Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Weekend Adventures and A Very Happy Birthday to Uncle Tyler!

We have had such a crazy weekend! Well technically a crazy Sunday lol, Saturday I worked and Alan had his first soccer scrimage. So not too crazy lol... But Sunday was our big family fun day together! I just loved every second of it! :) Special thanks to my mom for inviting us along for the fun! The kids had an absolute blast!

We started out our fun at Chuck E. Cheese. We had pizza for lunch their with my mom and brother. Then we played some games and went on some rides together. Alan and Anna didn't want to eat with all the exciting commotion going around us, but by some miracle I got them to eat some salad and a slice each. Then we were off playing! Alan went with me first, so he could play some big kid games. But Anna only let him play alone with me for so long lol, she got jealous fast. Silly girl!

Alan playing the rubber ducky game

Anna had to do everything Alan did, play every game that he did lol. Alan was such a good sport and let her follow him around. He is seriously the best brother ever, way better of a sibling then I ever was lol! I remember as a kid being so irritated whenever a younger sibling of mine wanted to copy what I was doing. And I had THREE younger siblings too lol! I was kinda punk! To my three younger siblings: I love you, and I am sorry for being such a butt as a child. I can only hope that my own sweet children can redeem me from my rude-ness lol!

Alan and Anna riding together in the spaceship

Alan and Anna on the snowmobile game. Anna rode behind him like that the whole time!

Then I played with just Miss Anna for a bit, while Alan ran around with Uncle Kalvin and his friend Kasey. She wanted to go on all the little rides. She is so cute! I love how much she acts like Alan at this age. She is just as gungho, determined, stubborn and full of spunk as he has always been! I love it! My kids are just like their own parents lol! :) Because Lon and I are the two most stubborn, determined and gungho ever! :P I am such a dork!

Anna flying with Jasper the dog!

Anna playing the bear game

After Chuck E, we met up with our friends Chelsea and Teagan at the Rimrock Mall playarea. We haven't seen them since Miss T's birthday party, Alan really missed his good friend. He followed her everywhere, jabbering about Legos and Ninja Turtles and everything he could think of lol. He is so talkative! Anna was all about playing by herself lol. Several times there were a few little girls who approached her to play, she swatted them away despite my many protests. She is such a sass when it comes to other little girls! Ugh, drives me bonkers sometimes!

Miss Sass, kicking it solo at the playarea

Alan at the play area

May I just take a moment to DIE over Alan's awesome T-shirt????? I love it so much! I found that beauty at Target on sale, I was so excited that it fit him! Its a little big but he can wear it next year too! Its a 6/8 so maybe even for a few years! Yes! For those of you who don't recognize the characters, its Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Lon and I are just obsessed with Adventure Time! It definitely is an adult based cartoon, but its so awesome! If you are kinds geeky like we are (and we ARE lol), be sure to check out this show!! If they had this shirt in my size, I seriously would wear one myself! I just love love love love love love love LOVE LOVE this show! Gah!

Alan and Teagan developed a cool game while at the playarea too. They started standing on various things (like the toadstool and the ladybug lol) and jumping from place to place. Like the lava game, we used to play as kids? Hilarious! They are just like us, always! But I guess we did raise them too! :P Anyways, we had a wonderful time overall with Teagan. It was nice for the kids to run around with her too. Thanks Chelsea for meeting up with us! We will definitley have to do this again and soon!

After our playdate, we headed straight to the circus. It was the last showing of the circus, we originally wanted to go to the 1 pm showing but it was all sold out. The last one was packed! We were lucky to find a spot right next to the band, it made for a rough time trying to look at the last ring but the main ring and the animal ring were right in front of us! We had front row spots for the tigers, camels and horses, and MY personal favorite, the elephants! Yes!

The kids, of course, had to get light sabers so they could blink their lights in the darkness, I guess lol. Is anyone else confused with why circuses need light sabers? I mean, c'mon, where's Vader and Boba? Seriously guys??? :P The kids loved them though. Anna kept dropping hers down the bleachers though, which was a little annoying. We had fun!


An epic saber battle breaks out during intermission!

Alan's favorite circus acts were the tigers and the magician at the end. He especially liked the dirt bike part! Anna enjoyed all of the animal and acrobatic acts. She obviously loved the animals because they were animals lol. And she liked the pretty girls doing cool tricks. I loved my elephants and thought the acrobatic gymnast girl was really cute! It was a great circus!

Once again, thanks to Grandma Melanie for inviting us along! We had a wonderful time with you guys! I know that the kids had a great time! We always love going to the circus with you guys!

Anna and Grandma Melanie

Anna and I, let me take a cicus selfie

My elephants!!!!

Also, a HUGE shout out to Uncle Tyler! Today is his birthday! Hey Uncle Ty, we love you! Cannot wait to see you again! And Alan made you a birthday card and a picture for your birthday! Hope it was a good one!

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