreds outside, or so it felt like, so we decided to quickly tear down camp. And I am proud to say it only took us twenty minutes to tear down! Just me and Lon! :D Go us! It was getting close to leaving time for us, so we decided to take Alan on one nice four wheeler drive. We took him up the hill and around the cliff, down to the beach and all the way to the road. I went nice and slow, but Alan squealed the whole way lol! He loved it!

In my fourth of July gear, but soaked from swimming in the lake!

Then we had to say our goodbyes to the lake family and head into town. We stopped in at Townsend for gas and snacks, and to say goodbye to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Welch. They were sad to see us leave, but excited to hear that we might be coming back up in a month.

The drive home was uneventful again, even though we took the back route home. Loved seeing all the gorgeous landscape while we drived and Alan just kind of hung out the whole time, looking around quietly with his mouth open. :) There was no place to stop for dinner, we somehow missed Wades, the only diner on the way lol! But we got home at 8 and stopped by at Dairy Queen for dinner and treats.

What a great camping trip it was! I can't wait until August! We might go up again! :D

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