Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day One at Canyon Ferry Lake: July 2, 2011

Its American Camping Week! Welcome everyone! :D Lol please enjoy this journal entry I wrote about our first night camping!


The trip to Canyon Ferry was pretty uneventful, thankfully for us. I'll admit that I was a little nervous about taking Alan on a three and a half hour car ride, but he did great! We left at noon, a little later than originally planned but alright nonetheless. Alan fell asleep before we even hit Laurel lol! Silly boy! He slept all the way to Bozeman. Once we got to Bozeman though, we woke Alan up for lunch at DQ.

While waiting for our lunch, I got to watch a grown man (most likely mentally ill) throw a fit at the poor cashier because he didn't have enough money for 3 medium blizzards. Wow. I was actually a little scared at the time too, because the man was really creepy. That teenage girl handled it so well but I still have to say, I'm glad I left Alan in the car with Lon! I was quite unnerved.

The last half of the drive was also uneventful, though we did have to go through ridiculous bridge construction work by Toston. Oh and we marveled at all the flooding! Almost everywhere was flooded and all the rivers looked swollen. We even passed by a house in Livingston that was completely surrounded by water! It was its own little island! Weird lol.

Grandpa, I missed you so!!!!

Alan was so happy to get outside once we arrived, he immeadiately ran to the lake shore and started throwing rocks into the lake with Aunt April. About half of my family was there this year, Grandma and Grandpa Kimmel, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Welch, Aunt April, Aunt Natalie, Uncle Kalvin, Great Uncle Shane, and second cousin Lex. Aunt April and Alan threw rocks while we unloaded the car and found a spot to set up camp. We are camping on Confederate Bay, and man is it packed! The entire beach is full with campers and tents! It craziness here!

After we had set up, we all went for a walk around the trails. We took a specific trail that took you up a cliff and at the top you could see the whole bay. Alan loved walking up to the top and looking over the cliff onto camp. He kept trying to get everyone's attention though lol. Silly boy. :P Then we went back for dinner.

Having some dinner, camping style!

Grandpa Kevin was fishing off the shore after dinner, which made Alan really interested in him lol. He walked over and they started talking. Then Grandpa Kevin showed Alan how to cast and reel a fishing pole! He was so interested! What a proud parents we are! And Grandpa even caught a baby fish that he let Alan touch! :D Then Alan helped him release the fish back into the lake. Alan said, "Bye bye fishie!" to it! :D

Eating a marshmallow while Dad makes smores behind him

What a great first day we had!!!

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