Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toddler Talk Thursdays!! April 5, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all having as nice of weather as we are, since I am off of work today we plan on spending all day outside in the sun!!! :) Tonight is Aunt April's birthday party, so Alan and I spent most of the morning making her birthday card. I think it looks wonderful!

This week's topic:
Dealing with Sickies, what do you keep on hand?

Thankfully, Alan has a very high immune system like his mother and father. I can't tell you how many times I hear about my co-worker's kids getting sick like every other week, and it just makes me sick to my stomach. Those poor kiddos! :( Alan has probably only ever been sick four times in his life, and a couple of those were just infections.

But I'm not going to boast about how my kid is sickness free because about once a year, when the real bad crud is going around, Alan will catch something and get sick. And when he does get sick, it hits him HARD. Poor little man, he will sleep all day and night long, only waking up to cry because his stomach is empty. I hate seeing either of my boys sick so I tend to baby them lol. For example:

When Alan is sick, especially if he has a cough, he will sleep in bed with us at night. I also will take the time to rock him to sleep if he is having issues falling asleep, just like I did when he was a newborn. I make sure he bathes daily when sick (normally we do baths every other night) and lather him up with Vicks all the time. He can watch whatever he wants on tv and have whatever he will eat for meals. I am however, pretty strict with his liquid intake while sick. He can't have milk (I've noticed milk only ever makes things worse when you are sick) and no juice either. I give him a choice between water and Pediatlyte.

Lon says I spoil him when he is sick, but he hardly ever gets sick so I figure he deserves it when it does actually hit him. And he can't whine too much, I spoil him as well when he gets sick. :P

Some things that are a must in the household when Alan is sick are:

-Vicks Vapor Rub (for the coughs)

-Bananas (they help with the muscle aches most of the time)

-Boogie Wipes (they have saline in them and work much better than normal tissues, they don't dry out his nose!)

I love these things so much!

-Children's Tylenol (for fevers or muscle aches and pains)

-Pedialyte (to keep my little guy hydrated)

-Humidifier (for congested little lungs)

-Airborne (for this germaphob mama lol)

-Lots of love and comfort!

My husband was sick this time last week and I am very proud to say that even though I helped take care of him, NEITHER Alan nor I got sick with what he had! Yay so happy lol! Now that he is better, we are enjoying this week too. :) Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Poor lil' guy! It seemed like my son was always sick this past winter and his doctor said it was because he started preschool and he had never been in anything before then! We let him sleep with us too when he's that bad!