Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Photo Dump

I have a handful, check that a stock of photos I haven't had the chance to post on here. They are all from pretty recent too. So I figured that I would post some of them today, since I don't have anything else to post lol. Be prepared, it will definitely be a photo dump! But its of my cute kids, so it shouldn't be too bad! Right? :P

So a few weeks ago, we went to Alan's preschool class a little early. Which was awesome because it meant that he could play at Open Gym for a bit too! He just loved it! Here are some pictures that I never posted, for some weird reason.

Both kids bouncing on the tramp at the same time!

The last time Miss Anna got to wear this dress. Its too small now!

Alan in the donut hole with all the bouncy balls lol!

Now that the weather is nice, I have been taking the kids outside a lot more. They deserve to be out in the fresh air for at least an hour a day. They love it too! Especially Miss Anna, she loves that she can run around in the sun now! Sometimes we go to the park, but somedays we just stay at Grandma Melanie's house and play in the backyard. There's swings and Alan's tricycle there! :)

Anna on the swingset

Alan running in the sunlight

Alan and Anna biking down the street

Alan on his tricycle

Kids swinging together

With all of this nice weather we have been having, I went through all of the kids' clothes and sorted out all their smaller winter clothes (18M and 4T's). Then I pulled out their stock of hand-me-downs and went through all of them, taking out all the new summer clothes (2T and 5T's) for the kids. Thankfully, the kids were pretty set after that. But we hit up Old Navy's killer spring sale and got several more shirts and shorts for the kids, at only like $2-3 each! Now they are almost good, we just need new 5T undies for Alan and summer pjamas for both kids. Then we will be good! Who else loves hand-me-downs????? This mama right here

One of Anna's new-to-us shirts, from the Oregon Zoo!

Aunt Natalie sent me this photo a few days ago. Its Benton in the clothes we gave him for Christmas. They are just a BIT small on him lol! We got them to him just in the nick of time! Silly guy!

On our anniversary, I took the kids out to Riverfront Park for a picnic. It really was to make up for Earth Day, because the weather had been crappy that day, but it was also kinda the anniversary treat for the kids lol. They loved it, even though it was a bit windy out. We ate quickly and fed the ducks too. We attempted to take a walk to the bridge, but it became too windy so we had to head back for the car. Regardless, the kids still had a wonderful time! I can't believe I forgot to post these lol!

It was gorgeous out, despite the wind!

Alan feeding the ducks and geese

Running kids!

Anna's "Duck Feeding Stance" lol

One thing I love about my new work schedule is being able to watch some of Alan's preschool swim class. He has always wanted me to watch him but with Miss Anna, it has been quite the task to be honest lol. She always wants to jump right in with everyone! :) Now though, I am off of my shift just in time to watch the last fifteen minutes of his class! Its the perfect amount of time for me, I can keep Anna entertained long enough to fully enjoy watching my little man learn to swim! I love it! Here are some photos from a recent class I watched!

I have to end this blog post with one of my favorite new outfit matches I aquired. My mom bought the jeggings for me and gave me the tan ballet slippers (she didn't like the way they fit her). I bought the tops at a recent Old Navy spring sale for only a few bucks. But I love these clothes! The jeggings and the shirt is so versatile! I can wear the shoes with a skirt of pants, even shorts! And I want to wear the jeggings to the dress rehearsal later this week. Love, love, love them!

Okay I am done now! Those who made it this far, thanks you!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Third Year...

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. It is crazy to think that this day, three years ago, I had just been married to my husband and was preparing for the reception and Easter Sunday. Today though because it was a regular Wednesday, I hung out with my family and taught my second to last hip hop class of the session. Then Lon and I went out on our date at Red Robin. Much different then my wedding day but today was also full of memories. Memories of our wedding and memories of every anniversary we celebrated. My first anniversary, I was pregnant with Miss Anna. My second anniversary, we had Miss Anna with us and were celebrating as a whole family. :) So many memories!

We were so lucky to have Grandma Amber watch the kids for us so we could go out on our actual anniversary. It was great to get out, just the two of us. We made a rule before we left that we wouldn't talk about work, finances, our home situation or anything negative. We would only have fun together and enjoy each other's prescence. It was so wonderful! And with Red Robin having recently moved across the roundabout, it was like going to a BRAND new restaurant!

Lon's colorful drink, the Screaming Red Zombie

An interesting baseball American flag decoration above our table

We were going to originally go somewhere much fancier, but couldn't come up with a better place then Red Robin lol. But Red Robin is the home of the gourmet burgers, that's fancy enough right? Lol! :) In the end though, it was the perfect place for us to go. It wasn't so fancy that we had to talk quietly, there was a hockey game going on, so we were able to talk and laugh as loudly as we wanted. Plus the food and drink was AHMAZING! I had a chocolate milkshake and a Banzai Burger with fries. The Banzai has pineapple and teriaki sauce on it! So delicious!

My handsome, sweet date

Lon had the Screaming Red Zombie and a Bleu Ribbon Burger with fries. Oh my word, both of our meals were just to die for! We had a Strawberry New York cheesecake for dessert. Wow, that was seriously heaven! Everything was so good!

Lon's Bleu Ribbon Burger

My Banzai Burger, BANZAI!

The amazing New York cheesecake!

Is the third year the quirky, crazy, totally insane year? Or maybe is that just us and our life????? Baby, we have been through so much. Almost six years together total, three years of marriage, two kids, 4 houses, 6 different cars, 4 jobs between the two of us, overcoming homelessness and living as a seperate family. We are strong together and we always make it out in the end. I hope this next year of marriage brings us our own house and another great year of love with our family! I love you so much. Here's to many more years together!

We just HAD to get our anniversary photo with Red the Robin! :P

Happy anniversary babe. I love you so very much.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tumbling Queens

It was a week full of showcases for my gymnastics class! I was quite excited for my girls! Our week started out with the Tumble Bears showcase. Only two of my three girls were there but I had passed all of them to Tumble 1 once they turned five years old. They were all quite excited!

My showcase floor are prepared for my students

My girls did such a great job! They are twins and were surprisingly quite nervous. For my Tumble Bears classes, we just show each skill one at a time.They aren't quite old enough to remember and perform a whole routine yet, especially if this is their first year in gymnastics. Regardless, they executed each gymnastics skill perfectly! I am so proud of them! They had quite the audience too, with their parents, aunt and cousins all there! It was a decent sized audience, but they didn't care once we had begun. Great job girls! I hope to see you in class next week!

We all matched that day too lol! Awesome!

Tuesday night, I had two gymnastics showcases. One for each class I taught. The first class, my 5:30 5-7 year olds, did very well in their performance. Unlike the Tumble Bears class, they performed actual routines exhibiting their skills on the floor and the beam. They performed the floor routine twice and the beam routine once each. I thought they did very well! I am super proud of them too! Great job ladies! You remembered both routines and executed the skills very well. :) I even passed 4 of the 6 girls in class, that's a lot! Most kids take a level (Tumble 1 or otherwise) for a whole year. The fact that most of these girls passed with only having taken one 7 week class is very impressive!

For the Tumble 1 classes, we did two photos. A group photo with their certificates and a "skills" photo. I had a parent take my pictures for me since the students wanted me in with them. And the parent, who is still amazing by the way, must've accidently not saved the skills picture for this class. But here is the adorable certificate photo! So cute! Love you gals so much! Come back to class next week!

My beautiful gymnasts and I

My second class, the 6:30 8-10 year old class, also were very successful in their showcase performances. Only two of my three girls performed but all of them passed to Tumble 2! Wonderful job ladies! I am so proud of all of your hardwork and dedication! You all gre so much in the 7 weeks we have been together. Thank you for always pushing yourself in class and for applying the corrections I made. You will all be great gymnasts one day! I just know it!

My wonderful older girls with their passing certificates! :)

Our skills photo, these girls are amazing!

Thank you to everyone who helped make these gymnasts great! To all the parents and siblings, grandparents and aunts, you are awesome! Thank you for bringing them to class every week, supporting them through the rough times, celebrating every victory and always cheering them on! And a big thank you to our Y staff and our gymnastics director, Chris. You are all so wonderful, the showcase wouldn't have been so fantastic without you guys! :D

I hope to see you all in class next week! Let's get bendy! :D

Hoppy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! How was yours? The kids went on two egg hunts and saw a whole bunch of our family members. It was great! Be prepared for a bit of a photo dump, I took so many photos from this weekend lol.

Saturday morning after Alan's last soccer game, my mom took the kids to an Easter egg hunt. I had to work, so I was so happy she took the kids too. Both Alan and Anna did their own egg hunts for their age group. Alan didn't get too many eggs actually but Anna found quite a few. She was so nice and shared with him though!

Alan sliding down the inflatable slide

After the egg hunts, Alan and Anna played a few games and went on the inflatable things before leaving for lunch. Alan went on the slide a few times and Anna played in the bouncy house. She was silly though and would only sit, said my mom. Apparently she wanted other kids to bounce her lol. What a goof ball! :) They all had a great time though.

Anna and Uncle Kalvin after their Easter egg hunts

Saturday night, we dyed Easter eggs with my brother. Anna wasn't into it at all this year, she just wanted to see the end result and even then she thought they were balls and tried to throw them lol. She was a bit of a hazard to the whole process. Sorry baby girl, Mama loves you! Maybe next year lol! :P However, Alan was a great helper!

Dying his Easter eggs with his sunglasses on, how do you dye YOUR Easter eggs????

I cannot seem to get the finished egg picture posted correctly on here. I will try again here soon when I can use a computer. But I will say that they are adorable! So cute and very yummy too! :) Here is another picture of Alan dying! He was really into dying one half of the egg one color, and the other half another color. Or dying the same egg in multiple colors. He was so creative!

Easter Sunday the kids woke up to small surprise from the Easter Bunny. A stuffed bunny, a chocolate bunny and some Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. They then had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard with Uncle Kalvin. They found so many eggs and even MORE Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs! Yum! The kids were pretty pleased with themselves and their findings!

Alan with his two bunnies from Mister E.B. himself!

Alan found an egg!

Anna egg hunting too

My two sweet kids, I love them so much! I really tried hard to make their Easter special for them this year. With all the hardships we have been through this past year, our children definitely deserve a break from reality and the regular schedule. They deserve to hang out with their family members and loved ones. They deserve to run around, be wild and laugh. They deserve happiness and love, especially on Easter. I wanted to give them that and more. But we did our best with what we had. And they are even more perfect children, because they were happy with just being altogether as a family. I love them so much! Happy Easter guys!

My two sweet amazing Easter gifts, I love you both!

After the egg hunt, all the kids played outside until breakfast was ready. Anna had to bring a few eggs along with her, to rattle for her own little kind of music lol. She is so silly! Alan, Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April rode up and down the block on their bikes. I remember doing stuff like that there as a child. I just cannot wait until we can have our own house, own yard, own block for our kids to ride up and down on bikes... it will happen soon!

After eating breakfast and some more candy, we headed over to Lon's house for his Easter surprise from the Easter Bunny. E.B. had left some chocolate "Bunny" Money and had set up an egg hunt on Minecraft for Alan. Oh my amazing silly husband and how wonderful of a father he is! :) Here is Miss Anna in her full Easter outfit, its about the only good picture I could get of her with her hat on. Everyone says that she looks just like a mini me in this photo. I can see the resemblance just a bit lol... :P

We visited with Great Aunt Marnie and her whole family. Blake and Baby James were there, plus Great Grandma Marcia and my cousin Morgan. Anna and Alan were so nervous at first, they both clung to me like none other lol. But after the kids warmed up a bit, Anna started playing basketball with James. It was so adorable! Alan kept insisting I present him with a kid his age to play with, I continually was reminding him that the only two other kids at the party were 17 months old and 15 years old. He still thought I had a kid or too hiding up my sleeve lol, because he asked me a lot about it! Silly little man! :P

The best toddler basketball photo ever!

We stopped back by my parent's house for lunch before heading up to Great Aunt Carolyn's house for Easter dinner. My parent's had a small group of people over but their ham was delicious! It was also good to stop by a place Anna knows well (my parent's house) between going to visit big groups of family. She ate and played with her new bunny. It was a great little break for everyone!

We headed up to Great Aunt Carolyn's house for dinner. My cousin Julie was there, but she retired quickly for the night. She is a nurse, like Aunt Natalie, and had worked most of the evening and this morning. Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd were also there. I was so happy to see them! I had hoped that the kids would have been able to visit with them on Easter, and was so elated when I saw that they were there!

Anna riding on cousin Sophie's rocking horse

She rocked so hard her hat fell off!

My cousin Ashley and her daughter Sophie were also supposed to show up, but unfortunately they had something else come up. Anna and Alan sure missed them, but we hope they still had a wonderful Easter! We sure know that we did!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Little Peter Cottontail, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail...

The kids and I have had quite the Easter filled week this past week. Alan's preschool had their Easter party and Easter egg hunt on Tuesday. And We paid Mister E.B. a visit on Wednesday. Easter is obviously this Sunday but we had to have some celebrating during the week too! Happy spring and hoppy Easter!

Alan's preschool class had their Easter party this Tuesday. As per usual, Miss Anna and I stayed for the beginning half of the party. They all started out making little Easter egg craft with chickens inside. Even Anna made one! Hers was mostly purple and pink, but it was cute! She enjoyed coloring and creating with her brother and his classmates. I bet she cannot wait to go to preschool herself! :) Oh how the second child always develops faster then the first! Silly children!

The kids, working on their crafts

After making their eggs, everyone sat down to listen to Miss Davis read an Easter bunny story. Anna obviously HAD to do what all the big kids were doing, especially when she noticed that Mama was taking a photo!

After the story, Anna and I left. It was naptime for her, she was just exhausted! Alan and his classmates went outside to the Y playground and had an Easter egg hunt! He found eighteen eggs total, full of yummy treats! After the egg hunt, he and his classmates enjoyed the delicious Easter snacks from his friends! It was a wonderful little Easter party! Alan had a great party! Thanks Miss Davis and Miss Brandi! You ladies are so fantastic!

Wednesday morning, we went to go visit the Easter bunny at the mall. Both kids were pretty weirded out about the big bunny lol, Anna wouldn't go near him without me holding her. Alan refused to talk to him all together. Silly kids! You will notice that neither kid is sitting on his lap. Anna even needed me to hold her for the picture lol! It was a matter of seconds after this that she started freaking out and had to get away from him. The photographer caught it perfectly lol!

I let the kiddos run around the playarea for a bit once we had visited E.B. For some odd reason, Alan got bored quickly. I had promised him a treat for sitting with the bunny for a photo. So I took them to Cinnabon for a bunny treat. We had a "Good Stuff" treat, basically all the gooey insides of a cinnamon roll. And they split an Oreo milkshake. I had most of Anna's lol, they were both so yummy!

Alan Bunny with his Easter treat!

Anna Bunny with her Easter treat!

We can't wait for Easter! What about you?