Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Darling Dozen: Week by Week! First Week

Know how when I was pregnant I did the Pregnancy Post? Well starting today, every Saturday will be my Darling Dozen post, all about Anna's first twelve weeks of life week by week. They will be similar in some ways, but different in others. And definitely filled with lots of pictures of my little darling! :) I hope you tune in!

Here's this week's Darling Dozen!

Week: First Week

Little tiny mittens on her hands!
Weight: 6 pounds and 7 ounces

Height: 20 and a half inches

Developments: Anna is starting to "unfold" this week. She is getting used to nursing and sucking on her binky. She sleeps most of the time, waking to nurse and explore the new world with her beautiful blue eyes. :)

New Achievements This Week: Anna has been loving her tummy time this week! Today she was even trying to lift her little head and move it around! Wild little woman lol! 

How's Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is going great. She normally nurses every hour or two, for about 10-20 minutes on either side. She is a nursing champ!

Colic: No colic so far! Yes! 

Jaundice: Her doctors said she looked like she had jaundice this week, so we had to get her blood drawn twice to check her bili levels. The first time they were 15.8 (20 is when they are hospitalized and put under the light) but the second time it had gone done to 14.7 thankfully. Her doctor said she didn't have to go under the light or get anymore blood draws, as long as we put her under the sunlight once a day and feed her on demand. So far so good!

Places Anna has Been: Walmart, Albertson's, Grandma Melanie's house, Grandma Amber's house, Village Inn, 5Star MMA, and Pioneer Park

Look at those eyes!
Umbilical Cord: Stil hasn't fallen off.

Bathing: We have yet to give Anna her first bath at home, but she has been washed down with a washcloth several times. Her doctors say to wait to submerge her belly in water until her umbilical cord falls off.

Best Moment This Week: Bringing Anna home for the first time to spend with my whole family. I was so excited to be home and see Alan again! It made my whole week!

How's Big Brother: Alan is doing amazing! He is wonderful helper with her, he is always willing to bring me things or put them away for me if I am nursing Anna. He is also really gentle with her, he will be really calm around her and only touch her when we let him. He loves to give her toys to "play with him" and always picks stuffed animals. What a fantastic big brother!

Snoozing with brother

Tonight is Alan's friend Carly's first birthday party. I am not sure if we are going to make it, it is at a park in Laurel which might be too far away and too hot for little Miss Anna. But I am still trying to decide. If not, we will meet up with them later in the week to give Carly her present and for her mama to get to see Anna. Other than that, I don't really know what are plans are for this weekend. Hopefully, staying cool in all this heat!

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