Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I do not have a lot to type today. We have been slightly broke lately and thus have not done too much outside of the house. Not to mention that not having a phone makes things a little more difficult lol. But I make do. :) We have been going outside more, reading more stories, making more crafts and just loving our life more. You definitely do not need money for that!

Thankfully though, this weekend I was invited to join my mother to the Fringe Festival, a festival downtown supporting Venture Theatre. Lon watched the kids for me and I got to go out and have a little fun, so to speak lol. I even dressed the part, putting on my favorite skirt and thigh length rainbow socks, looking pretty fly. :) Aunt April was performing with her group and another dance troupe. It was quite interesting to say the least and got me thinking about some things... Dancing, life, art and inspiration basically. It brought me to this thought.

Where do I get most of my inspiration from?

Having been an artist and a dancer for so many years, I find myself pausing before answering. I feel like I really need to think about it first. But its simple really. I get most of my inspiration from life and things that effect me in it. My family, my friends, the television and the news, things I see in the newspaper or magazine, the music I listen to. Current events occasionally inspire me but I am much more of a local person when it comes to finding it. The random wrinkles in a towel that I find around the house to old dances I learned to the Flaming Lips to fall colors in the trees. Inspiration is everywhere!

When it comes to dance though, I think that the music inspires me the most. I love to listen to each sound and figure out its place in the song and how it fits in with the other notes. I love that the percussion is so static and rough, yet the synth is so smooth and flowing. I will play back and forth between the notes when writing my choreography, usually never actually following the words. I like dances that tell a story as well, so I try to do that with each one.

With my hip hop classes, I have been choreographing two dances a week. Technically four, because I teach two classes a day. This has been asking a lot from me, since even when I taught at my old studio I  was not in charge of choreographing music. But I have been loving it. It has become a normal thing in my house for me to turn my living room into a dance studio and figure out my choreography. Alan will join in and it will be a regular dance class! Lol I love it! It really helps me because my biggest inspiration, my children, are right there with me! I love the organic movements that my children make, and sometimes will try to use them in my dance movements.

What inspires you as an artist?

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