Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Breastfeeding Anna: Time to Transition

I have been breastfeeding Anna for about six and a half months now. This is impresive to me because I stopped nursing Alan at three months and breastfeeding him altogether at eigth months old. I have felt pretty confident in my breastfeeding (well since  the last time at least) but the past few weeks has left me questioning myself yet again. And I hate that I am saying this, literally as I type I am hating it, I have waited for so long to post this but I know that now I have to. So here it goes:

I am having problems with breastfeeding Anna again. I have been have some personal female issues that do not belong on this blog, and it has greatly affected my milk supply. And this sucks. I am not fully sure, I have yet to even call my LC yet (I know, I know, I am so terrible, but I thought I could handle it myself), but I do think that the consistency of my milk has maybe changed slightly? I do not know for sure, but something, SOMETHING has made Anna stop wanting to nurse.

She will nurse for a few minutes and then pull away to look around or talk to someone. Its not like she isn't getting anything, the second she pulls off she gets sprayed in the face lol. Its not like she's striking, I know what that is like because I went through that with Alan. This is different. I think it is more because she is just plain too distracted to nurse. And I have tried everything for this too. I literally pulled out all of my LC notes over the years and went over every single situation and solution. We have tried even going into a dark room, alone, and I will nurse her with with us skin to skin, with only a light blanket covering her head. She will throw the blanket off her head, pull off and start talking to me. It has me quite frustrated, to say the least. Mostly exhausted.

Exhausted from staying up late nights, trying to get her to nurse. Exhausted from pumping more and more to make up for her not nursing as much anymore. Exhausted from researching new things to try and trying them. Exhausted from trying so hard to get her to do something she just is no longer into I guess. I am over the fact that she drinks some formula at this point.

I think its time to transition from nursing and pumping to exclusively pumping and bottle feeding it to her. She takes bottles just fine and is eating solids like a champ. I think that the stress I have had from trying to get her to nurse has on decreased my supply. Its pitiful. I will maybe get an ounce on each side when I pump. I need to stop worrying about feeding her a way she does not like anymore I guess, and need to set my focus towards upping my supply again for these last five months.

Its just HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to throw a big tantrum lol. I just wish that she would not do this right now, but I know that I cannot fully blame her. It is her decision when she wants to change her diet slightly. This is exactly what I am always talking about with baby-led weaning but darn! Why is it so hard????

I just need to remind myself that it is her choice and that it will change nothing between us. That is the big one, I think. I am afraid it will change something between us, somehow. But that thought is even silly as I contemplate it now, how would I be afraid of that? It did not change Alan and I's relationship when he stopped breastfeeding. In fact, it made him grow up more, I think. Ah ha! That's probably it right there!

I do not want my baby girl to grow up. I DO NOT WANT MY BABY GIRL TO GROW UP!!! There, I said it. But it does not make me feel better. I feel like she is growing up so fast, and I want her to stay little and tiny. She is so cute that way!

I have noticed that this is also a topic among other blogging mothers and moms in general. Why is it that we all have such a problem with our kids growing up? We are all so silly! It is a good thing for them to grow up! Anna Ariel, I promise to not be too sad about you progressing into your next milestone by stopping nursing. You are free to be a big girl as fast as you want to be! Just include Mama, Daddy and Brother for the ride lol! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!! January 30, 2013

Starting back up with WILW again with Little Daisy May. I have not done one of these since the summer, if I am correct. Okay... Maybe it was September. Do not go find out for sure, all you readers lol!!! The truth is, its been a while since I have done one. And I need to on a weekly basis again. This is one of those blogging therapy things I need sometimes (I promise to do a post detailing those more throroughly sometime next month) you know? I know you do!

I'm loving quite a bit this week. Even some silly things that I may not always think about or love necessarily. A new pregnancy in your family will do that to you!

I'm loving... Aunt Natalie's newly announced pregnancy! We have known about it for a bit now, so it is nice to be able to finally talk about it and be excited about it. It was fun keeping our special secret for a while, but I am glad that we no longer have to hold it in!!!

I'm loving... that today is not only my dance class day but Alan's day for gymnastics! Wednesdays are always so fun, Alan wakes up excited for gymnastics and is in a great mood all day because of it! He keeps asking me how many more hours until class though. A little annoying. :) Mommy note to self: Teach Alan to tell time.

I'm lving... my music choice for today's dance class. As well as the dance steps I am teaching today lol. It should be one pretty intense and awesome class! Students look out lol!

I'm loving... that my new favorite song, "Thrift Shop" is number one on Fuse's Top 20 Countdown this week! I love this song man! From its awesome sax backups to its lyrics about thifting, this song is the coolest! Love that its by some cool rapper too. Honestly, he just made so many stay at home mom's number one anthem lol!

I'm loving... that tomorrow is the first Nat Geo Party at the Rimrock Mall. Alan and I invited his buddy Kelton and his mama Kelsie to go with us. Not exactly sure what we will be doing, but it will be a polar themed party this month. It should be fun!

I'm loving... that my kids are no longer sick! Neither of them! Anna just got over her most recent cold and Alan is doing great. Hopefully the Andersen household is done with cold and flu season for the year, we got hit pretty hard for us this year. :/

I'm loving... that we ran some errands around town today and I finally got my darn fenugreek! Ugh my supply has dropped considerably and I needed some more about a week ago. Wouldn't you know though that it would take the whole WEEK to get it lol! Ah motherhood.

I'm loving... that after much effort on my behalf, my house is fully clean ONE DAY EARLIER THAN USUAL. Boom! That's major big news! I am so proud of myself but I cannot seem to shake the lingering feeling that it only means my house will be messy one day earlier too lmao!

I'm loving... that Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake plan on coming to Billings again sometime in the middle of next month. They just told us the other day. Yay! We miss them so much, I have to see them at least once a month lol! You know it! :)

I'm loving... my weird cravings I have had today: cheddar and sour cream potato chips with pretzel M&Ms, canned peaches with chips and salsa, or even spanish rice with chocolate pudding. Yum! But I am so weird! And NOT pregnant lol. Is there such things as breastfeeding cravings? Cos I may be experiencing that!

What are you loving today???

My Children at Six Months Old

Every day that Anna gets older, I remark at how much she looks like everyone. She looks just like me when I was a baby, I will have to scan some baby pictures to show you guys! She has Lon's eyes and his head shape and when she bites her bottom lip like he does, the resemblence is uncanny! But I think most of all, she looks like her brother. I mean, obviously there are a lot of differences (like their gender, their size and their hair color) but they look definitely like siblings to me! Maybe when they are both a bit older, they could even pass for fraternal twins lol!

What do you think though?




I tried to find similar pictures of their activities and facial expressions to help. I think they look so much alike. Its uncanny lol! Regardless of how much they look like siblings though, I know that they love each other like siblings. And that is what is important. I also love them to the moon and back. They are such special children to me!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boy Do I Have Some News!

Noooooo, people I am not pregnant lol. We are hoping to wait a bit to have Baby Andersen #3, hopefully not until Anna is three. But do I have some news for you!!

Everyone knows this amazing, wonderful person holding my beautiful daughter right? No? Let me get another picture of her...

Here she is with her boyfriend, Uncle Jake. Do you know who this beautiful lady is?????

This is my sister, Natatlie. She is just two years and ten months younger than me, basically the Anna to my Alan. We is exactly as far apart age wise as Alan and Anna. I love her so very much and I have just been EXPLODING to tell everyone the best news ever! I have been patient and waited like a good big sister but I can wait no longer and she has announced it on FB so I can announce it on here too!

There you have it!! I am going to be an aunt!!

I am so excited for my sister and Jake! They are due in July, actually right in between Anna's birthday and everyone else's. At this rate, we will have a birthday at least once a week in July. Hello to the month of PARTIES!!! I believe that she is almost 16 weeks along right now. She went through the dreaded morning sickness like I did, but I think she is hopefully in the clear at this point. They already have names picked out, they are just waiting to see what they will be. I love both names but personally hope she has a boy. Because I like the boy name just a little bit more lol. But I would honestly be happy to have EITHER a boy or girl. Lon and I are just so excited to finally become a true aunt and uncle! We became parents again in 2012 and will become aunt and uncle in 2013! Oh what a special year it will be!

Now do you see why I have been so giddy lately? Despite all of our life problems, it is still very beautiful. Life is wonderful, in more ways than can be counted. Even though there are all the hard times, I hold them very close to my heart. They are what make the good times so worth it. Because I know that I have been through hardships and I am still here to celebrate the good times. Yay! Life is so awesome!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Do Not Serve Under Cooked Potatoes At a Dinner Party

This weekend we had a guest over for dinner. It was Lon's best friend Shaun, who also owns the gym that Lon works at. We had invited him over last month for his birthday dinner but he was too busy to make plans until this month. I was very excited to have company over, we picked out a movie to watch and I planned out the dinner. I figured we would do some sort of pork chops with potatoes, rolls, green beans and some rice. We could even have wine, if I planned out my pumping and nursing schedule around it. Excitedly, I started looking through my cookbook.

And there was nothing that looked good. Oven baked pork chops, thai orange pork chop skillet. Yuck!

Okay, so let me disclaimer this before you think that I am a big weirdo. I do not usually like pork or ham, or really any part of a pig for that matter. I was a dedicated vegetarian in high school and even though I eat meat now, I have a very limited palette that I will choose from. Like... chicken, beef and any wild game. That's pretty much it. I do not like turkey and ham or seafood or anything of the like. I am pretty picky, I will admit it. But that's not what this post is about lol. This is about Shaun's birthday dinner. So I chose pork chops.

After looking for FOREVER, I found a recipe that I could alter somewhat for everyone to like. This is what I made (Oh how I wish I had pictures): Onion and herb pork chops with potatoes. I will put the recipe at the bottom for everyone.

Somehow everything got crowded up into each other, and I was running late. Shaun showed up before I had even started dinner and he was hungry. So I scrambled and made the dishes to the best of my ability, following the changed recipe. Something in my gut told me to cook the potatoes with the chops the whole time but the recipe had me put them in last.

Sooooooo wouldn't you know, I served everyone half cooked potatoes. Insert big frowny face here. Everyone told me that they weren't that bad and that everything else was delicious, but I tried them myself and YUCK,  I mean they were awful. But the pork came out fantastic! And everything else was good as well. So it was all okay. I just felt very silly for inviting someone over for dinner (instead of just going out to eat) and then messing up the food anyways. But we live and learn, right? Shaun and Lon told me the food was really good too and that it was just fine that the potatoes came out bad, it was only one small part of the meal. So I was okay with it.

It was very nice to have company over again. I feel like I am always saying this but I just love company over. The kida and I rarely get out of the house anymore, so company is the best! We will have to do it again sometime soon!

Like I mentioned above, here is the edited recipe of the Onion and herb pork chop recipe. I fixed it so that the potatoes should come out right this time!

Onion and Herb Pork Chops

1 1/2 teaspoons Rubbed Sage
1 teaspoon Minced Garlic
1 teaspoon Tyme Leaves
1/2 teaspoon Ground Allspice
1/2 teaspoon Paprika
1 teaspoon All Purpose Flour
4 Pork Chops
4 teaspoons Olive Oil
1 Medium Onion
1-2 Potatoes (Depending on peference)
3/4 cup water
1 teaspoon Brown Sugar (Oppotional)
1 teaspoon Salt (Oppotional)

Step One: Mix flour, all of the spices and salt in a small bowl. Sprinkle both sides of chops with seasoned flour and rub into meat. Cut potatoes and onions into thin slices.

Step Two: Cook pork chops in hot oil in large skillet on medium-high heat until browned on both sides. Remove the chops from skillet.

Step Three:  Add the potatoes, cook and stir for five minutes or until tender. Add onion, cook and stir for three minutes or until tender.

Step Four: Stir in water, brown sugar and remaining seasoned flour until well mixed. Return pork chops to skillet. Bring to a boil.

Step Five: Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer five minutes or until desired doneness.

I will make a point to post pictures of this recipe the next time I make it. Even if I have to use Lon's phone to do it lol.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Question Friday!! January 25, 2013

Its my first Five Question Friday in the New Year!! And actually my first one in a while. Its hard to keep up with weekly blog hops when you no longer have internet at your house. I make do but sometimes without the blog hops, which isn't as fun lol. But I am definitely glad to be back and glad to be able to find some new blogs to read! I have definitely been lacking in some reading material lol. :) I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

This weekend I am swamped with work and it sucks. This will be a lot for me. This is one of the first weekends since I have had Anna that I am truly busy, like chicken with their head cut off BUSY. I got double booked for birthday parties tonight and am fully booked for them tomorrow. I will only be working like seven hours total, but for me that is a lot. I still pump and nurse my daughter, thus am only used to working three to four hour shifts. Like I said, this is a lot for me. I will be pumping at work, something that will be an adventure on its own. I have been contemplating writing a post about it lol.

The only real reason why it sucks so much is because I will be missing two parties for work. My friend Chelsea's pamper party tonight and Kelsie's baby shower tomorrow. Ugh, I just want to be a big baby about it and throw a tantrum, but I know better. I know how much we need the money right now and every hour I work, Lon does not have to. So if working a bunch this weekend means that Lon can stay home with the kids tonight and Saturday, then so be it. Plus Saturday night, I am treating myself to another performance at the Fringe Festival for Venture Theatre. Aunt April is performing again, this time with the School of Classical Ballet, and she will be doing a piece choreographed by my old dance teacher Teal. Very cool! And Sunday will be our family day. Lon and I will be hopefully taking the kids to see the grandparents and then we have a playdate at the mall with all of Alan and Anna's friends. We also will be having Lon's friend Shaun over for his belated birthday dinner. Yay, I love Sundays!

But for today, here is my Five Question Friday! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Do you embrace or dread snow/cold weather days?
I embrace them full heartedly. I just love snow and the cold weather! But I am a true Montanan at heart and was raised in the snow. As a kid, we went outside to play whether it was ten below or 110 degrees! That is how it should be lol. All these people these days that are afraid of snow drive me bonkers. If you are too scared of it to drive normally, then find someone else to drive for you or stay home! Sorry for the rant, but one of my biggest pet peeves is bad drivers that are scared of snow. Please do not drive five miles an hour, five miles under the speed limit is enough with snow. Ugh! :)

Which game show or reality show could you totally win?
I am not one for watching those reality tv shows. I think American Idol is ridiculous and Minute to Win It or Survivor annoy me. I really hate Big Brother and I believe that the Bachelor is rigged. Everyone says I am so cynical when it comes to reality tv shows but they just seem so fake. I enjoy watching the ones where there is no cash or prize at the end.

But to play along, I will tell you a few game shows that I think Lon and I could win:

Have you ever seen the show Billy on the Street? Its a new show on Fuse and its a pop culture game show. This guy from Funny or Die (LOVE THEIR SHOW) runs around and asks random pop culture questions to people on the street. He has them do hilarious things for a few dollars. If I saw him on the street, not only would I totally participate, but I would probably conquet it lol. I love pop culture and know quite a bit about it, even about the celebrities I do not like. I think I would do pretty good.

Either that or So You Think You Could Dance? I am not sure if I would totally win it, but I am pretty confident that I could get into the Top 20, which would allow me to work with famous choreographers. And for that show, that would be all I could ever ask. To work with famous dancers and choreographers would be the ultimate dancer's honor, the experience would be more worth it than the award I believe.

What is your preferred climate?
I'd probably have to say room temperature. I am not super picky, I do not mind the hot or the cold but if I had to pick a temp, it would be a mix of the two. We usually keep our house at a nice 70 degrees, except in the summer we try to shoot for 65.

What do you buy every time you walk into the grocery store, no matter what?
I have quite the list of things that I buy everytime lol. But this is usually because I only go grocery shoping once a week for the week and if I need something extra during the week, I run to a gas station. But I usually always buy milk, chocolate milk, baby food, diapers, wipes, bacon, eggs, bread, cheese, lunchmeat, Coca Cola for Lon and gum. Those may seem like weird neccessities but that's what my family needs to live off of apparently lol! What a weird family I have!

If you see a spider/bug in the house, are you brave enough to kill it, or do you call for your hubby?
It honestly depends on the size of it. If its a little tiny one, I can usually get it on my own. But if its a big, scary one that moves really fast... Forget about it, I am in the other room, screaming like a school girl lol. But that is better than I used to be. I used to not be able to deal with spiders at all. I had arachniphobia in high school and after having Alan it was one of the things we worked to lower for my anxiety levels. I now am not so afraid of them, as long as they are way smaller than me lol!

This Week In Pinterest

Want to see what I have been pinning this week?
My new workout plan: Before every shower do 50 jumping jacks, 5 push ups, 20 crunches, and a 30 second plank. A bookcase on a door, something that I MUST do when we buy our own house! A cute idea for Alan's Valentines for this year? A photo idea for when the kids are just a little bit older.
Elephant coin purses that I must make! An adorable apron for me to make, oh look at me turning into Holly Homemaker! Some cute braided hairstyles for me to try out. The coolest clock EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
 A glowing party, something I might just have to do for Mister Alan's fourth birthday. 40 Things that You have to make for your boy, love the car holder already! A photo idea that I just adore!
They just reset Top Baby Blogs again, so I ask you all to vote for Free Range Family! I believe we are currently at Number 190, but we would love to get back to the 150 we were at before! It will only take a few clicks and a few seconds! No time at all but it would mean the world to us. I know that all my readers will vote for us lol, you are all so great! Okay I will stop with all the cheesiness lol, I hope that everyone has a fantastic day and a wonderful weekend with your loved ones! See you Monday!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Being Without a Phone Means

I have been without a phone for a week now and I do have to admit that it has made a lot of things different. Not even in a bad way or anything, just different. I promise you readers that this will not be one of those "I cannot live without my phone" posts.

Because the reality is, I can.

In fact, I feel like I am doing so much better without my phone. I am taking more time out of my day to play with my children and enjoy them. I keep Alan outside longer now it seems. I have been meditating consistently again. I have made a workout plan (Tues, Thurs, and Sat I do 30 minutes of yoga or pilates) and I have actually been sticking to it during the day. I feel like my house is getting AND STAYING cleaner. And I now have this amazing free time for ME! Yes, I have been reading and drawing and sewing and beading and braiding again. Oh how I love it! How is all of this possible JUST from me not having my phone, you ask? Its so very simle, do you not see???

When I had my phone, I was online a lot of the time. I was almost always on Facebook or my email account. Thankfully, Blogger would not load on my simple phone but I bet if it did, I would totally have been on there too. It may not be something that I am very proud of, but I do admit it for the sake of trying to make a change. I do not believe in resolutions but I guess in a funny way "Fate" made one for me. I have realized what a change it has made in my day to day life now and I will make a point to stay offline most of my time when I get my new phone.

The other thing I have enjoyed about not having a phone is the personal visits we have started having. I told most people to just stop by if they needed to talk to me. And I love it! I have only had a few people stop by to visit with us, but its fantastic! The kids are happy to see them and I definitely enjoy the adult company. It works out great.

There are the obvious downsides to not having a phone. I have had to pack up both kids just to run over and make a phone call. I no longer have a camera and no way of posting photos. I lost all of my phone numbers and my pictures. I try not to fret over these things too much. They are not super important at the moment because I still am able to make do. And I just remind myself that it will only be a month or so before I get a new phone. So no big deal really! :)

I highly encourage everyone to try going without their phone for a period of time. For those of you who feel like you would die, just leave your phone at home for the day. Others that feel more comfortable, you could go without your phone for a weekend or even a whole week. Those that are parents should prepare to go without a phone, make sure you carry around a phone number book (something I have started as of recent for obvious reasons) and make sure your children know how to still get ahold of you. But it will really open your mind to what life can be like, you know, less connecting to the internet and more connecting with your children? You can only get something positive out of this. Maybe it will also get you to stop overusing your phone. I know a lot of people feel that way these days and I know that I was guilty of this feeling too. Its an addiction we all have in this day and age. And who can blame us? With all those high tech smart phones and Star Wars Angry Birds... No wonder we cannot ever seem to put our phones down! But  I do think that when I do get a phone now, I will only use it for the necessary. Let's hope! :)

Like I mentioned above, I have been meditating again and it has really reminded me of some of my teachings. In all the hustle and bustle, overall craziness of life with a preschooler and a baby, I have forgotten some of my Buddhist teachings. I need to remember that we all give and recieve stress. It is a vicious circle, but no one is alone in their turmoil. It just varies in degrees. We have been going through some hard times, some that I have shared with you readers and some that I have yet to share. I just am not fully sure how to yet... If that makes sense. Thankfully though, my teachings have reminded me some things that should help keep my anxiety at bay.

LIfe is interesting, to say the least. I have been reflecting on life and connections lately in my meditations as well. Okay, here is a cool thing: When I was younger, I used to daydream about being 23 years old with two kids and a husband. I was a dance teacher. I had one boy and one girl. Even though their names were not Alan and Anna, they usually started with the same letter. I have always liked that with siblings. But how RIGHT on was I? That is very cool I think. I have been thinking about that a lot.

Also, connections. I know so many people from different points in my life, and half of them all know each other from different points in THEIR lives! It is a very cool thing to think about, I just love finding out how people know other people I know! I am all about the love and sharing the love with people!

Oh isn't life just fantastic?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Email Address!

Free Range Family now has their own new email address! If you would like to message us, you can reach us at

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I do not have a lot to type today. We have been slightly broke lately and thus have not done too much outside of the house. Not to mention that not having a phone makes things a little more difficult lol. But I make do. :) We have been going outside more, reading more stories, making more crafts and just loving our life more. You definitely do not need money for that!

Thankfully though, this weekend I was invited to join my mother to the Fringe Festival, a festival downtown supporting Venture Theatre. Lon watched the kids for me and I got to go out and have a little fun, so to speak lol. I even dressed the part, putting on my favorite skirt and thigh length rainbow socks, looking pretty fly. :) Aunt April was performing with her group and another dance troupe. It was quite interesting to say the least and got me thinking about some things... Dancing, life, art and inspiration basically. It brought me to this thought.

Where do I get most of my inspiration from?

Having been an artist and a dancer for so many years, I find myself pausing before answering. I feel like I really need to think about it first. But its simple really. I get most of my inspiration from life and things that effect me in it. My family, my friends, the television and the news, things I see in the newspaper or magazine, the music I listen to. Current events occasionally inspire me but I am much more of a local person when it comes to finding it. The random wrinkles in a towel that I find around the house to old dances I learned to the Flaming Lips to fall colors in the trees. Inspiration is everywhere!

When it comes to dance though, I think that the music inspires me the most. I love to listen to each sound and figure out its place in the song and how it fits in with the other notes. I love that the percussion is so static and rough, yet the synth is so smooth and flowing. I will play back and forth between the notes when writing my choreography, usually never actually following the words. I like dances that tell a story as well, so I try to do that with each one.

With my hip hop classes, I have been choreographing two dances a week. Technically four, because I teach two classes a day. This has been asking a lot from me, since even when I taught at my old studio I  was not in charge of choreographing music. But I have been loving it. It has become a normal thing in my house for me to turn my living room into a dance studio and figure out my choreography. Alan will join in and it will be a regular dance class! Lol I love it! It really helps me because my biggest inspiration, my children, are right there with me! I love the organic movements that my children make, and sometimes will try to use them in my dance movements.

What inspires you as an artist?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Life as of Current

Life has been very good and very bad to me lately. The other day I was venting about some the bad to a coworker.  Once I had finished, I felt much better but my coworker looked perplexed. "How exactly do you handle all this stress on a daily basis and not just lose it?" she asked me. The truth to this is simple. I take it all in stride. For just about every bad thing that happens to us something good counteracts it. We have had many obstacles in our life as of recent and yet, I am happy because of all the good things that have also gone on. Anna can now sit up by herself for a minute or so. My hiphop class is full for the first time ever and is extremely popular. Both kids did not get too sick from Influenza A (I feel extremely grateful for this, after seeing the epidemic on the news). Lon and I are happy and as in love as ever. I mean, life is good.

Unfortunately, this house we moved into was not the one. But that's okay. We can move as soon as we get back our deposit or our tax return. 

Earlier this week a car ran into the Village Inn while Lon was at work. The car hit the corner of one of the dining rooms and came really close to hitting one of the employees. Thankfully it was not Lon and thankfully he was not hurt either. But it was really scary and really opened our eyes about things! I am very thankful for every moment I get to spend with my family, they are truly a blessing in my life and I would be no where without them. Even though life may be difficult, it is precious. Okay, enough mushiness lol!

Alan has been doing great in gymnastics. He gets along with his classmates, listens to his teacher who he loves a lot already. He also makes a wonderful effort at doing the tricks. I just cannot wait until he gets to show us his skills next month! We have been spending all our days together, going on adventures with Miss Anna. Oh how I love spending time with them!

Anna is just growing and amazing me more and more each day! She is less like a baby and more like her own little person. She just LOOOOOOOOVES clothes and colors! I kid you not, this six month old girl already has to pick her own clothes each day! Lol, she is a riot! She is very insistent on doing everything we do too. She has to help hold books we read, drinks I am drinking, help me text or use the phone, everything!

Speaking of phones, apparently dropping your phone on the floor twice is enough to kill a phone. Because my phone is dead lol. I dropped it once and the screen would not work after that, then the second drop did it in. And at a minimum it will take $95 to replace it. So no time in the near future. Oh well, phones are not everything. I can still communicate with people. I just miss not having my camera on me at all times. But I will get used to it. I am learning! :)

All in all, life has been hard but it is good.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Pregnancy Through Photos

I admit that I have been feeling a little bad lately for only writing mostly picture posts. I have been so crazy busy with two kids and teaching dance that I never seem to have the time to get online, let alone actually sit down and type up a whole post lol. I am so sorry. To my fellow readers who have still stood by me, even now that my blog is a tiny bit boring lol, thank you! I really appreciate it! As for this post, I have never done this with Anna, let alone Alan lol, so I have to now! I have seen this with other people's blogs and I just love it! Here is my whole pregnancy with Anna, through photos!


All of these belly pictures eventually resulted in this...

How magical life is...