Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hopefully My Last Midwife Appointment (Keyword: HOPEFULLY!!!!)

****This is another one of those TMI motherly posts. If you are not a mother and do not want to be grossed out, please do not read this. There is information about my preparations for labor. You have been warned!****

Thursday was my 38th week midwife appointment. Last week, they had messed up on my iron blood draw, so that was the first thing they did with me. I woke up this morning with bad nausea and took a Zofran early, which like made me feel like Super Mama for some odd reason lol. So I folded five loads of laundry, did two loads of dishes and vacuumed most of my house before the darn thing wore off. Then I was bedridden, throwing up everything I ate and still having to wait three more hours before I could even take another Zofran. Ugh. Thankfully, Lon came home for his lunch break with food for everyone and I was able to eat shortly after taking another Zofran. But this had me somewhat concerned about my blood draw later that afternoon.

Once I had arrived, Nurse Lori gave me my complimentary gift card and explained the inconclusive blood draw to me. Apparently the whole office all had felt terrible about having to take more blood from me with all my issues already, so they donated a little cash each and got me something. How sweet of them! The hospital where I had Alan would have never done anything like that, let alone remembered that I had issues with blood draws and anemia. I knew I switched for a reason! :D Nurse Lori then quickly double checked with Midwife Laurie (lol) to make sure I just needed an iron draw and not a platelet count then took my blood. I was okay at first but became light headed after being weighed (142, I lost a pound again) and had to lay down. Which was okay because Midwife Laurie had wanted to check me again and see if I had made any progress.

Midwife Laurie measured my belly (only 35 weeks but its because Anna is so low), checked Anna's heart rate (a healthy 150 bpm still) and discussed my induction options at this point, which completely shocked me! I was expecting them to no longer stop my labor at this point but had been under the impression that they weren't ever going to induce me because of their concern about Anna's weight. But Midwife Laurie assured me that Anna was at least six and a half pounds right now and probably bigger, so she was allowing whatever form of induction I wanted sometime next week. She checked my cervix and I was two centimeters dilated (another one since last week!). I then told her that I have no desire to be induced with medicine but I allowed her to strip my membranes, a process where they pretty much separate the bag of waters from everything. Especially with the second child, this usually causes labor to start within an hour or two, or up to a week afterwards. Midwife Laurie predicts that I could start labor tonight or will at least have Anna by next week. Yay!

So I am going to start this now, when does everyone think she will arrive? Give me some dates people! :D Comment on here with your guesses and we will just see who is right in the end! Come on, beautiful girl, you have lots of people who want to meet you! Hurry up chica!

On a side note: I have been anxiously waiting to announce this but now I finally can! :D My beloved cousin Blake and his wonderful girlfriend Maddie are expecting a BOY in November 2012!! Lon, Alan and I are endlessly thrilled to hear this! We just can't wait for another boy in the family to get into trouble with Alan lol. :) Congratulations Blake and Maddie! We can't wait to meet the little man!

Blake and Maddie at Anna's baby shower

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