Friday, June 21, 2013

Tatum's Flower Pot Birthday Party

Happy fourth birthday to Alan's friend Tatum! Alan has known Tatum since they were infants and let me tell you, they are best buds! In fact, Alan stood up for the first time when he 9 months old at Miss Tatum's first birthday party lol! We love that family!

The party was held at the park closest to our house, which was nice for us. Anna stayed home with Lon, she had been teething bad all morning and had just gone down for her nap. It was nice having some Mommy and Alan time. :) The party was flowerpot themed, so the kids all painted their flower pots first. Then they played at the playground for a bit and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Tatum's mom did a wonderful job making the two cakes for her, one was a pretty flower and the other was a flower pot with Fruit Rollup flowers on it! So cute! She also served 7up with Kool Aid ice cubes. It looked so cool when the color fizzled out! Alan had water because we don't do pop, and it obviously didn't fizzle. The way the color slowly melted into the water looked awesome though!

We had to leave before they planted the flowers, but Tatum and her mom planted Alan and Anna's flowers for them. We will have to get them soon! They look beautiful! Thank you Heather! We had a wonderful time at Tatum's party and can only hope that Tatum had just as much fun! :) Happy birthday girl! We love you!

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