Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boy Do I Have Some News!

Noooooo, people I am not pregnant lol. We are hoping to wait a bit to have Baby Andersen #3, hopefully not until Anna is three. But do I have some news for you!!

Everyone knows this amazing, wonderful person holding my beautiful daughter right? No? Let me get another picture of her...

Here she is with her boyfriend, Uncle Jake. Do you know who this beautiful lady is?????

This is my sister, Natatlie. She is just two years and ten months younger than me, basically the Anna to my Alan. We is exactly as far apart age wise as Alan and Anna. I love her so very much and I have just been EXPLODING to tell everyone the best news ever! I have been patient and waited like a good big sister but I can wait no longer and she has announced it on FB so I can announce it on here too!

There you have it!! I am going to be an aunt!!

I am so excited for my sister and Jake! They are due in July, actually right in between Anna's birthday and everyone else's. At this rate, we will have a birthday at least once a week in July. Hello to the month of PARTIES!!! I believe that she is almost 16 weeks along right now. She went through the dreaded morning sickness like I did, but I think she is hopefully in the clear at this point. They already have names picked out, they are just waiting to see what they will be. I love both names but personally hope she has a boy. Because I like the boy name just a little bit more lol. But I would honestly be happy to have EITHER a boy or girl. Lon and I are just so excited to finally become a true aunt and uncle! We became parents again in 2012 and will become aunt and uncle in 2013! Oh what a special year it will be!

Now do you see why I have been so giddy lately? Despite all of our life problems, it is still very beautiful. Life is wonderful, in more ways than can be counted. Even though there are all the hard times, I hold them very close to my heart. They are what make the good times so worth it. Because I know that I have been through hardships and I am still here to celebrate the good times. Yay! Life is so awesome!

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