Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lon and Alan's Haircuts

I didn't want to darken my wonderful anniversary day yesterday, but a tragedy has struck my family and many others in my town. Monday morning, my aunt's training barn burnt down with 19 horses inside. None survived. Seven of the horses in there my aunt trained with on a regular basis and one of the horses was her beloved show horse. For more information, here is the link to the newspaper article. My aunt and her family are absolutely devastated, as well as many other students of this training facility. We just continue to remind ourselves that those beautiful creatures are no longer in pain and are in a better place. Now the process of rebuilding begins...

To put some light on a sad time (and to change the subject), Lon got me the sweetest card for our anniversary! Its one of those musical cards and it plays "You're my Best Friend" by Queen. Love that song! :D

The front of the card, the bicycle rocks back and forth when the music plays!

The inside of the card
So sweet, thank you honey! Happy first anniversary babe! :D

Now, for our main attraction lol...

All three of us have been needing haircuts lol. We are one shaggy hippie family lol and as summer approaches, it is getter warmer and warmer out. So last week, Lon got his hair cut. He went from shoulder length hair to short, short hair! I think he looks really good though and he got a bonus from one of his jobs because of it! Go hubby go! :D

Lon before his haircut

Lon's new haircut, ooooh looking good! :D
Then Saturday, Lon and I cut Alan's hair. It was quite the adventure, to say the least lol. We stripped him down to his pull up and clothes pinned a blanket around him to block most of the falling hair. Then we moved into the kitchen and Lon started cutting.

Alan's long hair before the haircut

I didn't know that Lon was going to cut Alan's hair as short as he did lol! I thought we were just going to trim it a little. But apparently Alan had told Lon that he wanted his hair short like Daddy's, so that was alright. Plus he will be REALLY cool now this summer! :)

Alan was a very well behaved little boy while Lon trimmed his hair. He was a little scared of the scissors at first. I held both his hands and talked to him and even though he kept saying ow when Lon would trim the longer pieces, he calmed down. After Lon was finished though, I couldn't believe my eyes! What a big boy he suddenly looked like! It was just crazy!

His short hair!!

We probably cut four or five inches off of his little head lol. His hair hasn't been this short since he was like ten months old lol! :) He just loves it, he thinks it makes him look like his Uncle Kalvin. Everyone we have shown thinks that Lon did it with a buzz cutter lol, but we did it with scissors! I love it, I think it makes him look like he is a preschooler. So cute!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my first third trimester Pregnancy Post and Thursday for my Earth Day 2012 post! Have a great day everyone! We sure are! :D

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