Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catching up...

Please be warned, I have been so behind on posts with being sick this week, that this post is all photos lol. Its a literal photo dump. :P So bear with me lol!

Last week, I took the kids to the park by Grandma Amber's house to play while we waited for Lon to get off of work. Silly Miss Anna fell asleep on the ride over, so I let her nap in the car while I hung out on the trunk and watched Alan play. It was so darn nice out! My only wish was that I had brought a book to read, otherwise it was just so perfect! Anna napped the whole time too, so it was just Alan playing solo. He loved it! I think he likes time alone without his baby sister, he loves her but he does like to be on his own too. He is growing up so much each day! Its crazy!

Anna sleeping in the car

Alan on the swingset

I just love my Saturday mornings. I teach gymnastics, have a half hour to work out and stretch, then Alan has soccer and afterwards, I host my birthday parties. It works out so nicely! I love the alone time that I get in the studio, just me and the music. I play Pandora Radio and stretch my body. I am hoping to get back to where I was in highschool physically and flexibility wise. I am getting closer, I have both splits back now. I am working on my headstand and my backbends and my tilt. But I am getting better. It feels good to have time to just work on me!

Alan had his first REAL soccer game last weekend. They had just gotten their new team jerseys in too, Alan loved his! He originally wanted to be gray until he found out that Coach Ashley and Coach Johnny had already picked his teams. Then he was happy with his shirt color. :) Silly little man!

Hooray for soccer jerseys!

Alan did very well his first game. He didn't score any goals and had a rough time sharing the ball with his teammates, but it was his first time lol! He will learn. :) He is very good at chasing down the ball, stealing the ball and defending his goal. He is an awesome goalie! He gets the idea of picking up the ball when being the goalie, which most of his teammates didn't. He may have a future in being a goalie, who knows! :D Great job Alan, I hope next week you do even better!

So before I got horribly ill and had to cancel almost my whole week, this week was supposed to be Evaluation Week for my gymnastics classes. I know that all of my girlies were quite nervous about passing to Tumble 2, so Sunday night I stayed up and painted my toenails for them. I want them to not stress about the testing, its all personal skill based anyways. You can only do the best that you can and hope its enough. Plus after reviewing their skill sheets and looking back on this session, I think I will be passing most of them. They have nothing to worry about! :) With that being said, good luck to all of my girls next week during Evaluation Week! I know you will all do fantastic!

Its NYC's Pretty Peacock, I just loooooooove how iridescent it is! So gorgeous!

We were hit pretty damn hard by this Norovirus bug. Anna started out with it Saturday night and was sick and puking until Tuesday morning. Alan woke up Sunday morning puking but was over it by the evening. Oh how I wished I had his immune system, its so darn strong! Lon and I both caught it Monday afternoon and I am still not feeling 100%! I went to work last night because I had to finish the Dance Fever choreography for our upcoming showcase. But I still feel weak and just horrid. Blah!

I am at least grateful that both of the children were okay mostly, or they at least had it for only so long. It definitely hit Lon and I the worst. There was a time for both of us that we almost had to go into the ER to get fluids. We both became sooooooooooo dehydrated, I think that is partly why we feel so crappy. We probably have yet to fully replenish all of our water and salt in our body. Darn! :/ I have been drinking so much water and Gateraid, you could just hook an IV up to me and it would be easier lol! I am always drinking at this point! :/ Here's hoping that by next week we all feel relatively normal. Normal enough to earn some darn hours, we lost so many this week! :/

Anna's hairdo while she was sick

I felt well enough the other night to try a new hairstyle on Miss Anna's super fine hair. I cannot wait until she is old enough for me to braid her hair, plus old enough for her to actually want me to do her hair lol. Right now she hates it, anything I do to her hair. She screams when I comb it. :/ But she was still getting sick at this point and I needed it out of face and off of her neck. So I tried the little ponytails that meet up look. I think it looks cute, but the ponytails I used are far too thick. This needs to be done with little thin ponytails, like what I used to use on her hair. I will try it that way soon and post a photo of it! But what do you think? Did I do a good job? I like to think that I did, for being horribly ill myself lol. But I would love feedback!

Aunt Natalie and Benton are surprising us with a trip to town this weekend! She just told us the other night, we thought that we would have to wait until May before I was able to see my Munch again! But they are coming this Saturday!! Yay! I think they will be here until Wednesday and we have lots planned, including Alan's soccer game and my bridesmaid dress fitting. Tune in next week! Gah I am so excited I cannot even wait myself! Auntie loves you B!

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