Thursday, July 19, 2012

POV Post: Working at Home with Toddlers

This is my first installment of Point of View Posts, by the lovely Miss Shay. Shay is one of my WTE mamas and she is also a work at home mama. This post is about how she deals with juggling being a mom with working at home. I hope you enjoy! :D

Here is this week's POV Post!

I was working tonight and my son knocked on the door, “Mama, where did daddy go?” He always peeks through his window when he should be in bed. I go back in and lay him down again. As soon as that door closes, he is knocking again, “Mama, can we paint tomorrow? I want to paint.” That’s when I try the bribery approach and I say, “Yep, if you go to bed we can paint tomorrow.” Apparently, bribery doesn’t work with this kid because he’s at the door again.

As a work at home mom, I am thankful that I get this opportunity to watch my kids grow up and be there for the smiles, first time walking and first words, but it also is pretty hard sometimes. I get excited to be with the kids, but I find I am always working on my downtime because I am not getting anything done on my designated “work hours.” I know as the kids get older, it will get easier but trying to type a blog or quote for my job while hearing “Mommy, she bit me” or “Nooooooooo” screamed by the kids and hearing a big thud is like trying to . Ha, maybe not, but you get what I mean.

Some things I have learned as I work at home:

• I need a break. Sometimes I just need to get a sitter and go work at a coffee shop or so I can hear myself think while trying to accomplish important work.

• I work after the kids go to bed mostly because it’s the time I can be most productive • I make sure one day does not have any work at all so it revitalizes me for the week and to remind me that even though I work at home, I still need to separate work from family

• I make sure to laugh. It’s so important to laugh and make fun of yourself. One time I posted my school report on why kids need breastfeeding on a motivational blog because I chose the wrong file. I had to laugh at that.

It is amazing at what happens when you utilize a couple of the suggestions I talked about and how it helps you to be more productive. Those are a few things that help me work and stay at home. Oh, and wine.


Shay is a weight loss coach who works from home. She has 2 kids, Cameron and Greenlee and loves staying at home with them. For more information on what she does, you can check her out here!

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