Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Traveling Red Dress: Harmony's Story

As I mentioned in a post awhile ago, Meghan's mother found her a beautiful red dress to wear and she has had her Red Dress Moment. Regardless of this fact, here is Meghan's story if you would like to read it. Alas, my red dress is still waiting to find the next perfect woman to bless with its magic. Last month, I think that my dress finally found the one. In a beautiful woman named Harmony.

Harmony is a free-spirited punky mother of three. Like my husband, she and her family hail from beautiful Utah. In the past three years, she has gone through quite a bit with her. I believe she is definitely deserving of my red dress. Here is her story about her desire for a Red Dress Moment, from her perspective:

"These last 3 years, I have struggled in my marriage. This last spring, its gotten worse and I've been unable to eat or sleep properly. On May 30th, I made a decision to end my marriage before I ended my life. The best decision I have made. I have joined a gym and am eating healthy. I feel like I am starting to regain myself and who I am. I originally planned on doing a red dress event for a charity walk I do (the MS Walk). I plan on walking with my two daughters for a former patient of mine who passsed away too young from MS. I felt like it would be the perfect way to honor her. After making this decision, her daughter agreed to join me and I knew we had to do it!! She is in her 20s and we thought the perfect way to do this walk was in red dresses! So through Facebook's Traveling Red Dress group, I've been gathering dresses for my walk team. I found the dresses for my daughters and my patient's daughter, yet my dress seemed to elude me. The last dress I received for myself was a size 16. Happily, it was too big for me! Thankfully it fit my friend perfect so now its hers. Now I am looking for something smaller. Even a lil smaller than me would be okay lol!! I need this red dress. Mostly I need a goal dress. My MS Walk is October 20th and my goal is to be at least a size 12. If not smaller!"

I will be mailing her dress to her sometime after Anna is born. I cannot wait to hear the remainder of her red dress story and see her beautiful pictures! I know that she will be just stunning walking for MS!

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