Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grandma Melanie and My Birthday Party

On Monday, everyone went to the new water park in the heights, the Oasis, for Grandma Melanie's and my birthday parties. Anna and I didn't swim, of course, but it was great to finally get to see the new water park and we had a great time seeing our family and friends!

The water park had one big water slide, a water playground with three smaller slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and a toddler sprinkler area with a baby slide. Alan's favorite area was the toddler sprinklers, he played there almost the whole time lol. He also went on the water playground several times and even went on the tunnel slide several times (although he didn't get the concept of staying in line and waiting his turn lol, he needed to be reminded a few times). Aunt April and Aunt Natalie took him on the lazy river once but this time he wasn't too into it.

Aunt Natalie was just thrilled to finally be able to hold Anna for the first time (she didn't get to the night before because we were out at a restaurant) and she refused to put her down lol. She pretty much held her the whole time we were there and even fought with my mother some about who would get to hold her. Lol, my family... :) Makes me happy that they love her so much though! While we were hanging out, Alan's BFF Korbin and his family came over. They had decided to go to the Oasis that day as well. :) How lucky of us! Korbin's mother, Erica, was so elated when she got to see Anna too and proudly stated that she was the first YMCA employee to see and hold her lol. I guess she was right, now that I think about it. How funny!

Korbin, Alan, and Korbin's little brother Keanu played together in the toddler sprinkler area for the rest of the time. Alan had a little squirt gun and Korbin had a squirter thing too, so the boys had fun spraying each other and taking turns running through the sprinklers. They would go down the slides together and they even found a floatie that they played with! It was so much fun for me to watch my boy having a blast with his BFF. It made my heart sing a little. :)

Finally, Grandma was allowed by Aunt Natalie to hold Anna lol. But by that point, the weather was starting to look unpredictable and wild so we had to start heading out. In the end, we all had a great time and I can't wait for us to go back. I hope I will be able to swim that time lol! I really wanna try out that lazy river!!! :D

Later that night, we went over to Grandma Amber's house because Aunt Ariel had made me a surprise. Well, it turns out she made me a red velvet cake with cream frosting and chocolate chips all by herself! We sang happy birthday to me and then each had a piece. Alan ate his entire piece and then most of mine lol! He loved her cake so much! I was so proud of her and it tasted so good! Thank you Aunt Ariel! I love you so much!

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