Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who Am I???

I've been seeing this on several other blogs, so I thought I'd play along. Enjoy!

I am... A Daughter, A Sister, A Dancer, An Artist, A Storyteller, A Teacher, A Mother, An Aunt, A Wife.

I want... The weekend to come.

I have... A lot to be grateful for, sometimes I just need reminding.

I wish... We had air conditioning in this sauna of a house.

I hate... People who just don't care.

I care about and love everyone, can't you return the favor???? Is it really that hard?

I fear... For a lot of things, as a mother, but you can never tell.

I hear... The sound of our fan running with Lon's light snoring, and Alan's voice ringing down the hall. <3

I search... For life, love, and friendship everyday.

I wonder... If there is life on other planets and if they are capable of love like we are.

I regret... Nothing. Its my motto.

I love... My son and husband, as well as all my family and friends.

I even love you... Bet you didn't know that, huh??? :)

I ache... Inside for Caylee Anthony's and October Perez's lost life. Or for the loss of any child, anywhere.

Children should not die! :(

I always... Am strong for my husband and family.

I usually... Meditate daily for clarity and strength. Could you imagine how crazy I'd be if I didn't????? :P

I am not... A teen mom! People should start realizing that!

I dance... Every chance I get. No matter the setting.

I sing... As I work, sometimes.

I never... Will hurt a living creature, unless its for food. I am a predator nonetheless, I need meat to survive.

I sometimes... Get bored and do weird things to entertain myself lol. Like make weird noises, etc.

I cry... More than I should probably. I'm over emotional sometimes.

I am not always... Perfect. And I need to remind my OCD that daily.

I am confused... by Algebra. Letters should only belong in Language, NOT mathematics.

I need... To finish this and get ready for work lol. I have an art class to teach!

I should... Go to the store today, because our cabinets are bare. But Lon won't get paid til Thursday and I don't want to go twice in a week!

I AM....
just me.

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