Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Trip to Geyser Park

This weekend we went to Geyser Park with Grandma Melanie, Uncle Kalvin and his friend Gabe. It was a overcast day so we didn't want to go to a park or any outside place, so we were thinking of taking the boys to the Reef, an indoor water park on the west end of town. But after asking the boys, they decided that Geyser Park would be more fun.

Once we got there, Grandma Melanie took Miss Anna for their grandma and granddaughter bonding time lol, and I took the boys to play. We tried to keep them inside as much as possible so we bought a bunch of arcade tokens and set them free. Alan only wanted to play the big kid games that didn't win you any tickets, so I cheated and didn't put in tokens for those games lol. :P Instead I used his tokens and played the games with tickets that were next to him. I know, I know, bad parent alert lol! But I knew he would get soooooo mad if the other boys got to pick out a prize and he didn't so I had too. 

After a while, everyone got bored of playing the games and the older two boys wanted to play laser tag. We all waited in line and Alan got really excited to go as well. But when I asked the attendant, he told me Alan was too little to go. This devastated Alan, he was so upset the guy called him little. :( I had to convince him that he wasn't too little, just only for this game, and that he was still a big boy. It took a while but he eventually calmed down and we were able to go through the crawling tubes a few times while the boys played their game of laser tag. Alan was happy that Anna was out of my tummy, he said, because I could now crawl through the tubes with him lol. :P Silly little boy.

Then we took the boys outside for one ride only, either the go carts or the bumper boats. They all chose the go carts but once we got up there, we were again told by the attendant that the boys were too little to go alone. And I could only ride with one of them so we decided that the bumper boats would be fun. Alan and I went on one boat and the boys each got their own. The attendant told me to not let go of the throttle but didn't say why lol. Well we quickly found out why when Uncle Kalvin slammed into our boat and I let go. The motor dies lol! :) So there we were, floating in the middle of the pool, stranded lol. After trying to restart it several times myself and almost falling in during the process lol, I managed to paddle us to the edge where the attendant started ours back up. But by that point, Alan was already traumatized by the whole situation and wanted to get out. 

So we went back inside and played a few more arcade games. Alan played this fishing game that won him fifty tickets in one try! Then he played this other game a few times and won 31 tickets each time! I was blown away! He won more tickets than I did for him lol! Good job lucky little man! When we cashed in his tickets, he had 200-something tickets total and was able to buy three pull back racecars and a tattoo. He was so proud of himself! :)

We had a good time there and even missed the rain completely! Yes! Another fun trip with the boys!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Simmone Has Arrived!

Baby Simmone is here!!

Congratulations to my other cousin David, his wife Kendra and big brother Kenneth! Baby Simmone was born today at 9:20 am, just 22 days after Anna was born and the DAY after Baby Joshua was born! She weighs seven pounds and four ounces and is 20 and a half inches long (the exact same size Alan and Anna were lol)! Mom is doing great!

I think its so funny that Simmone was born a little under a month after Anna. It was the same way with Alan and Kenneth! I always tease David that Kendra and he are copying Lon and I because they keep having the same gender kid we have just a month or so after us lol! :P We have good fun with it.

David and Kendra live in Alaska, so we won't be going to visit them at the hospital unfortunately. But we are excitedly waiting for pictures of the beautiful girl! :) And today, we went and bought her some cute outfits we are going to mail to her! My dad is just ecstatic to share a birthday with his great niece. We are all so proud of Kendra! 

Congratulations David, Kendra and Kenneth! Be sure you get your rest in the hospital! Being the parent of two (even if the older ones are almost preschoolers lol) gets pretty wild lol! Good luck guys! I know you can do it!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Kevin!

Today is Grandpa Kevin's birthday.

I just love this picture of my father and Lon at our wedding

I love my father so much. He is such a strong, great man and he is always there for his family. He is always there to protect us and to make sure we have everything we need. My father has always been there for me and my family, as far back as I can remember. He always knows what to say or do to make us laugh, we always have so much fun together. My mom refers to him as her fifth child lol, because he acts so young and so full of life. We love to go do fun things together. He is such a wonderful father. :)

My dad and Aunt April doing the robot at Anna's baby shower

My father is the funniest man alive! He is always acting out to make us kids laugh! He is the biggest dork ever lol! He is also a great grandfather to my children. Alan loves him so much, he loves how my dad always takes him outside to play while he unloads his truck. They always play dirt bikes together and my father can't wait until he is old enough to ride one himself! He has already bought him one and is holding onto it until the day comes lol. :P He also loves Anna a lot. She is still too little for him to really do too much with her, but they love snuggling together. My kids are so lucky to have a grandpa like him. :)

My dad and Alan camping

Happy birthday Grandpa Kevin. We love you so much!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Joshua Has Arrived!!

Baby Joshua is here!!

Mama Randi holding Baby Joshua for the first time
Congratulations to my cousin Josh and his wife Randi, plus big sister Fayth! Baby Joshua was born today at 7:45 am, only 21 days after Anna was born. He weighs six pounds and 14 ounces (just an ounce bigger than Anna was) and is 19 and a half inches long (just an inch smaller than Anna)! Mom is doing great and Dad is just exhausted lol. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? :)

Alan, Anna, Grandma Melanie, Aunt April and I went to visit them this afternoon. Randi was hanging outside with her mother when we arrived, so she showed us where her room was. It was Room 486 only two doors down from where I was with Anna lol! Josh was sleeping in the room but Alan ran right up and woke him up though. Ugh silly boy! Josh was still very happy to see us, as was Randi. Then Baby Joshua came back from the nursery. He is sooooooo precious! I got to hold him right after her mother did and he just slept in my arms. Every once and a while, he would open his eyes to check me out but then he closed them right away lol. :) 

I wanted to get pictures of Anna and him but my darn camera wasn't working at all! It wouldn't save any of my pictures I took. Ugh sooooo frustrating! But Randi did get to look at Anna and talk to her while she was wide awake. That made her pretty happy. And we made plans to do a play date soon so we can get pictures of the two babies together lol. It will be so cute! :D

Congratulations again Randi, Josh and Fayth. Now, get some rest while you can at the hospital. Taking care of two kids instead of only one can get exhausting lol! :) Now, we only have to wait for my other cousin's wife Kendra to have their baby girl! Come on Kendra, Anna wants two cousins close in age lol!

I also want to take the time to thank everyone again for viewing my blog! This weekend we passed 30,000 page views. We are currently at around 30,300 page views, wow! Thanks again everyone! Remember, if you liked this post and this blog, please click on the link below to vote for my blog at Top Baby Blogs. I am now currently at Number 206, but it would be the coolest to get down to 150 or lower.... :D Thanks to everyone who is voting for me!  You are all awesome!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Darling Dozen: Week by Week! Third Week

My Princess is growing like a weed! I can't even believe that she used to be that tiny six pound baby girl, she is already almost seven pounds in total! Her whole body looks bigger! Makes me so happy! :D

This weekend we don't really have anything planned but I do want to take Alan to a park or something. This past week we pretty much spent at home, except for Monday. But it was nice to get the house cleaned up and back together. Its hard to do with two kids lol! :) When one is awake, the other is sleeping lol!

Here is this week's Darling Dozen!

Week: Third Week

Weight: 6 pounds and 13 ounces (Yay back to birth weight!)

Height: 21 inches 

Developments: Anna has found her voice and boy, is it loud! She has started using her voice to let us know when she wants anything. She can go from little wail to screeching in about two seconds too lol. Ooooh boy! She is also ready for more complex shapes (bye-bye circles, hello zigzags!) as her vision, ability to focus, and concentration improve rapidly. She might be really digging her mobile now or a soft toy waved in front of her face.

New Achievements This Week: Anna continues to shock us with her strong little neck! She loves her tummy time! She will hold her neck up for so long now! It just blows are mind that her tiny little neck can hold up that heavy of a head! What a big girl!

How's Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is still going great for us. I am so relieved she is not like her brother in this one aspect lol! ;) She has started cluster feeding this week so currently she nurses every half hour to two hours, for about 10-40 minutes on either side. She also likes to feed on both sides now (which I know she is supposed to already be doing that but we are proud that she has started). She is a nursing champ! 

Colic: Still no colic! Yes! 

Jaundice: She no longer is yellow looking, so I am pretty sure the jaundice is gone! We will find out for sure at her doctor's appointment August first but I am no longer stressing or worried about it. Such a relief! Wahoo! :D 

Places Anna has Been: Walmart, Albertson's, Grandma Melanie's house, Grandma Amber's house, Village Inn, 5Star MMA, Pioneer Park, Applebee's, Rimrock Mall and Oasis Waterpark

Alan reading to Anna 

Umbilical Cord: Fell of this last Wednesday! There is still a little scab on the belly button but its almost all gone! She has the cutest belly button ever too! Just like Alan's! 

Bathing: We have yet to give Anna her first bath at home, but she has been washed down with a washcloth several times. Her doctors say to wait to submerge her belly in water until her umbilical cord falls off and we want to wait until all the scabs are off as well. Hopefully sometime next week! 

Best Moment This Week: Its a tie between my birthday party at the Oasis and seeing Alan read the only book he knows how to read to his baby sister.  

How's Big Brother: Alan is still doing a wonderful job at being a big brother. He always helps grab things for me while I am breastfeeding her and will even help calm her down when she is upset. He likes to sing this little song to her: "Its okay, baby girl" over and over until she stops crying. And the other day, I ran to the bathroom and had Anna in her bouncy chair. When I got back Alan was sitting in front of her, reading her his ABC book and showing her pictures. It melted my heart! :) He also learned how to put her pacifier in her mouth and how to help hold it in for her.

We are so blessed to have Alan and Anna in our lives. I feel like I won the lottery with them! Man, I just love my children. :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Question Friday!! July 27, 2012

I figured I would do a FQF this week, because its been since Anna was born that I have done one I think lol. Oh well, chalk that up to being a SAHM mom of two lol. But I miss reading Mama M's posts and I sure miss participating in this fun link up, so here we go!

Here's this week's Five Question Friday! Enjoy everyone!

What is the funniest thing you saw on Facebook/twitter this week?

I see a lot of funny things on my FB, as I have a ton of friends who have hilarious children lol. But to pick the funniest? That's pretty hard.

Let's see, I had a friend's daughter who sang this song (can you see how she toddler-fied it lol):
"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me baby. And all the alphabets try to chase me, but here's my number so call me baby!"

Or this post from a friend, about what her daughter said to her:
‎"Mommy, mommy! You so boo-y-ful! You my FAVORITE toad. Can you ribbet like a toad? Can you, can you? Please, please?"

Yeah, I always get a good chuckle going on my FB. :)

What is your favorite Olympic event?

Wait... The Olympics are this year???

Yeah, that's about how into the Olympics I am this year. I have been so preoccupied lately (really? a new mom preoccupied lol? Impossible!) that I have completely forgotten that this year was the Olympics, let alone that they technically start today in London.

I don't really ever watch the Olympics and haven't since I was a kid lol. I guess the events I *could* be interested in would be the swimming or the gymnastic events but even those would only be good live. I do think I would be more interested in the Olympics if they were held close by, like when they were in Utah, and if I could go to them.

Do your kids to chores around the house? If so, what are they and how old are the children? Do they get paid for them?

As an almost three year old, Alan has two chores. He is required to pick up his toys and books and put them away in the right places. He also is required to help me out whenever I ask him too. I usually have him help me with simple things, like bringing me wipes and clothes when I am nursing Anna. He does not get paid because he is a toddler and I don't believe in allowances. However, he does get rewards for doing his chores. I take him for ice cream or to get a new Hot Wheels car or he gets to pick where we go for dinner. It works very well for us. :)

If you get bad service/food do you complain or keep quiet?

I *always* speak up lol. Maybe because I have worked in management, with both of my jobs, but it drives me crazy when I see bad service that isn't reported. If it happens to you, tell a manager. Nine times out of ten, they will be glad you let them know. They will also not only fix the problem but they will mostly likely compensate you for your problems. There is only a win-win situation for reporting bad service.

If you could pick ONE frivolous item for your home, what would it be? (massive room sized closet? swimming pool? greenhouse? etc...)

Oh boy, here we go again lol. How can I say this without sounding preachy?

I am Buddhist and practice living as a non-materialistic person, so I do not really believe in the frivolous. Plus my mind is too logical to allow myself to desire frivolous things lol. For example, I would think that putting a swimming pool in would be an awesome answer to this question, but then I stop myself and remind myself of all the toddler and children swimming pool accidents and deaths that happen. Its similar with a trampoline.

I guess I could answer greenhouse because it would not be frivolous in my eyes. I could use a greenhouse to supply my family with organically grown fruits and vegetables. So that is my answer lol.

On the Batman Shootings and the Children Involved

At midnight on Friday July 20, all around the states the new movie in the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, premiered in the theaters. Many of my friends went to the premiere here in town and I read countless Facebook statues about how awesome the movie was. One friend of mine from Seattle had been counting down the days since winter. But along with all this excitement, came senseless tragedy.

I'm sure at this point, everyone knows about the shootings in Aurora, Colorado on the night of the Batman premiere. As a hormonal new mother, I have been trying my best to stay out of it and do not know a lot of the details. I just can't emotionally handle it right now, having a newborn is draining enough. I do know that 12 people died and 58 people were injured, seventy people in total who were shot. I know that the man is named James Holmes and that he dyed his hair red to be like the Joker and that he was arrested on site. I know that he used tear gas. I know that a six year old died and that the youngest victim to be shot was only three months old. Other than that, I don't know anything. At the moment, this is all the information that I need to know.

This is a terrible, terrible tragedy. To the victims and their families, I send my condolences. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through something like that. How traumatic.

A lot of people have been making all sorts of different judgements. Whether it be about the suspect, the victims, the movie itself, how bystanders handled the situation and how the police handled it. Right now, this is not really necessary in my opinion. The things that are necessary right now are getting James Holmes sentenced and consoling the victims and their families. The day after the shooting, all I read about on Facebook was how horrible these parents were for bringing their children to a midnight showing of Batman. Excuse me, what???? How is that even relevant? 

This is pointless to even bring up because of several reasons:

*Babies go to movie theaters all the time. If the mother is breastfeeding, she can't leave a child for over an hour and some mothers choose to never bottle feed their children. Even if baby does bottle feed, sometimes you can't find a sitter but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go out. Plus, the baby will not be affected by the content of the movie, they are too little! The baby will most likely be sleeping during that time and you know if the baby became inconsolable, the parents would leave. No one wants to be THAT parent.

*Children also go to movie theaters all the time. Granted, this movie might be seen as inappropriate to children by some people but I disagree somewhat. Batman is the perfect super hero. He does not believe in killing and will not do it no matter what. He also recognizes the difference between criminals and insanity, by sending most of his villains to the insane asylum. Yes this isn't the nineties Batman with Jim Carrey as the Riddler, this is the darker Dark Knight version. It is way darker, there is more death and it could be seen as scarier. But really? In this day, with all the dark stuff already on our news? Children are already experiencing this stuff. And even though you are at the movies, you can still censor your children from things that are too much, in your eyes. Um, hello have you ever heard of covering a child's eyes? That's what our parents did!

*In all honesty, movie theaters aren't usually dangerous even at midnight. Shootings can happen ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME though! Even at elementary schools! Ever wonder why your six year old has to do gunmen drills, its because they can happen anywhere. You think our kids shouldn't go to movies, well maybe they shouldn't go to school either! Maybe we should all just hermit ourselves in our houses! Then we might be "good" parents!

I'm not saying that I would take my child to a midnight showing but really? That's not what everyone's focus should be on. Everyone should focus on comforting and consoling these victims and their families. Could you imagine what it would be like to go through something like that? They are currently dealing with their own guilt as parents. But it was no one's fault, except for James Holmes. Those poor people only need our support. So how about we give them some, instead of only giving them our judgement?

To the victims and their families, I send out comfort and support. In the past week since the shooting, I have prayed for their closure and peace every time I meditate. I hope they will soon find some peace!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grandma Melanie and My Birthday Party

On Monday, everyone went to the new water park in the heights, the Oasis, for Grandma Melanie's and my birthday parties. Anna and I didn't swim, of course, but it was great to finally get to see the new water park and we had a great time seeing our family and friends!

The water park had one big water slide, a water playground with three smaller slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and a toddler sprinkler area with a baby slide. Alan's favorite area was the toddler sprinklers, he played there almost the whole time lol. He also went on the water playground several times and even went on the tunnel slide several times (although he didn't get the concept of staying in line and waiting his turn lol, he needed to be reminded a few times). Aunt April and Aunt Natalie took him on the lazy river once but this time he wasn't too into it.

Aunt Natalie was just thrilled to finally be able to hold Anna for the first time (she didn't get to the night before because we were out at a restaurant) and she refused to put her down lol. She pretty much held her the whole time we were there and even fought with my mother some about who would get to hold her. Lol, my family... :) Makes me happy that they love her so much though! While we were hanging out, Alan's BFF Korbin and his family came over. They had decided to go to the Oasis that day as well. :) How lucky of us! Korbin's mother, Erica, was so elated when she got to see Anna too and proudly stated that she was the first YMCA employee to see and hold her lol. I guess she was right, now that I think about it. How funny!

Korbin, Alan, and Korbin's little brother Keanu played together in the toddler sprinkler area for the rest of the time. Alan had a little squirt gun and Korbin had a squirter thing too, so the boys had fun spraying each other and taking turns running through the sprinklers. They would go down the slides together and they even found a floatie that they played with! It was so much fun for me to watch my boy having a blast with his BFF. It made my heart sing a little. :)

Finally, Grandma was allowed by Aunt Natalie to hold Anna lol. But by that point, the weather was starting to look unpredictable and wild so we had to start heading out. In the end, we all had a great time and I can't wait for us to go back. I hope I will be able to swim that time lol! I really wanna try out that lazy river!!! :D

Later that night, we went over to Grandma Amber's house because Aunt Ariel had made me a surprise. Well, it turns out she made me a red velvet cake with cream frosting and chocolate chips all by herself! We sang happy birthday to me and then each had a piece. Alan ate his entire piece and then most of mine lol! He loved her cake so much! I was so proud of her and it tasted so good! Thank you Aunt Ariel! I love you so much!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

POV Posts: Red Gravy if You're Fancy!

This is my second installment of Point of View Posts, this time from my other good WTE friend Jen. Her blog is usually about recipes and her love for cooking, so her post is about spaghetti. I love that there is another family who loves spaghetti as much as this one does! :D I hope you enjoy.

Here is this week's POV Posts!


This single world evokes nothing but pure delight for me.

It is simply the perfect meal. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s freaking delicious. Plus I like to pretend I’m Italian so I like to make it and announce that we are having “macaroni and red gravy” while prancing around with a glass of wine. Yep, I’m fancy like that.

Spaghetti is a family favorite here. And with a two year old and a one year old (I’m fancy and crazy) eating spaghetti is an event. But it’s the one meal I know everyone will eat. The girls get stripped down to their under-roo’s and dive in! It always makes me laugh! The oldest slurps it noodle by noodle and the youngest likes to rub it in her hair. Bath time always immediately follows Spaghetti Night!

I beg you, BEG YOU, to make your own sauce. I always use to buy the jar stuff but after making homemade sauce once I haven’t looked back. The smell of the sauce simmering away on the stove is pure heaven. I wish they made a spaghetti sauce air freshener! Febreeze people, Scentsy people are you reading this??

How do you make spaghetti? I usually brown a pound of ground beef, add the sauce and stir in a pound of cooked spaghetti noodles. My sauce recipe is below. It’s so basic. Which is great because you can adapt it to your family’s taste buds! I never make it the same way twice. I’ve even sautéed veggies, pureed them and added them in the sauce to sneak in a little extra nutrition. Try making your own sauce, your family will love it!

 Here is my basic recipe:
Spaghetti sauce
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1 large can tomato sauce
1 can beef broth
1 cup red wine
1 can tomato paste
2T garlic powder
2T dried basil
2T dried oregano
2T dried parsley
1T crushed red pepper flake 

Add all ingredients into a large sauce pan. Simmer on low for 2-3 hours.

 *This makes enough sauce for 2lbs of hamburger and 2lbs of pasta. I usually reserve half of the sauce and freeze it in a ziplock baggie. It freezes GREAT! So feel free to double, triple, ect the recipe and stock up on spaghetti sauce!!


Jen is a 30 (what?!) year old SAHM to 2 beautiful, funny, smart girls. I love love love to cook and use my blog to share new recipes we've tried with family and friends. Cooking (and wine!) help calm me after those stressful toddler filled days! Check out my blog here!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Melanie!

Today is Grandma Melanie's birthday.

I love my mom so much. She has always been there for me, since as long as I can remember. We have so many good memories together. I tell my mom pretty much everything, I feel like I can go to her for any advice. She is always supporting me, whether its helping us with our financial struggles or watching our children for us or even just being emotional support. She is just as good with all my siblings too. I hope that I am someday as good of a mother as she is. :)

She is not only a great mother but she is a fantastic grandmother. Alan just adores her, they are great buddies and he loves to spend time with her. She was there for his birth and was one of the first people who met him. She spoils him like crazy and he just loves it lol. :) Anna is still a newborn, but I know that she also loves her grandma. My mom wasn't able to make it to her birth, but she drove halfway across the state to get to us so that she could help watch Alan. She was a lifesaver! :) She hasn't been able to babysit her yet (I won't introduce bottles to her until next week) but she always is willing to hold her and watch her when we stop by.

For her and my birthday (which was yesterday), we went to the Oasis waterpark with the kids. I will post on Thursday how that went. Spoiler alert lol: it was a blast!!!!!!! :D I also am babysitting tonight so that my father and her can go out to dinner. Happy birthday Mom, we love you so much!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Meeting the Andersen Girls!

Saturday Audrey, Amber and Ariel came home from Utah. Since Amber and Ariel had left for Utah the morning I delivered Anna, none of them had ever met her. They were all so very excited to, so we went over to their house immediately after they got home from the airport.

Alan was shy at first. The last time he had met Great Grandma Audrey, he was three months old. He had no memory of her at all. Plus, he was somewhat scared of the two big dogs, Buster and Benny. We weren't sure why he was afraid of them but he was. Aunt Ariel ended up putting him on the kitchen counter and feeding him cereal to distract him a little lol. After a short bit, he became comfortable with everyone and started playing.

Auntie spoils me lol

Great Grandma Audrey was just tickled by her new great granddaughter. She commented on how long and beautiful her fingers were, how thick and dark her hair was, and how deep her steely blue eyes were. She took picture after picture of her and Alan, then pulled out the gift she had brought them. She bought Alan a tan suit (like fancy suit lol, soooo cute) and bought Anna a beautiful green dress. They both are so nice looking and fancy, we couldn't think of where to have them wear them but then I came up with a good idea. I thought that we could use them for Anna's newborn photos and our family photos. Lon can wear his suit but I will just have to find a nice dress to match Anna. Not sure how lucky I will be finding a green one lol, but maybe a nice blue that will go with it. :) I should have taken pictures of them though! Ugh lol!

Lon, Anna and Great Grandma Audrey

Grandma Amber and Aunt Ariel just loved her as well. Amber loved how much she looked like me and Ariel loved her long fingernails that "looked like they were manicured" lol. Grandma Amber also was bitten by the shopping bug (at least for adorable baby girls lol) and had bought her a newborn size swimsuit. I had never seen a suit that small! It looked so tiny! Aunt Ariel also really missed her Alan, they pretty much were little buddies the whole time we were there. :) It was really nice to see everyone over there, I think we will be going over there a lot more often now that we have Great Grandma Audrey there. She might be calling us 24/7 if we don't lol. :P

Lon, Anna and Grandma Amber

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Darling Dozen: Week by Week! Second Week

This week seems like it has gone by so fast for us! I feel like I have gotten the hang of having two children and keeping a house clean. Whoever said to me that having two kids is really hard apparently has never met my wonderful children. Anna and Alan work so well together, I am still waiting for it to get hard lol. :P Disclaimer: I know it will *eventually* become difficult but I am optimistic about the situation currently.

This weekend is going to be an exciting one for us. Great Grandma Audrey, Grandma Amber and Aunt Ariel will be back from Utah on Saturday so we will be going over to their house so that they can meet Anna. Also, Monday is my birthday and Tuesday is my mother's so on Sunday Aunt Natalie will be driving down from Missoula to visit. It will also be the first time she will get to meet Anna. We are all very excited! :D

Here is this week's Darling Dozen! Enjoy!

Week: Second Week

I love her beautiful eyes!

Weight: 6 pounds and 11 ounces 

Height: 21 inches 

Developments: Anna has definitely started her "Second Week Cluster Feedings" that everyone has been reminding me about. She eats every one to two hours in the daytime and every three hours at night. Its crazy! She also has had more periods of so called quiet wakefulness were she just stares at us with her big beautiful steely blue eyes. We love to talk to her and coo at her during these times! :D

New Achievements This Week: Anna continues to shock us with her strong little neck! She loves her tummy time! 

Loving tummy time and her hand!

How's Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is still going great for us. I am so relieved she is not like her brother in this one aspect lol! ;) Currently she nurses every hour or two, for about 10-40 minutes on either side. She is a nursing champ! 

 Colic: Still no colic! Yes! 

 Jaundice: She no longer is yellow looking, so I am pretty sure the jaundice is gone! Wahoo! :D 

 Places Anna has Been: Walmart, Albertson's, Grandma Melanie's house, Grandma Amber's house, Village Inn, 5Star MMA, Pioneer Park, Applebee's, and Oasis Waterpark

Sleeping on Daddy

Umbilical Cord: Fell of this last Wednesday! There is still a little scab on the belly button but its almost all gone! She has the cutest belly button ever too! Just like Alan's! 

Bathing: We have yet to give Anna her first bath at home, but she has been washed down with a washcloth several times. Her doctors say to wait to submerge her belly in water until her umbilical cord falls off and we want to wait until all the scabs are off as well. Hopefully sometime next week!

Best Moment This Week: All the time spent with my two kids and watching them love on each other!

How's Big Brother: Alan is still doing a wonderful job at being a big brother. He always helps grab things for me while I am breastfeeding her and will even help calm her down when she is upset. We brought Anna's first toys out the other day and though he had some issues at first, he eventually understood that those were her toys and he needed to show her them and play with her with them. Of course we weren't too worried about it, Anna is still too little to care about toys but it was good lesson regardless.

Holding Mama and Daddy's hands while she sleeps
I have a lot coming up on my blog this week, so keep your eyes peeled lol! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alan and Anna's First Meeting

The night I had Anna, Alan stayed with my parents at their house. After Anna and I had been moved to the recovery room and settled in, Lon went home to go sleep in our own bed. At the time we didn't know there was an extra bed in the recovery room but it wasn't a big deal. That Sunday morning, I woke up and fed Anna and myself. Lon had work so I knew he wouldn't be by until later in the day. I couldn't wait til then for Alan to meet his sister so I called my mother and told her she could bring him by. I was so excited to see my little boy again, I had missed him so! :)

I dressed little Anna in her baby shower outfit in preparation for their visit. She looked so cute and the onesie was so big, it was adorable! 

Grandma Melanie brought Alan over just before lunchtime. Alan was so excited to see me but cautious and nervous at first around Anna. He brought her the gift from him and we opened it together. It was a pink dragon Grandma had let him pick in the gift shop. So cute! I told him how much she loved it and he blushed. :) Then I gave him his "gift from Anna" and he opened it. It was a puppy (for the puppies in his tummy, he loved it lol) and a cool Monster card game. He was still a little shy of Anna, so him and Grandma played the game for a bit on the guest bed.

After a bit, he became used to Anna's presence and even started giving her Monster cards so she could "play" the game with him. It was so sweet! He started to come up and want to give her kisses. And not long after that, he was climbing up in bed with us to sit and watch tv. He was so interested in her, he wanted to touch her feet and her hands and kiss her forehead. It melted my heart to watch them interact together!

After a while, Alan started to get antsy again. The hospital room was just too small to keep him entertained for long. Lon showed up on his lunch break just in time to say goodbye to him and then Grandma took him to go play at a park. All in all though, I think he did really well meeting his little sister. He stayed (mostly) calm lol and behaved really well. I was so proud of my big boy! :D

This weekend is my birthday. I don't think we are doing anything for it (Lon originally wanted to go to the Dark Knight Rises but I don't think I can leave Anna for that long) except for taking the kids to the Oasis on Monday with Aunt Natalie (who will be in town for my mother and I's birthdays and to meet Anna). But Great Grandma Audrey, Grandma Amber and Aunt Ariel will be home sometime this weekend, so we will be spending lots of time with them. We also plan on taking Aunt Ariel to Geyser Park for her birthday too. :) Tune in Saturday for my Darling Dozen post! Have a great weekend everyone! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

POV Post: Working at Home with Toddlers

This is my first installment of Point of View Posts, by the lovely Miss Shay. Shay is one of my WTE mamas and she is also a work at home mama. This post is about how she deals with juggling being a mom with working at home. I hope you enjoy! :D

Here is this week's POV Post!

I was working tonight and my son knocked on the door, “Mama, where did daddy go?” He always peeks through his window when he should be in bed. I go back in and lay him down again. As soon as that door closes, he is knocking again, “Mama, can we paint tomorrow? I want to paint.” That’s when I try the bribery approach and I say, “Yep, if you go to bed we can paint tomorrow.” Apparently, bribery doesn’t work with this kid because he’s at the door again.

As a work at home mom, I am thankful that I get this opportunity to watch my kids grow up and be there for the smiles, first time walking and first words, but it also is pretty hard sometimes. I get excited to be with the kids, but I find I am always working on my downtime because I am not getting anything done on my designated “work hours.” I know as the kids get older, it will get easier but trying to type a blog or quote for my job while hearing “Mommy, she bit me” or “Nooooooooo” screamed by the kids and hearing a big thud is like trying to . Ha, maybe not, but you get what I mean.

Some things I have learned as I work at home:

• I need a break. Sometimes I just need to get a sitter and go work at a coffee shop or so I can hear myself think while trying to accomplish important work.

• I work after the kids go to bed mostly because it’s the time I can be most productive • I make sure one day does not have any work at all so it revitalizes me for the week and to remind me that even though I work at home, I still need to separate work from family

• I make sure to laugh. It’s so important to laugh and make fun of yourself. One time I posted my school report on why kids need breastfeeding on a motivational blog because I chose the wrong file. I had to laugh at that.

It is amazing at what happens when you utilize a couple of the suggestions I talked about and how it helps you to be more productive. Those are a few things that help me work and stay at home. Oh, and wine.


Shay is a weight loss coach who works from home. She has 2 kids, Cameron and Greenlee and loves staying at home with them. For more information on what she does, you can check her out here!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Love Sprinklers!!

Monday was surprisingly a nice cool 78 degree day. Being a little stir crazy myself and desiring some Vitamin D, I texted my mother that we should go to a park. :) We decided to take Uncle Kalvin and Alan to Terry Park for their water park and playground. Alan thought we were going to the Oasis at first but when he found out we were going somewhere else, he told me he didn't want to go. I convinced him that the sprinklers would be fun, but he told me that he hated sprinklers lol. :P Silly boy! My mom and I hoped that because it was a cooler day and a Monday, there wouldn't be too many people there. We were thankfully lucky, as there were only three other families there.

After sunscreening the boys and giving Anna to Grandma Melanie, the three of us went out into the sprinklers. Alan instantly forgot about not liking the sprinklers and got soaked pretty quickly. He ran through all of the sprinklers and was the youngest one there! He ran with all of the big kids still and had a great time. My kid is fearless! :D

Uncle Kalvin quickly wore out and was a little cold from the water, so he took a break with Grandma Melanie and Anna, who were sitting together in the shade. After a while, he asked Grandma if he could hold her and she said yes, as long as he sat. So he held her for the first time and was so proud of himself. I can already tell that he loves his niece so much. :)

Alan eventually got tired and cold from the water, so we came in to take a little break. We drank juice bags and had granola bars. Then I took the boys to the playground to blow off more energy lol. Alan ran around with Uncle Kalvin and tried the bridge but kept slipping on it. He got used to it after a while, I never figured out why it kept making him slip though. There were other kids using the monkey bars and Alan wanted to join in. I had to convince him that he would have to wait until he was a little bigger, or Lon was around lol. :P He was distracted pretty quickly by the slides though.

Alan really enjoyed climbing up the ladder to the slide and then racing Uncle Kalvin down the side by side slide. Then the boys started playing Pirates and Alan was the captain of the ship. He "drove" the ship around and told Uncle Kalvin to walk the plank a bunch lol. It was pretty cute. :) He kept calling Uncle Kalvin "Smee" like the character from the Peter Pan stories, which I thought was just hilarious. Those boys had so much fun playing on the playground, they didn't want to leave when it was time to go home and feed Anna.

What a great cool day for playing outside! I hope there are more cool days to come, Anna and I really enjoyed getting outside in the sun!