Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa Kevin!

Today is Grandpa Kevin's birthday.

I just love this picture of my father and Lon at our wedding

I love my father so much. He is such a strong, great man and he is always there for his family. He is always there to protect us and to make sure we have everything we need. My father has always been there for me and my family, as far back as I can remember. He always knows what to say or do to make us laugh, we always have so much fun together. My mom refers to him as her fifth child lol, because he acts so young and so full of life. We love to go do fun things together. He is such a wonderful father. :)

My dad and Aunt April doing the robot at Anna's baby shower

My father is the funniest man alive! He is always acting out to make us kids laugh! He is the biggest dork ever lol! He is also a great grandfather to my children. Alan loves him so much, he loves how my dad always takes him outside to play while he unloads his truck. They always play dirt bikes together and my father can't wait until he is old enough to ride one himself! He has already bought him one and is holding onto it until the day comes lol. :P He also loves Anna a lot. She is still too little for him to really do too much with her, but they love snuggling together. My kids are so lucky to have a grandpa like him. :)

My dad and Alan camping

Happy birthday Grandpa Kevin. We love you so much!

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