Monday, July 23, 2012

Meeting the Andersen Girls!

Saturday Audrey, Amber and Ariel came home from Utah. Since Amber and Ariel had left for Utah the morning I delivered Anna, none of them had ever met her. They were all so very excited to, so we went over to their house immediately after they got home from the airport.

Alan was shy at first. The last time he had met Great Grandma Audrey, he was three months old. He had no memory of her at all. Plus, he was somewhat scared of the two big dogs, Buster and Benny. We weren't sure why he was afraid of them but he was. Aunt Ariel ended up putting him on the kitchen counter and feeding him cereal to distract him a little lol. After a short bit, he became comfortable with everyone and started playing.

Auntie spoils me lol

Great Grandma Audrey was just tickled by her new great granddaughter. She commented on how long and beautiful her fingers were, how thick and dark her hair was, and how deep her steely blue eyes were. She took picture after picture of her and Alan, then pulled out the gift she had brought them. She bought Alan a tan suit (like fancy suit lol, soooo cute) and bought Anna a beautiful green dress. They both are so nice looking and fancy, we couldn't think of where to have them wear them but then I came up with a good idea. I thought that we could use them for Anna's newborn photos and our family photos. Lon can wear his suit but I will just have to find a nice dress to match Anna. Not sure how lucky I will be finding a green one lol, but maybe a nice blue that will go with it. :) I should have taken pictures of them though! Ugh lol!

Lon, Anna and Great Grandma Audrey

Grandma Amber and Aunt Ariel just loved her as well. Amber loved how much she looked like me and Ariel loved her long fingernails that "looked like they were manicured" lol. Grandma Amber also was bitten by the shopping bug (at least for adorable baby girls lol) and had bought her a newborn size swimsuit. I had never seen a suit that small! It looked so tiny! Aunt Ariel also really missed her Alan, they pretty much were little buddies the whole time we were there. :) It was really nice to see everyone over there, I think we will be going over there a lot more often now that we have Great Grandma Audrey there. She might be calling us 24/7 if we don't lol. :P

Lon, Anna and Grandma Amber

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