Friday, January 18, 2013

Life as of Current

Life has been very good and very bad to me lately. The other day I was venting about some the bad to a coworker.  Once I had finished, I felt much better but my coworker looked perplexed. "How exactly do you handle all this stress on a daily basis and not just lose it?" she asked me. The truth to this is simple. I take it all in stride. For just about every bad thing that happens to us something good counteracts it. We have had many obstacles in our life as of recent and yet, I am happy because of all the good things that have also gone on. Anna can now sit up by herself for a minute or so. My hiphop class is full for the first time ever and is extremely popular. Both kids did not get too sick from Influenza A (I feel extremely grateful for this, after seeing the epidemic on the news). Lon and I are happy and as in love as ever. I mean, life is good.

Unfortunately, this house we moved into was not the one. But that's okay. We can move as soon as we get back our deposit or our tax return. 

Earlier this week a car ran into the Village Inn while Lon was at work. The car hit the corner of one of the dining rooms and came really close to hitting one of the employees. Thankfully it was not Lon and thankfully he was not hurt either. But it was really scary and really opened our eyes about things! I am very thankful for every moment I get to spend with my family, they are truly a blessing in my life and I would be no where without them. Even though life may be difficult, it is precious. Okay, enough mushiness lol!

Alan has been doing great in gymnastics. He gets along with his classmates, listens to his teacher who he loves a lot already. He also makes a wonderful effort at doing the tricks. I just cannot wait until he gets to show us his skills next month! We have been spending all our days together, going on adventures with Miss Anna. Oh how I love spending time with them!

Anna is just growing and amazing me more and more each day! She is less like a baby and more like her own little person. She just LOOOOOOOOVES clothes and colors! I kid you not, this six month old girl already has to pick her own clothes each day! Lol, she is a riot! She is very insistent on doing everything we do too. She has to help hold books we read, drinks I am drinking, help me text or use the phone, everything!

Speaking of phones, apparently dropping your phone on the floor twice is enough to kill a phone. Because my phone is dead lol. I dropped it once and the screen would not work after that, then the second drop did it in. And at a minimum it will take $95 to replace it. So no time in the near future. Oh well, phones are not everything. I can still communicate with people. I just miss not having my camera on me at all times. But I will get used to it. I am learning! :)

All in all, life has been hard but it is good.


  1. Yes very scary! We are so glad that it was only as bad as it was. It could have been so much worse!