Sunday, July 15, 2012

Staying Cool at the Pool

Friday was a scorcher. Alan went to the new water park in the heights called the Oasis with Grandma Melanie, Aunt April, her friend Andra, Uncle Kalvin and his friend Kale. Anna and I wanted to join them, but it was just too hot for us to be outside for that long. But Grandma Melanie said he was great. She said he was a fearless little tough man and he wanted to go on all the big slides by himself. He did great in the swimming pool as well. Right before they left, Aunt April and him were floating on the Lazy River and he fell asleep in her lap! :) Silly boy! I am glad he had so much fun there and was so brave. This makes me feel confident that swim lessons in August will go well for us. Yes!

Saturday was also another hot day for us. Alan was feeling it, Anna was feeling it, and I was feeling it. It was really more muggy than hot though, and I think that's what made it unbearable for everyone. We didn't end up going to Carly's birthday party for that reason but I texted my mom so we could figure out some way to keep the boys (and Anna) cool.

My big boy, trying to stay cool
She suggested Pioneer Park because of the shaded wading pool and the playground that Alan loves. Uncle Kalvin's friend Casey was going to come with us, as well as Grandma Melanie and Aunt April. We waited until the shade was guaranteed to be there lol, and then headed out. Alan was excited and Anna was sleeping lol. :P When we got to the park though, we realized that everyone and their dogs had the same idea we did lol, and some of them even went as far as having a pool party. The park was packed! There was some cultural picnic thing going on behind the pool and several big birthday parties surrounding the pool. There was even a wedding going on next to the creek! :) We headed to a shady tree away from most of the commotion and got the boys ready to swim. Grandma Melanie offered to hold Anna so I could spend some quality time with my boy, and I couldn't turn her down! :D Here are some pictures from our time:

Driving his boat in the pool

Splashing with it lol!

Checking out the fountain

I love the water in this one! So cool!

The pool was also pretty packed, mostly with rowdy older children. So I stayed real close to Alan. He had fun playing with his boat and his Finn McMissile car but wouldn't sit down at first. I convinced him he would be okay, and he finally did. But just as we were beginning to have fun, some rowdy girls came over and started picking on my son. They tried to take his toys from him and kept splashing him in the face. These kids were way older too, and it looked like they didn't have any supervision. So after asking them to stop as nicely as I could (It was honestly hard for me because I wanted to hit them, I get very worked up when big kids pick on little kids because its not fair) several times, I finally had to raise my voice at them. I told them they were being very rude and needed to leave us alone and go find their parents. I almost made one of them cry but they were so mean! Wow I haven't ever experienced that before!

Angry at all the other people in the park lol, I told Alan and the boys it was time to go to the playground. Thankfully, Anna and Grandma Melanie were fine. Grandma said that her and Anna just snuggled and enjoyed each other's company. :) We dressed and I had Aunt April and Grandma Melanie take them so that I could feed Anna. The boys played at the playground for half hour and had a much better time there, Grandma said. Makes me happy that they did! :D

Over the weekend, this blog broke 29,000 page views! I know a lot of it has to do with Miss Anna's arrival, but I am so blessed to have all of you wonderful readers! Thanks again, you are all great!

Glad we all got the chance to get out and get cool! Hope that we can do that more often now that Anna is a week old!

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