Monday, January 14, 2013

Anna's Six Month Photos

I have been all about taking my own professional quality photos for my kids and/or having my good friends take them for me. You know, being all self sufficient like and the such? Usually I have my friend Kelsie take our pictures for our whole family however lately with Anna's monthly photos, I have been deciding to take them myself. This month was no exception. I struggled and struggled with what I was going to do for pictures. I thought maybe doing a New Year theme would be cute or maybe even a picture with six balloons? After some thought and discussion with Facebook friends, I decided to do some cute pictures with her winter hats and some of my wedding stuff. The pictures turned out fantastic! I did all the editing too, I hope you like it!

Trying to grab the camera again!

She drooled too lol!

Love this one of her looking at me straight on. Took quite alot of editing though!

Love how you can read "Queen of the House" almost perfectly!

This one is probably my favorite of her!

The Black and White is precious!

She loved playing with Mama's wedding dress ribbon!

The only photo we got of Anna in the hat Aunt April gave her!

The flower is about as big as her head lol!

Another favorite of mine

I would have to say that its a complete success! We wanted to do two more outfit changes and another background change, but sometimes being a parent means taking what you can get. And let me tell you, with a teething baby and a preschooler who wanted to kick the background and make it wiggle, what we got was just AMAZING!!!! :) Good job to everyone involved. Including my little angel!

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