Friday, June 28, 2013

A Note About Fleeting Moments

I have had quite a few of these lately and I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand, fleeting moments are so very beautiful and special, yet on the other, I sometimes wish they weren't so... fleeting. Does that make sense or am I just crazy lol?

I have shared these moments with both children lately, each moment being as different as the last one. The reasons for these moments are most often the same however. With Alan, these moments are usually fleeting because he is now getting older and needs me less. Things like helping him play golf and kissing him goodnight on the lips and teaching him to ride his bike. These moments are fleeting because soon, he will not need me to do them. I cherish every one of these with him.

Alan and I got the chance to go to Geyser Park with Grandma Melanie and Uncle Kalvin today. We had pizza for lunch, went mini golfing and played a bunch of video games. Afterwards, we ran to the bank. Once again, Anna stayed home with Lon. It was nice to have some Mama and Son time with him most of the day. I did have some special moments with him as well, and looking back, these are fewer and fewer now.  He will be going to preschool in the fall and Kindergarten the next year. Lon and I discussed school zones and staying in certain ones when we move. Crazy! My baby boy is growing up!

With Anna, these moments are very different but for similar reasons. Most of her fleeting moments currently involve breastfeeding. With only a little over a week until her first birthday, Anna will nurse usually once or twice a day. Sometimes in the morning, I can get her to snuggle with me in our bed and nurse. Usually though, I feed her right before bed and its our special little Mama and Daughter time together.

Even though it was hard at the beginning and has not been the easiest thing as of late, I really do love breastfeeding and the bond it creates with my children and I. I have been cherishing each special moment with her while I nurse. I know it will not be long until she is done nursing and has moved on to bigger and better things. She now drinks water, I most of me is very excited for her to start drinking juice and milk. But part of me will always miss it.

Anna is also growing so fast lately. I swear, her beautiful face changes a little bit each day! She is so smart and is always willing to learn too! I love watching her curious face, soon she will be walking and talking! I cannot wait, but I know how amazing these first precious steps are. I love being there for each new lesson and experience! Those type of fleeting moments are the most important to me, for both children. I love to watch my children develop and grow. It is one of the best parts of motherhood!

I love that my kids are growing up but I understand how important each and every memory I make with my children are. I will give up anything to spend time with my kids, even if it is work (shift hours) or money. In Lon and I's personal opinion, we would rather be poor and together as a family then rich and always apart. We had our children to raise them and I love spending as much time as possible with them. I am grateful that my job allows Alan and Anna to come with me! I am so blessed. :)

In other news: We have two teeth ladies and gentlemen! The two middle teeth on the bottom! Anna had them both come through the other day, within like twelve hours of each other. It was NOT fun for our little girl. But she is happy she has teeth to chew with now! It is HAWT!!! We are constantly roasting here and will do almost anything to spend some time in air conditioning. We loooooooove us some water right now, it is nature's main source of nourishment!

This weekend, we don't have any specific plans. We might go to the spray park with some of Alan's friends and I want to make plans with Aunt Ariel as well. As for next weekend, for the fourth of July we will probably go to Castlerock Park for the fireworks. And the next day is my Uncle Greg's wedding. After that is Anna's party and then, her real birthday! Next weekend will be very busy for us!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Visits From Uncle Cameron

I can't believe how fast things have been passing by lately. Next week in my hip hop class has their fourth of July Fun Day and the week after that is their Thriller performance. Didn't I just start teaching them yesterday? :) As for Miss Anna, her party is officially a week from Saturday. We are so excited! I have almost every planned out and prepared, I can't wait!

As for Aunt Natalie, according to her doctors Baby B could be coming any day now! I won't go into gory details because she's my sister, but she is READY. :) I can't wait to be an Aunt! I will post as soon as he is born! Yay!

This week Uncle Cameron came into town from Washington. We haven't seen him since last summer and were so excited to see him! We spent most of the weekend with him, hiking and going to the park and having snowcones, we even watched Cloud Atlas with him. It was great to see him, the last time he saw Anna she was only a few weeks old! She is such a big girl now! Uncle Cameron enjoyed every minute he spent with us. Have a safe trip home, we love you!!

Things are finally starting to look up for us! Thankfully! We are endlessly grateful for everyone who was there for us during the hard times. I will share about our struggles with you readers in due time! Thank you all for being so patient! :) And I guess the cats out of the bag for this one too: yes, Lon shaved his head lol. He did it about a week ago because of the heat. It freaked out some people lol, but I still think he looks handsome! Love you baby!

How is your summer going?

Monday, June 24, 2013

The WaterPark, Rims and Airport...

All in one weekend lol! How wild of my family lol! :P Not really, we have had way more busy weekends than this!

I have been working a gymnastics camp all week in the mornings. It was quite a bit of fun, we had seven great kids who learned a lot in the four days we had! I am so proud of them! I also did my first Dance Out Reach program at our local HeadStart School. I worked with 16 preschoolers and taught them basic popping and locking moves. We had a wonderful time as well! I love getting a chance to teach my two passions! :D Next week will be a lot slower for us because I will only have dance class and my regular shifts.

Saturday, we walked to Terry Park to meet up with my friends Kelsie and Jessica. We met up with them and a few new friends for a picnic and to let the kiddos play in the spraypark and on the playground. Alan ate as fast as he could and then ran off to play in the water with Kelton and Carly. Anna crawled around in the grass and played with Trent and Karter, then she played some with Miss Carly too. I think they will be great buds in the future. :)

I also enjoyed getting to see my friends and their kids. We have been too busy to spend time with them lately! We missed them quite a lot! The weather went from really nice to windy real fast so we had to have Lon meet us halfway home. Other than that though, it was a great day!

Yesterday, we picked up Aunt Ariel to go exploring on the Rims with us. Anna stayed at home with Lon, so that Alan and I could have some good one-on-one time together. We were up there for two whole hours and wore Alan out completely! We found a mudpit with fresh mud (surprisingly in this heat), found several different types of cactii and found a flower in every color of the rainbow but blue! We also learned some history about our Rims, they were formed because of a vast lake that spread across most of Montana in the prehistoric ages. Very cool!

Then it was time to pick up Grandma Melanie and Aunt April at the airport. If you remember, they have spent the last two weeks in Boise training with a local dance workshop called DanceFest. Aunt April had a wonderful time and learned lots! She also made a bunch of great dance friends! I am so happy they both had a good trip! We sure missed them!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tatum's Flower Pot Birthday Party

Happy fourth birthday to Alan's friend Tatum! Alan has known Tatum since they were infants and let me tell you, they are best buds! In fact, Alan stood up for the first time when he 9 months old at Miss Tatum's first birthday party lol! We love that family!

The party was held at the park closest to our house, which was nice for us. Anna stayed home with Lon, she had been teething bad all morning and had just gone down for her nap. It was nice having some Mommy and Alan time. :) The party was flowerpot themed, so the kids all painted their flower pots first. Then they played at the playground for a bit and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Tatum's mom did a wonderful job making the two cakes for her, one was a pretty flower and the other was a flower pot with Fruit Rollup flowers on it! So cute! She also served 7up with Kool Aid ice cubes. It looked so cool when the color fizzled out! Alan had water because we don't do pop, and it obviously didn't fizzle. The way the color slowly melted into the water looked awesome though!

We had to leave before they planted the flowers, but Tatum and her mom planted Alan and Anna's flowers for them. We will have to get them soon! They look beautiful! Thank you Heather! We had a wonderful time at Tatum's party and can only hope that Tatum had just as much fun! :) Happy birthday girl! We love you!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I will keep this all short and sweet, and then update you all on our lovely family. We have had some more obstacles thrown our way, but we are maneuvering them and will overcome them. We are strong as a family and have an even stronger support system. I apologize for all the secrecy, I will tell you when I can. Just know for now that we are all healthy and safe, just struggling with financial woes and other things. Pray for us and send us good loving vibes! We love you all!

Happy Father's Day!

To my father, I love you very much. You are a wonderful father and have taught me so much. You taught me how to fish and ride a bike, how to drive pretty much anything (except for stick shift, that's still a work in progress lol), and have always been there for me. You set an example of good, strong work ethic that will always stay with me. And you loved me for me. :) Good job on raising those other kids too, you did pretty okay with them as well. :P And you are the greatest grandfather to Alan and Anna. They both adore you! Love you Dad, hope your day was fantastic!

To my husband, you are such an amazing father to our children, they are so lucky to have you! You have given everything for your family and work so hard everyday for us. The kids love you so much too. That Alan wants to be just like you, its so cute how he is your little copycat. He has a great man to follow. :) Miss Anna loves your tender soul, how your are so strong but can be so sweet and gentle when need be. I love that she brings out the soft side in you. Happy Father's Day Lon! You are the best dad Alan and Anna could ever have! Hope we made you day a good one.

To my father-in-law, thank you for helping raise my husband and for being one of his main support system. No matter what, you are always there for him, for us. We love you for that. You are also one of the best grandfathers out there! Alan and Anna love to come visit you and those puppies! Its never a dull moment with Grandpa Steve!

To my brother-in-law, happy first Father's Day. You have yet to meet Baby B yet, but trust me, you were a father the moment you both knew about him. I know that you will be a great father because I have seen you care for my sister and I have seen you interact with my children. You are a loving, kind soul and Baby B will be very lucky to call you Dad. Have a great first Father's Day Uncle Jake! We love you!

To all the super dads I know, keep it up! Being a father is not an easy job, I know this, I have seen how exhausting it can be for many fathers including my own and my husband. Whether you are doing it alone or with help, you guys are awesome for doing what you do and being there for your children! Congratulations and good job! Happy Father's Day! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!

To all the fantastic single moms that I know and love, happy second Mother's Day! I have had a handful of my single mama friends being down today, but I want you all to know how truly awesome you all are! Parenting a child solo is one of the most challenging things a person can do and you all rock at it! I mean, you could write the book on it! Hope you are also enjoying your day today! We love you!

Like I mentioned above, we have had some personal issues spring upon us recently but we are managing. As for everything else, life has been good for the most part. I am teaching my summer hip hop classes and helping with the summer gymnastics classes. Alan is officially potty trained in the day time, we are so proud of him! He is ready for preschool now! And he finally got his glasses back, although I am taking bets on how long they will last. These ones are already looking like they are about done. :/ Boys! Anna is almost one year old, yet has lost all interest in trying to stand and walk lol. We aren't worried about it though, it took her some time to crawl and now she's speedy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Anna Ariel: Eleven Months Old

Oh my word, this little diva girl is almost one year old! She officially has less than a month left now, I just do not know where the time went. I remember the first day I laid eyes on her, bringing her home from the hospital, those first few weeks, EVERYTHING! She has grown up so much, it just amazes me. Before we know it, she will be up there onstage with Aunt April, dancing her heart out. Love you baby girl!

At eleven months old, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximetly 21 1/2 pounds and is approximetly 28 inches long. She is almost too big for her car seat!

*wears size 9M or 12M in onesies and 9M in bottoms. Her diapers are still size 3.

*has cut her first tooth, she started working on it yesterday! It one of the bottom middle ones. We are so proud!

*having lightened up a bit, her hair is a light auburn ish red color now. It still has some orange in certain lights but is looking more and more like my hair color now.

*her eyes are a light steely blue with a dark navy edge. Not too much hazel or green in there anymore, but not too much yellow in there either. They are developing into their own unique beautiful shade.

*has a pretty normal diet. She eats pretty much what we do, I just mush it up more for her. Her favorite foods right now are spaghetti and frozen yogurt, yes you heard me correct lol, frozen yogurt. Weird girl looooooooooves it on her owie teeth! :) She usually only has vanilla bean or something simple like that.

*has been nursing for eleven months now. That is two months longer than Alan did and only a month away from having nursed for a whole year. I am so proud of us, this month especially has been rough on me. I have been in some pain and have thus had a lower supply. But we are chugging through and onward towards that year mark! She usually nurses in the morning when she wakes up, right before her afternoon nap and right before bed. I also pump in the morning and at night to help with supply. Only a month left! :D We can do it!

*stood up for the first time, right before it was her birth anniversary! She was up late, teething and fussing that night. But she surprised us all by standing up by herself for several moments!

*sleeps pretty consistently through the night still. With the heat, it has been harder to get her to sleep before dusk, but we make do. We bought black-out curtains for our room to help. She usually sleeps from 10 pm to 6 or 7 am, with one nap usually from noon to about 2 or 3.

*can say, "Mama, Dada, Bobba (bottle) and BruhBruh (Alan)"

*will definitely let you know what her opinions are and if you are not making her happy. She is a little diva and likes things her own way, that's for sure!

*likes food, books, colors, Bubble Guppies, clothes, music, animals, her big brother and her parents!

Happy birth anniversary Anna Ariel! Only one more month until the big ONE YEAR. You keep growing and amazing us each day! Daddy, Alan and I love you soooooooo much!

Aunt April and Grandma Melanie left for Boise, Idaho this morning. They are going with April's dance studio for a summer intensive. I think they will be gone a week or two, but am not really sure. So last night we went out to dinner with my family at Applebee's. It was nice to have that family time with them before they left. We will miss them! Learn lots Aunt April! :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

POV Post:Using Motherhood to Battle Cancer

Most new mothers experience the same things their children's first months of life: no sleep, breastfeeding issues, figuring out diaper brands... Could you imagine being a new mom, finding out one day that you may not live to see your daughter's first steps?

Meet Heather. She is a cancer survivor and a mother. Both of these life-changing events happened to her at the same time. This woman is seriously one of the strongest people I have met, to overcome cancer all while learning the new ropes of parenting a child? Wow, she really is a phenomenal woman! Check out her POV Post today and be sure to stop by her blog here. She truly is a wonderful woman and an amazing mom!

Check out her story!

"When I married Cameron, the love of my life, I wasn't quite ready to step into the role of mother yet, but after seven happy years together, we both decided that it was time to take that next step. We knew our lives were about to undergo a major change as we prepared to welcome a wonderful new little life into our home. I became pregnant just three months after making the choice to expand our family, and I underwent a very easy pregnancy culminating in a C-section. Everything seemed to be going so well, and the first time I looked at my precious daughter Lily, I absolutely fell in love with her and could scarcely imagine my life without her. It was a dream come true.

Then, just three and a half months after Lily was born, my world was shattered when I was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a form of cancer with a survival rate of only about five percent. Those were not hopeful odds, and I was told that if I didn't act immediately, I could not expect to live another 15 months. I was so numb that I could scarcely think, but luckily Cameron was able to put his fears aside long enough to discuss my options with the doctor.

Ultimately, we decided that I would go to Boston for an extrapleural pneumonectomy to remove most of one of my lungs. This required a lengthy recovery period, both in the hospital and a second facility, then finally in my parents' home in South Dakota. It meant a lot of travel and a lot of time away from the quickly growing Lily, but I realized that if I was going to be there for her in the future, I needed to sacrifice the time in these early months. I could not afford to waste any time in getting started.

It was a terrifying experience hearing those statistics and going through the surgery, not to mention the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that followed, and knowing that there was a good chance that I would not survive. However, my newfound strength as a mother sustained me throughout it all. When I felt too weak to fight for myself or even Cameron, I pushed on for my daughter, who needed me. These days, as a spunky seven-year-old, she tells everyone that she saved my life, and I would never deny it. She provided the motivation that gave me the will to live when I just wanted to give up.

Of course, I didn't have to go through this on my own. Cameron was with me every step of the way, and I parents were a huge support to me during this time. What's more, friends, neighbors and relatives from all around came out to show their support in a variety of ways. One of the most helpful was babysitting. It was so hard for me to be away from Lily so much during her first year, but I knew it couldn't be helped. I also knew that she was in the good hands of people who loved her.

Getting cancer was an absolute shock that I never expected to have to go through at such a young age, but I'm so glad that I fought it with everything I had. When I look back on it now, I see how much it strengthened me, showing me what I could accomplish when I had no other choice. It caused me to truly appreciate every moment, a lesson that I carry with me as my daughter begins to develop her own personality and interests. We treasure the time that we spend as a family, knowing that while I am cancer-free right now, that could change. Still, I am so grateful to be alive and well, and I encourage everyone in a situation like mine to keep on holding on to love and to the hope that things will get better."

Isn't she awesome? :)

Here's her blog again, check it out and leave her some love! This woman is a SUPER MOM! Thanks Heather for letting me share your story with my readers!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Fun!

Why hello there! We have been soooooooooo busy this past week with our summer fun! We have had trips to the YMCA Toddler Gym and Chuck E Cheese, have started going to school again (with Miss Anna too, she loves it) and I am about to start my summer hip hop class schedule. We are crazy busy but we love it! And with Aunt Natalie only six weeks away from having our first nephew, life will only get busier for us lol! Cannot wait for that!

Before I leave you, be sure to stop by tomorrow to check out my POV Post with Miss Heather! She has an amazing story to share with you. Don't miss out! :D Here are some photos from this past couple weeks.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Month in Review: May 2013

Happy June everyone! It officially is only a month away until Miss Anna's first birthday and I am frankly in denial some. But not as much as I am about my own upcoming birthday, I didn't even realize it was about two months away now! Wow, time really does go by too fast!! Happy Summer everyone! Here is May's Month in Review. Enjoy! I didn't post too much this month, we were quite busy with family!

We started out the month of May like we always do, with Uncle Kalvin and Aunt Natalie's birthdays. We celebrated Uncle Kalvin's birthday at the local bowling alley and had a Disco Bowling Party! It was a blast, even though Alan did not fully understand the concept of bowling lol, maybe in a few more years it will be more interesting for him. :) On Aunt Natalie's birthday, we had Baby B's baby shower and her birthday barbeque! She loved it and we all had so much fun! Anna also turned ten months old this month, started crawling and pulling herself up to standing! Big girl! I was spoiled this Mother's Day by my sweet family. Alan made me a card and I had a spa date with my toes! Thanks guys! As for our Memorial Weekend, we spent it with Great Grandma Marcia, Great Grandpa Louie and Aunt Ariel. We had a great Memorial Weekend!

I sprained my ankle and messed it up pretty bad, just a few days before my student's showcase. Just my luck lol! I am still getting used to it, ugh the life of dance teacher. However, my dance showcase went smoothly and I am one proud teacher! Good job girls! Alan then had his Spring Gymnastics Showcase the following week. He also did fantastic and listened even better than last time! The gymnastics tricks he has learned are getting harder and harder! Big boy! Alan was sedated for the first time and had several fillings done. He was so brave! We finished up the month celebrating all of our friends and family's school accomplishments and graduations. Congratulations everyone!

I only wrote about two things this month, I know, such a slacker lol! I finally shared with you readers my belief in reincarnation as it pertains to Taoist Buddhism. It took me some time to be brave enough to do that, and I am glad now that I did! I also wrote about Alan's Boredom Box and how it has done wonders for my son's behavior and attitude during the day! He is no longer bored and grumpy!

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