Monday, April 7, 2014

Anna Ariel: 21 Months Old

I totally missed last month's post on Anna! Gah! :/ I cannot believe that I did that lol, gosh I have been so scatterbrained lately! Oh well, when my computer mouse is fixed I will ammend that! Darn! I cannot believe that she is almost two though! Its crazy! She has grown up so much, talks up a storm, and always wants to do everything her brother does. This kid!

Unfortunately, little miss and her brother are sick with stomach bugs. Anna has had it since Saturday night and Alan just woke up with it this morning. They have bad tummy aches and cannot keep anything but liquids done. My poor kiddos! :/ This week is a big week for my gymnastics classes, I hate that my kids also have to be sick! Darn! Feel better babies, Mama loves you so much!

Here are her 21 month old stats, she is getting so big! At 21 months old, Anna Ariel:

*weighs 24 pounds and 14 ounces and is roughly 33 inches tall. I will update these stats more when I can measure her! She is getting bigger but I think that cousin Benton may outgrow her soon lol! He is a big guy like Alan is! :)

*wears mostly 24M or 2T for her clothes now, she has a few 18M shirts that still fit her but I have gone through and removed almost all of her pants. They were beginning to look like capris lol! The long legged girl is just like her Aunt April! As for shoes, she still wears size 6.

*is in size 4 diapers now. She technically could fit into size 3 for a few more pounds, but I decided to upgrade. The size 4's are quite baggy on her though!

*has auburn colored hair like her mama, with four red streaks of hair on the back. I love her hair so much! I just cannot wait until she allows me to start fixing it. It tried to put it up in a cute little hairdo today to help with keeping it out of her face while she gets sick, but she wasn't having it. Its a little messy but it works! Silly girl!

*has eyes just like her brother! They are mostly hazel with blue in them too. They change with the lighting, I swear! I love both of my kids' eyes, they are so pretty! Got lucky marrying a hazel eyed guy, I guess lol!

*has ten teeth now! She popped 4 teeth out in two months! That's quite impressive, little teethie girl! She may very well have a full mouth of teeth by the time she is two years old! Just like Alan!

*eats like a bird lately! She is so darn picky! She doesn't like weird textures and odd tastes. She has stopped eating berries, which she used to love! Won't eat much grain either, I am assuming because its just so plain. She is pretty limited to about 20 foods that she will eat. It has been crazy hard trying to feed her and make her happy too. Multi-vitamins and Pediasure have become our friend lol!

*has had quite a few milestones this month. She has become more independent, she doesn't always need me anymore. She won't hold my hand anymore when we are walking and she goes where she pleases. Plus she ALWAYS wants to walk, even when she cannot. I only let her walk inside places or on the sidewalk, I always carry her when we cross the street. She has been getting mad at me lately when I do this, but I don't want to put her down because she won't hold my hand lol! :) She also doesn't need to hold my hand when she jumps on the trampoline now. We also stopped letting her have her binky during the day. She gets it during nap and bedtime only. Its been rough but I just remind myself how close she is to two years old now and that it will get easier over time. :) She is such a darn big girl though, I swear she thinks that she is already five or somthing!

*has been sleeping consistently at night but has been fighting naps lately. She won't go down for one most days, fights sleep even when she's down, and won't sleep for very long. Oh well, I was hoping she would last at least until two years, Alan stopped naps at 18 months old. I hope she at least goes for another month now, but even if she doesn't she will still have taken naps for 3 months longer then Alan did. I will take that lol!

*has an insane vocabulary that develops more and more each day! I mean, this girl is smart!! She is about at that point of just talking in full sentences, she says most things pretty well. She knows all of her basic commands and some more advanced words too!

*is less afraid of doctors now and her scar is fading too! This last month, we went into the doctor's office to check on her cough and Miss Anna wasn't scared one bit! She let the doctor check her whole body and didn't fuss! I was so proud of her! The scar is still the same, it isn't getting any worse and its getting lighter. It is still very obvious, but I know that it will talk time. Its all just a bad memory for us now! Thankfully! :D

*likes her friends, skirts and dresses, dancing to music, playing with her baby dolls, Princess Sofia, all animals, gymnastics, her family, Peg and Cat, books, playing with her big brother, the Minions and the girls from Despicable Me, and being a big girl!

Here is a collage of Anna I made for her birth anniversary today. Its photos of her at birth, at her first birthday and now. She has grown up so much in the past 21 months, but those eyes have always stayed the same. She is just so gorgeous! Happy 21 month birth anniversary Anna! We love you so much!

Tomorrow is Aunt April's birthday, Wednesday I will be posting about the spring weather we have been having, and hopefully the kids will be feeling better so I can update on that too! Yay! I think it may be a WEEK FULL OF BLOG POSTS! Lucky you readers! :P Be sure that you tune in! Have a great Monday!

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