Thursday, April 3, 2014

Circus Week at Gymnastics

Alan and Anna's gymnastics school is pretty awesome, they theme their weeks so each week is something new and different! I love it and I know they do too! :) This week's theme was the circus, obviously because the circus had just been to town lol. The kids loved it! It included the dog bouncy house, the parachute, and two trapeze swings! It was so cool!

Miss Anna's class obviously didn't play with the last few things, but they did get to play in the bouncy house. She was too scared to go in the bouncy house this time though lol, she just hung outside and "helped" her friends get inside lol. She finally went in once with her friends lol, the last time everyone went in lol! She is just so silly! But she also didn't need any help from me while bouncing on the trampoline this week in class... she is growing up more and more each day! :) Here are some pictures from class this week!

All by herself... When did she get so big?

Trying to shake her hip to the music like Miss Carrie

She's finally in the bounce house!

Since he is quite older then Anna, Alan was able to try everything! His favorite was definitely the trapeze swings, even though he loved the parachute and the bouncy house too. Honestly, I thought that he would be nervous to try the trapeze. He rocked it though! I seriously am so shocked by how much he has grown lately! He has no fear anymore and is curious about EVERYTHING these days! Darn he is so smart! He sure was in gymnastics heaven this week!

The parachute! So colorful and so cool!

The doggie bounce house! We meet again lol...

So I just had to take a photo of Alan on the swing! It looked so awesome and he was having a blast! I took these with my camera on continuous mode. It looks so sweet! The photographer in me is quite impressed with my phone camera, well done ol' chap! :D The first one is the whole set of photos all together, then each picture is enlarged. Awesome!

All of them together! Swinging little man.

The weather is so nice today, I am going to take the kids out to a park! I had a work meeting this morning, so they have already been to daycare once. Then we ran errands the rest of the morning and after lunch, I went into cleaning mode lol. I did a load of dishes, cleaned out my car, did a load of laundry, picked up my kids' toys and took out the garbage. They behaved so well the whole time! I am so proud of them and they deserve a little reward, I do think! :D Good job kiddos! I love ya!